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Electron acoustic solitons in the Earth's magnetotail

Author(s): S. G. Tagare | S. V. Singh | R. V. Reddy | G. S. Lakhina
Characteristics of VLF atmospherics near the resonance frequency of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide 1.6–2.3 kHz by observations in the auroral region

Author(s): A. A. Ostapenko | E. E. Titova | A. P. Nickolaenko | T. Turunen | J. Manninen | T. Raita
Non-equilibrium quasi-stationary states in a magnetized plasma

Author(s): K. Rypdal | J.-V. Paulsen | O. E. Garcia | S. V. Ratynskaia | V. I. Demidov
Geometric aspects of HF driven Langmuir turbulence in the ionosphere

Author(s): E. Mjølhus | E. Helmersen | D. F. DuBois
The problem with the non-idealness of the MHD heliosheath

Author(s): V. B. Baranov | H.-J. Fahr
Nonlinear interaction of waves in a hot inhomogeneous magnetized plasma

Author(s): Tara Prasad Khan | Mahadeb Das | Lokenath Debnath
Plasma environment of magnetized asteroids: a 3-D hybrid simulation study

Author(s): S. Simon | T. Bagdonat | U. Motschmann | K.-H. Glassmeier
Effects of a moving X-line in a time-dependent reconnection model

Author(s): S. A. Kiehas | V. S. Semenov | I. V. Kubyshkin | Yu. V. Tolstykh | T. Penz | H. K. Biernat
Ion-acoustic solitary waves and spectrally uniform scattering cross section enhancements

Author(s): J. Ekeberg | G. Wannberg | L. Eliasson | K. Stasiewicz
Model of strong stationary vortex turbulence in space plasmas

Author(s): G. D. Aburjania | Kh. Z. Chargazia | L. M. Zelenyi | G. Zimbardo
Excitation of VLF quasi-electrostatic oscillations in the ionospheric plasma

Author(s): B. Lundin | C. Krafft | G. Matthieussent | F. Jiricek | J. Shmilauer | P. Triska
Low frequency waves in plasmas with spatially varying electron temperature

Author(s): P. Guio | S. Børve | H. L. Pécseli | J. Trulsen
On the 3-D reconstruction of Coronal Mass Ejections using coronagraph data

Author(s): M. Mierla | B. Inhester | A. Antunes | Y. Boursier | J. P. Byrne | R. Colaninno | J. Davila | C. A. de Koning | P. T. Gallagher | S. Gissot | R. A. Howard | T. A. Howard | M. Kramar | P. Lamy | P. C. Liewer | S. Maloney | C. Marqué | R. T. J. McAteer | T. Moran | L. Rodriguez | N. Srivastava | O. C. St. Cyr | G. Stenborg | M. Temmer | A. Thernisien | A. Vourlidas | M. J. West | B. E. Wood | A. N. Zhukov

Author(s): A. Frank | A. Ciardi | K. Yirak | S. Lebedev
Resonant-to-nonresonant transition in electrostatic ion-cyclotron wave phase velocity

Author(s): J. J. Carroll III | M. E. Koepke | M. W. Zintl | V. Gavrishchaka
Phase space vortices in collisionless plasmas

Author(s): P. Guio | S. Børve | L. K. S. Daldorff | J. P. Lynov | P. Michelsen | H. L. Pécseli | J. Juul Rasmussen | K. Saeki | J. Trulsen
The strange physics of low frequency mirror mode turbulence in the high temperature plasma of the magnetosheath

Author(s): R. A. Treumann | C. H. Jaroschek | O. D. Constantinescu | R. Nakamura | O. A. Pokhotelov | E. Georgescu
MHD effects of the solar wind flow around planets

Author(s): H. K. Biernat | N. V. Erkaev | C. J. Farrugia | D. F. Vogl | W. Schaffenberger
Effect of Cesium Seeding on the Production of H– Ions in a Magnetized Sheet Plasma Source

Author(s): L. M. M. Villorente | V. R. Noguera | H. J. Ramos
Asymptotic-Preserving scheme for a two-fluid Euler-Lorentz model

Author(s): Brull Stéphane | Degond Pierre | Deluzet Fabrice | Mouton Alexandre
Scattering and Transformation of Waves on Heavy Particles in Magnetized Plasma

Author(s): Hrachya B. Nersisyan | Hrant H. Matevosyan
Nonlinear High Harmonics Generation in REB-Plasma System

Author(s): Sherif M. Khalil | Mizna M. Al-Enazi
Investigation of Electric Fields Inside & Outside a Magnetized Cold Plasma Sphere

Author(s): Yingle Li | Jin Li | Mingjun Wang | Qunfeng Dong
Anisotropic Scattering for a Magnetized Cold Plasma Sphere

Author(s): Yingle Li | Mingjun Wang | Qunfeng Dong | Gaofeng Tang
Stellar Outflows with New Tools: Advanced Simulations and Laboratory Experiments

Author(s): A. Frank | A. Poludnenko | T. A. Gardiner | S. V. Lebedev | R. P. Drake
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