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Effect of reminders on mitigating participation bias in a case-control study

Author(s): Tam Clarence | Higgins Craig | Rodrigues Laura
A Model of Anonymous cum Idiosyncratic Machiavellian Mailing System using Steganographic Scheme

Author(s): Deo Brat Ojha | Ramveer Singh | Ajay Sharma | Abhishek Shukla
Three years continuous record of the Earth’s magnetic field at Concordia Station (DomeC, Antarctica)

Author(s): Aude Chambodut | Domenico Di Mauro | Jean-Jacques Schott | Pascal Bordais | Lucia Agnoletto | Pietro di Felice

A knowledge synthesis of patient and public involvement in clinical practice guidelines: study protocol

Author(s): Légaré France | Boivin Antoine | Weijden Trudy | Packenham Christine | Tapp Sylvie | Burgers Jako
Urgent care centers in the U.S.: Findings from a national survey

Author(s): Weinick Robin | Bristol Steffanie | DesRoches Catherine
Asthma self-assessment in a Medicaid population

Author(s): Wu Ann | Glauber James | Gay Charlene | Lieu Tracy
ACCISS study rationale and design: activating collaborative cancer information service support for cervical cancer screening

Author(s): Cofta-Woerpel Ludmila | Randhawa Veenu | McFadden H Gene | Fought Angela | Bullard Emily | Spring Bonnie
Online interaction. Effects of storytelling in an internet breast cancer support group

Author(s): Mette Terp Høybe | Christoffer Johansen | Tine Tjørnhøj-Thomsen
Early mortality experience in a large military cohort and a comparison of mortality data sources

Author(s): Hooper Tomoko | Gackstetter Gary | LeardMann Cynthia | Boyko Edward | Pearse Lisa | Smith Besa | Amoroso Paul | Smith Tyler
Overcoming barriers to engaging socio-economically disadvantaged populations in CHD primary prevention: a qualitative study

Author(s): Harkins Christopher | Shaw Rebecca | Gillies Michelle | Sloan Heather | MacIntyre Kate | Scoular Anne | Morrison Caroline | MacKay Fiona | Cunningham Heather | Docherty Paul | MacIntyre Paul | Findlay Iain
Shortening a survey and using alternative forms of prenotification: Impact on response rate and quality

Author(s): Beebe Timothy | Rey Enrique | Ziegenfuss Jeanette | Jenkins Sarah | Lackore Kandace | Talley Nicholas | Locke Richard
Thoughts on Reflection (Editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis
The Effect of the FDA VVarning on the Use of Droperidol by U.S. Emergency Physicians

Author(s): Richards, John R | Weiss, Steven J | Bretz, Stephen W | Schneir, Aaron B | Rinetti, Dauna | Derlet, Robert W
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
Information organization on the web site of medical library

Author(s): Marjeta Oven | Alenka Šauperl
Hypertension, poor glycemic control, and microalbuminuria in Cuban Americans with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Gustavo G Zarini | Joel C Exebio | Deva Gundupalli | et al
Devices and Techniques for Blood Pressure Measurement and Criteria for Hypertension Adopted by Brazilian Physicians: Exploratory Study

Author(s): Mion Júnior Décio | Pierin Angela Maria Geraldo | Lessa Ines | Nobre Fernando
Application of isotope-selective non-dispersive infrared spectrometry for the evaluation of the 13C-urea breath test: comparison with three concordant methods

Author(s): Coelho L.G.V. | Reber M. | Passos M.C.F. | Aguiar R.O.A. | Casaes P.E. | Bueno M.L. | Yazaki F.R. | Castro F.J. | Vieira W.L.S. | Franco J.M.M. | Castro L.P.
A national survey on the patterns of treatment of inflammatory bowel disease in Canada

Author(s): Hilsden Robert | Verhoef Marja | Best Allan | Pocobelli Gaia
Sun Protection Policy in Elementary Schools in Hawaii

Author(s): Paul Eakin | Jay Maddock | Angela Techur-Pedro | Raphael Kaliko | D. Christian Derauf
Simple and low-cost tele-nuclear medicine conference system with the e-mail protocol.

Author(s): Toyama H | Emoto Y | Ito K | Mizuno S | Ohashi I | Nakamura M | Nomura M | Matsumura K | Ichise M | Kako N | Tohyama J | Ohno K | Watanabe Y | Kudo G | Hattori H | Kikukawa K | Fujii N | Senda K | Hoshi H | Koga S | Katada K
The effect of a monetary incentive on return of a postal health and development questionnaire: a randomised trial [ISRCTN53994660]

Author(s): Kenyon Sara | Pike Katie | Jones David | Taylor David | Salt Alison | Marlow Neil | Brocklehurst Peter
Evaluation of the Total Design Method in a survey of Japanese dentists

Author(s): Nakai Yukie | Milgrom Peter | Yoshida Toshiko | Ishihara Chikako | Shimono Tsutomu
An online survey of chiropractors' opinions of continuing education

Author(s): Stuber Kent | Grod Jaroslaw | Smith Dean | Powers Paul
Maximising response to postal questionnaires – A systematic review of randomised trials in health research

Author(s): Nakash Rachel | Hutton Jane | Jørstad-Stein Ellen | Gates Simon | Lamb Sarah
A cluster randomized controlled trial comparing three methods of disseminating practice guidelines for children with croup [ISRCTN73394937]

Author(s): Johnson David | Craig William | Brant Rollin | Mitton Craig | Svenson Larry | Klassen Terry
Substance use and sexual behaviours of Japanese men who have sex with men: A nationwide internet survey conducted in Japan

Author(s): Hidaka Yasuharu | Ichikawa Seiichi | Koyano Junko | Urao Michiko | Yasuo Toshihiko | Kimura Hirokazu | Ono-Kihara Masako | Kihara Masahiro
Postal survey methodology to assess patient satisfaction in a suburban emergency medical services system: an observational study

Author(s): Bernard Aaron | Lindsell Christopher | Handel Daniel | Collett Lindsey | Gallo Paul | Kaiser Kevin | Locasto Donald
The uptake and effect of a mailed multi-modal colon cancer screening intervention: A pilot controlled trial

Author(s): Lewis Carmen | Brenner Alison | Griffith Jennifer | Pignone Michael
Effectiveness of computer-tailored Smoking Cessation Advice in Primary Care (ESCAPE): a Randomised Trial

Author(s): Gilbert Hazel | Nazareth Irwin | Sutton Stephen | Morris Richard | Godfrey Christine
Factors affecting response rates to mailed preoperative surveys among arthroplasty patients

Author(s): Wenbao Wang | Jeffrey A Geller | Abraham Kim | Todd A Morrison | Jung Keun Choi | William Macaulay

Author(s): Oviliani Yuliana
Validation of a proposed WOMAC short form for patients with hip osteoarthritis

Author(s): Bilbao Amaia | Quintana José | Escobar Antonio | Las Hayas Carlota | Orive Miren

Author(s): Juan Sánchez Fernández | Francisco Muñoz Leiva | Francisco J. Montoro Ríos
Open Access Publishing with Drupal

Author(s): Nina McHale
A comparison of small monetary incentives to convert survey non-respondents: a randomized control trial

Author(s): Griffin Joan | Simon Alisha | Hulbert Erin | Stevenson John | Grill Joseph | Noorbaloochi Siamak | Partin Melissa
The prevalence and experience of Australian naturopaths and Western herbalists working within community pharmacies

Author(s): Braun Lesley | Spitzer Ondine | Tiralongo Evelin | Wilkinson Jenny | Bailey Michael | Poole Susan | Dooley Michael
A survey of Italian and Spanish neonatologists and paediatricians regarding awareness of the diagnosis of FAS and FASD and maternal ethanol use during pregnancy

Author(s): Vagnarelli F | Palmi I | García-Algar O | Falcon M | Memo L | Tarani L | Spoletini R | Pacifici R | Mortali C | Pierantozzi A | Pichini S
Self management, joint protection and exercises in hand osteoarthritis: a randomised controlled trial with cost effectiveness analyses

Author(s): Dziedzic Krysia | Hill Susan | Nicholls Elaine | Hammond Alison | Myers Helen | Whitehurst Tracy | Bailey Jo | Clements Charlotte | Whitehurst David | Jowett Sue | Handy June | Hughes Rhian | Thomas Elaine | Hay Elaine
Open Source Programmers' Information Seeking During Software Maintenance

Author(s): Khaironi Y. Sharif | Mohd R. Mokhtar | Jim Buckley
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