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Antibacterial Activity of Marine Bacterium Pseudomonas sp. Associated with Soft Coral Sinularia polydactyla against Streptococcus equi Subsp. zooepidemicus

Author(s): Ocky Karna Radjasa | Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia | Agus Sabdono | Jutta Weise | Johannes F. Imhoff | Christop Lammler | Michael J. Risk
Biological Activity of Volatiles from Marine and Terrestrial Bacteria

Author(s): Stefan Schulz | Jeroen S. Dickschat | Brigitte Kunze | Irene Wagner-Dobler | Randi Diestel | Florenz Sasse
Isolation and Characterization of a Mn(II)-Oxidizing Bacillus Strain from the Demosponge Suberites domuncula

Author(s): Xiaohong Wang | Matthias Wiens | Mugdha Divekar | Vladislav A. Grebenjuk | Heinz C. Schröder | Renato Batel | Werner E. G. Müller
Isolation of a New Natural Product and Cytotoxic and Antimicrobial Activities of Extracts from Fungi of Indonesian Marine Habitats

Author(s): Kustiariyah Tarman | Ulrike Lindequist | Kristian Wende | Andrea Porzel | Norbert Arnold | Ludger A. Wessjohann
Chemical Screening Method for the Rapid Identification of Microbial Sources of Marine Invertebrate-Associated Metabolites

Author(s): Fabrice Berrue | Sydnor T. Withers | Brad Haltli | Jo Withers | Russell G. Kerr
Antibacterial Activities of a New Brominated Diterpene from Borneon Laurencia spp.

Author(s): Charles Santhanaraju Vairappan | Takahiro Ishii | Tan Kai Lee | Minoru Suzuki | Zhan Zhaoqi
Effect of Metasystox-R on Marine Nitrosomonas sp. as a Nitrification Inhibitor

Author(s): Shila Safaeian | Maryam Amirsharifi | Akbar Esmaeili | Lida Salimi
Bacterial Diversity of Marine Seeps in the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico

Author(s): Maria C. Rosano-Hernandez | Luis C. Fernandez-Linares | B. Xoconostle-Cazares
Marine Bacterial Sialyltransferases

Author(s): Takeshi Yamamoto
Lobophytones O–T, New Biscembranoids and Cembranoid from Soft Coral Lobophytum pauciflorum

Author(s): Pengcheng Yan | Zhiwei Deng | Leen van Ofwegen | Peter Proksch | Wenhan Lin
Antimicrobial Activity of Organic Solvent Extracts of Three Marine Macroalgae From Chilika Lake, Orissa, India

Author(s): Patra, J. K. | Patra, A. P. | Mahapatra, N. K. | Thatoi, H. N. | Das, S. | Sahu, R. K. | Swain, G. C.
On the Chemistry, Toxicology and Genetics of the Cyanobacterial Toxins, Microcystin, Nodularin, Saxitoxin and Cylindrospermopsin

Author(s): Leanne Pearson | Troco Mihali | Michelle Moffitt | Ralf Kellmann | Brett Neilan
Impacts of exotic mangrove forests and mangrove deforestation on carbon remineralization and ecosystem functioning in marine sediments

Author(s): A. K. Sweetman | J. J. Middelburg | A. M. Berle | A. F. Bernardino | C. Schander | A. W. J. Demopoulos | C. R. Smith
Characterization of the Exopolysaccharide Produced by Salipiger mucosus A3T, a Halophilic Species Belonging to the Alphaproteobacteria, Isolated on the Spanish Mediterranean Seaboard

Author(s): Inmaculada Llamas | Juan Antonio Mata | Richard Tallon | Philippe Bressollier | María C. Urdaci | Emilia Quesada | Victoria Béjar
A versatile palindromic amphipathic repeat coding sequence horizontally distributed among diverse bacterial and eucaryotic microbes

Author(s): Röske Kerstin | Foecking Mark | Yooseph Shibu | Glass John | Calcutt Michael | Wise Kim
Hydrocarbon Distribution in Sediments from the Southeast Coastal Region of Bangladesh

Author(s): Biplob Das | Yusuf Sharif Ahmed Khan | Pranab Das | Sakhawat Hossain Likhon
Plasmid Incidence in Four Species of Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria Isolated from Oil Polluted Marine Environment

Author(s): R. Thavasi | S. Jayalakshmi | R. Radhakrishnan | T. Balasubramanian
Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Analyses of Heavy Metal Removal Bacteria from the Persian Gulf

Author(s): H. Zolgharnein | K. Karami | M. Mazaheri Assadi | A. Dadolahi Sohrab
Richness of Secondary Metabolite-Producing Marine Bacteria Associated with Sponge Haliclona sp.

Author(s): Ocky Karna Radjasa | Agus Sabdono | Junaidi | Elena Zocchi
Antagonistic Activity of a Marine Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea TAB4.2 Associated with Coral Acropora sp.

Author(s): Ocky Karna Radjasa | Torben Martens | Hans-Peter Grossart | Thorsten Brinkhoff | Agus Sabdono | Meinhard Simon
Characterization of Psychrotrophic Bacteria from Sea Waters of Makasar Strait, Indonesia

Author(s): Ocky Karna Radjasa | Dewi Nasima | Agus Sabdono | Kumiko Kita-Tsukamoto | Kouichi Ohwada
A seasonal study of dissolved cobalt in the Ross Sea, Antarctica: micronutrient behavior, absence of scavenging, and relationships with Zn, Cd, and P

Author(s): M. A. Saito | T. J. Goepfert | A. E. Noble | E. M. Bertrand | P. N. Sedwick | G. R. DiTullio
Marine Myxobacteria as a Source of Antibiotics—Comparison of Physiology, Polyketide-Type Genes and Antibiotic Production of Three New Isolates of Enhygromyxa salina

Author(s): Till F. Schäberle | Emilie Goralski | Edith Neu | Özlem Erol | Georg Hölzl | Peter Dörmann | Gabriele Bierbaum | Gabriele M. König
Deep, diverse and definitely different: unique attributes of the world's largest ecosystem

Author(s): E. Ramirez-Llodra | A. Brandt | R. Danovaro | B. De Mol | E. Escobar | C. R. German | L. A. Levin | P. Martinez Arbizu | L. Menot | P. Buhl-Mortensen | B. E. Narayanaswamy | C. R. Smith | D. P. Tittensor | P. A. Tyler | A. Vanreusel | M. Vecchione
Identification of Carbohydrate Metabolism Genes in the Metagenome of a Marine Biofilm Community Shown to Be Dominated by Gammaproteobacteria and Bacteroidetes

Author(s): Jennifer L. Edwards | Darren L. Smith | John Connolly | James E. McDonald | Michael J. Cox | Ian Joint | Clive Edwards | Alan J. McCarthy
Antimicrobial Peptides from the Marine Fishes

Author(s): S. Ravichandran | K. Kumaravel | G. Rameshkumar | T.T. AjithKumar
Evaluation of the microbial population from recirculating marine aquarium

Author(s): Pitchaikkaran Raja | Shanmugam Velmurugan | Marimuthu Natarajan | Santhanam Rajagopal
Fed-batch process for the psychrotolerant marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis

Author(s): Wilmes Boris | Hartung Angelika | Lalk Michael | Liebeke Manuel | Schweder Thomas | Neubauer Peter
Marine fungi: Degraders of poly-3-hydroxyalkanoate based plastic materials

Author(s): Matavulj Milan | Molitoris Hans Peter
The study of bacterioplankton dynamics in the Berlengas Archipelago (West coast of Portugal) by applying the HJ-biplot method

Antagonistic Potentials of Marine Sponge Associated Fungi Aspergillus clavatus MFD15

Author(s): Aseer Manilal | B. Sabarathnam; G.S. Kiran; S. Sujith; C. Shakir and J. Selvin
Rapidly measured indicators of recreational water quality and swimming-associated illness at marine beaches: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Wade Timothy | Sams Elizabeth | Brenner Kristen | Haugland Richard | Chern Eunice | Beach Michael | Wymer Larry | Rankin Clifford | Love David | Li Quanlin | Noble Rachel | Dufour Alfred
Antibacterial Compounds from Marine Vibrionaceae Isolated on a Global Expedition

Author(s): Matthias Wietz | Maria Mansson | Charlotte H. Gotfredsen | Thomas O. Larsen | Lone Gram
A seasonal study of dissolved cobalt in the Ross Sea, Antarctica: micronutrient behavior, absence of scavenging, and relationships with Zn, Cd, and P

Author(s): M. A. Saito | T. J. Goepfert | A. E. Noble | E. M. Bertrand | P. N. Sedwick | G. R. DiTullio
Sterilization of Exopolysaccharides Produced by Deep-Sea Bacteria: Impact on Their Stability and Degradation

Author(s): Emilie Rederstorff | Ahmed Fatimi | Corinne Sinquin | Jacqueline Ratiskol | Christophe Merceron | Claire Vinatier | Pierre Weiss | Sylvia Colliec-Jouault
Isolation and Characterization of Biosurfactant Producing Bacteria from Caspian Sea

Author(s): A. Safary | M. Roayayi Ardakani | A. Abolhasani Suraki | M. Akbarzade Khiavi | H. Motamedi
Marine Drugs: Implication and Future Studies

Author(s): S. Vignesh | A. Raja | R. Arthur James
Shedding of Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from adult and pediatric bathers in marine waters

Author(s): Plano Lisa | Garza Anna | Shibata Tomoyuki | Elmir Samir | Kish Jonathan | Sinigalliano Christopher | Gidley Maribeth | Miller Gary | Withum Kelly | Fleming Lora | Solo-Gabriele Helena
Productivity patterns and N-fixation associated with Pliocene-Holocene sapropels: paleoceanographic and paleoecological significance

Author(s): D. Gallego-Torres | F. Martinez-Ruiz | P. A. Meyers | A. Paytan | F. J. Jimenez-Espejo | M. Ortega-Huertas
New Report on the Occurrence of Exiguobacterium sp. AT1b in the Persian Gulf and its Resistance to Mercury Pollution

Author(s): K. Karami | H. Zolgharnein | M. Mazaheri Assadi | A. Savari | S. Dadollahi
Incidence of plasmid and antibiotic resistance in psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from Antarctic sponges

Author(s): Santina Mangano | Consolazione Caruso | Luigi Michaud | Angelina Lo Giudice | Vivia Bruni
Production of Extra-Cellular Proteases from Marine Bacillus Sp. Cultured in Media Containing Ammonium Sulfate as the Sole Nitrogen Source

Author(s): Seri Intan, M. | Haslinda, H. | Mariatul Fadzillah, M. | Ishak, M. Y. | Syed Osthman, S. Z.
Production of Some Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites From Marine-derived Fungus Varicosporina ramulosa

Author(s): Atalla, M. M. | Zeinab, H. K. | Eman, R. H. | Amani, A. Y. | Abeer, A. A. E. A.
Sponge non-metastatic Group I Nme gene/protein - structure and function is conserved from sponges to humans

Author(s): Perina Drago | Bosnar Maja | Bago Ružica | Mikoč Andreja | Harcet Matija | Deželjin Martina | Ćetković Helena
Distribution and lability of land-derived organic matter in the surface sediments of the Rhône prodelta and the adjacent shelf (Mediterranean sea, France): a multi proxy study

Author(s): S. Bourgeois | A. M. Pruski | M.-Y. Sun | R. Buscail | F. Lantoine | G. Vétion | B. Rivière | F. Charles
Anti-Phytopathogenic Activities of Macro-Algae Extracts

Author(s): Edra Jiménez | Fernando Dorta | Cristian Medina | Alberto Ramírez | Ingrid Ramírez | Hugo Peña-Cortés
Genetic Approach for the Fast Discovery of Phenazine Producing Bacteria

Author(s): Imke Schneemann | Jutta Wiese | Anna Lena Kunz | Johannes F. Imhoff
Screening of Microorganisms Producing Cold-Active Oxidoreductases to Be Applied in Enantioselective Alcohol Oxidation. An Antarctic Survey

Author(s): Lidiane S. Araújo | Edna Kagohara | Thaís P. Garcia | Vivian H. Pellizari | Leandro H. Andrade
The composition and flux of particulate and dissolved carbohydrates from the Rhône River into the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): C. Panagiotopoulos | R. Sempéré | J. Para | P. Raimbault | C. Rabouille | B. Charrière
Rapid carbon cycling in the oligotrophic ocean

Author(s): C. M. Duarte | S. Agustí
Experimental vaccine against lactococcosis in cultured rainbowtrout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Author(s): Hosseini, M.H. | Akhlaghi, M. | Moazzeni Jula, Gh.
Some like it cold: microbial transformations of mercury in polar regions

Author(s): Tamar Barkay | Niels Kroer | Alexandre J. Poulain
Risks of Using Antifouling Biocides in Aquaculture

Author(s): Francisco Antonio Guardiola | Alberto Cuesta | José Meseguer | Maria Angeles Esteban
Coupling of fog and marine microbial content in the near-shore coastal environment

Author(s): M. E. Dueker | G. D. O'Mullan | K. C. Weathers | A. R. Juhl | M. Uriarte
Production of oceanic nitrous oxide by ammonia-oxidizing archaea

Author(s): C. R. Loescher | A. Kock | M. Koenneke | J. LaRoche | H. W. Bange | R. A. Schmitz
Anti-Bacterial Activity of Three Species of Sea Urchin Extracts from Pulau Bidong, Terengganu

Author(s): Shamsuddin, A. A. Lukman Hakim, M. D.Kumari, G. M., and Noraznawati, I.

Author(s): Jasna Arapov | Daria Ezgeta-Balić | Melita Peharda | Živana Ninčević Gladan
Distribution and lability of land-derived organic matter in the surface sediments of the Rhône prodelta and the adjacent shelf (Mediterranean Sea, France): a multi proxy study

Author(s): S. Bourgeois | A. M. Pruski | M.-Y. Sun | R. Buscail | F. Lantoine | P. Kerhervé | G. Vétion | B. Rivière | F. Charles
Antifouling Activity of Bacterial Symbionts of Seagrasses against Marine Biofilm-Forming Bacteria

Author(s): Dietriech G. Bengen | Miftahuddin Majid Khoeri | Bintang Marhaeni | Ocky Karna Radjasa | Agus Sabdono | Herawati Sudoyo
Vibrio parahaemolyticus- An emerging foodborne pathogen

Author(s): S Nelapati | K Nelapati | B K Chinnam
Anti-biofilm activity of an exopolysaccharide from a sponge-associated strain of Bacillus licheniformis

Author(s): Sayem SM | Manzo Emiliano | Ciavatta Letizia | Tramice Annabella | Cordone Angela | Zanfardino Anna | De Felice Maurilio | Varcamonti Mario
A metagenomic study of methanotrophic microorganisms in Coal Oil Point seep sediments

Author(s): Håvelsrud Othilde | Haverkamp Thomas | Kristensen Tom | Jakobsen Kjetill | Rike Anne
Bacteriophages with Potential for Inactivation of Fish Pathogenic Bacteria: Survival, Host Specificity and Effect on Bacterial Community Structure

Author(s): Carla Pereira | Yolanda J. Silva | Ana L. Santos | Ângela Cunha | Newton C. M. Gomes | Adelaide Almeida
Coupling of fog and marine microbial content in the near-shore coastal environment

Author(s): M. E. Dueker | G. D. O'Mullan | K. C. Weathers | A. R. Juhl | M. Uriarte

Author(s): Miftahuddin Majid Khoeri 1,3, Ocky Karna Radjasa2,3, Agus Sabdono2, and Herawati Sudoyo3
Bioactive Pigments from Marine Bacteria: Applications and Physiological Roles

Author(s): Azamjon B. Soliev | Kakushi Hosokawa | Keiichi Enomoto
Isolation, Identification and Antibacterial Profile of Two Marine Actinobacteria

Author(s): M. Vijayalakshmi, S. Sujatha and A. Kavitha
Antibacterial Activity of Marine and Black Band Disease Cyanobacteria against Coral-Associated Bacteria

Author(s): Miroslav Gantar | Longin T. Kaczmarsky | Dina Stanić | Aaron W. Miller | Laurie L. Richardson
Anti-Biofilm Compounds Derived from Marine Sponges

Author(s): Sean D. Stowe | Justin J. Richards | Ashley T. Tucker | Richele Thompson | Christian Melander | John Cavanagh
The Structural Diversity of Carbohydrate Antigens of Selected Gram-Negative Marine Bacteria

Author(s): Evgeny L. Nazarenko | Russell J. Crawford | Elena P. Ivanova
Marine Polysaccharides: A Source of Bioactive Molecules for Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Karim Senni | Jessica Pereira | Farida Gueniche | Christine Delbarre-Ladrat | Corinne Sinquin | Jacqueline Ratiskol | Gaston Godeau | Anne-Marie Fischer | Dominique Helley | Sylvia Colliec-Jouault
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: A Review of the Planktonic Response

Author(s): Raffaela M. Abbriano | Magdalena M. Carranza | Shane L. Hogle | Rachel A. Levin | Amanda N. Netburn | Katherine L. Seto | Stephanie M. Snyder | Peter J.S. Franks
On the alleged origin of geminiviruses from extrachromosomal DNAs of phytoplasmas

Author(s): Saccardo Federica | Cettul Emanuele | Palmano Sabrina | Noris Emanuela | Firrao Giuseppe
Retinoid production using metabolically engineered Escherichia coli with a two-phase culture system

Author(s): Jang Hui-Jeong | Yoon Sang-Hwal | Ryu Hee-Kyung | Kim Jung-Hun | Wang Chong-Long | Kim Jae-Yean | Oh Deok-Kun | Kim Seon-Won
Diversity of cultivated and metabolically active aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): C. Jeanthon | D. Boeuf | O. Dahan | F. Le Gall | L. Garczarek | E. M. Bendif | A.-C. Lehours
Production of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites by Marine Vibrionaceae

Author(s): Maria Mansson | Lone Gram | Thomas O. Larsen
Identification of the Antibacterial Compound Produced by the Marine Epiphytic Bacterium Pseudovibrio sp. D323 and Related Sponge-Associated Bacteria

Author(s): Anahit Penesyan | Jan Tebben | Matthew Lee | Torsten Thomas | Staffan Kjelleberg | Tilmann Harder | Suhelen Egan
Diversity and Antibacterial Activities of Fungi Derived from the Gorgonian Echinogorgia rebekka from the South China Sea

Author(s): Ya-Nan Wang | Chang-Lun Shao | Cai-Juan Zheng | Yi-Yan Chen | Chang-Yun Wang

Author(s): Sri Achadi Nugraheni1, Miftahuddin M. Khoeri4, Lia Kusmita3, Yustin Widyastuti2, and Ocky Karna Radjasa2

Author(s): Bintang Marhaeni1*, Ocky Karna Radjasa 2, Dietriech G. Bengen1 dan Richardus.F.Kaswadji1

Author(s): Sulistiyani1*, S.A. Nugraheni1, Miftahuddin Majid Khoeri2, Agus Sabdono2,3, and Ocky Karna Radjasa2,3
Comparative genome analysis and genome-guided physiological analysis of Roseobacter litoralis

Author(s): Kalhoefer Daniela | Thole Sebastian | Voget Sonja | Lehmann Rüdiger | Liesegang Heiko | Wollher Antje | Daniel Rolf | Simon Meinhard | Brinkhoff Thorsten
RNA interference in marine and freshwater sponges: actin knockdown in Tethya wilhelma and Ephydatia muelleri by ingested dsRNA expressing bacteria

Author(s): Rivera Ajna | Hammel Jörg | Haen Karri | Danka Elizabeth | Cieniewicz Brandon | Winters Ian | Posfai Dora | Wörheide Gert | Lavrov Dennis | Knight Scott | Hill Malcolm | Hill April | Nickel Michael
An open marine record of the Toarcian oceanic anoxic event

Author(s): D. R. Gröcke | R. S. Hori | J. Trabucho-Alexandre | D. B. Kemp | L. Schwark
Case Study of Biodiesel-Diesel Blends as a Fuel in Marine Environment

Author(s): Tianxi Zhang | Yapeng Chao | Nan Liu | Joe Thompson | Manuel Garcia | Brian B. He | Jon Van Gerpen | Shulin Chen
Diversity of cultivated and metabolically active aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): C. Jeanthon | D. Boeuf | O. Dahan | F. Le Gall | L. Garczarek | E. M. Bendif | A.-C. Lehours
Inhibition of Virulence Gene Expression in Staphylococcus aureus by Novel Depsipeptides from a Marine Photobacterium

Author(s): Maria Mansson | Anita Nielsen | Louise Kjærulff | Charlotte H. Gotfredsen | Matthias Wietz | Hanne Ingmer | Lone Gram | Thomas O. Larsen
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