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Mashups for Learning - Editorial

Author(s): Martin Ebner | Ralf Klamma | Sandra Schaffert
A Comparison of GIS Architectures for Implementing Indoor Location-based Services

Author(s): Valerio Vianello | Cristiano di Flora | Christian Prehofer
The Web as Personal Learning Environment

Author(s): Krunoslav Žubrinić | Damir Kalpić
Modern tools for development of interactive web map applications for visualization spatial data on the internet

Author(s): Jiří Ardielli | Tomáš Minarčík | Roman Ožana | Horáková Bronislava
Quality-Assured and Sociality-Enriched Multimedia Mobile Mashup

Author(s): Hongguang Zhang | Zhenzhen Zhao | Shanmugalingam Sivasothy | Cuiting Huang | Noël Crespi
Simple Scalar as an eLearning Mashup web application (eScalar)

Author(s): Aiman Abu Samra | Adwan Abdelfattah
Mashups: A Literature Review and Classification Framework

Author(s): Brandon Beemer | Dawn Gregg
Identifying Middlewares for Mashup Personal Learning Environments

Author(s): Jinan Fiaidhi | Sabah Mohammed | Lyle Chamarette | David Thomas
In Search of a Smile: SMIL Indexing System for Multimedia Learning

Author(s): Ivana Bosnić | Mario Žagar | Martin Žagar
Web GIS in practice VI: a demo playlist of geo-mashups for public health neogeographers

Author(s): Boulos Maged | Scotch Matthew | Cheung Kei-Hoi | Burden David
Quality-Assured and Sociality-Enriched Multimedia Mobile Mashup

Author(s): Zhang Hongguang | Zhao Zhenzhen | Sivasothy Shanmugalingam | Huang Cuiting | Crespi Noël
mapFAST: A FAST Geographic Authorities Mashup with Google Maps

Author(s): Rick Bennett | Edward T. O’Neill | Kerre Kammerer | JD Shipengrover
A Study of Mashup as a Software Application Development Technique with Examples from an End-User Programming Perspective

Author(s): Liu Na | Ahmed Patel | Rodziah Latih | Rabia Mulla | Zarina Shukur | Christopher Wills
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