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Implementing Autonomy Support: Insights from a Montessori Classroom

Author(s): Joyce Hwee Ling Koh | Theodore W. Frick
Generalized Selection-Based Auditory Matching and the Emergence of the Listener Component of Naming

Author(s): JeanneMarie Speckman-Collins | Hye-Suk Lee Park | R. Douglas Greer
Ready or not? Expectations of faculty and medical students for clinical skills preparation for clerkships

Author(s): Marjorie Wenrich | Molly B. Jackson | Albert J. Scherpbier | Ineke H. Wolfhagen | Paul G. Ramsey | Erika A. Goldstein
Bringing Reflections into the TEFL Classrooms

Author(s): M Sri Samiati Tarjana
Programme evaluation training for health professionals in francophone Africa: process, competence acquisition and use

Author(s): Ridde Valéry | Fournier Pierre | Banza Baya | Tourigny Caroline | Ouédraogo Dieudonné
Maple and other CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) applied to Teaching and Assessing Mathematics

Author(s): Robert Thomson | Arelli Santaella | Mark W. Boulat
Goals, Efficacy and Metacognitive Self-Regulation A Path Analysis

Author(s): Ibrahim S. Al-Harthy | Christopher A. Was | Randall M. Isaacson
Virtual Lab Demonstrations Improve Students’ Mastery of Basic Biology Laboratory Techniques

Author(s): Grace A. Maldarelli | Erica M. Hartmann | Patrick J. Cummings | Robert D. Horner | Kristina M. Obom | Richard Shingles | Rebecca S. Pearlman
The role of concepts in science teaching

Author(s): Milanović-Nahod Slobodanka S. | Šaranović-Božanović Nadežda | Šišović Dragica D.
Nacionalismo e Aprendizagem no Programa de Águas Profundas da Petrobras

Author(s): André Tosi Furtado | Adriana Gomes Freitas
Islam and language planning in the Arab world: A case study in Jordan

Author(s): Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq | Amer Lahad Al-Masaeid
The Learning Tutor: A Web based Authoring System to Support Distance Tutoring

Author(s): Maria Chiara Pettenati | Omar Abou Khaled | Christine Vanoirbeek | Dino Giuli
Self-Efficacy and Research Methods

Author(s): Andrew M Lane | Tracey J Devonport | Andrew Horrell
When learning about the real world is better done virtually: A study of substituting computer simulations for laboratory equipment

Author(s): N. D. Finkelstein | W. K. Adams | C. J. Keller | P. B. Kohl | K. K. Perkins | N. S. Podolefsky | S. Reid | R. LeMaster
Problem solving at secondary school level: a cognitive and social change

Author(s): Consuelo Escudero | Sonia González de Flores
Nacionalismo e Aprendizagem no Programa de Águas Profundas da Petrobras

Author(s): André Tosi Furtado | Adriana Gomes Freitas
Study of the Entrepreneurship in Universities as Learning Organization Based on Senge Model

Author(s): Bahareh - Azizi Nejad | Mir Mohammad - Seiied Abbaszadeh | Mahmoud - Djavani | Iraj Bernousi
Reflective practice: assessment of assignments in English for Specific Purposes

Author(s): Galina Kavaliauskiené | Ligija Kaminskiené | Lilija Anusiené
Short Answer Questions or Modified Essay questions – More Than a Technical Issue

Author(s): Susanna M. Wallerstedt | Gudrun Erickson | Sven Wallerstedt
Competencias para el uso de TIC de los futuros maestros ICT Competences of Future Teachers

Author(s): María Paz Prendes Espinosa | Linda Castañeda Quintero | Isabel Gutiérrez Porlán
The Role of EFL Teachers' Self-regulation in Effective Teaching

Author(s): Mohammad Taghi Monshi Toussi | Ali Akbar Boori | Afsaneh Ghanizadeh

Author(s): Rutenéia Alves Moreira | Lucas Santos Campos
The Use of Scaffolding in the Financial Planning Classroom: An Australian Case Study

Author(s): Janet Cowen | William Blair | Sharon Taylor

Author(s): Hüseynağa Rzayev | Ömer Şekerci
An Intelligent Mediating Model for Collaborative e-Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Akanbi Caleb Olufisoye | Adagunodo E Rotimi

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