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Modeling Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compounds by Molecular Topology

Author(s): María Galvez-Llompart | Riccardo Zanni | Ramón García-Domenech
Experimental Study of the Sampled Labyrinth Chaos

Author(s): T. Gotthans | J. Petrzela
Key Issues in Modeling of Complex 3D Structures from Video Sequences

Author(s): Shengyong Chen | Yuehui Wang | Carlo Cattani
Modeling of Biological Intelligence for SCM System Optimization

Author(s): Shengyong Chen | Yujun Zheng | Carlo Cattani | Wanliang Wang
Modeling and Representation of Human Hearts for Volumetric Measurement

Author(s): Qiu Guan | Wanliang Wang | Guang Wu
Mathematical Simulation of Graphene With Modified c-c Bond Length and Transfer Energy

Author(s): P.A. Alvi | S.Z. Hashmi | S. Dalela | F. Rahman
Molecular dynamics simulations regarding the properties of cellulose/chondroitin-sulphate based hydrogels as drug delivery matrices

Author(s): Andrei Neamtu | Tudor Petreus | Ana-Maria Oprea | Lucian Gorgan | Ostin-Costel Mungiu
A data-based damping modeling technique

Author(s): William Zhang | S. G. Lee
Antioptimization of earthquake exitation and response

Author(s): G. Zuccaro | I. Elishakoff | A. Baratta
A model of frontal polymerization including the gel effect

Author(s): P. M. Goldfeder | V. A. Volpert
A model of frontal polymerization using complex initiation

Author(s): P. M. Goldfeder | V. A. Volpert
A river water quality model for time varying BOD dischargeconcentration

Author(s): Seth F. Oppenheimer | Donald Dean Adrian | Akram Alshawabkeh
Modular production line optimization: The exPLORE architecture

Author(s): Diomidis D. Spinellis | Chrissoleon T. Papadopoulos
Systems approach to modeling the Token Bucket algorithm incomputer networks

Author(s): N. U. Ahmed | Qun Wang | L. Orozco Barbosa
Joint Dynamics Modeling and Parameter Identification for Space Robot Applications

Author(s): Adenilson R. da Silva | Luiz C. Gadelha de Souza | Bernd Schäfer
Nonlinear Modeling of Cables with Flexural Stiffness

Author(s): Walter Lacarbonara | Arnaud Pacitti
Short Range Phenomena: Modeling, Computational Aspects and Applications

Author(s): Carlo Cattani | Ming Li | Cristian Toma
Modeling and Control of Distillation Column in a Petroleum Process

Author(s): Vu Trieu Minh | Ahmad Majdi Abdul Rani
Modeling and Control of a Flux-Modulated Compound-Structure Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Author(s): Ping Zheng | Chengde Tong | Jingang Bai | Jing Zhao | Yi Sui | Zhiyi Song
Rheological properties and solvent structure of polysaccharide hydrogels studied by molecular dynamics simulations

Author(s): Andrei Neamtu | Ana-Maria Oprea | Tudor Petreus | Lucian Gorgan | Cornelia Vasile
Rheological properties and solvent structure of polysaccharide hydrogels studied by molecular dynamics simulations

Author(s): Andrei Neamtu | Ana-Maria Oprea | Tudor Petreus | Lucian Gorgan | Cornelia Vasile
Computational Modeling of Thermoelastic Problems of a Thin Annular Disc

Author(s): K. S. Patil | Sunita Patil | J.S.V.R.Krinshna Prasad | M. D. Mahanubhav
Application of Computational Intelligence in Motor Modeling

Author(s): Yousuf Ibrahim Khan | Shahriar Rahman | Debasis Baishnab | Mohammed Moaz | S.M.Musfequr Rahman
Analysis of the Parameters of an Electrothermal Induction System

Author(s): MAŞTEI Daniela | LEUCA Teodor | NAGY Stefan | MICH-VANCEA Claudiu
Multiattribute prediction of terrain stability above underground mining operations

Author(s): Vujić Slobodan | Miljanović Igor | Milutinović Aleksandar | Đorđević Dragan | Gojković Nebojša | Gajić Grozdana
Experimental measurements and numerical simulation of permittivity and permeability of Teflon in X band

Author(s): Adriano Luiz de Paula | Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende | Joaquim José Barroso
Simulated annealing technique to design minimum cost exchanger

Author(s): Khalfe Nadeem M. | Lahiri Kumar Sandip | Wadhwa Kumar Shiv
A Modeling of Multi-Echelon Suppliers’ Chain for Deteriorating Items

Author(s): Jonas Yu | Jen-Ming Chen | H.M Wee | G.A. Widyadana
Pemodelan Ciri Getaran Teoritik dan Eksperimental Berbasis Kerja Gaya pada Mesin Reciprocating

Author(s): Fransiskus Louhenapessy | Achmad Zubaydi | Suhardjono . | I Made Ariana | A.A. Masroeri
Signal Processing of MEMS Gyroscope Arrays to Improve Accuracy Using a 1st Order Markov for Rate Signal Modeling

Author(s): Chengyu Jiang | Liang Xue | Honglong Chang | Guangmin Yuan | Weizheng Yuan
Mathematical model for tissue stresses in growing plant cells and organs

Author(s): Mariusz Pietruszka | Sylwia Lewicka
Mathematical Modeling the Economic and Cultural Impacts of ICT in Iran

Author(s): Farzaneh Chavoshbashi | Masomali Salimian
Mathematical Modeling Social Responsibility for Dynamic Organizations

Author(s): Farzaneh Chavoshbashi | Davod Hemati | Nahid Dehghan Afifi
Comparative Study of FAWAG and SWAG as an Effective EOR Technique for a Malaysian Field

Author(s): Saleem Qadir Tunio | Tariq Ali Chandio | Muhammad Khan Memon
Modeling and Simulation of Evaporative Cooling System in Controlled Environment Greenhouse

Author(s): Ninet Mohamed Ahmed | Abd El-Kader Nafeh | Faten Hosney Fahmy | Hanaa Mohamed Farghally
Modeling and Simulation of Evaporative Cooling System in Controlled Environment Greenhouse

Author(s): Ninet Mohamed Ahmed | Abd El-Kader Nafeh | Faten Hosney Fahmy | Hanaa Mohamed Farghally
An introduction to hierarchical linear modeling

Author(s): Heather Woltman | Andrea Feldstain | J. Christine MacKay | Meredith Rocchi
The sociocritical perspective of mathematical modeling and the critical meaningful learning: possible approaches

Author(s): Cíntia da Silva | Lilian Akemi Kato | Iramaia Jorge Cabral de Paulo
Modeling of Optically Tailored Noise Parameters of MOSFET

Author(s): Gaytri M Phade | B. K. Mishra | Prerna Jain
Control of Stationary Robots using Visual Basic Software

Author(s): T.C.Manjunath | Kottur N Vijaya kumar | Suhasini V.K.
Simulação digital do sistema de tração elétrica metroferroviária: modelagem e métodos

Author(s): Cassiano Lobo Pires | Silvio Ikuyo Nabeta | José Roberto Cardoso
Optimization of a 350 mW Oil-fired Boiler in Mexico for NOx and Particulate Matter Emissions Control

Author(s): Carlos E. Romero | Nenad Sarunac | Ricardo Moreno | Zheng Yao | Harun Bilirgen | Fernando Hernandez | Guillermo Ronquillo | Jose Luis Sanchez | Rodolfo Coria | Antonio Hernandez | Bonifacio Lara | Andrés Ordoñez | Federico Gónzález | José Luis Gómez | José Elías Montoya | Keith R. Pullen
Mathematical modeling of heat transfer in plant community

Author(s): Finnikov K.A. | Korzun A.M. | Kolesnichenko A.V.

Author(s): Andrei I. Simion | Paula E. Dobrovici | Lăcrămioara Rusu | Lucian Gavrilă

Author(s): Irena O. Dolganova | Igor M. Dolganov | Emilia D. Ivanchina | Elena N. Ivashkina
Molecular System Bioenergics of the Heart: Experimental Studies of Metabolic Compartmentation and Energy Fluxes versus Computer Modeling

Author(s): Mayis Aliev | Rita Guzun | Minna Karu-Varikmaa | Tuuli Kaambre | Theo Wallimann | Valdur Saks
Numerical Mathematical Modeling of Stress-Strain State of Metal during Thin Strips Hot Rolling

Author(s): V.I. Kaplanov | A.V. Satonin | S.S Nastoyashchaya | M.G. Korenko
Evaluating Ligand-Receptor Networks of TGF- with Membrane Computing

Author(s): Ravie Chandren Muniyandi | Abdullah Mohd Zin
Analysis and Design of a Dish/Stirling System for Solar Electric Generation with a 2.7 kW Air-Cooled Engine

Author(s): Beltrán-Chacón R. | Velázquez-Limón N. | Sauceda-Carvajal D.
Austenite grain growth calculation of 0.028% Nb steel

Author(s): Priadi D. | Napitupulu R.A.M. | Siradj E.S.
Optimization of Supply Chain Planning with Considering Defective Rates of Products in Each Echelon

Author(s): Behin Elahi | Yaser Pakzad-Jafarabadi | Leila Etaati | Seyed-Mohammad Seyedhosseini
Time and space analysis of two earthquakes in the Appennines (Italy)

Author(s): Michele Caputo | Giovanni Sebastiani
Solar Thermal Aquaculture System Controller Based on Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Doaa M Atia | Faten H Fahmy | Ninet M Ahmed | Hassen T Dorrah
Computational Optimization of Manufacturing Batch Size and Shipment for an Integrated EPQ Model with Scrap

Author(s): Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu | Hong-Dar Lin | Ming-Hon Hwang | Nong Pan
Steady-state global optimization of metabolic non-linear dynamic models through recasting into power-law canonical models

Author(s): Pozo Carlos | Marín-Sanguino Alberto | Alves Rui | Guillén-Gosálbez Gonzalo | Jiménez Laureano | Sorribas Albert
Accelerating global left-ventricular function assessment in mice using reduced slice acquisition and three-dimensional guide-point modelling

Author(s): Young Alistair | Medway Debra | Lygate Craig | Neubauer Stefan | Schneider Jürgen
Mathematical model insights into arsenic detoxification

Author(s): Lawley Sean | Cinderella Molly | Hall Megan | Gamble Mary | Nijhout H Frederik | Reed Michael
Optimal and Approximate Approaches for Deployment of Heterogeneous Sensing Devices

Author(s): Ramadan Rabie | El-Rewini Hesham | Abdelghany Khaled
Applications of graph theory in protein structure identification

Author(s): Yan Yan | Zhang Shenggui | Wu Fang-Xiang
A CoD-based stationary control policy for intervening in large gene regulatory networks

Author(s): Ghaffari Noushin | Ivanov Ivan | Qian Xiaoning | Dougherty Edward
A Mathematical Revisit of Modeling the Majority Voting on Fixed-Income Quadratic Taxations

Author(s): Curt Paula | Litan CristianM | Filip DianaAndrada
Heterosexual anal intercourse and HIV infection risks in the context of alcohol serving venues, Cape Town, South Africa

Author(s): Kalichman Seth | Pinkerton Steven | Carey Michael | Cain Demetria | Mehlomakulu Vuyelwa | Carey Kate | Simbayi Leickness | Mwaba Kelvin | Harel Ofer
On Performance Modeling of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols

Author(s): Saleem Muhammad | Khayam SyedAli | Farooq Muddassar
Measuring the impact of apnea and obesity on circadian activity patterns using functional linear modeling of actigraphy data

Author(s): Wang Jia | Xian Hong | Licis Amy | Deych Elena | Ding Jimin | McLeland Jennifer | Toedebusch Cristina | Li Tao | Duntley Stephen | Shannon William
Mathematical Modelling in Family Takaful

Author(s): Puspa Liza Binti Ghazali | Ismail Bin Mohd | Mustafa Bin Mamat | Wan Muhamad Amir W. Ahmad
Combination Neural Network and Financial Indices for Stock Price Prediction

Author(s): Mohamad Rahim Ramezanian | Meysam Shaverdi | Ako Faridi
Determination of characteristics of feromagnetic material using modern data acquisition system

Author(s): Koprivica Branko | Milovanović Alenka | Đekić Milić

Author(s): Tartavulea Ramona Iulia | Belu Mihaela Gabriela | Dieaconescu Vlad Constantin

Author(s): E. Ruíz-May | F. Sandoval-Ibarra
Modified divergence theorem for analysis and optimization of wall reflecting cylindrical UV reactor

Author(s): Milanović Đurđe R. | Sajfert Vjekoslav D. | Obradović Slobodan I. | Vujotić Ljiljana | Rosić Božidar B. | Milanović Srđan Đ.
Determination of extraction conditions of Ginkgo biloba L. leaves by supercritical CO2 using response surface methodology

Author(s): Milošević Svetlana G. | Lepojević Žika D. | Zeković Zoran P. | Vidović Senka S.
Mathematical modeling of labial surface planes in maxillary central incisors

Author(s): Dorriz H. | Afzalifar R. | Afzalifar B.
Hybrid phantom approach for radiation dosimetry applications

Author(s): Elie Hoseinian | Hashem Miri Hakimabad | Laleh Rafat Motavalli | Keyhandokht Karimi Shahri
Modern modeling tools reproduction of housing

Author(s): Sergey N. Larin | Larisa U. Lazareva
Mathematical representation of electrophoretic mobility in ternary solvent electrolyte systems

Author(s): "Jouyban A | Chan HK | Khoubnasab Jafari M | Clark BJ "
Modeling the electrophoretic mobility of basic drugs in aqueous-Methanolic buffers in capillary electrophoresis

Author(s): "Jouyban A | Chan HK | Khoubnasab Jafari M | Jouyban N | Clark BJ "
Kinetic Modeling of the Acid Hydrolysis of Wood Sawdust

Author(s): S.M.R. Islam | A.M. Mimi Sakinah
Development and evaluation of osmotic pump for eradication of H . pylori infection

Author(s): Sankar. C , Dilip.C*, Lintu Mathew, Prasanth S.S, Abdul Bari Mambra, Divya Raj, Lisa Mary.

Author(s): Anamaria G. MACOVEI | Sorin T. SIRETEAN
A two-parameter mathematical model for immobilizedenzymes and Homotopy analysis method

Author(s): Rathinasamy Angel Joy | Athimoolam Meena | Shunmugham Loghambal | Lakshmanan Rajendran
Algoritmos de busca aplicados na estimação de parâmetros em um modelo probabilístico de gestão de estoque

Author(s): André Felipe Henriques Librantz | Sidnei Alves de Araújo | Wonder Alexandre Luz Alves | Gisele Castro Fontanella Pileggi

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