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Magnetic and electrical properties of iron nitride films containing both amorphous matrices and nanocrystalline grains

Author(s): Hiroshi Naganuma, Ryoichi Nakatani, Yasushi Endo, Yoshio Kawamura and Masahiko Yamamoto
Enhancement of Solubility and Dissolution of Celecoxib by Solid Dispersion Technique

Author(s): Punitha.S | Karthikeyan. D | Devi. P | Vedha Hari.B.N
Different assembly of type IV collagen on hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrata alters endothelial cells interaction

Author(s): NM Coelho | C González-García | JA Planell | M Salmerón-Sánchez | G Altankov
Investigation of retained austenite stability in Mn-Si TRIP steel in tensile deformation condition

Author(s): O. Muránsky | P. Horňak | P. Lukáš | J. Zrník | P. Šittner
Remote Sensing Image Sequence Segmentation Based on the Modified Fuzzy C-means

Author(s): Gen-yuan Du | Fang Miao | Sheng-li Tian | Xi-rong Guo
Microstructural and Microwave Electromagnetic Properties of FeCoB-SiO2 Film on PET Substrate

Author(s): ZHANG Li, ZHU Zi-Wei, KUANG Ren-Xiong, DENG Long-Jiang
Electrochemical Sensing and Assessment of Parabens in Hydro- Alcoholic Solutions and Water Using a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode

Author(s): Ciprian Radovan | Dan Cinghită | Florica Manea | Manuela Mincea | Codruta Cofan | Vasile Ostafe
The role of long-term doxycycline in patients of idiopathic pulmonaryfibrosis: The results of an open prospective trial

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Parthasarathi | Nag Saikat | Bardhan Sujan | Acharya Dipabali | Paul Rantu | Dey Rana | Ghosh Malabika | Dey Ratna | Saha Indranil
Oxygen Effects in Anaerobic Digestion

Author(s): Deshai Botheju | Bernt Lie | Rune Bakke
Insights into shell deposition in the Antarctic bivalve Laternula elliptica: gene discovery in the mantle transcriptome using 454 pyrosequencing

Author(s): Clark Melody | Thorne Michael | Vieira Florbela | Cardoso João | Power Deborah | Peck Lloyd
Enhanced Dissolution Rate of Atorvastatin Calcium using Solid Dispersion with PEG 6000 by Dropping Method

Author(s): Lakshmi Narasaiah.V | Kalyan Reddy.B | Kishore.K | Raj Kumar.M | Srinivasa Rao.P | Venkateswara Reddy.B
Important role of three-body repulsive force effect in nuclear reactions

Author(s): Furumoto T. | Sakuragi Y. | Yamamoto Y.
New cloud chamber experiments on the heterogeneous ice nucleation ability of oxalic acid in the immersion mode

Author(s): R. Wagner | O. Möhler | H. Saathoff | M. Schnaiter | T. Leisner
Integrin Targeted MR Imaging

Author(s): Mingqian Tan, Zheng-Rong Lu
Matrix metalloproteinase-9 predicts pulmonary status declines in α1-antitrypsin deficiency

Author(s): Omachi Theodore | Eisner Mark | Rames Alexis | Markovtsova Lada | Blanc Paul
New cloud chamber experiments on the heterogeneous ice nucleation ability of oxalic acid in the immersion mode

Author(s): R. Wagner | O. Möhler | H. Saathoff | M. Schnaiter | T. Leisner
Structure and magnetic properties of granular NiZn-ferrite - SiO2

Author(s): Albuquerque Adriana Silva de | Ardisson José Domingos | Bittencourt Edison | Macedo Waldemar Augusto de Almeida
Light-induced EPR study of charge transfer in P3HT/bis-PCBM bulk heterojunctions

Author(s): Victor I. Krinichnyi | Eugenia I. Yudanova
Performance Analysis of IEEE 802 11 Non-Saturated DCF

Author(s): Bhanu Prakash Battula | R Satya Prasad | Mohammed Moulana
Template-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Passivated Nickel Nanoparticles

Author(s): Veena Gopalan E | Malini KA | Santhoshkumar G | Narayanan TN | Joy PA | Al-Omari IA | Sakthi Kumar D | Yoshida Yasuhiko | Anantharaman MR
Numerical Experiments of Pore Scale for Electrical Properties of Saturated Digital Rock

Author(s): Wenzheng Yue | Guo Tao | Xiaochuan Zheng | Ning Luo
Separable Watermarking Technique Using the Biological Color Model

Author(s): David Nino | Moussa Abdallah | Bassam Hammo
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