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Author(s): Samir Kamel Ashour | Abdallah Mohamed Abdelfattah | Badiaa Said Khalil Mohamed
Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Models with Fixed Effects through Monte Carlo Maximum Likelihood

Author(s): Grigorios Emvalomatis | Spiro E. Stefanou | Alfons Oude Lansink
Implementation Analysis of adaptive Viterbi Decoder for High Speed Applications

Author(s): P. Subhashini | D. R. Mahesh Varma | Y. David Solomon Raju
Discovery of Reliable Software using GOM on Interval Domain Data

Author(s): Dr. R. Satya Prasad | D. Haritha
Software Reliability Growth Model using Interval Domain Data

Author(s): Geetha Rani Neppala | Dr.R.Satya Prasad | Prof.R.R.L.Kantam
Software Reliability: An Order Statistics Approach using SPC

Author(s): N. Supriya | Dr. R. Satya Prasad | G. Krishna Mohan
The Mixed Weibull-Negative Binomial Distribution

Author(s): Mustafa Çağatay Korkmaz | Coşkun Kuş | Hamza Erol
Comparisons of Methods of Estimation for the Half-Logistic Distribution

Author(s): A. Asgharzadeh | R. Rezaie | M. Abdi
The Empirical Bayes of Occurrence of the Apnea among Sleep Apnea Patients

Author(s): N.Z.M. Saat | N.A. Rahman | A.A. Jemain

Estimation of Genetic Parameters and Trends in Pre-Weaning Traits of Beef Lines Subject to Phenotypic Selection

Author(s): Z. Wang | L. A. Goonewardene | R. C. Yang | M. A. Price | M. Makarechian | J. Knapp | E. K. Okine | R. T. Berg
A Comparison of VaR Estimation Procedures for Leptokurtic Equity Index Returns

Author(s): Siddarth Madhav R | Malay Bhattacharyya
A Comparison of VaR Estimation Procedures for Leptokurtic Equity Index Returns

Author(s): Siddarth Madhav R | Malay Bhattacharyya
Parameters MRF Control Strength and Direction of the Clustering in Image

Author(s): H. P. Lone | G. R. Gidveer | M. K. Sangole

Novel Semi-blind Channel Estimation Schemes for Rayleigh Flat Fading MIMO Channels

Author(s): Jaymin Bhalani | Dharmendra Chauhan | Y. P. Kosta | A. I. Trivedi
Use of Maximum Likelihood-Mixed Models to select stable reference genes: a case of heat stress response in sheep

Author(s): Serrano Magdalena | Moreno-Sánchez Natalia | González Carmen | Marcos-Carcavilla Ane | Van Poucke Mario | Calvo Jorge | Salces Judit | Cubero Jaime | Carabaño María
Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor Implementation of List Sphere Detector

Author(s): Antikainen Juho | Salmela Perttu | Silvén Olli | Juntti Markku | Takala Jarmo | Myllylä Markus
Measurement Combination for Acoustic Source Localization in a Room Environment

Author(s): Pertilä Pasi | Korhonen Teemu | Visa Ari
Onset Detection in Surface Electromyographic Signals: A Systematic Comparison of Methods

Author(s): Staude Gerhard | Flachenecker Claus | Daumer Martin | Wolf Werner
Efficient Channel Shortening Equalizer Design

Author(s): Martin Richard K | Ding Ming | Evans Brian L | Johnson C Richard
Maximum Likelihood Blind Channel Estimation for Space-Time Coding Systems

Author(s): Çırpan Hakan A | Panayırcı Erdal | Çekli Erdinc
M-Estimators of Roughness and Scale for -Modelled SAR Imagery

Author(s): Bustos Oscar H | Lucini MaríaMagdalena | Frery Alejandro C
Acoustic Source Localization and Beamforming: Theory and Practice

Author(s): Chen Joe C | Yao Kung | Hudson Ralph E
Two-Stage Maximum Likelihood Estimation (TSMLE) for MT-CDMA Signals in the Indoor Environment

Author(s): Rahman Quazi Mehbubar | Sesay Abu B | Hefnawi Mostafa
Rotated Walsh-Hadamard Spreading with Robust Channel Estimation for a Coded MC-CDMA System

Author(s): Raulefs Ronald | Dammann Armin | Sand Stephan | Kaiser Stefan | Auer Gunther
Equalization of Sparse Intersymbol-Interference Channels Revisited

Author(s): Mietzner Jan | Badri-Hoeher Sabah | Land Ingmar | Hoeher Peter A
Polarization Behavior of Discrete Multipath and Diffuse Scattering in Urban Environments at 4.5 GHz

Author(s): Landmann Markus | Sivasondhivat Kriangsak | Takada Jun-Ichi | Ida Ichirou | Thomä Reiner
A Robust Approach for Clock Offset Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Kim Jang-Sub | Lee Jaehan | Serpedin Erchin | Qaraqe Khalid
Improving Density Estimation by Incorporating Spatial Information

Author(s): Smith LauraM | Keegan MatthewS | Wittman Todd | Mohler GeorgeO | Bertozzi AndreaL
Estimation of Radar Cross Section of a Target under Track

Author(s): Jung Young-Hun | Hong Sun-Mog | Choi SeungHo
Time-Delay Estimation in Dispersed Spectrum Cognitive Radio Systems

Author(s): Kocak Fatih | Celebi Hasari | Gezici Sinan | Qaraqe KhalidA | Arslan Huseyin | Poor HVincent
Joint Symbol Timing and CFO Estimation for OFDM/OQAM Systems in Multipath Channels

Author(s): Fusco Tilde | Petrella Angelo | Tanda Mario
DOA Estimation in the Uplink of Multicarrier CDMA Systems

Author(s): D'Amico AntonioA | Morelli Michele | Sanguinetti Luca
A Practical Scheme for Frequency Offset Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Morelli Michele | Moretti Marco | Imbarlina Giuseppe
A Propagation Environment Modeling in Foliage

Author(s): Liang Jing | Liang Qilian | Samn SherwoodW
Performance Analysis of the 3GPP-LTE Physical Control Channels

Author(s): Thiruvengadam SJ | Jalloul LouayMA
Analysis of Minute Features in Speckled Imagery with Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Author(s): Frery Alejandro C | Cribari-Neto Francisco | de Souza Marcelo O
Estimation of Road Vehicle Speed Using Two Omnidirectional Microphones: A Maximum Likelihood Approach

Author(s): López-Valcarce Roberto | Mosquera Carlos | Pérez-González Fernando
Clustering Time Series Gene Expression Data Based on Sum-of-Exponentials Fitting

Author(s): Giurcăneanu Ciprian Doru | Tăbuş Ioan | Astola Jaakko
MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Carrier Frequency Offset

Author(s): Li Jun | Liao Guisheng | Guo Qinghua
Doubly Selective Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Training and Exponential Bases Models

Author(s): Tugnait Jitendra K | Meng Xiaohong | He Shuangchi
Application of the Evidence Procedure to the Estimation of Wireless Channels

Author(s): Shutin Dmitriy | Kubin Gernot | Fleury Bernard H
Underwater Noise Modeling and Direction-Finding Based on Heteroscedastic Time Series

Author(s): Amiri Hadi | Amindavar Hamidreza | Kamarei Mahmoud
Maximum Likelihood Position Location with a Limited Number of References

Author(s): D. Munoz-Rodriguez | L. Suarez-Robles | C. Vargas-Rosales | J. R. Rodriguez-Cruz
Hurst Parameter Estimation Using Artificial Neural Networks

Author(s): S..Ledesma-Orozco | J. Ruiz-Pinales | G. García-Hernández | G. Cerda-Villafaña | D. Hernández-Fusilier
Estimation of Modified Measure of Skewness

Author(s): Elsayed Ali Habib
Fast Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood DOA Estimation in MIMO Array

Author(s): Wentao Shi | Jianguo Huang | Chengbing He
Monitoring Software Reliability using Statistical Process Control: An MMLE Approach

Author(s): Dr. R Satya Prasad | Bandla Sreenivasa Rao | R.R. L Kantham
Comparison of bayesian with the classical methods in estimating parameters of logistic regression and its application in respiratory

Author(s): Karimlou M. | Mohammad K. | Meskhani M. R. | Jandaghi G.R. | Nouri K.O. | Pasha E.O. | Azam K.
"Platelet-based MPLE Algorithm for Denoising of SPECT Images: Phantom and Patient Study "

Author(s): Abbas Takavar | HR Ghiasi | Naghmeh Alibabaei | Nader Riyahi-Alam | Armaghan Fard-Esfahani | Mehdi Sohrabi | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi
A New Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Actual COSPAS-SARSAT Beacons

Author(s): Kun Wang | Jing Tian | Siliang Wu
An Improved Detection Technique for Cyclic-Prefixed OFDM

Author(s): Giovanni Garbo | Stefano Mangione
Heritability and Repeatability Estimation in Iranian Brown Swiss Crossbred Dairy Cattle Population

Author(s): A. Gorbani | R. Salamatdoust Nobar | U. Mehman Navaz | J. Gyasi | H. Agdam Shahryar | K. Nazer Adl
Comparison of Additive Genetic Parameter in Two Iranian Crossbred Population

Author(s): A. Gorbani | R. Salamatdoust Nobar | U. Mehman Navaz | K. Nazer Adl | H. Agdam Shahriar | G.J. Gyasi
Estimation of P (Y

Author(s): Afshin Ghanizadeh
Modified Maximum A Posteriori Algorithm For Iterative Decoding of Turbo codes

Author(s): Prof M. Srinivasa Rao | Dr P. Rajesh Kumar | K. Anitha | Addanki Srinu
Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in sheep. IV. Analysis of lactation persistency and extended lactation traits in sheep

Author(s): Jonas Elisabeth | Thomson Peter | Hall Evelyn | McGill David | Lam Mary | Raadsma Herman

Author(s): Dr. R.Satya Prasad | N. Supriya | G.Krishna Mohan
Estimation Using Censored Data from Exponentiated Burr Type XII Population

Author(s): Essam K. AL-Hussaini | Mohamed Hussein
Risk Estimation of Campylobacter jejuni Caused by Chicken Meat Consumption for High Risk Group in Thailand

Author(s): S. Osiriphun | W. Koetsinchai | K. Tuitemwong | L.E. Erickson | P. Tuitemwong
poLCA: An R Package for Polytomous Variable Latent Class Analysis

Author(s): Drew A. Linzer | Jeffrey B. Lewis
Joint fundamental frequency and order estimation using optimal filtering

Author(s): Christensen Mads | Højvang Jesper | Jakobsson Andreas | Jensen Søren
Estimation of allele frequency and association mapping using next-generation sequencing data

Author(s): Kim Su | Lohmueller Kirk | Albrechtsen Anders | Li Yingrui | Korneliussen Thorfinn | Tian Geng | Grarup Niels | Jiang Tao | Andersen Gitte | Witte Daniel | Jorgensen Torben | Hansen Torben | Pedersen Oluf | Wang Jun | Nielsen Rasmus

Author(s): muhammad zahid rashid | ahmad saeed akhter
Passive Loss Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks Using EM Algorithm

Author(s): Yu Yang | Zhulin An | Yongjun Xu | Xiaowei Li | Canfeng Che
Accurate Angle-of-Arrival Measurement Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Minghui Li | Kwok Shun Ho | Gordon Hayward
Using Least Squares Support Vector Machines for Frequency Estimation

Author(s): Xiaoyun Teng | Xiaoyi Zhang | Hongyi Yu
UWB-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Di WU | Lichun BAO | Renfa LI
Parametric Estimation of the Immunes Proportion based on BCH Model and Exponential Distribution using Left Censored Data

Author(s): Bader Ahmad I. Aljawadi | Mohd Rizam A. Bakar | Noor Akma Ibrahim | Habshah Midi
Trust Index Based Fault Tolerant Multiple Event Localization Algorithm for WSNs

Author(s): Xianghua Xu | Xueyong Gao | Jian Wan | Naixue Xiong
Comparison of Dose Response Models for Predicting Normal Tissue Complications from Cancer Radiotherapy: Application in Rat Spinal Cord

Author(s): Magdalena Adamus-Górka | Panayiotis Mavroidis | Bengt K. Lind | Anders Brahme
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