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Nonlinear Adaptive Filters based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Faten BEN ARFIA | Mohamed BEN MESSAOUD | Mohamed ABID
Median Filter in Agriculture

Author(s): A.Senthil Rajan | E. Ramaraj
Performance Comparison of Median and Wiener Filter in Image De-noising

Author(s): Suresh Kumar | Papendra Kumar | Manoj Gupta | Ashok Kumar Nagawat
Adaptive Marginal Median Filter for Colour Images

Author(s): Samuel Morillas | Valentín Gregori | Almanzor Sapena
An Efficient Algorithm for Image Enhancement

Author(s): Manglesh Khandelwal | Shweta Saxena, | Priya Bharti
Study and Analysis of Impulse Noise Reduction Filters

Author(s): Geoffrine Judith.M.C | N.Kumarasabapathy
Comparative Analysis in Medical Imaging

Author(s): Ashish Verma | Bharti Sharma
Image De-noising by Various Filters for Different Noise

Author(s): Pawan Patidar | Manoj Gupta | Sumit Srivastava | Ashok Kumar Nagawat
New filtering technique for the impulsive noise reduction in color images

Author(s): Smolka B. | Chydzinski A. | Plataniotis K. N. | Venetsanopoulos A. N.
QCA implementation of a multichannel filter for image processing

Author(s): Cardenas-Barrera J. L. | Plataniotis K. N. | Venetsanopoulos A. N.
Efficient Architecture and Implementation of Vector Median Filter in Co-Design Context

Author(s): A. Boudabous | L. Khriji | A. B. Atitallah | P. Kadionik | N. Masmoudi
Higher Efficiency of Motion Estimation Methods

Author(s): M. Gamcova | S. Marchevsky | J. Gamec
High Density Impulse Noise Removal in Color Images using Median Controlled Adaptive Recursive Weighted Median Filter

Author(s): V.R.Vijay Kumar | S.Manik | an | D.Ebenezer | P.T.Vanathi | P.Kanagasabapathy
Performance analysis of Non Linear Filtering Algorithms for underwater images

Author(s): Dr. G. Padmavathi | Dr. P. Subashini | Mr. M. Muthu Kumar | Suresh Kumar Thakur
Modified Adaptive Center Weighted Median Filter for Suppressing Impulsive Noise in Images

Author(s): Behrooz Ghandeharian, Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi and Faranak Homayouni
Performance Improvement in Noisy Image Enhancement

Implementation of PPM Image Processing and Median Filtering

Author(s): Sushant Pawar | Prasad S. Halgaonkar | J.W. Bakal | V.M.Wadhai

Author(s): D.Maheswari, | Dr.V.Radha
Impulse Noise removal in Digital Images

Author(s): M.JayaManmadhaRao, | S.Anuradha, | Dr. KVVS Reddy
Robust Algorithm for Impulse Noise Reduction

Author(s): Manohar Annappa Koli
Boosted Nonlinear Coherent Diffusion for Despeckling of Diagnostic Images

Author(s): S.Kalaivani Narayanani | R.S.D.Wahidabanu
Evaluating model performance of an ensemble-based chemical data assimilation system during INTEX-B field mission

Author(s): A. F. Arellano Jr. | K. Raeder | J. L. Anderson | P. G. Hess | L. K. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | G. G. Pfister | T. L. Campos | G. W. Sachse
Evaluating model performance of an ensemble-based chemical data assimilation system during INTEX-B field mission

Author(s): A. F. Arellano Jr. | K. Raeder | J. L. Anderson | P. G. Hess | L. K. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | G. G. Pfister | T. L. Campos | G. W. Sachse
Influence of water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) on reduction of local fat and body weight by physical exercise

Author(s): Möckel, Frank | Hoffmann, Gerd | Obermüller, Roy | Drobnik, Wolfgang | Schmitz, Gerd
Bacterial Foraging Optimization Technique Cascaded with Adaptive Filter to Enhance Peak Signal to Noise Ratio from Single Image

Author(s): Bakwad K | Pattnaik S | Sohi B | Devi S | Panigrahi B | Gollapudi Sastry
Automatic non-volcanic tremor detection in the Mexican subduction zone

Author(s): A. Husker, S. Peyrat, N. Shapiro and V. Kostoglodov | S. Peyrat | N. Shapiro | V. Kostoglodov
A Comparative Study of Removal Noise from Remote Sensing Image

Author(s): Salem Saleh Al-amri | N. V. Kalyankar | Santosh Khamitkar
Nonlinear Filter Based Image Denoising Using AMF Approach

Author(s): T. K. Thivakaran | Dr. RM. Chandrasekaran
Hybrid Technique for Human Face Emotion Detection

Author(s): Renu Nagpal | Pooja Nagpal | Sumeet Kaur
Audio-Visual Based Multi-Sample Fusion to Enhance Correlation Filters Speaker Verification System

Author(s): Dzati Athiar Ramli | Salina Abdul Samad | Aini Hussain
Genetic Fuzzy Filter Based On MAD And ROAD To Remove Mixed Impulse Noise

Author(s): Nur Zahrati Janah | Baharum Baharudin
Human Tracking and Segmentation using Color Space Conversion

Author(s): M. Sivabalakrishnan | D. Manjula
Synthesize and Characterization of Rice Husk Silica to Remove the Hydrogen Sulfide through the Physical Filtration System

Author(s): Seyed Mahmoud Mehdinia | Puziah Abdul Latif | Ahmad Makmom Abdullah | Hassan Taghipour
The statistics of identifying differentially expressed genes in Expresso and TM4: a comparison

Author(s): Sioson Allan | Mane Shrinivasrao | Li Pinghua | Sha Wei | Heath Lenwood | Bohnert Hans | Grene Ruth
Fault-Tolerant Target Localization in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Min Ding | Fang Liu | Andrew Thaeler | Dechang Chen | Xiuzhen Cheng
A model of a perturbed ionosphere using the auroral power as the input

Author(s): E.A. Araujo-Pradere | T.J. Fuller-Rowell
Homocysteine levels in preterm infants: is there an association with intraventricular hemorrhage? a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Sturtz Wendy | Leef Kathleen | Mackley Amy | Sharma Shailja | Bottiglieri Teodoro | Paul David
Restriction Landmark Genomic Scanning (RLGS) spot identification by second generation virtual RLGS in multiple genomes with multiple enzyme combinations

Author(s): Smiraglia Dominic | Kazhiyur-Mannar Ramakrishnan | Oakes Christopher | Wu Yue-Zhong | Liang Ping | Ansari Tahmina | Su Jian | Rush Laura | Smith Laura | Yu Li | Liu Chunhui | Dai Zunyan | Chen Shih-Shih | Wang Shu-Huei | Costello Joseph | Ioshikhes Ilya | Dawson David | Hong Jason | Teitell Michael | Szafranek Angela | Camoriano Marta | Song Fei | Elliott Rosemary | Held William | Trasler Jacquetta | Plass Christoph | Wenger Rephael
Selective Weighting of Undecimated Wavelet Coefficients for Noise Reduction in SAR Interferograms

Author(s): Vidhyasaharan Sethu | Eliathamby Ambikairajah | Linlin Ge
Technique for Automated Recognition of Sunspots on Full-Disk Solar Images

Author(s): S. Zharkov | V. Zharkova | S. Ipson | A. Benkhalil
Generalized Selection Weighted Vector Filters

Author(s): Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos | Bogdan Smolka | Konstantinos N. Plataniotis | Rastislav Lukac
Fuzzy Ordering Theory and Its Use in Filter Generalization

Author(s): Wei An | Yao Nie | Kenneth E. Barner
Acceleration of Directional Medain Filter Based Deinterlacing Algorithm (DMFD)

Author(s): Srinu.V | K.N.H.Srinivas | Addanki Purna Ramesh
Neural based Post Processing Filtering Technique for Image Quality Enhancement

Author(s): R. Pushpavalli | G. Sivaradje | E. Srinivasan | S.Himavathi

Review of Impulse Noise Reduction Techniques

Author(s): Manohar Annappa Koli
“Noise Detection and Noise Removal Techniques in Medical Images”

Author(s): Bhausaheb Shinde | Dnyandeo Mhaske | Machindra Patare | A.R. Dani
A Design Flow for Robust License Plate Localization and Recognition in Complex Scenes

Author(s): Jafar Saniie | Erdal Oruklu | Dhawal Wazalwar
Semi-continuous gas and inorganic aerosol measurements at a Finnish urban site: comparisons with filters, nitrogen in aerosol and gas phases, and aerosol acidity

Author(s): U. Makkonen | A. Virkkula | J. Mäntykenttä | H. Hakola | P. Keronen | V. Vakkari | P. P. Aalto
Features Extraction of ECG signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Author(s): P.D.Khandait | N.G. Bawane | S.S.Limaye
Study of Noise Detection and Noise Removal Techniques in Medical Images

Author(s): Bhausaheb Shinde | Dnyandeo Mhaske | A.R. Dani
A Hybrid Method for Enhancement of Plant Leaf Recognition

Author(s): N.Valliammal | S.N.Geethalakshmi
Generation of Random Fields for Image Enhancement and Reconstruction

Author(s): B.Srinivasa Rao | K.Srinivas | Dr.LSS Reddy

Fuzzy Ordering Theory and Its Use in Filter Generalization

Author(s): Barner Kenneth E | Nie Yao | An Wei
Fault-Tolerant Target Localization in Sensor Networks

Author(s): Ding Min | Liu Fang | Thaeler Andrew | Chen Dechang | Cheng Xiuzhen
Effects of amodiaquine and artesunate on sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine pharmacokinetic parameters in children under five in Mali

Author(s): Tekete Mamadou | Toure Sékou | Fredericks Alfia | Beavogui Abdoul | Sangare Cheick | Evans Alicia | Smith Peter | Maiga Hamma | Traore Zoumana | Doumbo Ogobara | Barnes Karen | Djimde Abdoulaye
Generalized Selection Weighted Vector Filters

Author(s): Lukac Rastislav | Plataniotis Konstantinos N | Smolka Bogdan | Venetsanopoulos Anastasios N
Technique for Automated Recognition of Sunspots on Full-Disk Solar Images

Author(s): Zharkov S | Zharkova V | Ipson S | Benkhalil A
Adaptive Outlier Rejection in Image Super-resolution

Author(s): Trimeche Mejdi | Bilcu Radu Ciprian | Yrjänäinen Jukka
Automated Image Analysis for the Detection of Benthic Crustaceans and Bacterial Mat Coverage Using the VENUS Undersea Cabled Network

Author(s): Jacopo Aguzzi | Corrado Costa | Katleen Robert | Marjolaine Matabos | Francesca Antonucci | S. Kim Juniper | Paolo Menesatti

Author(s): Kartik Sau | Amitabha Chanda | Pabitra Karmakar
Vector Median Filter with Directional Detector for Color Image Denoising

Author(s): Vladimir V. Khryashchev | Denis K. Kuykin | Alina A. Studenova
Deformation and Improvement of Video Segmentation Based on morphology Using SSD Technique

Author(s): Ram Kumar Yadav | Dr. Sanjeev Sharma | Jitendra Singh Verma
An evaluation of ciprofloxacin pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients undergoing continuous veno-venous haemodiafiltration

Author(s): Spooner Almath | Deegan Catherine | D'Arcy Deirdre | Gowing Caitriona | Donnelly Maria | Corrigan Owen
An Adaptive Two-level Filtering Technique for Noise Lines in Video Images

Author(s): Baris Baykant Alagoz, Mehmet Emin Tagluk
Vena cava thrombosis after vena cava filter placement: Incidence and risk factors

Author(s): Ya-Juan Guo | Jun Feng | Tian-Rong Qu | Yan Qu | Ya-Min Liu | Yu-Shun Zhang | Hong-Yan Tian | Ai-Qun Ma
Robustifying Vector Median Filter

Author(s): Samuel Morillas | Valentín Gregori
The fluorescence properties of aerosol larger than 0.8 μm in urban and tropical rainforest locations

Author(s): A. M. Gabey | W. R. Stanley | M. W. Gallagher | P. H. Kaye
Robust Crop and Weed Segmentation under Uncontrolled Outdoor Illumination

Author(s): Hong Y. Jeon | Lei F. Tian | Heping Zhu
A Particle Swarm Optimization Based Edge Preserving Impulse Noise Filter

Author(s): S. M.M. Roomi, | P. L.M. Karuppi, | P. R | B. G. Revathi
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