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The use of statins in primary prevention

Author(s): Rosian, Ingrid | Pichlbauer, Ernest | Stürzlinger, Heidi
Cooperation between gatekeepers in sickness insurance – the perspective of social insurance officers. A qualitative study

Author(s): Thorstensson Carina | Mathiasson Jenny | Arvidsson Barbro | Heide Anders | Petersson Ingemar
Ethical issues relating to the banking of umbilical cord blood in Mexico

Author(s): Serrano-Delgado V Moises | Novello-Garza Barbara | Valdez-Martinez Edith
Automatic de-identification of textual documents in the electronic health record: a review of recent research

Author(s): Meystre Stephane | Friedlin F | South Brett | Shen Shuying | Samore Matthew
Media reporting of tenofovir trials in Cambodia and Cameroon

Author(s): Mills Edward | Rachlis Beth | Wu Ping | Wong Elaine | Wilson Kumanan | Singh Sonal
Developing algorithms for healthcare insurers to systematically monitor surgical site infection rates

Author(s): Huang Susan | Livingston James | Rawson Nigel | Schmaltz Steven | Platt Richard
Dealing with sickness certification – a survey of problems and strategies among general practitioners and orthopaedic surgeons

Author(s): Arrelöv Britt | Alexanderson Kristina | Hagberg Jan | Löfgren Anna | Nilsson Gunnar | Ponzer Sari
The role of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Germany – A focus group study of GPs

Author(s): Joos Stefanie | Musselmann Berthold | Miksch Antje | Rosemann Thomas | Szecsenyi Joachim
The project HICARE: cross-sectoral action alliance against multi-resistant pathogens

Author(s): Linder, Roland | Thoms, Isabell | Pfenning, Ingo | Schadowski, Rolando | Möws, Volker
Access to healthcare and alternative health-seeking strategies among undocumented migrants in Denmark

Author(s): Biswas Dan | Kristiansen Maria | Krasnik Allan | Norredam Marie
The Problems and Solutions to the Building of the New-type Rural Cooperative Medical Workforce

Author(s): Lidan Wang | Yu Zhang | Yahui Zhang | Yayun Yu | Leilei Liu | Chunyan Mo
Medical Information Security

Author(s): William C. Figg, Ph.D. | Hwee Joo Kam, M.S.
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