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Research on Memorials and Monuments

Author(s): Shanken Andrew M.
Anniversary and memorials

Author(s): editorial board
City of Epitaphs

Author(s): Megan Hicks
Berlin between past, present and future

Author(s): Aranđelović Biljana | Pogacar Kaja
Being Zen-Buddhist in the Land of Catholicism

Author(s): Cristina Moreira da Rocha
Architectural memorials of Stalingrad / Архитектурные памятники Сталинграда

Author(s): Nazarova M.P. / Назарова Марина Петровна
Rituals around Sudden Death in Recent Years

Author(s): Anders Gustavsson
Remixing Memory through Home Movies

Author(s): Shaun Wilson
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