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Bioprospecting metagenomes: glycosyl hydrolases for converting biomass

Author(s): Li Luen-Luen | McCorkle Sean | Monchy Sebastien | Taghavi Safiyh | van der Lelie Daniel
Marine Metagenomics: New Tools for the Study and Exploitation of Marine Microbial Metabolism

Author(s): Jonathan Kennedy | Burkhardt Flemer | Stephen A. Jackson | David P. H. Lejon | John P. Morrissey | Fergal O’Gara | Alan D. W. Dobson
Genomics: New aspect of cancer research

Author(s): Gomase V.S. | Tripathi A.K. | Tagore S.
An Ecological and Conservation Perspective on Advances in the Applied Virology of Zoonoses

Author(s): Kurt J. Vandegrift | Nina Wale | Jonathan H. Epstein
An application of statistics to comparative metagenomics

Author(s): Rodriguez-Brito Beltran | Rohwer Forest | Edwards Robert
The next meta-challenge for Bioinformatics

Author(s): Willy Valdivia Granda
Methods for comparative metagenomics

Author(s): Huson Daniel | Richter Daniel | Mitra Suparna | Auch Alexander | Schuster Stephan
The metagenomics RAST server – a public resource for the automatic phylogenetic and functional analysis of metagenomes

Author(s): Meyer F | Paarmann D | D'Souza M | Olson R | Glass EM | Kubal M | Paczian T | Rodriguez A | Stevens R | Wilke A | Wilkening J | Edwards RA
Metagenome Fragment Classification Using N-Mer Frequency Profiles

Author(s): Gail Rosen | Elaine Garbarine | Diamantino Caseiro | Robi Polikar | Bahrad Sokhansanj
Type II restriction endonuclease R.Hpy188I belongs to the GIY-YIG nuclease superfamily, but exhibits an unusual active site

Author(s): Kaminska Katarzyna | Kawai Mikihiko | Boniecki Michal | Kobayashi Ichizo | Bujnicki Janusz
TACOA – Taxonomic classification of environmental genomic fragments using a kernelized nearest neighbor approach

Author(s): Diaz Naryttza | Krause Lutz | Goesmann Alexander | Niehaus Karsten | Nattkemper Tim
Digital PCR provides sensitive and absolute calibration for high throughput sequencing

Author(s): White Richard | Blainey Paul | Fan H Christina | Quake Stephen
Comparative metagenomics of Daphnia symbionts

Author(s): Qi Weihong | Nong Guang | Preston James | Ben-Ami Frida | Ebert Dieter
High-throughput next-generation sequencing technologies foster new cutting-edge computing techniques in bioinformatics

Author(s): Yang Mary | Athey Brian | Arabnia Hamid | Sung Andrew | Liu Qingzhong | Yang Jack | Mao Jinghe | Deng Youping
Stratification of co-evolving genomic groups using ranked phylogenetic profiles

Author(s): Freilich Shiri | Goldovsky Leon | Gottlieb Assaf | Blanc Eric | Tsoka Sophia | Ouzounis Christos
WebCARMA: a web application for the functional and taxonomic classification of unassembled metagenomic reads

Author(s): Gerlach Wolfgang | Jünemann Sebastian | Tille Felix | Goesmann Alexander | Stoye Jens
Unsupervised binning of environmental genomic fragments based on an error robust selection of l-mers

Author(s): Yang Bin | Peng Yu | Leung Henry | Yiu Siu-Ming | Chen Jing-Chi | Chin Francis
Accessing the SEED Genome Databases via Web Services API: Tools for Programmers

Author(s): Disz Terry | Akhter Sajia | Cuevas Daniel | Olson Robert | Overbeek Ross | Vonstein Veronika | Stevens Rick | Edwards Robert
Some considerations for analyzing biodiversity using integrative metagenomics and gene networks

Author(s): Bittner Lucie | Halary Sébastien | Payri Claude | Cruaud Corinne | de Reviers Bruno | Lopez Philippe | Bapteste Eric
Antiviral Lead Compounds from Marine Sponges

Author(s): Sunil Sagar | Mandeep Kaur | Kenneth P. Minneman
454-Pyrosequencing: A Molecular Battiscope for Freshwater Viral Ecology

Author(s): David J. Rooks | Darren L. Smith | James E. McDonald | Martin J. Woodward | Alan J. McCarthy | Heather E. Allison
Identification of Carbohydrate Metabolism Genes in the Metagenome of a Marine Biofilm Community Shown to Be Dominated by Gammaproteobacteria and Bacteroidetes

Author(s): Jennifer L. Edwards | Darren L. Smith | John Connolly | James E. McDonald | Michael J. Cox | Ian Joint | Clive Edwards | Alan J. McCarthy
Clustering metagenomic sequences with interpolated Markov models

Author(s): Kelley David | Salzberg Steven
Functional analysis of metagenomes and metatranscriptomes using SEED and KEGG

Author(s): Mitra Suparna | Rupek Paul | Richter Daniel | Urich Tim | Gilbert Jack | Meyer Folker | Wilke Andreas | Huson Daniel
TETRA: a web-service and a stand-alone program for the analysis and comparison of tetranucleotide usage patterns in DNA sequences

Author(s): Teeling Hanno | Waldmann Jost | Lombardot Thierry | Bauer Margarete | Glöckner Frank
Identifying the Future Needs for Long-Term USDA Efforts in Agricultural Animal Genomics

Author(s): R. D. Green, M. A. Qureshi, J. A. Long, P.J. Burfening, D.L. Hamernik
High-throughput sequence alignment using Graphics Processing Units

Author(s): Schatz Michael | Trapnell Cole | Delcher Arthur | Varshney Amitabh
Dendroscope: An interactive viewer for large phylogenetic trees

Author(s): Huson Daniel | Richter Daniel | Rausch Christian | Dezulian Tobias | Franz Markus | Rupp Regula
Gene prediction in metagenomic fragments: A large scale machine learning approach

Author(s): Hoff Katharina | Tech Maike | Lingner Thomas | Daniel Rolf | Morgenstern Burkhard | Meinicke Peter
Summer Workshop in Metagenomics: One Week Plus Eight Students Equals Gigabases of Cloned DNA

Author(s): Carlos Rios-Velazquez | Lynn L. Williamson | Karen A. Cloud-Hansen | Heather K. Allen | Mathew D. McMahon | Zakee L. Sabree | Justin J. Donato | Jo Handelsman
WebMGA: a customizable web server for fast metagenomic sequence analysis

Author(s): Wu Sitao | Zhu Zhengwei | Fu Liming | Niu Beifang | Li Weizhong
A metagenomic study of methanotrophic microorganisms in Coal Oil Point seep sediments

Author(s): Håvelsrud Othilde | Haverkamp Thomas | Kristensen Tom | Jakobsen Kjetill | Rike Anne
Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies to Diagnostic Virology

Author(s): Luisa Barzon | Enrico Lavezzo | Valentina Militello | Stefano Toppo | Giorgio Palù
Identification and characterization of a new true lipase isolated through metagenomic approach

Author(s): Glogauer Arnaldo | Martini Viviane | Faoro Helisson | Couto Gustavo | Müller-Santos Marcelo | Monteiro Rose | Mitchell David | de Souza Emanuel | Pedrosa Fabio | Krieger Nadia
Querying large read collections in main memory: a versatile data structure

Author(s): Philippe Nicolas | Salson Mikaël | Lecroq Thierry | Léonard Martine | Commes Thérèse | Rivals Eric
RAPSearch: a fast protein similarity search tool for short reads

Author(s): Ye Yuzhen | Choi Jeong-Hyeon | Tang Haixu
Comparative fecal metagenomics unveils unique functional capacity of the swine gut

Author(s): Lamendella Regina | Santo Domingo Jorge | Ghosh Shreya | Martinson John | Oerther Daniel
Accurate and fast estimation of taxonomic profiles from metagenomic shotgun sequences

Author(s): Liu Bo | Gibbons Theodore | Ghodsi Mohammad | Treangen Todd | Pop Mihai
Evaluation of short read metagenomic assembly

Author(s): Charuvaka Anveshi | Rangwala Huzefa
GSTaxClassifier: a genomic signature based taxonomic classifier for metagenomic data analysis

Author(s): Fahong Yu | Yijun SunS | William Farmerie | Li Liu
A MCMC strategy for group-specific 16S rRNA probe design

Author(s): Yi-Bo Wu | Li-Rong Yan | Hui Liu | Han-Chang Sun | Hong-Wei Xie
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