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A study of the photocatalytic degradation of methomyl by UV light

Author(s): A. Tomašević | J. Đaja | S. Petrović | E. E. Kiss | D. Mijin
Effect of methomyl on hepatic mixed function oxidases in rats

Author(s): Patil Jyotsna | Patil Arun | Sontakke Ajit | Govindwar Sanjay
Health Risk Assessment of Pesticide Usage in Menia El-Kamh Province of Sharkia Governorate in Egypt

Author(s): Paul B. Tchounwou | Bassem A. Ashour | Curtina Moreland-Young | Didair A. Ragheb | Ahmed A. Romeh | El-Adarosy Goma | Sayed El-Sheikh | Frances P. Lidell | Olurominiyi Ibitayo | Jean-Claude Assad
Susceptibility of pepper weevil (anthonomus eugenii cano) (coleoptera: curculionidae) to seven insecticides in rural areas of Baja California Sur, Mexico

Author(s): Armando Tejas Romero | José L. Martínez Carrillo | José. L. García Hernández | M. A. Toapanta | Rosalía Servín Villegas
A study of the electrochemical behaviour of methomyl on a gold electrode in a neutral electrolyte

Oxidative Stress Induced by Different Pesticides in the Land Snails, Helix aspersa

Author(s): Ahmed K. Salama | Khaled A. Osman | Nabila A. Saber | Salah A. Soliman
Histological and Ultrastructural Changes Induced by Two Carbamate Molluscicides on the Digestive Gland of Eobania vermiculata

Author(s): Sherifa S. Hamed | Nabila E. Abdelmeguied | Amina E. Essawy | Mohamed A. Radwan | Amira E. Hegazy
The extremely high stability of carbofuran pesticide in acidic media

Author(s): Tomašević Anđelka V. | Bošković Goran C. | Mijin Dušan Ž. | Đilas Sonja M. | Kiš Erne E.
High risk pesticides in sugar beet protection

Author(s): Šovljanski Radmila A. | Klokočar-Šmit Zlata D. | Inđić Dušanka V.
Effect of Methomyl on the Phenobarbital and Benzo [a] Pyrene Induced Hepatic Microsomal Mixed Function Oxidase System in Rats

Author(s): Jyotsna A. Patil1, Arun J. Patil1*, Ajit V. Sontakke1, Satish D. Kalme2 and Sanjay P. Govindwar3
Methomyl-Induced Severe Acute Pancreatitis: Possible Etiological Association

Author(s): Makrides C | Koukouvas M | Achillews G | Tsikkos S | Vounou E | Symeonides M | Christodoulides P | Ioannides M
Cytological effects of some carbamate insecticides. II. Induction of sister chromatid exchanges in Vicia faba by lannate-90

Author(s): Delgado Rodríguez, Alfredo | Juárez Santacruz, Libertad | Sánchez Alarcón, Juana | Valencia Quintana, Rafael
Cytological effects of some carbamate insecticides. I. Methomyl and oxamyl in Vicia faba

Author(s): Gómez Arroyo, Sandra | Valencia Quintana, Rafael | Villalobos Pietrini, Rafael
Methomyl induced alteration in mice hepatic-oxidative status

Author(s): Sudheer Manawadi and Kaliwal BB
Incidental poisoning of animals by carbamates in the Czech Republic

Author(s): Josef Novotny | Jan Misik | Alena Honzlova | Petr Ondracek | Kamil Kuca | Oldrich Vavra | Vaclav Rachac | Petr Chloupek
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