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Methylmercury intoxication and histochemical demonstration of NADPH-diaphorase activity in the striate cortex of adult cats

Author(s): Oliveira R.B. | Gomes-Leal W. | do-Nascimento J.L.M. | Picanço-Diniz C.W.
Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of low doses of mercury chloride and methylmercury chloride on human lymphocytes in vitro

Author(s): Silva-Pereira L.C. | Cardoso P.C.S. | Leite D.S. | Bahia M.O. | Bastos W.R. | Smith M.A.C. | Burbano R.R.
Methylmercury Chloride Coaxed Oxidative Stress in Rats

Author(s): Anjum Ara | Shabnum Nabi | Shamim Jahan Rizvi
Effect of Mercuric Compounds on Pine and Sycamore Germination and Early Survival

Author(s): Jennifer A. Franklin | Karen Hughes | Jeremie Damay | Sharon R. Jean-Philippe | Nicole Labbé
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