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Interfacing Sca-1pos Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Biocompatible Scaffolds with Different Chemical Composition and Geometry

Author(s): G. Forte | O. Franzese | S. Pagliari | F. Pagliari | A. M. Di Francesco | P. Cossa | A. Laudisi | R. Fiaccavento | M. Minieri | E. Bonmassar | P. Di Nardo
Design and in vitro evaluation of alginate beads of ambroxol hydrochloride

Author(s): D. Nagasamy Venkatesh*1, N. Ramesh1, S. Karthick1, K. Mohammed Fakrudeen1, B. Uthayakumar1, R.M. Valliappan1, S. Vinu Deepak1, Biplab Debnath1, M. K. Samanta1 and B. Suresh1
Optical Sensors Based on Whispering Gallery Modes in Fluorescent Microbeads: Response to Specific Interactions

Author(s): Michael Himmelhaus | Sivashankar Krishnamoorthy | Alexandre Francois
Traction, Trypsin, and Tensegrity

Author(s): Iva Marija Tolic-Nørrelykke | Ning Wang
Sodium alginate: the wonder polymer for controlled drug delivery

Author(s): Nikhil K Sachan,1* Seema Pushkar,1 Antesh Jha,2 A. Bhattcharya3
Induction by TNF-α of IL-6 and IL-8 in Cystic Fibrosis Bronchial IB3-1 Epithelial Cells Encapsulated in Alginate Microbeads

Author(s): Monica Borgatti | Stefania Mazzitelli | Giulia Breveglieri | Roberto Gambari | Claudio Nastruzzi
Toward Automatic Label-Free Whispering Gallery Modes Biodetection with a Quantum Dot-Coated Microsphere Population

Author(s): Charlebois M | Paquet A | Verret LS | Boissinot K | Boissinot M | Bergeron MG | Allen C
Biosensors and Bio-Bar Code Assays Based on Biofunctionalized Magnetic Microbeads

Author(s): Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault | Claude Martelet | Yann Chevolot | Jean-Pierre Cloarec
Application of Electrostatic Extrusion – Flavour Encapsulation and Controlled Release

Author(s): Verica Manojlovic | Nevenka Rajic | Jasna Djonlagic | Bojana Obradovic | Viktor Nedovic | Branko Bugarski
Enzyme Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay of Free hCGβ in Serum Based on Superparamagnetic Polymer Microbeads

Author(s): Xiaoying Guo | Yueping Guan | Bin Yang | Yongning Wang | Hualong Lan | Wentang Shi | Zhenghui Yang | Zuhong Lu
Analysis of Differentially Expressed Proteins in Self-Paired Sera of Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Responsive to Gefin

Author(s): Xuening YANG | Xuchao ZHANG | Jinji YANG | Yujuan HUANG | Ailin GUO | Jiaying LIN | Shejuan AN | Hongyan TANG | Shiliang CHEN | Ying HUANG | Yilong WU
Regulatory activity of azabisphosphonate-capped dendrimers on human CD4+ T cell proliferation enhances ex-vivo expansion of NK cells from PBMCs for immunotherapy

Author(s): Portevin Damien | Poupot Mary | Rolland Olivier | Turrin Cédric-Olivier | Fournié Jean-Jacques | Majoral Jean-Pierre | Caminade Anne-Marie | Poupot Remy
Natural polysaccharide hydrogel dexibuprofen microbeads for oral sustained drug delivery

Author(s): *.Manjanna K.M, 1Shivakumar.B , 2Pramod kumar T.M
Controlled release Theophylline loaded bouyant Sodium Alginate Microbeads for prolonged drug delivery to gastric Mucosa

Author(s): Pandey Manisha*, Gupta Ranjana, Rajpoot Ashok, Koshy Mamman Kymonil, Saraf A. Shubhini
Controlled swelling and degradation studies of alginate microbeads in dilute natrium-citrate solutions

Author(s): Mitrović Dragana D. | Stojkovska Jasmina J. | Obradović Bojana M.
Immobilized cell technology in beer brewing: Current experience and results

Author(s): Leskošek-Čukalov Ida J. | Nedović Viktor A.
Preparation and characterization of Cefadroxil loaded alginate microbeads

Author(s): Sowjanya Battu, R. Indira Prasanna, Narayana Swamy, C. Madhusudhana Chetty, K. Gnanaprakash | K. Jyothshna Devi | M. Purushothaman
Liver sinusoidal endothelial cells represents an important blood clearance system in pigs

Author(s): Nedredal Geir | Elvevold Kjetil | Ytrebø Lars | Olsen Randi | Revhaug Arthur | Smedsrød Bård
Gene expression analysis on small numbers of invasive cells collected by chemotaxis from primary mammary tumors of the mouse

Author(s): Wang Weigang | Wyckoff Jeffrey | Wang Yarong | Bottinger Erwin | Segall Jeffrey | Condeelis John
Antigen-sensitized CD4+CD62Llow memory/effector T helper 2 cells can induce airway hyperresponsiveness in an antigen free setting

Author(s): Nakagome Kazuyuki | Dohi Makoto | Okunishi Katsuhide | To Yasuo | Sato Atsushi | Komagata Yoshinori | Nagatani Katsuya | Tanaka Ryoichi | Yamamoto Kazuhiko
Role of transmembrane tyrosin kinases in dexamethasone induced enhanced phagocytosis of apoptotic cells

Author(s): Endre Károly Kristóf | Gábor Zahuczky | László Fésüs
Fluorescence-Based Multiplex Protein Detection Using Optically Encoded Microbeads

Author(s): Bong-Hyun Jun | Homan Kang | Yoon-Sik Lee | Dae Hong Jeong
Chitosan Sub-micron Particles Prepared Using Sulfate Ion Salt as Bacteriostatic Materials in Neutral pH Condition

Author(s): Kanako Saita | Shoji Nagaoka | Maki Horikawa | Tomohiro Shirosaki | Shigeki Matsuda | Hirotaka Ihara
Preparation and Capacitive Behavior of Dandelion-Like γ-MnO2 Nanofibre/Activated Carbon Microbeads Composite for the Application of Supercapacitor

Author(s): Li Bai | Xianyou Wang | Xingyan Wang | Xiaoyan Zhang | Wanmei Long | Hong Wang | Jiaojiao Li

Author(s): * K.M MANJANNA. 1 B. SHIVAKUMAR. 2 ASHOK. M. RAICHUR, 3 T.M. Pramod Kumar
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