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Modeling of Photoinduced Deformation in Silicon Microcantilever

Author(s): Yu-Lin Guo | Jia Zhou | Yiping Huang | MinHang Bao
Magnetostrictive Microcantilever as an Advanced Transducer for Biosensors

Author(s): Liling Fustero | Suiqiong Li | Kewei Zhang | I-Hsuan Chen | Valery. A. Petrenko | Zhongyang Cheng
Effect of Electrical Contact on the Contact Residual Stress of a Microrelay Switch

Author(s): Yung-Chuan Chen | Hsun-Heng Tsai | Wei-Hua Lu | Li-Wen Chen
Study of the origin of bending induced by bimetallic effect on microcantilever

Author(s): Daniel Ramos | Johann Mertens | Montserrat Calleja | Javier Tamayo
Measurement of the Mass and Rigidity of Adsorbates on a Microcantilever Sensor

Author(s): Daniel Ramos | Montserrat Calleja | Johann Mertens | A. Zaballos | Javier Tamayo
Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Cantilever Shaped Materials

Author(s): Eric Finot | Ali Passian | Thomas Thundat
NO2 Detection Using Microcantilever Based Potentiometry

Author(s): Muhammad Qazi | Goutam Koley
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos of Microcantilever-Based TM-AFMs with Squeeze Film Damping Effects

Author(s): Wen-Ming Zhang | Guang Meng | Jian-Bin Zhou | Jie-Yu Chen
Sensing Mercury for Biomedical and Environmental Monitoring

Author(s): Paul D. Selid | Hanying Xu | E. Michael Collins | Marla Striped Face-Collins | Julia Xiaojun Zhao
Sensor to detect endothelialization on an active coronary stent

Author(s): Musick Katherine | Coffey Arthur | Irazoqui Pedro
A Rapid Method to Regenerate Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensors (PEMS)

Author(s): LiNa Loo | Wei Wu | Wan Y. Shih | Wei-Heng Shih | Hossein Borghaei | Kambiz Pourrezaei | Gregory P. Adams
Fabrication of SiO2-based microcantilevers by anisotropic chemical etching of (100) single crystal Si

The Microcantilever: A Versatile Tool for Measuring the Rheological Properties of Complex Fluids

Author(s): I. Dufour | A. Maali | Y. Amarouchene | C. Ayela | B. Caillard | A. Darwiche | M. Guirardel | H. Kellay | E. Lemaire | F. Mathieu | C. Pellet | D. Saya | M. Youssry | L. Nicu | A. Colin
Electrostatic Excitation for the Force Amplification of Microcantilever Sensors

Author(s): Ali Shokuhfar | Payam Heydari | Salman Ebrahimi-Nejad
Microstructure cantilever beam for current measurement

Author(s): H.A.B. Mustafa | M.T.E. Khan
Measurement of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Concentrations Using a Piezoelectric Microcantilever as a Mass Sensor

Author(s): Sangkyu Lee | Jongyun Cho | Yeolho Lee | Sangmin Jeon | Hyung Joon Cha | Wonkyu Moon
Fibre Optic Readout of Microcantilever Arrays for Fast Microorganism Growth Detection

Author(s): N. Maloney | G. Lukacs | N. Nugaeva | W. Grange | J. P. Ramseyer | J. Jensen | M. Hegner
Quantitative, Label-Free Detection of the Aggregation of α-Synuclein Using Microcantilever Arrays Operated in a Liquid Environment

Author(s): Jason Jensen | Margherita Farina | Giampaolo Zuccheri | Wilfried Grange | Martin Hegner
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