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The 9p21 susceptibility locus for coronary artery disease and the severity of coronary atherosclerosis

Author(s): Chen Suet | Ballantyne Christie | Gotto Antonio | Marian Ali
The Genome Reverse Compiler: an explorative annotation tool

Author(s): Warren Andrew | Setubal João
Constraint-based analysis of metabolic capacity of Salmonella typhimurium during host-pathogen interaction

Author(s): Raghunathan Anu | Reed Jennifer | Shin Sookil | Palsson Bernhard | Daefler Simon
Transposon-mediated BAC transgenesis in zebrafish and mice

Author(s): Suster Maximiliano | Sumiyama Kenta | Kawakami Koichi
Mouse Homologue of the Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene ZNF804A as a Target of Hoxc8

Author(s): Hyun Joo Chung | Ji-Yeon Lee | Custer C. Deocaris | Hyehyun Min | Sang Hoon Kim | Myoung Hee Kim
Detection of a novel porcine parvovirus, PPV4, in chinese swine herds

Author(s): Huang Lv | Zhai Shao-Lun | Cheung Andrew | Zhang Hong-Biao | Long Jin-Xue | Yuan Shi-Shan
htSNPer1.0: software for haplotype block partition and htSNPs selection

Author(s): Ding Keyue | Zhang Jing | Zhou Kaixin | Shen Yan | Zhang Xuegong
Cloning-free regulated monitoring of reporter and gene expression

Author(s): al-Haj Latifa | Al-Ahmadi Wijdan | Al-Saif Maher | Demirkaya Omer | Khabar Khalid
Transcribed-ultra conserved region expression profiling from low-input total RNA

Author(s): Scaruffi Paola | Stigliani Sara | Coco Simona | Valdora Franscesca | De Vecchi Carla | Bonassi Stefano | Tonini Gian
Influence of 5 major Salmonella pathogenicity islands on NK cell depletion in mice infected with Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis

Author(s): Karasova Daniela | Sebkova Alena | Havlickova Hana | Sisak Frantisek | Volf Jiri | Faldyna Martin | Ondrackova Petra | Kummer Vladimir | Rychlik Ivan
Pedigree with frontotemporal lobar degeneration – motor neuron disease and Tar DNA binding protein-43 positive neuropathology: genetic linkage to chromosome 9

Author(s): Luty Agnes | Kwok John | Thompson Elizabeth | Blumbergs Peter | Brooks William | Loy Clement | Dobson-Stone Carol | Panegyres Peter | Hecker Jane | Nicholson Garth | Halliday Glenda | Schofield Peter
Gene expression changes linked to antimicrobial resistance, oxidative stress, iron depletion and retained motility are observed when Burkholderia cenocepacia grows in cystic fibrosis sputum

Author(s): Drevinek Pavel | Holden Matthew | Ge Zhaoping | Jones Andrew | Ketchell Ian | Gill Ryan | Mahenthiralingam Eshwar
A novel cloning strategy for isolating, genotyping and phenotyping genetic variants of geminiviruses

Author(s): Urbino Cica | Thébaud Gael | Granier Martine | Blanc Stéphane | Peterschmitt Michel
Plasmodium vivax: who cares?

Author(s): Galinski Mary | Barnwell John
Matching curated genome databases: a non trivial task

Author(s): Descorps-Declère Stéphane | Barba Matthieu | Labedan Bernard
Iterative reconstruction of a global metabolic model of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 using high-throughput growth phenotype and gene essentiality data

Author(s): Durot Maxime | Le Fèvre François | de Berardinis Véronique | Kreimeyer Annett | Vallenet David | Combe Cyril | Smidtas Serge | Salanoubat Marcel | Weissenbach Jean | Schachter Vincent
Purification and partial genome characterization of the bacterial endosymbiont Blattabacterium cuenoti from the fat bodies of cockroaches

Author(s): Tokuda Gaku | Lo Nathan | Takase Aya | Yamada Akinori | Hayashi Yoshinobu | Watanabe Hirofumi
Macronuclear genome structure of the ciliate Nyctotherus ovalis: Single-gene chromosomes and tiny introns

Author(s): Ricard Guénola | de Graaf Rob | Dutilh Bas | Duarte I | van Alen Theo | van Hoek Angela | Boxma Brigitte | van der Staay Georg | Moon-van der Staay Seung | Chang Wei-Jen | Landweber Laura | Hackstein Johannes | Huynen Martijn
Inversion-based genomic signatures

Author(s): Swenson Krister | Moret Bernard
Functional Classification of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks

Author(s): Oliver Ebenhöh | Thomas Handorf
Ultraspecific probes for high throughput HLA typing

Author(s): Feng Chen | Putonti Catherine | Zhang Meizhuo | Eggers Rick | Mitra Rahul | Hogan Mike | Jayaraman Krishna | Fofanov Yuriy
Whole genome amplification and real-time PCR in forensic casework

Author(s): Giardina Emiliano | Pietrangeli Ilenia | Martone Claudia | Zampatti Stefania | Marsala Patrizio | Gabriele Luciano | Ricci Omero | Solla Gianluca | Asili Paola | Arcudi Giovanni | Spinella Aldo | Novelli Giuseppe
Properties and use of novel replication-competent vectors based on Semliki Forest virus

Author(s): Rausalu Kai | Iofik Anna | Ülper Liane | Karo-Astover Liis | Lulla Valeria | Merits Andres
RNAslider: a faster engine for consecutive windows folding and its application to the analysis of genomic folding asymmetry

Author(s): Horesh Yair | Wexler Ydo | Lebenthal Ilana | Ziv-Ukelson Michal | Unger Ron
Assessing the contribution of breeds to genetic diversity in conservation schemes

Author(s): Eding Herwin | Crooijmans Richard | Groenen Martien | Meuwissen Theo
Identification of ColR binding consensus and prediction of regulon of ColRS two-component system

Author(s): Kivistik Paula | Kivi Rait | Kivisaar Maia | Hõrak Rita
Synergistic effect of imp/ostA and msbA in hydrophobic drug resistance of Helicobacter pylori

Author(s): Chiu Hung-Chuan | Lin Tzu-Lung | Yang Jyh-Chin | Wang Jin-Town
A gene expression profile for detection of sufficient tumour cells in breast tumour tissue: microarray diagnosis eligibility

Author(s): Roepman Paul | Schuurman Arenda | Delahaye Leonie | Witteveen Anke | Floore Arno | Glas Annuska
Efficient oligonucleotide probe selection for pan-genomic tiling arrays

Author(s): Phillippy Adam | Deng Xiangyu | Zhang Wei | Salzberg Steven
Otitis media: a genome-wide linkage scan with evidence of susceptibility loci within the 17q12 and 10q22.3 regions

Author(s): Casselbrant Margaretha | Mandel Ellen | Jung Jeesun | Ferrell Robert | Tekely Kathleen | Szatkiewicz Jin | Ray Amrita | Weeks Daniel
Alternative paths in HIV-1 targeted human signal transduction pathways

Author(s): Balakrishnan Sivaraman | Tastan Oznur | Carbonell Jaime | Klein-Seetharaman Judith
Single nucleotide polymorphisms for assessing genetic diversity in castor bean (Ricinus communis)

Author(s): Foster Jeffrey | Allan Gerard | Chan Agnes | Rabinowicz Pablo | Ravel Jacques | Jackson Paul | Keim Paul
Towards a genome-scale kinetic model of cellular metabolism

Author(s): Smallbone Kieran | Simeonidis Evangelos | Swainston Neil | Mendes Pedro
Compilation of a panel of informative single nucleotide polymorphisms for bovine identification in the Northern Irish cattle population

Author(s): Allen Adrian | Taylor Malcolm | McKeown Brian | Curry April | Lavery John | Mitchell Andy | Hartshorne David | Fries Rüdi | Skuce Robin
Suffix-Sorting via Shannon-Fano-Elias Codes

Author(s): Donald Adjeroh | Fei Nan
Genotype networks in metabolic reaction spaces

Author(s): Samal Areejit | Matias Rodrigues João | Jost Jürgen | Martin Olivier | Wagner Andreas
Gene duplication and fragmentation in the zebra finch major histocompatibility complex

Author(s): Balakrishnan Christopher | Ekblom Robert | Völker Martin | Westerdahl Helena | Godinez Ricardo | Kotkiewicz Holly | Burt David | Graves Tina | Griffin Darren | Warren Wesley | Edwards Scott
Identical repeated backbone of the human genome

Author(s): Zepeda-Mendoza Cinthya | Lemus Tzitziki | Yáñez Omar | García Delfino | Valle-García David | Meza-Sosa Karla | Gutiérrez-Arcelus María | Márquez-Ortiz Yamile | Domínguez-Vidaña Rocío | Gonzaga-Jauregui Claudia | Flores Margarita | Palacios Rafael
eHive: An Artificial Intelligence workflow system for genomic analysis

Author(s): Severin Jessica | Beal Kathryn | Vilella Albert | Fitzgerald Stephen | Schuster Michael | Gordon Leo | Ureta-Vidal Abel | Flicek Paul | Herrero Javier
Haplotyping and copy number estimation of the highly polymorphic human beta-defensin locus on 8p23 by 454 amplicon sequencing

Author(s): Taudien Stefan | Groth Marco | Huse Klaus | Petzold Andreas | Szafranski Karol | Hampe Jochen | Rosenstiel Philip | Schreiber Stefan | Platzer Matthias
Pediatric primary intramedullary spinal cord glioblastoma

Author(s): Robert Lober | Suash J Sharma | Beverly Bell | Alan Free | Ramon Figueroa | Chris W. Sheils | Mark Lee | John Cowell
A versatile palindromic amphipathic repeat coding sequence horizontally distributed among diverse bacterial and eucaryotic microbes

Author(s): Röske Kerstin | Foecking Mark | Yooseph Shibu | Glass John | Calcutt Michael | Wise Kim
Characteristics of linkage disequilibrium in North American Holsteins

Author(s): Bohmanova Jarmila | Sargolzaei Mehdi | Schenkel Flavio
Genome profiling of ERBB2-amplified breast cancers

Author(s): Sircoulomb Fabrice | Bekhouche Ismahane | Finetti Pascal | Adélaïde José | Hamida Azza | Bonansea Julien | Raynaud Stéphane | Innocenti Charlène | Charafe-Jauffret Emmanuelle | Tarpin Carole | Ayed Farhat | Viens Patrice | Jacquemier Jocelyne | Bertucci François | Birnbaum Daniel | Chaffanet Max
Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

Author(s): Fang Guang-Chen | Blackmon Barbara | Henry David | Staton Margaret | Saski Christopher | Hodges Scott | Tomkins Jeff | Luo Hong
Blueprint for a minimal photoautotrophic cell: conserved and variable genes in Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942

Author(s): Delaye Luis | González-Domenech Carmen | Garcillán-Barcia María | Peretó Juli | de la Cruz Fernando | Moya Andrés
Specific patterns of gene space organisation revealed in wheat by using the combination of barley and wheat genomic resources

Author(s): Rustenholz Camille | Hedley Pete | Morris Jenny | Choulet Frédéric | Feuillet Catherine | Waugh Robbie | Paux Etienne
LTC: a novel algorithm to improve the efficiency of contig assembly for physical mapping in complex genomes

Author(s): Frenkel Zeev | Paux Etienne | Mester David | Feuillet Catherine | Korol Abraham
The heme sensing response regulator HssR in Staphylococcus aureus but not the homologous RR23 in Listeria monocytogenes modulates susceptibility to the antimicrobial peptide plectasin

Author(s): Thomsen Line | Gottlieb Caroline | Gottschalk Sanne | Wodskou Tim | Kristensen Hans-Henrik | Gram Lone | Ingmer Hanne
UPS 2.0: unique probe selector for probe design and oligonucleotide microarrays at the pangenomic/ genomic level

Author(s): Chen Shu-Hwa | Lo Chen-Zen | Su Sheng-Yao | Kuo Bao-Han | Hsiung Chao | Lin Chung-Yen
Global Transcriptomic Profiling Using Small Volumes of Whole Blood: A Cost-Effective Method for Translational Genomic Biomarker Identification in Small Animals

Author(s): Meagan M. Fricano | Amy C. Ditewig | Paul M. Jung | Michael J. Liguori | Eric A. G. Blomme | Yi Yang
Housekeeping genes essential for pantothenate biosynthesis are plasmid-encoded in Rhizobium etli and Rhizobium leguminosarum

Author(s): Villaseñor Tomás | Brom Susana | Dávalos Araceli | Lozano Luis | Romero David | los Santos Alejandro
Evolution combined with genomic study elucidates genetic bases of isobutanol tolerance in Escherichia coli

Author(s): Minty Jeremy | Lesnefsky Ann | Lin Fengming | Chen Yu | Zaroff Ted | Veloso Artur | Xie Bin | McConnell Catie | Ward Rebecca | Schwartz Donald | Rouillard Jean-Marie | Gao Yuan | Gulari Erdogan | Lin Xiaoxia
The dChip survival analysis module for microarray data

Author(s): Amin Samir | Shah Parantu | Yan Aimin | Adamia Sophia | Minvielle Stéphane | Avet-Loiseau Hervé | Munshi Nikhil | Li Cheng
Sympatric Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Venezuela have structured var gene repertoires

Author(s): Tami Adriana | Ord Rosalynn | Targett Geoffrey | Sutherland Colin
PSSM-based prediction of DNA binding sites in proteins

Author(s): Ahmad Shandar | Sarai Akinori
Principles of MicroRNA-Target Recognition

Author(s): Brennecke Julius | Stark Alexander | Russell Robert B | Cohen Stephen M
Plant viral intergenic DNA sequence repeats with transcription enhancing activity

Author(s): Velten Jeff | Morey Kevin | Cazzonelli Christopher
arrayCGHbase: an analysis platform for comparative genomic hybridization microarrays

Author(s): Menten Björn | Pattyn Filip | De Preter Katleen | Robbrecht Piet | Michels Evi | Buysse Karen | Mortier Geert | De Paepe Anne | van Vooren Steven | Vermeesch Joris | Moreau Yves | De Moor Bart | Vermeulen Stefan | Speleman Frank | Vandesompele Jo
Modeling Lactococcus lactis using a genome-scale flux model

Author(s): Oliveira Ana | Nielsen Jens | Förster Jochen
AVATAR: A database for genome-wide alternative splicing event detection through analysis of large scale ESTs and mRNAs

Author(s): Chin-Feng Chen | Hwan-You Chang | Yaw-Lin Lin | Yin-Te Tsai | Hui-Ling Peng | Ying Tsong Chen | Chia Yang Cheng | Min Yao Shih | Chia-Hung Liu | Chin-Feng Chen
A rapid and versatile combined DNA/RNA extraction protocol and its application to the analysis of a novel DNA marker set polymorphic between Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes Col-0 and Landsberg erecta

Author(s): Berendzen Kenneth | Searle Iain | Ravenscroft Dean | Koncz Csaba | Batschauer Alfred | Coupland George | Somssich Imre | Ülker Bekir
Mathematical design of prokaryotic clone-based microarrays

Author(s): Pieterse Bart | Quirijns Elisabeth | Schuren Frank | van der Werf Mariët
The 3' region of Human Papillomavirus type 16 early mRNAs decrease expression

Author(s): Vinther Jeppe | Rosenstierne Maiken | Kristiansen Karen | Norrild Bodil
Targeted oligonucleotide-mediated microsatellite identification (TOMMI) from large-insert library clones

Author(s): Chen Kefei | Knorr Christoph | Bornemann-Kolatzki Kirsten | Ren Jun | Huang Lusheng | Rohrer Gary | Brenig Bertram
Life in Hot Carbon Monoxide: The Complete Genome Sequence of Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans Z-2901.

Author(s): Wu | Ren | Durkin | Daugherty | Brinkac | Dodson | Madupu | Sullivan | Kolonay | Nelson | Tallon | Jones | Ulrich | Gonzalez | Zhulin | Robb | Eisen
Highly sensitive real-time PCR for specific detection and quantification of Coxiella burnetii

Author(s): Klee Silke | Tyczka Judith | Ellerbrok Heinz | Franz Tatjana | Linke Sonja | Baljer Georg | Appel Bernd
Intrathecal long-term gene expression by self-complementary adeno-associated virus type 1 suitable for chronic pain studies in rats

Author(s): Storek Benjamin | Harder Nina | Banck Michaela | Wang Cheng | McCarty Douglas | Janssen William | Morrison John | Walsh Christopher | Beutler Andreas
The DtxR protein acting as dual transcriptional regulator directs a global regulatory network involved in iron metabolism of Corynebacterium glutamicum

Author(s): Brune Iris | Werner Hendrikje | Hüser Andrea | Kalinowski Jörn | Pühler Alfred | Tauch Andreas
MIMAS: an innovative tool for network-based high density oligonucleotide microarray data management and annotation

Author(s): Hermida Leandro | Schaad Olivier | Demougin Philippe | Descombes Patrick | Primig Michael
Spontaneous rescue from cystic fibrosis in a mouse model

Author(s): Charizopoulou Nikoletta | Wilke Martina | Dorsch Martina | Bot Alice | Jorna Huub | Jansen Silke | Stanke Frauke | Hedrich Hans | de Jonge Hugo | Tümmler Burkhard
Distinct molecular mechanisms underlying clinically relevant subtypes of breast cancer: gene expression analyses across three different platforms

Author(s): Sørlie Therese | Wang Yulei | Xiao Chunlin | Johnsen Hilde | Naume Bjørn | Samaha Raymond | Børresen-Dale Anne-Lise
Tempo and mode of early gene loss in endosymbiotic bacteria from insects

Author(s): Delmotte F | Rispe C | Schaber J | Silva FJ | Moya A
Coding limits on the number of transcription factors

Author(s): Itzkovitz Shalev | Tlusty Tsvi | Alon Uri
MultiSeq: unifying sequence and structure data for evolutionary analysis

Author(s): Roberts Elijah | Eargle John | Wright Dan | Luthey-Schulten Zaida
Towards the identification of essential genes using targeted genome sequencing and comparative analysis

Author(s): Gustafson Adam | Snitkin Evan | Parker Stephen | DeLisi Charles | Kasif Simon
The DNA-damage signature in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is associated with single-strand breaks in DNA

Author(s): Fry Rebecca | DeMott Michael | Cosgrove Joseph | Begley Thomas | Samson Leona | Dedon Peter
Core histone genes of Giardia intestinalis: genomic organization, promoter structure, and expression

Author(s): Yee Janet | Tang Anita | Lau Wei-Ling | Ritter Heather | Delport Dewald | Page Melissa | Adam Rodney | Müller Miklós | Wu Gang
Selection of DDX5 as a novel internal control for Q-RT-PCR from microarray data using a block bootstrap re-sampling scheme

Author(s): Su Li-Jen | Chang Ching-Wei | Wu Yu-Chung | Chen Kuang-Chi | Lin Chien-Ju | Liang Shu-Ching | Lin Chi-Hung | Whang-Peng Jacqueline | Hsu Shih-Lan | Chen Chen-Hsin | Huang Chi-Ying
Biochemical characterization of a recombinant Japanese encephalitis virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Author(s): Kim Yeon-Gu | Yoo Ji-Seung | Kim Jung-Hee | Kim Chan-Mi | Oh Jong-Won
Trichostatin A effects on gene expression in the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica

Author(s): Ehrenkaufer Gretchen | Eichinger Daniel | Singh Upinder
Complete sequence and organization of Antheraea pernyi nucleopolyhedrovirus, a dr-rich baculovirus

Author(s): Nie Zuo-Ming | Zhang Zhi-Fang | Wang Dan | He Ping-An | Jiang Cai-Ying | Song Li | Chen Fang | Xu Jie | Yang Ling | Yu Lin-Lin | Chen Jian | Lv Zheng-Bing | Lu Jing-Jing | Wu Xiang-Fu | Zhang Yao-Zhou
Global comparative analysis of ESTs from the southern cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

Author(s): Wang Minghua | Guerrero Felix | Pertea Geo | Nene Vishvanath
The complement of protein kinases of the microsporidium Encephalitozoon cuniculi in relation to those of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Author(s): Miranda-Saavedra Diego | Stark Michael | Packer Jeremy | Vivares Christian | Doerig Christian | Barton Geoffrey
Comparative mapping of Brassica juncea and Arabidopsis thaliana using Intron Polymorphism (IP) markers: homoeologous relationships, diversification and evolution of the A, B and C Brassica genomes

Author(s): Panjabi Priya | Jagannath Arun | Bisht Naveen | Padmaja K Lakshmi | Sharma Sarita | Gupta Vibha | Pradhan Akshay | Pental Deepak
Supervised Lowess normalization of comparative genome hybridization data – application to lactococcal strain comparisons

Author(s): van Hijum Sacha | Baerends Richard | Zomer Aldert | Karsens Harma | Martin-Requena Victoria | Trelles Oswaldo | Kok Jan | Kuipers Oscar
Multidimensional scaling for large genomic data sets

Author(s): Tzeng Jengnan | Lu Henry | Li Wen-Hsiung
A two-genome microarray for the rice pathogens Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and X. oryzae pv. oryzicola and its use in the discovery of a difference in their regulation of hrp genes

Author(s): Seo Young-Su | Sriariyanun Malinee | Wang Li | Pfeiff Janice | Phetsom Jirapa | Lin Ye | Jung Ki-Hong | Chou Hui Hsien | Bogdanove Adam | Ronald Pamela
Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium (SGSC): A Strategic Roadmap for Sequencing The Pig Genome

Author(s): Lawrence B. Schook | Jonathan E. Beever | Jane Rogers | Sean Humphray | Alan Archibald | Patrick Chardon | Denis Milan | Gary Rohrer | Kellye Eversole
Proteome Analysis of the Plasma Membrane of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Author(s): Sudhir Sinha | Shalini Arora | K. Kosalai | Abdelkader Namane | Alex S. Pym | Stewart T. Cole
Stability of a Long Noncoding Viral RNA Depends on a 9-nt Core Element at the RNA 5' End to Interact with Viral ORF57 and Cellular PABPC1

Author(s): Maria J. Massimelli, Jeong-Gu Kang, Vladimir Majerciak, Shu-Yun Le, David J. Liewehr, Seth M. Steinberg, Zhi-Ming Zheng
CloVR: A virtual machine for automated and portable sequence analysis from the desktop using cloud computing

Author(s): Angiuoli Samuel | Matalka Malcolm | Gussman Aaron | Galens Kevin | Vangala Mahesh | Riley David | Arze Cesar | White James | White Owen | Fricke W Florian
The Aspergillus niger multicopper oxidase family: analysis and overexpression of laccase-like encoding genes

Author(s): Tamayo Ramos Juan | Barends Sharief | Verhaert Raymond | de Graaff Leo
De novo sequence assembly of Albugo candida reveals a small genome relative to other biotrophic oomycetes

Author(s): Links Matthew | Holub Eric | Jiang Rays | Sharpe Andrew | Hegedus Dwayne | Beynon Elena | Sillito Dean | Clarke Wayne | Uzuhashi Shihomi | Borhan Mohammad
Intravesicle Isothermal DNA Replication

Author(s): Torino Domenica | Del Bianco Cristina | Ross Lindsey | Ong Jennifer | Mansy Sheref
Effects of in ovo electroporation on endogenous gene expression: genome-wide analysis

Author(s): Farley Emma | Gale Emily | Chambers David | Li Meng
Genome-wide linkage study of atopic dermatitis in West Highland White Terriers

Author(s): Salzmann Cary | Olivry Thierry | Nielsen Dahlia | Paps Judith | Harris Tonya | Olby Natasha
ArrayInitiative - a tool that simplifies creating custom Affymetrix CDFs

Author(s): Overall Christopher | Carr D Andrew | Tabari Ehsan | Thompson Kevin | Weller Jennifer
Minimal regulatory spaces in yeast genomes

Author(s): Chen Wei-Hua | Wei Wu | Lercher Martin
Functional Classification of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks

Author(s): Ebenhöh Oliver | Handorf Thomas
Transcriptomics and molecular evolutionary rate analysis of the bladderwort (Utricularia), a carnivorous plant with a minimal genome

Author(s): Ibarra-Laclette Enrique | Albert Victor | Pérez-Torres Claudia | Zamudio-Hernández Flor | Ortega-Estrada María de | Herrera-Estrella Alfredo | Herrera-Estrella Luis
Robustness of genome-wide scanning using archived dried blood spot samples as a DNA source

Author(s): Hollegaard Mads | Grove Jakob | Grauholm Jonas | Kreiner-Møller Eskil | Bønnelykke Klaus | Nørgaard Mette | Benfield Thomas | Nørgaard-Pedersen Bent | Mortensen Preben | Mors Ole | Sørensen Henrik | Harboe Zitta | Børglum Anders | Demontis Ditte | Ørntoft Torben | Bisgaard Hans | Hougaard David
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