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Anterior plagiocephaly with contralateral superior oblique overaction

Author(s): Jethani Jitendra | Dagar Abhishek | Vijayalakshmi P | Sundaresh K
Efficacy and hypnotic effects of melatonin in shift-work nurses: double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial

Author(s): Sadeghniiat-Haghighi Khosro | Aminian Omid | Pouryaghoub Gholamreza | Yazdi Zohreh
Bit Error Rate Due to Misalignment of Earth Station Antenna Pointing to Satellite

Author(s): Wahyu Pamungkas | Anggun Fitrian Isnawati
Pneumatic splints : fabrication and use in neurorehabilitation.

Author(s): Taly A | Nair K | Murali T | Wankade M
Alineación de Superficies 3D desde Datos Dispersos mediante Técnicas Evolutivas Paralelas.

Author(s): Germán Sánchez | John William Branch | Alejandro Maldonado
A case of Goldenhar-Gorlin syndrome with unusual association of hypoplastic thumb

Author(s): Das Amitava | Ray Biswarup | Das Debabrata | Das Somnath
Correction of misaligned slices in multi-slice cardiovascular magnetic resonance using slice-to-volume registration

Author(s): Chandler Adam | Pinder Richard | Netsch Thomas | Schnabel Julia | Hawkes David | Hill Derek | Razavi Reza
New Insights into the RLS Algorithm

Author(s): Tomas Gänsler | Jacob Benesty
Diagnostic Application of Flexible Cystoscope in Pelvic Fracture Urethral Distraction Defects

Author(s): Seyed Jalil Hosseini | Ali Kaviani | Mohammad Jabbari | Mojtaba Mohammad Hosseini | Amir Haji-Mohammadmehdi-Arbab | Navid Reza Simaei
Length variation in HIV-1 gp120 as the product of DNA misalignment mechanism

Author(s): Guglietta Silvia | Pantaleo Giuseppe | Graziosi Cecilia

Author(s): Tiberiu LAURIAN | Andrei TUDOR | Costel MAFTEI | Doru TURCAN | Gabriel KRAFT
Radiation exposure from diagnostic radiography: an assessment of X-ray beam collimation practice in some Nigerian Hospitals

Author(s): Mr. Mark C. Okeji MSc | Mrs. Angel Mary Anakwue MSc | Dr. Kenneth Agwuna MBBS FWCR
Sleep and Metabolism: An Overview

Author(s): Sunil Sharma | Mani Kavuru
Exchange Rates and Export Growth in Asian Economies

Author(s): Saadiah Mohamad | Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Evaluation of Residual Stresses using Ring Core Method

Author(s): Václavík J. | Weinberg O. | Bohdan P. | Jankovec J. | Holý S.
A New Tissue Resonator Indenter Device and Reliability Study

Author(s): Ming Jia | Jean W. Zu | Alireza Hariri
Toward E-Knowledge Based Complaint Management

Author(s): Samiha Mjahed | Abdelfatteh Triki
Sutureless vitrectomy

Author(s): Warrier Sunil | Jain Rajeev | Gilhotra Jagjit | Newland Henry
Rotors fault detection using vibration methods

Author(s): Andrzej GRZADZIELA
A Variable Step-Size Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm for Identification of Sparse Impulse Response

Author(s): Ligang Liu | Masahiro Fukumoto | Sachio Saiki | Shiyong Zhang
Distributed Shared Memory Consistency Object-based Model

Author(s): Abdelfatah A. Yahya | Rana M.I. Bader
Heat loss optimisation in CNC motors

Author(s): R.A. Mahdavinejad
The association of spinal osteoarthritis with lumbar lordosis

Author(s): Papadakis Michael | Papadokostakis Georgios | Kampanis Nikos | Sapkas Georgios | Papadakis Stamatios | Katonis Pavlos
Exchange Rates and Export Competitiveness in Selected ASEAN Economies

Author(s): Saadiah Mohamad | Mahendhiran Nair | Kamaruzaman, Jusoff
Augmented Reality for Art, Design and Cultural Heritage—System Design and Evaluation

Author(s): Jurjen Caarls | Pieter Jonker | Yolande Kolstee | Joachim Rotteveel | Wim van Eck
Flow tilt angles near forest edges – Part 1: Sonic anemometry

Author(s): E. Dellwik | J. Mann | K. S. Larsen
Flow tilt angles near forest edges – Part 2: Lidar anemometry

Author(s): E. Dellwik | J. Mann | F. Bingöl
Influencia del alineamiento en frío. Análisis y métodos de corrección.

Author(s): Y. M. Abreu-Rivero | F. de la Torre Silva
Laser welding of tailored blanks

Author(s): Peças, P. | Gouveia, H. | Quintino, L. | Rasmussen, M. | Olsen, F. O.
Wheel Attitude Cancellation Thruster Torque of LEO Microsatellite during Orbital Maintenance

Author(s): A.M. Si Mohammed | M. Benyettou | S. Chouraqui | Y. Hashida | M.N. Sweeting
Vibration Condition Monitoring Techniques for Fault Diagnosis of Electromotor with 1.5 Kw Power

Author(s): H. Mohamadi Monavar | H. Ahmadi | S.S. Mohtasebi | S. Hasani
Is Malnutrition Associated with Crowding in Permanent Dentition?

Author(s): Erika B. A. F. Thomaz | Maria Cristina T. Cangussu | Antônio Augusto M. da Silva | Ana Marlúcia O. Assis
Myocardial deletion of Smad4 using a novel α skeletal muscle actin Cre recombinase transgenic mouse causes misalignment of the cardiac outflow tract

Author(s): Mohamad Azhar, Pei-Yu Wang, Tony Frugier, Kyoko Koishi, Chuxia Deng, Peter G. Noakes, Ian S. McLennan
Characterization of the mechanical behavior of ultrafinegrained metals using digital image correlation

Author(s): Hokka M. | Seidt J. | Matrka T. | Gilat A. | Kuokkala V.T. | Kokkonen J. | Müller S.
Goniometer Crosstalk Compensation for Knee Joint Applications

Author(s): Tatiana de Oliveira Sato | Gert-Åke Hansson | Helenice Jane Cote Gil Coury
Reassessing the Curriculum-Competency Alignment in MBA Programs

Author(s): Kunal Kamal Kumar | Kamal Kishore Jain
Influence of weeks of circadian misalignment on leptin levels

Author(s): June Nguyen | Kenneth P Wright Jr
Vibration Monitoring of a Rotor System using RMS Accelerations (m/s2)

Author(s): Sunil Pandey, | Prof. B. C. Nakra
Misalignment between perceptions and actual global burden of disease: evidence from the US population

Author(s): Karen R. Siegel | Andrea B. Feigl | Sandeep P. Kishore | David Stuckler
Accuracy of modelling and identification of malfunctions in rotor systems: experimental results

Author(s): Bachschmid Nicolò | Pennacchi Paolo | Tanzi Ezio | Vania Andrea
Improvement of alignment accuracy utilizing sequentially conserved motifs

Author(s): Chakrabarti Saikat | Bhardwaj Nitin | Anand Prem | Sowdhamini Ramanathan
Evaluation of body position of competitive and recreational cyclists

Author(s): Elisandro de Assis Martins | Frederico Dagnese | Julio Francisco Kleinpaul | Felipe Pivetta Carpes | Carlos Bolli Mota
Circadian rhythm dysfunction in glaucoma: A hypothesis

Author(s): Jean-Louis Girardin | Zizi Ferdinand | Lazzaro Douglas | Wolintz Arthur
The Influence of Torsion on Transmission Function Asymetric Twin Core Fibre

Author(s): Daniel Kacik | Ivan Turek | Ivan Martincek
The Influence of Torsion on Transmission Function Asymetric Twin Core Fibre

Author(s): Daniel Kacik | Ivan Turek | Ivan Martincek
Large scale characterization of the stellar velocity distribution in the galactic disk

Author(s): Roca-Fàbrega S. | Valenzuela O. | Figueras F. | Romero-Gómez M. | Antoja T.
Vibration analysis of parallel misaligned shaft with ball bearing system

Author(s): Vaggeeram Hariharan | PSS.Srinivasan
Generalized PIC Detector for Distributed STBC under Quasi-Synchronization

Author(s): Ammar M. Abu-Hudrouss | Mohammed Taha O. El Astal
Condition Monitoring Program: A Need to Improve Performance of Manchineries

Author(s): P. S. Thakare | C. J. Choudhari | C. C. Handa
Efficient Image Stitching in the Presence of Dynamic Objects and Structure Misalignment

Author(s): Chao Tao | Hanqiu Sun | Changcai Yang | Jinwen Tian
Cug2 is essential for normal mitotic control and CNS development in zebrafish

Author(s): Kim Hyun-Taek | So Ju-Hoon | Jung Seung-Hyun | Ahn Dae-Gwon | Koh Wansoo | Kim Nam-Soon | Kim Soo-Hyun | Lee Soojin | Kim Cheol-Hee
Augmented Reality for Art, Design and Cultural Heritage—System Design and Evaluation

Author(s): Caarls Jurjen | Jonker Pieter | Kolstee Yolande | Rotteveel Joachim | van Eck Wim
Relationship between daylength and suicide in Finland

Author(s): Hiltunen Laura | Suominen Kirsi | Lönnqvist Jouko | Partonen Timo
New Insights into the RLS Algorithm

Author(s): Benesty Jacob | Gänsler Tomas
An integrated workflow for robust alignment and simplified quantitative analysis of NMR spectrometry data

Author(s): Vu Trung | Valkenborg Dirk | Smets Koen | Verwaest Kim | Dommisse Roger | Lemière Filip | Verschoren Alain | Goethals Bart | Laukens Kris
Installation errors in calculating large-panel buildings (rus)

Author(s): Vatin N.I. | Kuznetsov V.D. | Nedviga E.S.
Assessment of the influence of PET and CT data misalignment errors in cardiac PET/CT Examination: Patient and phantom studies

Author(s): Pardis Ghafarian | Seyed Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri | Mohammad Reza Ay | Armaghan Fard Esfahani | Habib Zaidi
Initial Alignment for SINS based on Low-cost IMU

Author(s): Jiong Yi | Lei Zhang | Rong Shu | Jianyu Wang
Vibration Monitoring of Crusher in Coal Handling Plant of Dr NTTPS

Author(s): G Venu Padmavathi | G DIWAKAR | Dr..M R S Satyanarayana
Spatial and temporal patterns of malaria incidence in Mozambique

Author(s): Zacarias Orlando | Andersson Mikael
Apoptosis Resistance in Endometriosis

Author(s): Ali Salmassi | Bengi Acar-Perk | Andreas-G Schmutzler | Kerstin Koch | Frank Püngel | Walter Jonat | Liselotte Mettler
Bridging the gap between basic science and clinical practice: a role for community clinicians

Author(s): Kahn Katherine | Ryan Gery | Beckett Megan | Taylor Stephanie | Berrebi Claude | Cho Michelle | Quiter Elaine | Fremont Allen | Pincus Harold
Performance Improvement of the Tracking System of a Satellite Laser Communication

Author(s): Nourin Kadir | Ariq I. Aziz | Sarjana J. Chowdhury | Samiha Shamma | Mohammed Tarique
Effects of Exchange Rate Regimes on FDI Inflows in Ghana

Author(s): Philip Asiamah Nyarko | Edward Nketiah-Amponsah | Charles Barnor
Vibration Monitoring of Rotating Systems

Author(s): K. N. EDE | E. A. OGBONNAYA | M. T. LILLY | S. O. T. OGAJI | S. D. PROBERT
Point-symmetry and the double planetary nebula kjpn 8

Author(s): J. A. Lu00F3pez | L. F. Rodru00EDguez | G. Garcu00EDa Segura | J. Meaburn | J. Franco | R. Vu00E1zquez | W. Steffen | L. F. Miranda | M. Bryce

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