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Path Selection Technique for Highly Transmission Ratio and Reliable Routing in Manet

Author(s): H. Sh. Jassim | S. Yussof | S.K. Tiong | K.H. Chong | S.P. Koh

Author(s): Rajendra Singh Kushwah | Anand Swaroop Saxena
Agent based Bandwidth Reservation Routing Technique in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Vishnu Kumar Sharma, | Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria
QoS through Power Control in MANETs using AODV Protocol

Author(s): Dr D Srinivas Rao | Jooby Ann Thomas | Sake Pothalaiah
Optimizing the Power Utilization of Road Side Units in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Dr. R. Manoharan | T Sivakumar | Dr. Thambidurai
A Survey on Black Hole Attacks on AODV Protocol in MANET

Author(s): Madhusudhananagakumar KS | G. Aghila
Intrusion Detection System for Ad hoc Mobile Networks

Author(s): Muhammad Nawaz Khan | Muhammad Ilyas Khatak | Muhammad Faisal
Routing based on Fuzzy Rule base System and KMeans Clustering in Ad Hoc Wireless Network

Author(s): P. S. Banerjee | J. Pal Choudhury | S. R. Bhadrachaudhuri
Performance Analysis of AODV under Black Hole Attack through Use of OPNET Simulator

Author(s): H. A. Esmail | M. R. Khalili Shoj | Hossein gharaee
Cell-Based Broadcasting Algorithms in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Author(s): Abderezak Touzene | Khaled Day | Bassel Arafeh | Nasser Alzeidi

Author(s): C.K Nagpal | Maninder Kaur | Shailender Gupta | Bharat Bhushan
A Dynamic Approach for Anomaly Detection in AODV


Author(s): Ashish Bagwari | Pankaj Joshi | Vikas Rathi | Vikram Singh Soni
Cooperative Reputation Index Based Selfish Node Detection and Prevention System for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): Muhammad Arsalan Paracha | Shiraz Ahmad | Adeel Akram | Muhammad Waqas Anwar
Formal Specifications of Trusted OLSR Protocol of Ad hoc Network in Z

Author(s): Amandeep Verma | Manpreet Singh Gujral
Effect of Quality Parameters in Efficient Routing Protocol –Grid FSR with Best QoS Constraints

Author(s): S. Nithya Rekha | Dr. C. Chandrasekar | R. Kaniezhil
A P2P Approach for Efficient Certificate Revocation in MANET

Author(s): Suresh Babu Tumula | K.R.R.Mohana Rao
Application Based Detection Technique for Secure Mobile Ad-hoc Network

Author(s): Kamini Maheshwar | Sapna Bagde | Deshraj Ahirwar
Time Stamp based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (TSBR)

Author(s): Muzzammil Hussain | Dr A Vinaya Babu | Dr A Sadanandam
Secured Approach to Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Rajdeep Singh | Vaishali Gupta

Author(s): B.Siva kumar | K.Tharani | S.venkatasen

Author(s): SK Dwivedi | NK Shukla | Sudhakar Pandey
User Profile Based Proportional Share Scheduling And Mac Protocol For Manets

Author(s): Hannah Monisha . J | Rhymend Uthariaraj .V
Trust Based Scheme for QoS Assurance in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Author(s): Sridhar Subramanian | Baskaran Ramachandran
Performance Improvment of TCP in Ad hoc Network

Author(s): Mr. Mohit Singh Tomar
An Overview of MANET: History, Challenges and Applications

Author(s): Mohit Kumar | Rashmi Mishra
Load Balancing in Integrated MANET, WLAN and Cellular Network

Author(s): Sulata Mitra | Arkadeep Goswami
New Proposed Classic Cluster Layer Architecture for Mobile Adhoc Network (cclam)

Author(s): Kuldeep Sharma | Nikhil Khandelwal | Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Secure And Reliable Routing In Mobile Adhoc Networks

Author(s): Rachid Haboub | Mohammed Ouzzif
Energy Efficient Management for mobile AD Hod Networks AD HOC NETWORKS

Author(s): Abhishek Agrawal | Rajendra Lambodari
Performance Analysis of Routing Protocol With Mobility Constraint

Author(s): Sangeeta Kurundkar | Sangeeta Joshi | L.M.Waghmare
A New Security Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): K. Sahadevaiah | Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D. | G. Narsimha
Simulation Study of Black Hole and Jellyfish attack on MANET Using NS3

Author(s): Nidhi Purohit | Richa Sinha | Hiteishi Diwanji
Impact of Node Density on Scalable Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Sanjeev Jain | Vinay Kumar | Sudarshan Tiwari
Performance of Routing Protocols in MANETs with Node Density and Mobility using Omni and Directional Antenna

Author(s): Vinay Kumar | Sanjeev Jain Motilal Nehru National | Sudarshan Tiwari
Proactive Secret Sharing Scheme for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s): Chauhan Gargi K | H. M. Diwanji
A Probabilistic Approach of Coverage prediction in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): Saleem.Sheik Aalam | Dr.T.Arull Doss Albert Victorie
A Real-Time Database QOS-Aware Service Selection Protocol for MANET

Author(s): Jihen Drira Rekik Leïla Baccouche | Henda Ben Ghezala
A Routing Algorithm based on Cellular Automata for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s): Azadeh Ghalavand | Ahmad khademzadeh | Arash Dana | Golnoosh Ghalavand
Bandwidth Estimation For Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET)

Author(s): Rabia Ali | Dr. Fareeha Zafar
Non DTN Geographic Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Ramin Karimi | Norafida Ithnin | Shukor Abd Razak | Sara Najafzadeh
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A detailed Survey of QoS Routing Protocols

Author(s): Sanjeev Gangwar | Krishan Kumar
Experimental Analysis of UDP Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Different Routing Protocols and varying payload

Author(s): Bikash Chandra Singh | Tapan Kumar Godder | Sipon Miah | H. M. Abdul Awal

Author(s): Akshai Aggarwal | Savita Gandhi | Nirbhay Chaubey
The Evolution of IDS Solutions in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks To Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Novarun Deb | Manali Chakraborty | Nabendu Chaki
Performance Evaluation of the LAR-1P Route Discovery Algorithm

Author(s): Hussein Al-Bahadili | Ali Maqousi
Hierarchial key management scheme in mobile ad hoc networks

Author(s): M.Poongodi | L.Manjula | S.Pradeepkumar
QoS enabled Cluster Based Routing Protocols in MANETs

Author(s): Narendar Reddy Mandhadi | Lakshmi Rajamani
A New MANET Wormhole Detection Algorithm Based on Traversal Time and Hop Count Analysis

Author(s): Jonny Karlsson | Laurence S. Dooley | Göran Pulkkis
Dynamic Agent Classification and Tracking Using an Ad Hoc Mobile Acoustic Sensor Network

Author(s): Friedlander David | Griffin Christopher | Jacobson Noah | Phoha Shashi | Brooks Richard R
A Cross-Layer Route Discovery Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Zhou Bosheng | Marshall Alan | Wu Jieyi | Lee Tsung-Han | Liu Jiakang
A New Strategy to Improve Proactive Route Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Abolhasan Mehran | Wysocki Tadeusz | Lipman Justin
Fiber over Wireless Chromatic Dispersion Compensation for a Better Quality of Service

Author(s): Guizani S | Razzak M | Hamam H | Bouslimani Y | Cheriti A
Quality of Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Li Wei | Guizani Mohsen | Kazakos Demetrios
Traffic Agents for Improving QoS in Mixed Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless LAN

Author(s): Yang Yang | Yuan Hai-Feng | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Yao Wen-Bing | Song Yong-Hua
ZSBT: A Novel Algorithm for Tracing DoS Attackers in MANETs

Author(s): Jin Xin | Zhang Yaoxue | Pan Yi | Zhou Yuezhi
Autonomous Power Control MAC Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Fan Zhengying | Li Jie
Integrating a Trust Framework with a Distributed Certificate Validation Scheme for MANETs

Author(s): Marias Giannis F | Papapanagiotou Konstantinos | Tsetsos Vassileios | Sekkas Odysseas | Georgiadis Panagiotis
Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Sadjadpour Hamid R | Ulman Robert | Swami Ananthram | Ephremides Anthony
An Analysis Framework for Mobility Metrics in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Xu Sanlin | Blackmore Kim L | Jones Haley M
HOP: Achieving Efficient Anonymity in MANETs by Combining HIP, OLSR, and Pseudonyms

Author(s): Campos Javier | Calafate CarlosT | Nácher Marga | Manzoni Pietro | Cano Juan-Carlos
A survey and taxonomy of distributed certificate authorities in mobile ad hoc networks

Author(s): Masdari Mohammad | Jabbehdari Sam | Ahmadi Mohammad | Hashemi Seyyed | Bagherzadeh Jamshid | Khadem-Zadeh Ahmad
A Family of Key Agreement Mechanisms for Mission Critical Communications for Secure Mobile Ad Hoc and Wireless Mesh Internetworking

Author(s): Askoxylakis IoannisG | Tryfonas Theo | May John | Siris Vasilios | Traganitis Apostolos
Efficient Public Key Certificate Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Caballero-Gil P | Hernández-Goya C
Mobility and Cooperation to Thwart Node Capture Attacks in MANETs

Author(s): Conti Mauro | Di Pietro Roberto | Mancini LuigiV | Mei Alessandro
Efficient Certification Path Discovery for MANET

Author(s): Kambourakis Georgios | Konstantinou Elisavet | Douma Anastasia | Anagnostopoulos Marios | Fotiadis Georgios
SPM: Source Privacy for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Ren Jian | Li Yun | Li Tongtong
LAMAN: Load Adaptable MAC for Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Realp Marc | Pérez-Neira Ana I
A Mobility-Aware Link Enhancement Mechanism for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Huang Chenn-Jung | Chuang Yi-Ta | Yang Dian-Xiu | Chen I-Fan | Chen You-Jia | Hu Kai-Wen
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