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Security Issues in Mobile Agents

Author(s): Priyanka Dadhich | Dr.Kamlesh Dutta | Prof. (Dr.) M.C.Govil
Detecting Scanners: Empirical Assessment on a 3G Network

Author(s): Vincenzo Falletta | Fabio Ricciato
Server Controlled Mobile Agent

Author(s): Mohd Haroon | Dr Mohd Husain | Manish Madhav Tripathi | Tameem Ahmad | Vandana Kumari
Priority Based Mobile Transaction Scheme Using Mobile Agents

Author(s): J.L. Walter Jeyakumar | R.S.Rajesh

SMA and Mobile Agents Actors for Distributed Testing

Author(s): Salma Azzouzi | Mohammed Benattou | My El Hassan Charaf | Jaafar Abouchabaka
Agent-Based Mobile Event Notification System

Author(s): Rania Fahim El-Gazzar | Osama Badawy | Mohamed Kholief
Use of mobile telemedicine for cervical cancer screening of HIV-positive women in Gaborone, Botswana

Author(s): Gormley Rachel | Quinley Kelly | Shih Ting | Szep Zsofia | Steiner Ann | Ramogola-Masire Doreen | Kovarik Carrie
RoboSmith: Wireless Networked Architecture for Multiagent Robotic System

Author(s): Dan Floroian | Doru Ursutiu | Laura Floroian | Florin Moldoveanu
A Performance Analysis of Chasing Intruders by Implementing Mobile Agents

Author(s): Omid Mahdi Ebadati E. | Harleen Kaur | M. Afshar Alam
An Alternate Approach to Resource Allocation Strategy Using Network Metrics in Grid

Author(s): C.Valliyammai | S.ThamaraiSelvi | R.Satheesh Kumar | E.Pradeep | Naveen.K
QAIDS: Quantitative and Agent based Intrusion Detection System

Author(s): Mojtaba Karami | Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani | Amir Hosein Fathi Navid | Yaeghoob Yavari
Design an evaluation of RoboCup humanoid goalie

Author(s): Juan F. García | Francisco J. Rodríguez | Camino Fernández | Vicente Matellán
Efficient Plane Detection in Multilevel Surface Maps

Author(s): Víctor Prieto-Marañón | Jorge Cabrera-Gámez | Antonio Carlos Domínguez-Brito | Daniel Hernández-Sosa | José Isern-González | Enrique Fernández-Perdomo
Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots with Automated Planning

Author(s): Ezequiel Antonio Quintero | Ángel García-Olaya | Daniel Borrajo | Fernando Fernández
Robust Behavior and Perception using Hierarchical State Machines: A Pallet Manipulation Experiment

Author(s): Ramón Cintas | Luis Jesús Manso | Luis Pinero | Pilar Bachiller | Pablo Bustos García de Castro
iFrimousse : Educational webportals augmented with mobile devices

Author(s): Florent Carlier | Valérie Renault
Modeling Self-Assembly Across Scales: The Unifying Perspective of Smart Minimal Particles

Author(s): Massimo Mastrangeli | Grégory Mermoud | Alcherio Martinoli
Multi-agent Architecture Model for Driving Mobile Manipulator Robots

Author(s): A. Hentout | B. Bouzouia | Z. Toukal
Policy based Decentralized Group key Security for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Author(s): Sugandha Singh | Navin Rajpal | Ashok Kale Sharma | Ritu Pahwa
A Dynamic Authentication Scheme for Mobile Transactions

Author(s): Sathish Babu B. | Pallapa Venkataram
Development & Validation of HPLC Method for Analysis of Some Antihypertensive Agents in their Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Author(s): Shalini pachauria | Sarvesh paliwal | Kona.S.Srinivas | Yogendra Singha | Varun Jain
Dynamic Multi-Layer Signature Based Intrusion Detection System Using Mobile Agents

Author(s): Mueen Uddin | Kamran Khowaja | Azizah Abdul Rehman
Innovation, Competition and Growth: Evolving Complexiting or Complex Evolution

Author(s): J. Stanley Metcalfe | Maria da Graça Derengowski Fonseca | Ronald Ramlogan
Remote Laboratory for Teaching Mobile Systems

Author(s): Adil SAYOUTI, Adil LEBBAT, Hicham MEDROMI, Fatima QRICHI ANIBA
Scaling Data Mining Algorithms to Large and Distributed Datasets

Author(s): Shashikumar G. Totad | Geeta R.B | Chennupati R Prasanna | N Krishna Santhosh | PVGD Prasad Reddy
New algorithm for packet routing in mobile ad-hoc networks

Author(s): Kojić Nenad S. | Zajeganović-Ivančić Marija B. | Reljin Irini S. | Reljin Branimir D.

Author(s): Collins N. Udanor | Thomas A. Nwodoh
The Efficient Ant Routing Protocol for MANET

Author(s): Srinivas Sethi | Siba K.Udgata

Author(s): KAILASH CHANDER | Dr. Dimple Juneja, | Dr. S.S Iyengar | Dr. SUPRATIK MUKHOPADHYAY
A Survey on Comparative Study of Mobile Agent Platforms

Author(s): Ritu Gupta, | Gaurav Kansal
Fault Tolerance Mobile Agent System Using Witness Agent in 2-Dimensional Mesh Network

Author(s): Ahmad Rostami | Hassan Rashidi | Majidreza Shams Zahraie
Mobile agent driven by aspect

Author(s): Youssef Hannad | Fabrice Mourlin
Mobile Agent PLM Architecture for extended enterprise

Author(s): Abdelhak Boulaalam | El Habib Nfaoui | Omar El Beqqali
Comparison of Localization Methods for a Robot Soccer Team

Author(s): Hatice Kose | Buluc Celik | H. Levent Akın
Formations of Robotic Swarm: An Artificial Force Based Approach

Author(s): Samitha W. Ekanayake | Pubudu N. Pathirana
Formations of Robotic Swarm: An Artificial Force Based Approach

Author(s): Samitha W. Ekanayake | and Pubudu N. Pathirana
A Reliable Protection Architecture for Mobile Agents in Open Network Systems

Author(s): Ibharalu Friday Thomas | Sofoluwe Adetokunbo Babatunde | Akinwale Adio Taofiki
A Survey of Agent Technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Dagdeviren Orhan | Korkmaz Ilker | Tekbacak Fatih | Erciyes Kayhan
FaultTolerant Adaptive Mobile Agent System using Dynamic Role based Access Control

Author(s): P.Marikkannu | J.J. Adri Jovin | T.Purusothaman
Mobile Agents in Intrusion Detection System: Review and Analysis

Author(s): Kamaruzaman Maskat | Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran | Mohammad Adib Khairuddin | Mohd Rizal Mohd Isa
Agent based Bandwidth Reservation Routing Technique in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Vishnu Kumar Sharma, | Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria

Multilevel Security for Integrated Financial Mobile Web Services using Federated ESB

Author(s): Dr. S. Britto R.Kumar | Dr. S. Albert Rabara
Security Agents: A Mobile Agent Based Trust Model for Cloud Computing

Author(s): Priyank Singh Hada | Ranjita Singh | Mukul Manmohan

Author(s): Prakash V. Rajguru | Dr. Sushant B. Deshmukh
Innovation, Competition and Growth: Evolving Complexiting or Complex Evolution

Author(s): J. Stanley Metcalfe | Maria da Graça Derengowski Fonseca | Ronald Ramlogan
Communication and migration of an embeddable mobile agent platform supporting runtime code mobility

Author(s): Mohamed BAHAJ, | Khaoula ADDAKIRI | Noreddine GHERABI
Coenzyme Q10 May be Effective in the Treatment of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Author(s): Mohammad Hashemi | Ali Bahari | Gholamreza Bahari Saeid Ghavami
ACBRAAM: A Content Based Routing Algorithm Using Ant Agents for MANETs

Author(s): Ramkumar K. R. | Sakthivel K. | Ravichandran C. S.
Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

Author(s): Alireza Mirzaei Nejad Kousari | Rahim Alizadeh | Ehsan Ghasemkhani
Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

Author(s): Alireza Mirzaei Nejad Kousari | Rahim Alizadeh | Ehsan Ghasemkhani
Wireless Networking

Author(s): Dhiraj Thote | Harsha Tembhekar | Nitin Chakole | Kalpana Pandey
Role of Agents in Distributed Network Management: A Review

Author(s): Atul Mishra | Ashok Kumar Sharma
A study for Issues of the Location ManagementIn Mobile Networks

Author(s): Sami M. Halawani | Dr. Ab Rahman bin Ahmad | M. Z. Khan
Intelligent Scheduling in Health Care Domain

Author(s): Srividya Bhat | Ravi S Malashetty | Nandini S Sidnal
Securing Mobile Agents in MANET against Attacks using Trust

Author(s): Chandreyee Chowdhury | Sarmistha Neogy
Reliable Battery-Aware Cooperative Multicasting for MBS WiMAX Traffic

Author(s): Sara Moftah Elrabiei | Moohamed Hadi Habaebi
Traffic Agents for Improving QoS in Mixed Infrastructure and Ad Hoc Modes Wireless LAN

Author(s): Yang Yang | Yuan Hai-Feng | Chen Hsiao-Hwa | Yao Wen-Bing | Song Yong-Hua
Performance of Various Mobile IP Protocols and Security Considerations

Author(s): K.V.Ramana Ph.D., Raghu.B.Korrapati Ph.D., K.S.S. Praveen Kumar & Bh.V. Naveen
Reliability Of Mobile Agents for Reliable Service Discovery Protocol in MANET

Author(s): Roshni Neogy | Chandreyee Chowdhury | Sarmistha Neogy
Development of Sm-153 Chitosan for Radiosynovectomy

Author(s): Ali Bahrami-Samani | Amir Reza Jalilian | Hassan Yousefnia | Mehdi Akhlaghi | Mohammad Mazidi | Mohammad Ghannadi-Maragheh
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Simon Fong | Sabah Mohammed
Advertisement Data Management and Application Design in WBCs

Author(s): Zhanlin Ji | Ivan Ganchev | Mairtin O’Droma
A Data Gathering Algorithm Based on Mobile Agent and Emergent Event-Driven in Cluster-Based WSN

Author(s): Lingyun Yuan | Xingchao Wang | Jianhou Gan | Yanfang Zhao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad M. Banat
Evaluation and Checkpointing of Fault Tolerant Mobile Agents Execution in Distributed Systems

Author(s): Hodjatollah Hamidi | Abbas Vafaei | Seyed Amirhassan Monadjemi
Efficient Implementation of Data Aggregation in WSNs by Mobile Agent Paradigm

Author(s): N.Sandhya rani | O. Srinivasa Rao | Dr MHM Krishna Prasad
MADSN: Mobile Agent Based Detection of Selfish Node in MANET

Author(s): Debdutta Barman Roy | Rituparna Chaki
Content Based Video Retrieval using Mobile Agent

Author(s): Sheenam Malhotra | Rajwinder Singh | Sangeeta Gupta | C. Rama Krishna
Agent based Congestion Control Performance in Mobile ad-hoc Network:A Survey paper

Author(s): Vishnu Kumar Sharma | Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria
Enhancement of QoS in Mobile Network through Channel Allocation using Software Agents

Author(s): Nitin Muchhal | Swapnil Jain | Yogesh Sharma
Neural Networks as Improving Tools for Agent Behavior

Author(s): Alketa Hyso | Betim Cico
Usability of Context-Aware Mobile Educational Game

Author(s): Chris Lu | Maiga Chang | Kinshuk | Echo Huang | Ching-Wen Chen
Low latency IP mobility management: protocol and analysis

Author(s): Liu Min | Guo Xiaobing | Zhou Anfu | Wang Shengling | Li Zhongcheng | Dutkiewicz Eryk
Detection of Routing Anomaly using IDS Architecture based on Agents and Clusters in MANETs

Author(s): D.Srinivasa Rao | T. Pandurang Vital | T.V.S. Sriram
Cognitive Agent Based Identification of Relevant Auctions in Mobile E-commerce

Author(s): Nandini S. Sidnal | Sunilkumar S. Manvi
An Efficient Agent-Based AODV Routing Protocol in MANET

Author(s): Preeti Bhati, | Rinki Chauhan, | R K Rathy, | Ritu Khurana
Distributed Sensor Network Based on RFID System for Localization of Multiple Mobile Agents

Author(s): Byoung-Suk Choi | Joon-Woo Lee | Ju-Jang Lee | Kyoung-Taik Park
Agent-Oriented Architecture for Ubiquitous Computing in Smart Hyperspace

Author(s): Yichao JIN | Ruchuan WANG | Haiping HUANG | Lijuan SUN
RISN: An Efficient Sensor Network Overlay with Support for Autonomous and Distributed Applications

Author(s): Evens Jean | Ingmar Rauschert | Robert T. Collins | Ali R. Hurson | Sahra Sedigh | Yu Jiao
A Secure Mobile Agent System against Tailgating Attacks

Author(s): P. Marikkannu | Adri Jovin | Purusothaman
Cohesive Token Passing Algorithm Utilizing Software Agents

Author(s): A. F. Abdulrazzak | Shamala Subramaniam
A Fault Tolerant Mobile Agent Information Retrieval System

Author(s): R. Punithavathi | K. Duraiswamy
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