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Numerical Modelling of the Special Light Source with Novel R-FEM Method

Author(s): Pavel Fiala | Eva Kroutilova | Tomas Kriz
Computer-Aided Diagnostics of Human Arterial System

Author(s): Klara Capova | Ivo Cap | Vladimir Blazek | Lydia Buckuliakova
Psychological Fluid Systems Modelling for Non-Invasive Investigation

Author(s): Klara Capova | Vladimir Blazek | Ivo Cap | Lydia Buckuliakova
Assimilation of IASI satellite CO fields into a global chemistry transport model for validation against aircraft measurements

Author(s): A. Klonecki | M. Pommier | C. Clerbaux | G. Ancellet | J.-P. Cammas | P.-F. Coheur | A. Cozic | G. S. Diskin | J. Hadji-Lazaro | D. A. Hauglustaine | D. Hurtmans | B. Khattatov | J.-F. Lamarque | K. S. Law | P. Nedelec | J.-D. Paris | J. R. Podolske | P. Prunet | H. Schlager | S. Szopa | S. Turquety
Simulation of the time-variable gravity field by means of coupled geophysical models

Author(s): Th. Gruber | J. L. Bamber | M. F. P. Bierkens | H. Dobslaw | M. Murböck | M. Thomas | L. P. H. van Beek | T. van Dam | L. L. A. Vermeersen | P. N. A. M. Visser
Pliocene Ice Sheet Modelling Intercomparison Project (PLISMIP) – experimental design

Author(s): A. M. Dolan | S. J. Koenig | D. J. Hill | A. M. Haywood | R. M. DeConto
Three-dimensional modelling of wave-induced current from the surf zone to the inner shelf

Author(s): H. Michaud | P. Marsaleix | Y. Leredde | C. Estournel | F. Bourrin | F. Lyard | C. Mayet | F. Ardhuin
Distinct responses of East Asian summer and winter monsoons to astronomical forcing

Author(s): Z. G. Shi | X. D. Liu | Y. B. Sun | Z. S. An | Z. Liu | J. Kutzbach
Spatial moments of catchment rainfall: rainfall spatial organisation, basin morphology, and flood response

Author(s): D. Zoccatelli | M. Borga | A. Viglione | G. B. Chirico | G. Blöschl
Potential and limitations of using soil mapping information to understand landscape hydrology

Author(s): F. Terribile | A. Coppola | G. Langella | M. Martina | A. Basile
Permafrost degradation risk zone assessment using simulation models

Author(s): R. P. Daanen | T. Ingeman-Nielsen | S. S. Marchenko | V. E. Romanovsky | N. Foged | M. Stendel | J. H. Christensen | K. Hornbech Svendsen
Stochastic Modeling of Rainfall in Peninsular Malaysia Using Bartlett Lewis Rectangular Pulses Models

Author(s): Ibrahim Suliman Hanaish | Kamarulzaman Ibrahim | Abdul Aziz Jemain
Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Its Applications

Author(s): Guan Heng Yeoh | Chaoqun Liu | Jiyuan Tu | Victoria Timchenko
Three-Dimensional Modelling and Simulation Theory of Field Effect Devices

Author(s): M. N. Doja | Moinuddin | Umesh Kumar

Author(s): Isizoh A. N. | Inyiama H. C. | Ezeagwu C. O. | Nwokoye A.O. C

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Akhilesh Kumar | Archana Kumari Sinha
Motion Control and Implementation for an AC Servomotor System

Author(s): L. Canan Dülger | Ali Kireçci
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Mouldability for Feedstocks Used in Powder Injection Moulding

Author(s): Çetin Karataş | Adnan Sözen | Erol Arcaklioglu | Sami Erguney
Real-Time Vocal Tract Modelling

Author(s): A. Benkrid | A. Benallal | K. Benkrid
Open-Source Software in Computational Research: A Case Study

Author(s): Madhava Syamlal | Thomas J. O'Brien | Sofiane Benyahia | Aytekin Gel | Sreekanth Pannala
Chaotic Behavior in a Switched Dynamical System

Author(s): Fatima El Guezar | Hassane Bouzahir
A New-Trend Model-Based to Solve the Peak Power Problems in OFDM Systems

Author(s): Ashraf A. Eltholth | Adel R. Mekhail | A. Elshirbini | M. I. Dessouki | A. I. Abdelfattah
Stability Analysis of Neural Networks-Based System Identification

Author(s): Talel Korkobi | Mohamed Djemel | Mohamed Chtourou
Hemodynamic Effect of Unequal Anterior Cerebral Artery Flow Rates on the Anterior Communicating Artery Bifurcation: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study

Author(s): Thomas Rau | Xing He | Prem Venugopal | Fernando Viñuela | Gary Duckwiler | Daniel J. Valentino
An Autonomic Nervous System Model Applied to the Analysis of Orthostatic Tests

Author(s): Virginie Le Rolle | Alfredo I. Hernández | Pierre-Yves Richard | Guy Carrault
Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Screws Used for Rigid Internal Fixation of Mandibular Fractures

Author(s): Naresh Chaudhary | Scott T. Lovald | Jon Wagner | Tariq Khraishi | Bret Baack
Dynamic Tracking of Lung Deformation during Breathing by Using Particle Method

Author(s): Subas Chhatkuli | Seiichi Koshizuka | Mitsuru Uesaka
Comparison of Two Models for Radiative Heat Transfer in High Temperature Thermal Plasmas

Author(s): Matthieu Melot | Jean-Yves Trépanier | Ricardo Camarero | Eddy Petro
Integrasi Produksi - Distribusi pada Supply Chain dengan Pendekatan Hybrid Analitik - Simulasi

Author(s): Annisa Kesy Garside | R. Hadi Wahyuono | Tiananda Widyarini

Author(s): Celso Augusto Guimarães Santos | Paula Karenina de Macedo Machado Freire | Richarde Marques Silva | Petley de Medeiros Arruda | Sudhanshu K. Mishra
In vitro and In silico studies on inhibitory effects of curcumin on multi drug resistance associated protein (MRP1) in retinoblastoma cells

Author(s): Seethalakshmi Sreenivasan | Sathyabaarathi Ravichandran | Umashankar Vetrivel* | Subramanian Krishnakumar
L'hydrologie, une partenaire de la géomorphopédologie pour une gestion transéchelle des grands enjeux environnementaux

Author(s): Degré, A. | Sohier, C. | Colard, F. | Kummert, N. | Bauwens, A. | Rauw, J. | Beckers, E.
A Model Based, Anatomy Dependent Method for Ultra-Fast Creation of Primary SPECT Projections

Author(s): Faraz Kalantari | Hossein Rajabi | Mohsen Saghari | Alireza Emami Ardekani
Simulasi Regulator Tekanan Untuk Kendaraan Berbahan Bakar Gas Dengan Program Fire

Author(s): Wiranto Arismunandar | Rachmat Kentardjo | Arief Hariyanto | Tulus Burhanuddin Sitorus
Numerical Modelling of the Special Light Source with Novel R-FEM Method

Author(s): Pavel Fiala | Eva Kroutilova | Tomas Kriz
Computer-Aided Diagnostics of Human Arterial System

Author(s): Klara Capova | Ivo Cap | Vladimir Blazek | Lydia Buckuliakova
Psychological Fluid Systems Modelling for Non-Invasive Investigation

Author(s): Klara Capova | Vladimir Blazek | Ivo Cap | Lydia Buckuliakova
Determination of Malfunctions in Gold Processing Tanks by RTD Modelling

Author(s): C.P.K. Dagadu | E.H.K. Akaho | K.A. Danso | H.A. Affum
Nucleation and growth of sulfate aerosol in coal-fired power plant plumes: sensitivity to background aerosol and meteorology

Author(s): R. G. Stevens | J. R. Pierce | C. A. Brock | M. K. Reed | J. H. Crawford | J. S. Holloway | T. B. Ryerson | L. G. Huey | J. B. Nowak
Modelling water provision as an ecosystem service in a large East African river basin

Author(s): B. Notter | H. Hurni | U. Wiesmann | K. C. Abbaspour
FEM modelling of magnetostrictive composite materials

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | A. Tomiczek | G. Dziatkiewicz
Interactive lakes in the Canadian Regional Climate Model, version 5: the role of lakes in the regional climate of North America

Author(s): Andrey Martynov | Laxmi Sushama | René Laprise | Katja Winger | Bernard Dugas
Atmospheric mercury dispersion modelling from two nearest hypothetical point sources

Author(s): Khandakar Md Habib Al Razi, Moritomi Hiroshi, Kambara Shinji
CFD Applications in Energy and Environment Sectors: Volume 1

Author(s): Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi and Hashim R. Abdol Hamid
CFD Modeling in Development of Renewable Energy Applications

Author(s): Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi

Author(s): Hicham Khebbache | Belkacem Sait | Fouad Yacef
Use of agricultural statistics to verify the interannual variability in land surface models: a case study over France with ISBA-A-gs

Author(s): J.-C. Calvet | S. Lafont | E. Cloppet | F. Souverain | V. Badeau | C. Le Bas
Effect of Pressure on the Fracture of Compacted Argillaceous Particles

Author(s): Hatem Ksibi | Said Abid | Mohamed Bouaziz
Gallium interstitial contributions to diffusion in gallium arsenide

Author(s): Joseph T. Schick | Caroline G. Morgan
Integrated methodological frameworks for modelling agent-based advanced supply chain planning systems: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Luis Antonio Santa-Eulalia | Georgina Halladjian | Sophie D'Amours | Jean-Marc Frayret
Mathematical modelling of tissue formation in chondrocyte filter cultures

Author(s): CJ Catt | W Schuurman | BG Sengers | PR van Weeren | WJA Dhert | CP Please | J Malda
Hydrologic Analysis of a Tropical Watershed Using KINEROS2

Author(s): Hadi Memarian | Siva K. Balasundram | Jamal Talib | Christopher Teh Boon Sung | Alias Mohd Sood | Karim C. Abbaspour | Ali Haghizadeh
Comparative Performance Analysis Of Different Radio Channel Modelling For Bluetooth Localization System

Author(s): Idigo Victor | Okezie C.C | Akpado Kenneth | Ohaneme C.O
Climatic and economic parameters of the grape-wine simulation model

Author(s): Károly Szenteleki | Diána Sidlovits | Csaba Horváth | László Martinovich | Attila Molnár
Ice formation and development in aged, wintertime cumulus over the UK : observations and modelling

Author(s): I. Crawford | K. N. Bower | T. W. Choularton | C. Dearden | J. Crosier | C. Westbrook | G. Capes | H. Coe | P. Connolly | J. R. Dorsey | M. W. Gallagher | P. Williams | J. Trembath | Z. Cui | A. Blyth
Improving Industrial Energy Quality by an Active Current Filter

Author(s): Reyes–Trujillo E | Rodríguez–Rivas J.J | Robles–García J.
Stability Study and Modelling of a Pilot Controlled Regulator

Author(s): El Golli Rami | Bezian Jean-Jacques | Grenouilleau Pascal | Menu François
RANS and LES Modeling of the GE10 Burner

Author(s): Valerio Battaglia | Roberto Modi | Vincent Moreu | Vladimir Zimont
Modelling of Streamflow of a Catchment in Kenya

Author(s): John P. O. Obiero | Mohammed A. Hassan | Lawrence O. M. Gumbe
Multi-Frontal Solver for Simulations of Linear Elasticity Coupled with Acoustics

Author(s): Maciej Paszyński | Tomasz Jurczyk | David Pardo
Tornado-like non-stationary vortices: experimental modelling under laboratory conditions

Author(s): Viktor N. Kopeitsev | Mikhael E. Romash | Aleksei Y. Varaksin
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