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Corticospinal interaction during isometric compensation for modulated forces with different frequencies

Author(s): Naranjo José | Wang Xi | Schulte-Mönting Jürgen | Huethe Frank | Maurer Christoph | Hepp-Reymond Marie-Claude | Kristeva Rumyana
Solving Harmonics Elimination Problem in Three-Phase Voltage controlled Inverter using Artificial Neural Networks

Simplified Frame and Symbol Synchronization for 4-CPFSK with h=0.25

Author(s): A. Prokes | K. Danek | M. Bobula
Transmission analysis of long-period fiber grating with trapezoid index modulation

Author(s): Guo-Dong Wang | Cai-Xia Liu | Dong-Ming Sun | Wen-Bin Guo | Wei-You Chen
Single and Multiple Phase Shifts Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings

Author(s): Andrea Cusano | Domenico Paladino | Agostino Iadicicco | Stefania Campopiano | Christophe Caucheteur
Solar cycle signatures in the NCEP equatorial annual oscillation

Author(s): H. G. Mayr | J. G. Mengel | F. T. Huang | E. R. Nash
Quantization-Based Digital Audio Watermarking in Discrete Fourier Transform Domain

Author(s): Senbin Yang | Wei Tan | Yanpu Chen | Wenjun Ma
Analytical Model for Overmodulation in EDFAs in the Presence of ASE

Author(s): Hossein Sariri | Fariborz Parandin | MohadMehdi Karkhanehchi
The GLAaS algorithm for portal dosimetry and quality assurance of RapidArc, an intensity modulated rotational therapy

Author(s): Nicolini Giorgia | Vanetti Eugenio | Clivio Alessandro | Fogliata Antonella | Korreman Stine | Bocanek Jiri | Cozzi Luca
Early intestinal Bacteroides fragilis colonisation and development of asthma

Author(s): Vael Carl | Nelen Vera | Verhulst Stijn | Goossens Herman | Desager Kristine
Changes in salivary physiological stress markers induced by muscle stretching in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Hamaguchi Toyohiro | Fukudo Shin | Kanazawa Motoyori | Tomiie Tadaaki | Shimizu Kunihiko | Oyama Mineo | Sakurai Kohji
Celecoxib accelerates functional recovery after sciatic nerve crush in the rat

Author(s): Cámara-Lemarroy Carlos | Guzmán-de la Garza Francisco | Barrera-Oranday Ernesto | Cabello-García Andrés | García-Tamez Armando | Fernández-Garza Nancy
Faster Heart Rates During Early Graded Exercise May Account for Shorter Exercise Time Duration in Women

Author(s): Anca Iliescu | R.D.C. S Beth Gulyasy | Angel L?pez-Candales
Low frequency of CD4+CD25+ Treg in SLE patients: a heritable trait associated with CTLA4 and TGFβ gene variants

Author(s): Barreto Marta | Ferreira Ricardo | Lourenço Lara | Moraes-Fontes Maria | Santos Eugénia | Alves Miguel | Carvalho Cláudia | Martins Berta | Andreia Rita | Viana João | Vasconcelos Carlos | Mota-Vieira Luísa | Ferreira Carlos | Demengeot Jocelyne | Vicente Astrid
Finasteride-its impact on sexual function and prostate cancer

Author(s): Anitha B | Inamadar Arun | Ragunatha S
Solar modulation during the Holocene

Author(s): F. Steinhilber | J. A. Abreu | J. Beer
RapidArc, intensity modulated photon and proton techniques for recurrent prostate cancer in previously irradiated patients: a treatment planning comparison study

Author(s): Weber Damien | Wang Hui | Cozzi Luca | Dipasquale Giovanna | Khan Haleem | Ratib Osman | Rouzaud Michel | Vees Hansjoerg | Zaidi Habib | Miralbell Raymond
Modulation of Apolipoprotein D levels in human pregnancy and association with gestational weight gain

Author(s): Do Carmo Sonia | Forest Jean-Claude | Giguère Yves | Masse André | Lafond Julie | Rassart Eric
Origins of the semiannual variation of geomagnetic activity in 1954 and 1996

Author(s): E. W. Cliver | L. Svalgaard | A. G. Ling
Long-term solar activity explored with wavelet methods

Author(s): H. Lundstedt | L. Liszka | R. Lundin | R. Muscheler
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sheikh Muhammad Sajid | Zabih Ghassemlooy
Implementation of Cascade Multilevel Inverter-based STATCOM

Author(s): Kumar Jagdish | Agarwal Pramod | Das Biswarup
Correlation Between Instrumental Hand Function and Activities of Daily Living in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Gupta AK | Yadav SL | Singh U | Wadhwa S | Kumar A | Borah D | Pandey RM
Photoreflectance study of Al0.45Ga0.55As/GaAs superlattice: optical transitions at the miniband Γ and Π points

Author(s): Marcin Motyka | Grzegorz Sek | Filip Janiak | Krzysztof Ryczko | Jan Misiewicz | Kamil Kosiel | Maciej Bugajski
Modulation of Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients by Vitamin C

Author(s): MJ Zibaee Nezhad | MH Eftekharian | K Aghasadeghi
Changes in the Biological Effects of Gamma Irradiation with Gibberellic Acid in M2 Generation of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Author(s): Muhammad R. Khan | Afsari S. Qureshi | Syed A. Hussain | Muhammad Ibrahim
The Role of GABAA Receptor Inhibitor on Morphine Antinociception Action in Cuneiformis Nucleus

Author(s): Mozaffar Rezvanipour | Abbas Haghparast | Hamid Millan
Effects of High Vegetables Consumption on Inflammatory and Immune Functions in Human Obesity

Author(s): Salwa M. El-Shebini | Salwa T. Tapozada | Laila M. Hanna | Lobna A. Ghattas | Hamed I. Mohamed
Modeling and Simulation of Flux-Optimized Induction Motor Drive

Author(s): Igried Dib Al-Khawaldeh | R. Al-Issa and H. Sarhan
Insulin resistance and circadian rhythm of cardiac autonomic modulation

Author(s): Rodríguez-Colón Sol | Li Xian | Shaffer Michele | He Fan | Bixler Edward | Vgontzas Alexandros | Cai Jianwen | Liao Duanping
Comparison of simple and complex liver intensity modulated radiotherapy

Author(s): Lee Mark | Purdie Thomas | Eccles Cynthia | Sharpe Michael | Dawson Laura
Whole abdomen radiation therapy in ovarian cancers: a comparison between fixed beam and volumetric arc based intensity modulation

Author(s): Mahantshetty Umesh | Jamema Swamidas | Engineer Reena | Deshpande Deepak | Sarin Rajiv | Fogliata Antonella | Nicolini Giorgia | Clivio Alessandro | Vanetti Eugenio | Shrivastava Shyamkishore | Cozzi Luca

Author(s): A. CHITRA, | T. MEENAKSHI, | J. ASHA
Sucrose ingestion causes opioid analgesia

Author(s): Segato F.N. | Castro-Souza C. | Segato E.N. | Morato S. | Coimbra N.C.
The modulation of simple reaction time by the spatial probability of a visual stimulus

Author(s): Carreiro L.R.R. | Haddad Jr. H. | Baldo M.V.C.
Cholinergic-opioidergic interaction in the central amygdala induces antinociception in the guinea pig

Author(s): Leite-Panissi C.R.A. | Brentegani M.R. | Menescal-de-Oliveira L.
Multimodal pressure-flow method to assess dynamics of cerebral autoregulation in stroke and hypertension

Author(s): Novak Vera | Yang Albert | Lepicovsky Lukas | Goldberger Ary | Lipsitz Lewis | Peng Chung-Kang
Role of the p53/p21 system in the response of human colon carcinoma cells to Doxorubicin

Author(s): Ravizza Raffaella | Gariboldi Marzia | Passarelli Laura | Monti Elena
Genotoxic and Cytotoxic Studies of Beta-Sitosterol and Pteropodine in Mouse

Author(s): Paniagua-Pérez R. | Madrigal-Bujaidar E. | Reyes-Cadena S. | Molina-Jasso D. | Gallaga J. Pérez | Silva-Miranda A. | Velazco O. | Hernández N. | Chamorro G.
Physiologic modulation of natural killer cell activity as an index of Alzheimer's disease progression

Author(s): Enzo Grasso | Francesco Chiappelli | Alberto Angeli | Andrea Dovio | Paola Perotti | Marisa Pautasso | Maria Luisa Sartori | Laura Saba | Stefano Mussino | Thomas Fraccalini | Fausto Fantó | Cristina Mocellini | Maria Gabriella Rosso | Enzo Grasso
Influence of IFN-gamma and its receptors in human breast cancer

Author(s): García-Tuñón Ignacio | Ricote Mónica | Ruiz A Antonio | Fraile Benito | Paniagua Ricardo | Royuela Mar
What is an acceptably smoothed fluence? Dosimetric and delivery considerations for dynamic sliding window IMRT

Author(s): Giorgia Nicolini | Antonella Fogliata | Eugenio Vanetti | Alessandro Clivio | Filippo Ammazzalorso | Luca Cozzi
Anonymous Fingerprinting with Robust QIM Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): J. P. Prins | Z. Erkin | R. L. Lagendijk
Treatment of chronic back pain by sensory discrimination training. A Phase I RCT of a novel device (FairMed) vs. TENS

Author(s): Barker Karen | Elliott Christopher | Sackley Catherine | Fairbank Jeremy
Principles and Limitations of Ultra-Wideband FM Communications Systems

Author(s): John F. M. Gerrits | Michiel H. L. Kouwenhoven | Paul R. van der Meer | John R. Farserotu | John R. Long
Application of spatially resolved thermoreflectance for the study of facet heating in high power semiconductor lasers

Author(s): Maciej Bugajski | Tomasz Ochalski | Tomasz Piwonski | Dorota Wawer
New Strategies to Develop Novel Pain Therapies: Addressing Thermoreceptors from Different Points of View

Author(s): Asia Fernández-Carvajal | Gregorio Fernández-Ballester | Isabel Devesa | José Manuel González-Ros | Antonio Ferrer-Montiel
LOLS Research in Technology for the Development and Application of New Fiber-Based Sensors

Author(s): João Coelho | Marta Nespereira | Catarina Silva | José Rebordão
A High Color Rendering Index on Multichip LED Light Source

Author(s): Ming-Lei Chiu | Luke K. Wang | Jen-Yu Shieh
Bioactive Fatty Acids Reduce Development of Gastric Cancer Following Duodenogastric Reflux in Rats

Author(s): Rolf Kristian Berge | Einar Svendsen | Asgaut Viste | Pavol Bohov | Bjørn Jostein Christensen | Kjetil Berge | Hege Wergedahl
Periodic Modulation of Nonlinearity in a Fiber Bragg Grating: A Numerical Investigation

Author(s): Jose Wally Mendonça Menezes | Antonio Sergio Bezerra Sombra | Apiano Ferreira de Morais Neto | Antonio Francisco Gomes Furtado Filho | José Rubens Rodrigues de Sousa
Periodic Modulation of Nonlinearity in a Fiber Bragg Grating: A Numerical Investigation

Author(s): Jose Wally Mendonça Menezes | Antonio Sergio Bezerra Sombra | Apiano Ferreira de Morais Neto | Antonio Francisco Gomes Furtado Filho | José Rubens Rodrigues de Sousa
Broadband Continuum Generation in Single-Mode Optical Fiber

Author(s): B. D. Maraña | J. F. Gabayno | W. O. Garcia
Clinical Effects of Piascledin in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis

Author(s): M Tavakoli | E Vaziri | M Mehdizadeh | J Yaghini
Insomnia Symptoms and Sleep Duration Are Associated with Impaired Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Children

Author(s): Sol M. Rodríguez-Colón | Fan He | Michele L. Shaffer | Xian Li | Alexandros N. Vgontzas | Edward O. Bixler | Rongling Wu | Duanping Liao
Anonymous Fingerprinting with Robust QIM Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): Prins JP | Erkin Z | Lagendijk RL
Principles and Limitations of Ultra-Wideband FM Communications Systems

Author(s): Gerrits John FM | Kouwenhoven Michiel HL | van der Meer Paul R | Farserotu John R | Long John R
Spatial Frequency Dependence of the Human Visual Cortex Response on Temporal Frequency Modulation Studied by fMRI

Author(s): A. Mirzajani | N. Riyahi-Alam | M.A. Oghabian | K. Firouznia | H. Saberi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Shiguo Lian | Zhu Li | Stefanos Gritzalis | Xi Chen
Oblivious Image Watermarking in Discrete Multiwavelet Domain using QIMM

Author(s): N. Leelavathy | E. V. Prasad | S. Srinivas Kumar | B. Chandra Mohan
Olive leaf extract modulates cold restraint stress-induced oxidative changes in rat liver

Arithmetic and Frequency Filtering Methods of Pixel-Based Image Fusion Techniques

Author(s): Firouz Abdullah Al-Wassai | N. V. Kalyankar | Ali A Al-Zuky
Research of the Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Grating as the Cavity Mirror in All-fiber Laser

Author(s): DU Liang | DAI Te-li | LIANG Yi-ping | YANG Wen-tao | WEI Jia-ju
Simulation and Analysis of Digital Video Watermarking Using MPEG-2

Author(s): Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, | Mr. Yunus Mohammed Pervej
Modulation Index Estimation of Frequency and Phase Modulated Signals

Author(s): Geng Peng | Derong Cai | Zhiqiang He | Zhitao Huang

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