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Monte Carlo Simulations

Author(s): Soisson F.
Impact of receptor clustering on ligand binding

Author(s): Caré Bertrand | Soula Hédi
The atmospheric chemistry box model CAABA/MECCA-3.0gmdd

Author(s): R. Sander | A. Baumgaertner | S. Gromov | H. Harder | P. Jöckel | A. Kerkweg | D. Kubistin | E. Regelin | H. Riede | A. Sandu | D. Taraborrelli | H. Tost | Z.-Q. Xie

Author(s): Florian Voss | Catherine Gloaguen | Volker Schmidt
Integrating field sampling, geostatistics and remote sensing to map wetland vegetation in the Pantanal, Brazil

Author(s): J. Arieira | D. Karssenberg | S. M. de Jong | E. A. Addink | E. G. Couto | C. Nunes da Cunha | J. O. Skøien
Improving catchment discharge predictions by inferring flow route contributions from a nested-scale monitoring and model setup

Author(s): Y. van der Velde | J. C. Rozemeijer | G. H. de Rooij | F. C. van Geer | P. J. J. F. Torfs | P. G. B. de Louw
Aerosol optical properties in the North China Plain during HaChi campaign: an in-situ optical closure study

Author(s): N. Ma | C. S. Zhao | A. Nowak | T. Müller | S. Pfeifer | Y. F. Cheng | Z. Z. Deng | P. F. Liu | W. Y. Xu | L. Ran | P. Yan | T. Göbel | E. Hallbauer | K. Mildenberger | S. Henning | J. Yu | L. L. Cheng | X. J. Zhou | F. Stratmann | A. Wiedensohler
Regionalisation for lake level simulation – the case of Lake Tana in the Upper Blue Nile, Ethiopia

Author(s): T. H. M. Rientjes | B. U. J. Perera | A. T. Haile | P. Reggiani | L. P. Muthuwatta
Carbon isotopes and lipid biomarker investigation of sources, transport and degradation of terrestrial organic matter in the Buor-Khaya Bay, SE Laptev Sea

Author(s): E. S. Karlsson | A. Charkin | O. Dudarev | I. Semiletov | J. E. Vonk | L. Sánchez-García | A. Andersson | Ö. Gustafsson
Two-Scale Simulation of Drop-Induced Failure of Polysilicon MEMS Sensors

Author(s): Stefano Mariani | Aldo Ghisi | Alberto Corigliano | Roberto Martini | Barbara Simoni

Author(s): Nicolae Suciu | Calin Vamos | Harry Vereecken | Peter Knabner
Modelling structure and properties of amorphous silicon boron nitride ceramics

Author(s): Johann Christian Schön | Alexander Hannemann | Guneet Sethi | Ilya Vladimirovich Pentin | Martin Jansen

Author(s): Abdelhakim Khlifi | Ridha Bouallegue
Beta-efficiency of a typical gas-flow ionization chamber using GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulations

Author(s): Hussain Abid | Mirza Sikander M. | Mirza Nasir M. | Siddique Muhammad T.
Comparisons of Methods of Estimation for the Half-Logistic Distribution

Author(s): A. Asgharzadeh | R. Rezaie | M. Abdi

Author(s): Per Bjarte Solibakke | Sjur Westgaard | Gudbrand Lien
Transiciones de fase topológicas en cristales líquidos

Author(s): R. Paredes | A.I. Fari as S nchez | B. Berche
QCD Phase Diagram with Imaginary Chemical Potential

Author(s): Nagata Keitaro | Nakamura Atsushi
Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Decay of Compound Nucleus

Author(s): Kawano T. | Talou P. | Chadwick M.B.
Monte Carlo Hauser-Feshbach Modeling of Prompt Fission Neutrons and Gamma Rays

Author(s): Talou Patrick | Becker Bjorn | Kawano Toshihiko | Danon Yaron
Thermal Neutron Capture onto the Stable Tungsten Isotopes

Author(s): Hurst A.M. | Firestone R.B. | Sleaford B.W. | Summers N.C. | Revay Zs. | Szentmiklósi L. | Belgya T. | Basunia M.S. | Capote R. | Choi H. | Dashdorj D. | Escher J. | Krticka M. | Nichols A.
Modeling spallation reactions in tungsten and uranium targets with the Geant4 toolkit*

Author(s): Malyshkin Yury | Pshenichnov Igor | Mishustin Igor | Greiner Walter
Seismic Response of Adjacent Structures Connected by Linear Viscous Dampers

Author(s): Pulido-Delgado J.L. | Rodríguez-Cuevas C. | Martín Duran-García H.
Lateral Entry Guidance for Lunar Return Vehicles

Author(s): zunshi shui | jun zhou | zhilei ge
Carbonic Gas Randomness Effect on Reinforced Concrete Carbonation

Author(s): Fattoum Kharchi | M’hammed Badaoui | Azhar Badaoui
Updating weighting matrices by Cross-Entropy

Author(s): Esteban Fernández Vázquez
Stereoscopic full aperture imaging in nuclear medicine

Author(s): Sergio G. Strocovsky | Dino Otero
Economic analysis of replacement regeneration and coppice regeneration in eucalyptus stands under risk conditions

Author(s): Isabel Carolina de Lima Guedes | Luiz Moreira Coelho Júnior | Antônio Donizette de Oliveira | José Márcio de Mello | José Luiz Pereira de Rezende | Charles Plínio de Castro Silva
Modeling the Market Risk in the Context of the Basel III Acord

Author(s): Nicolae DARDAC | Alina GRIGORE
Cost-effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring and intensive insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes

Author(s): McQueen R Brett | Ellis Samuel | Campbell Jonathan | Nair Kavita | Sullivan Patrick
On Bandwidth Efficient Modulation for High-Data-Rate Wireless LAN Systems

Author(s): Terry John D | Heiskala Juha | Stolpman Victor | Fozunbal Majid
Interference Mitigation for Coexistence of Heterogeneous Ultra-Wideband Systems

Author(s): Zhang Yongjing | Wu Haitao | Zhang Qian | Zhang Ping
Space-Time Water-Filling for Composite MIMO Fading Channels

Author(s): Shen Zukang | Heath Jr Robert W | Andrews Jeffrey G | Evans Brian L
Detection of clusters of a rare disease over a large territory: performance of cluster detection methods

Author(s): Goujon-Bellec Stéphanie | Demoury Claire | Guyot-Goubin Aurélie | Hémon Denis | Clavel Jacqueline
Monte Carlo Solutions for Blind Phase Noise Estimation

Author(s): Simoens Frederik | Duyck Dieter | Çırpan Hakan | Panayırcı Erdal | Moeneclaey Marc
OFDMA Cellular Networks with Opportunistic Two-Hop Relays

Author(s): Calcev George | Bonta Jeff
A Semianalytical PDF of Downlink SINR for Femtocell Networks

Author(s): Sung KiWon | Haas Harald | McLaughlin Stephen
Design of Packet-Based Block Codes with Shift Operators

Author(s): Al-Shaikhi Ali | Ilow Jacek
Joint Power Allocation for Multicast Systems with Physical-Layer Network Coding

Author(s): Li Chunguo | He Shiwen | Yang Luxi | Zhu Wei-Ping
A Fluid Model for Performance Analysis in Cellular Networks

Author(s): Kelif Jean-Marc | Coupechoux Marceau | Godlewski Philippe
Performance Analysis of Two-Hop OSTBC Transmission over Rayleigh Fading Channels

Author(s): Li Guangping | Blostein StevenD | Qin Jiayin
Direct Position Determination of Multiple Radio Signals

Author(s): Weiss Anthony J | Amar Alon
A New Position Location System Using DTV Transmitter Identification Watermark Signals

Author(s): Wang Xianbin | Wu Yiyan | Chouinard Jean-Yves
New Approaches for Channel Prediction Based on Sinusoidal Modeling

Author(s): Chen Ming | Ekman Torbjörn | Viberg Mats
Assessment of Network Layouts for CDMA Radio Access

Author(s): Itkonen Jarkko | Tuzson Balazs | Lempiäinen Jukka
Sensitivity of Multicarrier Two-Dimensional Spreading Schemes to Synchronization Errors

Author(s): Nasser Youssef | des Noes Mathieu | Ros Laurent | Jourdain Geneviève
CFAR Detection from Noncoherent Radar Echoes Using Bayesian Theory

Author(s): Yamaguchi Hiroyuki | Suganuma Wataru
Influence of the secondary electron emission on the characteristics of radio frequency plasmas

Author(s): Bojarov Aleksandar | Radmilović-Rađenović Marija | Savić Marija
A physically-based parsimonious hydrological model for flash floods in Mediterranean catchments

Author(s): H. Roux | D. Labat | P.-A. Garambois | M.-M. Maubourguet | J. Chorda | D. Dartus
Energy window setting for optimum Tl-201 heart imaging

Author(s): F. Kalantari | H.Rajabi | N.Yaghoobi | A.Bitarafan | K.E. Gorji | F.Rastgoo | H.Malek | S.H.Firoozabadi
"Platelet-based MPLE Algorithm for Denoising of SPECT Images: Phantom and Patient Study "

Author(s): Abbas Takavar | HR Ghiasi | Naghmeh Alibabaei | Nader Riyahi-Alam | Armaghan Fard-Esfahani | Mehdi Sohrabi | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi
Energy Window Setting for Optimum Tl-201 Cardiac Imaging

Author(s): Faraz Kalantari | Hossein Rajabi | Nahid Yaghoobi | Ahmad Bitarafan | Kourosh Ebrahim Nejad Gorji | Fereidoon Rastgoo | Hadi Malek | Seyed Hassan Firuzabadi
Reducing The Respiratory Motion Artifacts in PET Cardiology: A Simulation Study

Author(s): Kourosh Ebrahim Nejad Gorji | Hossein Rajabi | Ebrahim Hajizadeh | Faraz Kalantari | Hadi Taleshi
Which factors affect on Estimation of absorbed dose and effective dose?

Author(s): Keyhandokht Karimi Shahri | Hashem Miri Hakimabad | Lale Rafat Motavalli
Assessment of MIRD data for internal dosimetery using the GATE Monte Carlo code

Author(s): Ali Asghar Parach | Hossein Rajabi | Mohammad Ali Askari | Mohammad Ali Tajik-Mansoury
Comparison of GATE and MCNP Monte Carlo codes for internal dosimetery

Author(s): Ali Asghar Parach | Hossein Rajabi | Mohammad Ali Tajik-Mansoury | Hadi Taleshi Ahangari
Assessment effect of wavelet transform in precision of motion detection for renal dynamic scintigraphy: simulation study

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Tajik Mansoury | Hossein Rajabi | Ali Reza Emami-Ardakani | Ali Asghar Parach
Performance assessment and optimization of pixelated crystal gamma camera with small field of view: a Monte Carlo study

Author(s): Farzaneh Adibpour | Mohammad Reza Ay | Saeed Sarkar | George Loudos
Understanding Static Intercell Interference Coordination Mechanisms in LTE

Author(s): Ashley Mills | David Lister | Marina De Vos
Magnetocaloric effect in quantum spin-s chains

Author(s): A. Honecker | S. Wessel
Improved first order mean spherical approximation for simple fluids

Author(s): S. Hlushak | A. Trokhymchuk | I. Nezbeda
Estimation of baseflow parameters of variable infiltration capacity model with soil and topography properties for predictions in ungauged basins

Author(s): Z. Bao | J. Liu | J. Zhang | G. Fu | G. Wang | X. Yan | A. Zhang | Q. Xu | M. Shang
Scaling of peak flows with constant flow velocity in random self-similar networks

Author(s): R. Mantilla | V. K. Gupta | B. M. Troutman
Revision of the dosimetric parameters of the CSM11 LDR Cs-137 source

Author(s): Antonio Otal | Juan Manuel Martínez-Fernández | Domingo Granero
Carbon isotopes and lipid biomarker investigation of sources, transport and degradation of terrestrial organic matter in the Buor-Khaya Bay, SE Laptev Sea

Author(s): E. S. Karlsson | A. Charkin | O. Dudarev | I. Semiletov | J. E. Vonk | L. Sánchez-García | A. Andersson | Ö. Gustafsson
An Optimized Design of Single-Channel Beta-Gamma Coincidence Phoswich Detector by Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulations

Author(s): Weihua Zhang | Pawel Mekarski | Marc Bean | Jing Yi | Kurt Ungar
Channel Estimation using Adaptive Filtering for LTE-Advanced

Author(s): Saqib Saleem | Qamar-ul-Islam
Introduction to SamplerCompare

Author(s): Madeleine B. Thompson
A Study Using a Monte Carlo Method of the Optimal Configuration of a Distribution Network in Terms of Power Loss Sensing

Author(s): Hyun Ho Moon | Jong Joo Lee | Sang Yule Choi | Jae Sang Cha | Jang Mook Kang | Jong Tae Kim | Myong Chul Shin
PhyloSim - Monte Carlo simulation of sequence evolution in the R statistical computing environment

Author(s): Sipos Botond | Massingham Tim | Jordan Gregory | Goldman Nick
Voronoi distance based prospective space-time scans for point data sets: a dengue fever cluster analysis in a southeast Brazilian town

Author(s): Duczmal Luiz | Moreira Gladston | Burgarelli Denise | Takahashi Ricardo | Magalhães Flávia | Bodevan Emerson
A computational model of the hypothalamic - pituitary - gonadal axis in female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) exposed to 17α-ethynylestradiol and 17β-trenbolone

Author(s): Li Zhenhong | Kroll Kevin | Jensen Kathleen | Villeneuve Daniel | Ankley Gerald | Brian Jayne | Sepúlveda María | Orlando Edward | Lazorchak James | Kostich Mitchell | Armstrong Brandon | Denslow Nancy | Watanabe Karen
Impact of exposure measurement error in air pollution epidemiology: effect of error type in time-series studies

Author(s): Goldman Gretchen | Mulholland James | Russell Armistead | Strickland Matthew | Klein Mitchel | Waller Lance | Tolbert Paige
A Maximum Entropy Estimator for the Aggregate Hierarchical Logit Model

Author(s): Pedro Donoso | Louis De Grange | Felipe González
Effects of Individual Tree Detection Error Sources on Forest Management Planning Calculations

Author(s): Mikko Vastaranta | Markus Holopainen | Xiaowei Yu | Juha Hyyppä | Antti Mäkinen | Jussi Rasinmäki | Timo Melkas | Harri Kaartinen | Hannu Hyyppä
The atmospheric chemistry box model CAABA/MECCA-3.0

Author(s): R. Sander | A. Baumgaertner | S. Gromov | H. Harder | P. Jöckel | A. Kerkweg | D. Kubistin | E. Regelin | H. Riede | A. Sandu | D. Taraborrelli | H. Tost | Z.-Q. Xie
The cosmic ray energy spectrum in the range 1016–1018 eV measured by KASCADE-Grande

Author(s): M. Bertaina | W.D. Apel | J.C. Arteaga-Velázquez | K. Bekk | J. Blümer | H. Bozdog | I.M. Brancus | P. Buchholz | E. Cantoni | A. Chiavassa | F. Cossavella | K. Daumiller | V. de Souza | F. Di Pierro | P. Doll | R. Engel | J. Engler | M. Finger | D. Fuhrmann | P.L. Ghia | H.J. Gils | R. Glasstetter | C. Grupen | A. Haungs | D. Heck | J.R. Hörandel | T. Huege | P.G. Isar | K.-H. Kampert | D. Kang | D. Kickelbick | H.O. Klages | K. Link | P. Łuczak | M. Ludwig | H.J. Mathes | H.J. Mayer | M. Melissas | J. Milke | B. Mitrica | C. Morello | G. Navarra | S. Nehls | J. Oehlschläger | S. Ostapchenko | S. Over | N. Palmieri | M. Petcu | T. Pierog | H. Rebel | M. Roth | H. Schieler | F. Schröder | O. Sima | G. Toma | G.C. Trinchero | H. Ulrich | A. Weindl | J. Wochele | M. Wommer | J. Zabierowski
Better constraints on sources of carbonaceous aerosols using a combined 14C – macro tracer analysis in a European rural background site

Author(s): S. Gilardoni | E. Vignati | F. Cavalli | J. P. Putaud | B. R. Larsen | M. Karl | K. Stenström | J. Genberg | S. Henne | F. Dentener
A mobile detector for measurements of the atmospheric muon flux

Author(s): B. Mitrica | I. M. Brancus | R. Margineanu | M. Petcu | M. Dima | O. Sima | A. Haungs | H. Rebel | M. Petre | G. Toma | A. Saftoiu | A. Apostu
Contribution to the understanding effects of weak electrical phenomena

Author(s): Józef Mazurkiewicz | Piotr Tomasik
A Maximum Likelihood TOA Based Estimator For Localization in Heterogeneous Networks

Author(s): Mohamed LAARAIEDH | Stephane AVRILLON | Bernard UGUEN
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