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Impairment of Spatial Performance by Environmental Noise

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Gheraat | Nasser Naghdi | Bahram Jalaei | Pouneh Mokhtari | Farid Rezaei Moghadam | Elaheh Soleimannejad | Leila Eidi Abarghani
Comparison of Learning and Memory in Morphine Dependent Rats using Different Behavioral Models

Author(s): Fereshteh Motamedi | Mohssen Ghasemi | Farzaneh Ghiafeh Davoodi | Nasser Naghdi
Effect of Lead (Pb2+) Exposure in Female Pregnant Rats and Their Offspring on Spatial Learning and Memory in Morris Water Maze

Author(s): Maliheh Soodi | Nasser Naghdi | Mohammad Sharifzadeh | Seyed Nasser Ostad | Mohammad Abdollahi
Emotional reactivity and cognitive performance in aversively motivated tasks: a comparison between four rat strains

Author(s): van der Staay F Josef | Schuurman Teun | van Reenen Cornelis | Korte S Mechiel
Wild genius - domestic fool? Spatial learning abilities of wild and domestic guinea pigs

Author(s): Lewejohann Lars | Pickel Thorsten | Sachser Norbert | Kaiser Sylvia
The portacaval sham operation in rats affects acquisition but not memory of an active avoidance task.

Author(s): Laudino López | Marta Méndez | Magdalena Méndez-López | María Ángeles Aller | Jaime Arias | Fernando Díaz | Jorge L. Arias
Effects of caffeine on learning and memory in rats tested in the Morris water maze

Author(s): Angelucci M.E.M. | Cesário C. | Hiroi R.H. | Rosalen P.L. | Cunha C. Da
A link between the hippocampal and the striatal memory systems of the brain

Author(s): Rossato Janine I. | Zinn Carolina G. | Furini Cristiane | Bevilaqua Lia R.M. | Medina Jorge H. | Cammarota Martín | Izquierdo Iván
Age-related declines in a two-day reference memory task are associated with changes in NMDA receptor subunits in mice

Author(s): Magnusson Kathy | Scruggs Brandi | Zhao Xue | Hammersmark Rebecca
Inhibition of Hippocampal Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 and -9 Disrupts Spatial Memory

Author(s): John W. Wright | Travis E. Brown | Joseph W. Harding
Behavioural Enpoints of Adult Wistar Rats, Following Aluminium Chloride Exposure

Author(s): A.A. Buraimoh | S.A. Ojo | J.O. Hambolu | S.S. Adebisi
Differentiation of MDMA or 5-MeO-DIPT induced cognitive defcits in rat following adolescent exposure

Author(s): David M. Compton | Melissa C. Selinger | Eric Westman | Peter Otero
Beneficial Effects of Statins in Experimental Amnesia

Author(s): Atish Prakash | Nirmal Singh | Manjeet Singh
Phytoceramide Shows Neuroprotection and Ameliorates Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairment

Author(s): Jae-Chul Jung | Yeonju Lee | Sohyeon Moon | Jong Hoon Ryu | Seikwan Oh
Effects of training in the Morris water maze on the spatial learning acquisition and VAChT expression in male rats

Author(s): A Hosseini-Sharifabad | S Mohammadi-Eraghi | K Tabrizian | M Soodi | T Khorshidahmad | N Naghdi | M Abdollahi | C Beyer | A Roghani | M Sharifzadeh

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