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Cohesion and Hierarchy in Physically Abusive Families

Author(s): Clarissa De Antoni | Maycoln Leôni Martins-Teodoro | Silvia Helena-Koller
Marital Violence: Stating the Problems of Women Victims of oppression under a Gender View.

Author(s): Rebeca Nunes Guedes | Ana Tereza Medeiros Cavalcanti da Silva
Children with Down’s Syndrome: the meaning of the taking care in the perception of mothers’

Author(s): Eliane Rolim de Holanda | Neusa Collet | Solange Fátima Geraldo da Costa
Maternal position at birth and the newborn Apgar score: cross-sectional study

Author(s): Pablo de Queiroz Santos | Maria de Lourdes de Souza | Carlos Eduardo Andrade Pinheiro | Marcos Leite dos Santos | Marisa Monticelli | Carmen Simone Grilo Diniz

Author(s): Marcus Vinícius Rezende Fagundes Netto | Leandra Silva Duarte
A population-based study of effect of multiple birth on infant mortality in Nigeria

Author(s): Uthman Olalekan | Uthman Mubashir | Yahaya Ismail
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Children with Down’s Syndrome: the meaning of the taking care in the perception of mothers’

Author(s): Eliane Rolim de Holanda | Neusa Collet | Solange Fátima Geraldo da Costa
Correlates of susceptibility to smoking among Mexican origin youth residing in Houston, Texas: A cross-sectional analysis

Author(s): Wilkinson Anna | Waters Andrew | Vasudevan Vandita | Bondy Melissa | Prokhorov Alexander | Spitz Margaret
Marital Violence: Stating the Problems of Women Victims of oppression under a Gender View.

Author(s): Rebeca Nunes Guedes | Ana Tereza Medeiros Cavalcanti da Silva
Relationship between Delivery Type and Successful Breastfeeding

Author(s): Zia Islami | Razieh Fallah | Motahhareh Golestan | Ahmad Shajaree
Body weight dissatisfaction and communication with parents among adolescents in 24 countries: international cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Al Sabbah Haleama | Vereecken Carine | Elgar Frank | Nansel Tonja | Aasvee Katrin | Abdeen Ziad | Ojala Kristiina | Ahluwalia Namanjeet | Maes Lea
Mothers´ adaptation of children with cerebral paralysis – application of Roy´s model

Author(s): Kamilla de Mendonça Gondim | Zuila Maria de Figueiredo Carvalho | Maira Di Ciero Miranda
Risk factors for intrafamilial spread of hepatitis B in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Author(s): Salkic Nermin | Zerem Enver | Zildic Muharem | Ahmetagic Sead | Cickusic Elmir | Ljuca Farid
Malaria is associated with poor school performance in an endemic area of the Brazilian Amazon

Author(s): Vitor-Silva Sheila | Reyes-Lecca Roberto | Pinheiro Tamam | Lacerda Marcus

Tobacco use patterns in traditional and shared parenting families: a gender perspective

Author(s): Bottorff Joan | Kelly Mary | Oliffe John | Johnson Joy | Greaves Lorraine | Chan Anna
Associations between sport and screen-entertainment with mental health problems in 5-year-old children

Author(s): Griffiths Lucy | Dowda Marsha | Dezateux Carol | Pate Russell
"I'm the Momma": Using photo-elicitation to understand matrilineal influence on family food choice

Author(s): Johnson Cassandra | Sharkey Joseph | McIntosh Alex | Dean Wesley
Iron Deficiency and Anaemia in Rural School Children in a Coastal Area of Morocco

Author(s): Mohamed El Hioui | Ahmed Omar Touhami Ahami | Youssef Aboussaleh | Stephane Rusinek | Khalid Dik | Abdelkader Soualem
Breast-Feeding Behaviours of the Mothers

Author(s): Didem Onay | Mehmet Akman | Sengul Akdeniz | Ayse Kacaroglu Vicdan
Meaning for mothers to live with the loss of a child in an intensive care unit neonatal

Author(s): Bianca Santana Dutra, Monique Abreu Campolina, Hoberdan Oliveira Pereira, Thássia Fátima Fraga Arruda, Analúcia de Almeida Fernandes Lisboa, Júlio César Batista Santana
Puericulture: perception of mothers cared in the basic health unit of sobral, ceará, brazil

Author(s): Leia Maria Vasconcelos, Izabelle Mont´alverne Napoleão Albuquerque, Roberlandia Evangelista Lopes, Christiane Viana Oliveira, Neiva Francenely Cunha Viera, Fabiane do Amaral Gubert
Nursing diagnosis in breastfeeding by north american nursing diagnosis association

Author(s): Caroline Evelin Nascimento Kluczynik, João Batista de Sousa Neto
Antecedents of hospital admission for deliberate self-harm from a 14-year follow-up study using data-linkage

Author(s): Mitrou Francis | Gaudie Jennifer | Lawrence David | Silburn Sven | Stanley Fiona | Zubrick Stephen
The parenting attitudes and the stress of mothers predict the asthmatic severity of their children: a prospective study

Author(s): Nagano Jun | Kakuta Chikage | Motomura Chikako | Odajima Hiroshi | Sudo Nobuyuki | Nishima Sankei | Kubo Chiharu
Can i have a second child? dilemmas of mothers of children with pervasive developmental disorder: a qualitative study

Author(s): Kimura Miyako | Yamazaki Yoshihiko | Mochizuki Mieko | Omiya Tomoko
Family relationship and socio-economic context

Author(s): Tiago Carlos Zortea | Rosana Suemi Tokumaru
Women's Place in Finnish Proverbs from Childhood

Author(s): Liisa Granbom-Herranen
Partner relationship satisfaction and maternal emotional distress in early pregnancy

Author(s): Røsand Gun-Mette | Slinning Kari | Eberhard-Gran Malin | Røysamb Espen | Tambs Kristian
Self discipline and obesity in Bangkok school children

Author(s): Sirikulchayanonta Chutima | Ratanopas Wasoontara | Temcharoen Paradee | Srisorrachatr Suwat

Author(s): Gerardo Magela Ponte Júnior | Francisco Rosemiro Guimarães Ximenes Neto
Predictors of serum dioxin levels among adolescent boys in Chapaevsk, Russia: A cross-sectional pilot study

Author(s): Hauser Russ | Williams Paige | Altshul Larisa | Korrick Susan | Peeples Lynne | Patterson Donald | Turner Wayman | Lee Mary | Revich Boris | Sergeyev Oleg
Munchausen syndrome by proxy --- Zespół Munchausena w zastępstwie

Author(s): Anna Zalewska-Janowska | Anna Sysa-Jędrzejowska | Wioletta Grzyb | Anna Kępska
Study of awarencess towards and the Pattern of Milk Consumption in 7-12 year old Elementary School Students in the City of Sari and their Mothers (2005-2006

Author(s): H. Vahedi, M.Sc | P. Pourabdollahi, Ph.D. | A. Biglarian, Ph.D. | M. Shekarzadeh Lemoki, Ph.D. | A. Kabirzadeh, M.Sc. | R. Sadeghi, M.Sc. | H. Jalahi, M.D. | B. Shabankhani, M.Sc. | M. Kosarian, M.D
Age of menarche in girls with cystic fibrosis.

Author(s): Wioleta Umławska | Dorota Sands | Anna Zielińska
Coexistence of digestive tract symptoms in children with atopic dermatitis — based on own observations

Author(s): Barbara Kamer | Renata Pasowska | Helena Rotsztejn | Elżbieta Dółka | Agnieszka Blomberg | Krystyna Sujecka | Krystyna Sobczyńska
ABO Bloods group incompatibility in recurrent abortion

Author(s): Ghasemi.N | Sheikhha.MH | Davar.R | Soleimanian.S
Relationship between Delivery Type and Successful Breastfeeding

Author(s): Zia Islami | Fallah Razieh | Motahhareh Golestan | Ahmad Shajaree
Pobreza estructural y déficit nutricional en niños preescolares, escolares y adolescentes del Sur de Valencia Estado Carabobo-Venezuela.

Author(s): Liseti Solano | Iraima Acuña | Armando Sánchez Jaeger | María Adela Barón | Alba Morón de Salim
Correlation between mother's attachment style and school anxiety of their educable mental retarded children

Author(s): Mohammad Taheri | Shahab Mansouri | Ebrahim Zarei | Khalil Qasemi | Saeed Soltani-Bahram | Bahar Arshi
Implementing mentor mothers in family practice to support abused mothers: Study protocol

Author(s): Loeffen Maartje | Lo Fo Wong Sylvie | Wester Fred | Laurant Miranda | Lagro-Janssen Antoine
Impact of antiretroviral therapy on fertility desires among HIV-infected persons in rural Uganda

Author(s): Kipp Walter | Heys Jennifer | Jhangri Gian | Alibhai Arif | Rubaale Tom
Does breast-feeding protect the child from Giardia lamblia infection?

Author(s): Ghorbani R | Sadat-Hashemi SM | Pazooki R
An investigation on the relationship between the type of delivery and enamel defects of the first permanent molars

Author(s): Afshar H. Assistant Professor | Seraj B. Assistant Professor | Emadosadati A. Pedodontist
Investigating the effective factors on the duration of breast feeding

Author(s): Jamshidi Evanaki | F. Golyan Tehrani | Sh. Babaie | Gh. Hadyan | T
Patterns of Breastfeeding in Infants

Author(s): Hatami A |  Talebi Toti Z
Trichotillomania in Iranian children

Author(s): Sh. Tarighati
Aggression during Early Childhood: Associated Factors in a Clinical Sample

Author(s): Özalp EKİNCİ | Volkan TOPCUOĞLU | Yasin BEZ | Osman SABUNCUOĞLU, | Meral BERKEM
Factors associated with breastfeeding in children less than one year of age in the city of Cartagena, Colombia

Author(s): Carmen Elena Díaz | Rossana López | Indira Herrera | Diana Arena | Carolina Giraldo | Laura Gonzáles
A prospective study of urinary pneumococcal antigen detection in healthy Karen mothers with high rates of pneumococcal nasopharyngeal carriage

Author(s): Turner Paul | Turner Claudia | Kaewcharernnet Napaphat | Mon Naw | Goldblatt David | Nosten François
Maternal and Prenatal Risk Factors for Childhood Leukemia in Southern of Iran

Author(s): J Hassanzadeh | R Mohammadi | AR Rajaeefard | MR Bordbar | M Karimi
Nutrition and Eating Patterns among Preschoolers in Gaza Strip

Author(s): Basil J. Kanoa | Amine T. Hamed | Baker M. Zabut
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