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Monitoring the operational impact of insecticide usage for malaria control on Anopheles funestus from Mozambique

Author(s): Casimiro Sonia | Hemingway Janet | Sharp Brian | Coleman Michael
Frequency of resistant virus and options for a second-line treatment for HIV-1 infected children under HAART in Mozambique

Author(s): Chaix Marie-Laure | Jani Ilesh | Macassa Eugenia | Bila Dulce | Vubil Adolfo | Andersson Soren | Rouzioux Christine | Vaz Paula | Blanche Stéphane
An integrated approach of community health worker support for HIV/AIDS and TB care in Angónia district, Mozambique

Author(s): Simon Sandrine | Chu Kathryn | Frieden Marthe | Candrinho Baltazar | Ford Nathan | Schneider Helen | Biot Marc
Unplanned antiretroviral treatment interruptions in southern Africa: how should we be managing these?

Author(s): Veenstra Nina | Whiteside Alan | Lalloo David | Gibbs Andrew
PIONEERS OF THE PRESS IN MOZAMBIQUE: João Albasini and his brother

Author(s): Antonio Hohlfeldt | Fernanda Grabauska
Cidade de Nampula: a Rainha do Norte de Moçambique

Author(s): Manuel Mendes de Araújo
World species of the genus Platyscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae)

Author(s): Charuwat Taekul | Norman Johnson | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek | Rajmohana K.
Ixodid ticks on dogs in southern Mozambique

Author(s): L. Neves | Sonia Afonso | I.G. Horak
Renal scintigraphy with 99MTC-DMSA in brazilian patients infected with Schistosoma haematobium

Author(s): d’Almeida, Joaquim. | Maliska, Carmelindo | Expósito Penas, Maria | Almeida Cruz, Maria das Graças, de
The double burden of human resource and HIV crises: a case study of Malawi

Author(s): McCoy David | McPake Barbara | Mwapasa Victor
Assessment of measles immunity among infants in Maputo City, Mozambique

Author(s): Jani Jagrati | Holm-Hansen Carol | Mussá Tufária | Zango Arlinda | Manhiça Ivan | Bjune Gunnar | Jani Ilesh
Framing by proximity as criteria for newsworthiness: the curve of absences

Author(s): Miguel Túñez, Ph. D. | Melitón Guevara, Ph. D.
Wind of Change in Nós Matámos o Cão-Tinhoso

Author(s): Alonso, Cláudia Pazos
Human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes among HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected women in Mozambique

Author(s): Lio Massimo | Marchetti Ivo | Carrilho Carla | Cioni Maria | Guidotti Giovanni | Moscatelli Cristina | Taponeco Fabio | Walle Elias | Zimba Ines | Bevilacqua Generoso
Confirmation of the occurrence of Mus neavei in South Africa

Author(s): C. H. Newbery | G. N. Bronner
Fisheries co-management institutions in Southern Africa: A hierarchical analysis of perceptions of effectiveness

Author(s): D.C.K. Wilson | M. Ahmed | A. Delaney | S. Donda | C.K. Kapasa | I. Malasha | K. Muyangali | F. Njaya | T. Olesen | E. Poiosse | J. Raakjær
Profile and professional expectations of medical students in Mozambique: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Ferrinho Paulo | Fronteira Inês | Sidat Mohsin | da Sousa Fernando | Dussault Gilles
lxodid ticks on dogs belonging to people in rural communities and villages in Maputo Province, Mozambique

Author(s): C. De Mantos | C. Sitoe | L. Neves | N. R. Bryson | I. G. Horak
The susceptibility of Trypanosoma congolense isolated in Zambézia Province, Mozambique, to isometamidium chloride, diminazene aceturate and homidium chloride

Author(s): S. Jamal | I. Sigauque | C. Macuamule | L. Neves | T. Marcotty | B.L. Penzhorn | P. Van den Bossche
Spatio-seasonal modeling of the incidence rate of malaria in Mozambique

Author(s): Abellana Rosa | Ascaso Carlos | Aponte John | Saute Francisco | Nhalungo Delino | Nhacolo Ariel | Alonso Pedro
Costs and consequences of large-scale vector control for malaria

Author(s): Yukich Joshua | Lengeler Christian | Tediosi Fabrizio | Brown Nick | Mulligan Jo-Ann | Chavasse Des | Stevens Warren | Justino John | Conteh Lesong | Maharaj Rajendra | Erskine Marcy | Mueller Dirk | Wiseman Virginia | Ghebremeskel Tewolde | Zerom Mehari | Goodman Catherine | McGuire David | Urrutia Juan | Sakho Fana | Hanson Kara | Sharp Brian
Community knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) on malaria in Swaziland: A country earmarked for malaria elimination

Author(s): Hlongwana Khumbulani | Mabaso Musawenkosi | Kunene Simon | Govender Dayanandan | Maharaj Rajendra
Vaccination with recombinant Boophilus annulatus Bm86 ortholog protein, Ba86, protects cattle against B. annulatus and B. microplus infestations

Author(s): Canales Mario | Almazán Consuelo | Naranjo Victoria | Jongejan Frans | de la Fuente José
Allopatric speciation in ticks: genetic and reproductive divergence between geographic strains of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

Author(s): Labruna Marcelo | Naranjo Victoria | Mangold Atilio | Thompson Carolina | Estrada-Peña Agustín | Guglielmone Alberto | Jongejan Frans | de la Fuente José
A 10 year study of the cause of death in children under 15 years in Manhiça, Mozambique

Author(s): Sacarlal Jahit | Nhacolo Ariel | Sigaúque Betuel | Nhalungo Delino | Abacassamo Fatima | Sacoor Charfudin | Aide Pedro | Machevo Sonia | Nhampossa Tacilta | Macete Eusébio | Bassat Quique | David Catarina | Bardají Azucena | Letang Emili | Saúte Francisco | Aponte John | Thompson Ricardo | Alonso Pedro
The Right to Health: An Interview with Professor Paul Hunt

Author(s): Eunna Lee and Ditte Johanne Horndrup
Revision of world species of the genus Oreiscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea, Platygastridae)

Author(s): Elijah Talamas | Norman Johnson | Simon van Noort | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek
Efficacy of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine with or without artesunate for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in southern Mozambique: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Allen Elizabeth | Little Francesca | Camba Tunisio | Cassam Yasmin | Raman Jaishree | Boulle Andrew | Barnes Karen
Determinants of household demand for bed nets in a rural area of southern Mozambique

Author(s): Chase Claire | Sicuri Elisa | Sacoor Charfudin | Nhalungo Delino | Nhacolo Ariel | Alonso Pedro | Menéndez Clara
Task shifting: the answer to the human resources crisis in Africa?

Author(s): Lehmann Uta | Van Damme Wim | Barten Francoise | Sanders David
A new tent trap for sampling exophagic and endophagic members of the Anopheles gambiae complex

Author(s): Govella Nicodemus | Chaki Prosper | Geissbuhler Yvonne | Kannady Khadija | Okumu Fredros | Charlwood J Derek | Anderson Robert | Killeen Gerry
Molecular evolution of the three short PGRPs of the malaria vectors Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles arabiensis in East Africa

Author(s): Mendes Cristina | Felix Rute | Sousa Ana-Margarida | Lamego Joana | Charlwood Derek | do Rosário Virgílio | Pinto João | Silveira Henrique
Co-infection by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and human T cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1): does immune activation lead to a faster progression to AIDS?

Author(s): Gudo Eduardo | Bhatt Nilesh | Bila Dulce | Abreu Celina | Tanuri Amílcar | Savino Wilson | Silva-Barbosa Suse | Jani Ilesh
Translating research into policy: lessons learned from eclampsia treatment and malaria control in three southern African countries

Author(s): Woelk Godfrey | Daniels Karen | Cliff Julie | Lewin Simon | Sevene Esperança | Fernandes Benedita | Mariano Alda | Matinhure Sheillah | Oxman Andrew | Lavis John | Lundborg Cecilia
Lessons Learned while Implementing an HIV/AIDs Care and Treatment Program in Rural Mozambique

Author(s): Troy D. Moon | Janeen R. Burlison | Mohsin Sidat | Paulo Pires | Wilson Silva | Manuel Solis | Michele Rocha | Chiqui Arregui | Eric J. Manders | Alfredo E. Vergara | Sten H. Vermund
Costing the scaling-up of human resources for health: lessons from Mozambique and Guinea Bissau

Author(s): Tyrrell Amanda | Russo Giuliano | Dussault Gilles | Ferrinho Paulo
Sociocultural and epidemiological aspects of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique

Author(s): Audet Carolyn | Burlison Janeen | Moon Troy | Sidat Mohsin | Vergara Alfredo | Vermund Sten
Reproductive health services for populations at high risk of HIV: Performance of a night clinic in Tete province, Mozambique

Author(s): Lafort Yves | Geelhoed Diederike | Cumba Luisa | Lázaro Carla | Delva Wim | Luchters Stanley | Temmerman Marleen
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Cervical Neoplasia in Women from a Rural Area of Southern Mozambique

Author(s): Clara Menéndez | Xavier Castellsagué | Montse Renom | Jahit Sacarlal | Llorenç Quintó | Belen Lloveras | Joellen Klaustermeier | Janet R. Kornegay | Betuel Sigauque | F. Xavier Bosch | Pedro L. Alonso
Cuticle thickening associated with pyrethroid resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles funestus

Author(s): Wood OR | Hanrahan S | Coetzee M | Koekemoer LL | Brooke BD
Molecular diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Mozambique

Author(s): Viegas Sofia | Machado Adelina | Groenheit Ramona | Ghebremichael Solomon | Pennhag Alexandra | Gudo Paula | Cuna Zaina | Miotto Paolo | Hill Véronique | Marrufo Tatiana | Cirillo Daniela | Rastogi Nalin | Källenius Gunilla | Koivula Tuija
Design Methodologies of Asphalt Pavement Used in China and Mozambique

Author(s): Jose Francisco Rufino Diogo | Ammar Abbas Mohammed Shubber | Mu Han Lin
Granulometric Evaluation of Continental Bentonites and Kaolin for Ceramic Applications

Author(s): Georges-Ivo E. Ekosse | Antoine Mulaba-Bafibiandi
An analysis of Skukuza climate data

Author(s): A. C. Kruger | L. B. MAKAMO | S. Shongwe
The February 2000 floods on the Sabie River, South Africa: an examination of their magnitude and frequency

Author(s): G. L. Heritage | B. P. Moon | G. P. Jewitt | A.R. G. Large | M. Rountree
Geografias do mundo imaginário

Author(s): Maria Fernanda Alegria
Task shifting in Mozambique: cross-sectional evaluation of non-physician clinicians' performance in HIV/AIDS care

Author(s): Brentlinger Paula | Assan Américo | Mudender Florindo | Ghee Annette | Vallejo Torres José | Martínez Martínez Pilar | Bacon Oliver | Bastos Rui | Manuel Rolanda | Ramirez Li Lucy | McKinney Catherine | Nelson Lisa
The comparative prevalence of five ixodid tick species infesting cattle and goats in Maputo Province, Mozambique

Author(s): C. De Matos | C. Sitoe | L. Neves | J.O. Nothling | I.G. Horak
Estudio morfológico de órganos genitales tubulares de vacas Nguni (Landim) en Mozambique - Morphological study of tubular genital tract of Nguni (Landim) cows in Mozambique

Author(s): Hernández Barreto, Miguel A | Augusto, Laurinda | Francisco Maunela, Paula | Ruiz Pozo, Leonardo | Silveira Prado, Enrique A
Health workforce skill mix and task shifting in low income countries: a review of recent evidence

Author(s): Fulton Brent | Scheffler Richard | Sparkes Susan | Auh Erica | Vujicic Marko | Soucat Agnes
The training and professional expectations of medical students in Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique

Author(s): Ferrinho Paulo | Sidat Mohsin | Fresta Mário | Rodrigues Amabélia | Fronteira Inês | da Silva Florinda | Mercer Hugo | Cabral Jorge | Dussault Gilles
Comparing estimates of child mortality reduction modelled in LiST with pregnancy history survey data for a community-based NGO project in Mozambique

Author(s): Ricca Jim | Prosnitz Debra | Perry Henry | Edward Anbrasi | Morrow Melanie | Ernst Pieter | Ryan Leo
Spatio-temporal analysis of mortality among children under the age of five in Manhiça (Mozambique) during the period 1997-2005

Author(s): Escaramís Geòrgia | Carrasco Josep | Aponte John | Nhalungo Delino | Nhacolo Ariel | Alonso Pedro | Ascaso Carlos
Vectorial status and insecticide resistance of Anopheles funestus from a sugar estate in southern Mozambique

Author(s): Kloke R Graham | Nhamahanga Eduardo | Hunt Richard | Coetzee Maureen
Male urine signals social rank in the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)

Author(s): Barata Eduardo | Hubbard Peter | Almeida Olinda | Miranda António | Canário Adelino
SMonitoring the operational impact of insecticide usage for malaria control on Anopheles funestus from Mozambique

Author(s): Casimiro Sonia | Hemingway Janet | Sharp Brian | Coleman Michael
Major surgery delegation to mid-level health practitioners in Mozambique: health professionals' perceptions

Author(s): Cumbi Amelia | Pereira Caetano | Malalane Raimundo | Vaz Fernando | McCord Colin | Bacci Alberta | Bergström Staffan
Malaria in rural Mozambique. Part I: Children attending the outpatient clinic

Author(s): Guinovart Caterina | Bassat Quique | Sigaúque Betuel | Aide Pedro | Sacarlal Jahit | Nhampossa Tacilta | Bardají Azucena | Nhacolo Ariel | Macete Eusébio | Mandomando Inácio | Aponte John | Menéndez Clara | Alonso Pedro
Clinical malaria in African pregnant women

Author(s): Bardají Azucena | Sigauque Betuel | Bruni Laia | Romagosa Cleofé | Sanz Sergi | Mabunda Samuel | Mandomando Inacio | Aponte John | Sevene Esperança | Alonso Pedro | Menéndez Clara
Household cost of malaria overdiagnosis in rural Mozambique

Author(s): Hume Jen | Barnish Guy | Mangal Tara | Armázio Luiz | Streat Elizabeth | Bates Imelda
Malaria in rural Mozambique. Part II: children admitted to hospital

Author(s): Bassat Quique | Guinovart Caterina | Sigaúque Betuel | Aide Pedro | Sacarlal Jahit | Nhampossa Tacilta | Bardají Azucena | Nhacolo Ariel | Macete Eusébio | Mandomando Inácio | Aponte John | Menéndez Clara | Alonso Pedro
Risk factors for incomplete vaccination and missed opportunity for immunization in rural Mozambique

Author(s): Jani Jagrati | De Schacht Caroline | Jani Ilesh | Bjune Gunnar
Rapid increase of Plasmodium falciparum dhfr/dhps resistant haplotypes, after the adoption of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine as first line treatment in 2002, in southern Mozambique

Author(s): Enosse Sonia | Magnussen Pascal | Abacassamo Fatima | Gómez-Olivé Xavier | Rønn Anita | Thompson Ricardo | Alifrangis Michael
The impact of HIV-1 on the malaria parasite biomass in adults in sub-Saharan Africa contributes to the emergence of antimalarial drug resistance

Author(s): Van geertruyden Jean-Pierre | Menten Joris | Colebunders Robert | Korenromp Eline | D'Alessandro Umberto
Glacial-interglacial vegetation dynamics in South Eastern Africa coupled to sea surface temperature variations in the Western Indian Ocean

Author(s): L. M. Dupont | T. Caley | J.-H. Kim | I. Castañeda | B. Malaizé | J. Giraudeau
PIONEERS OF THE PRESS IN MOZAMBIQUE: João Albasini and his brother

Author(s): Antonio Hohlfeldt | Fernanda Grabauska
Checklist Model to Improve Work Practices in Small-Scale Demolition Operations with Silica Dust Exposures

Author(s): Custodio Muianga | Carol Rice | Thomas Lentz | James Lockey | Richard Niemeier | Paul Succop

Author(s): Junaid Aslam* | Sheba Haque Khan | Zahid Hameed Siddiqui | Zohra Fatima | Mehpara Maqsood | Mukthar Ahmad Bhat | Sekh Abdul Nasim | Abdul Ilah | Iffat Zareen Ahmad | Saeed Ahmad Khan | Abdul Mujib | Maheshwar Prasad Sharma
Barriers to antiretroviral therapy adherence in rural Mozambique

Author(s): Groh Kate | Audet Carolyn | Baptista Alberto | Sidat Mohsin | Vergara Alfredo | Vermund Sten | Moon Troy
Frequency of human immunodeficiency virus type-2 in hiv infected patients in Maputo City, Mozambique

Author(s): Maueia Cremildo | Costa Deise | Meggi Bindiya | Ismael Nalia | Walle Carla | Curvo Raphael | Abreu Celina | Bhatt Nilesh | Tanuri Amilcar | Jani Ilesh | Ferreira Orlando
A single dose of live-attenuated 638 Vibrio cholerae oral vaccine is safe and immunogenic in adult volunteers in Mozambique

Author(s): Hilda María García | Ricardo Thompson | Rodrigo Valera | Rafael Fando | João Fumane | Ilesh Jani | Mayelín Mirabal | Marlene Isabel Armesto | Mario Songane | Sonia Luis | Ana María Nzualo | Judite Celeste | Sofía Viegas | Eduardo Samo Gudo | Amélia Melembe | Dulce Bila | Cynthia Cemá | Carolina Mabumo | Luis García | Bárbara Cedré | Gemma Año | Juan Carlos Martínez | Aleyda Mandarioti | Juan Lugones | Domingo González | Morelia Baró | Jonathan Hernández | Arturo Talavera | Rosa Lidia Solis | Gustavo Sierra | Ramón Barberá | Francisco Domínguez | Carlos Gutiérrez | Concepción Campa | Ivo Garrido | Jorge Menéndez
O lugar do marxismo em Moçambique :1975-1994.

Author(s): Joaquim Miranda Maloa
Potential sites for suitable coelacanth habitat using bathymetric data from the western Indian Ocean

Author(s): A. Green | R. Uken | P. Ramsay | R. Leuci | S. Perritt
Glacial-interglacial vegetation dynamics in south eastern Africa depend on sea surface temperature variations in the west Indian Ocean

Author(s): L. M. Dupont | T. Caley | J.-H. Kim | I. Castaneda | B. Malaizé | J. Giraudeau
Diabetes in Sub Saharan Africa 1999-2011: Epidemiology and public health implications. a systematic review

Author(s): Hall Victoria | Thomsen Reimar | Henriksen Ole | Lohse Nicolai
Spatial and temporal patterns of malaria incidence in Mozambique

Author(s): Zacarias Orlando | Andersson Mikael
Rational design of HIV vaccines and microbicides: report of the EUROPRISE network annual conference 2010

Author(s): Brinckmann Sarah | da Costa Kelly | van Gils Marit | Hallengärd David | Klein Katja | Madeira Luisa | Mainetti Lara | Palma Paolo | Raue Katharina | Reinhart David | Reudelsterz Marc | Ruffin Nicolas | Seifried Janna | Schäfer Katrein | Sheik-Khalil Enas | Sköld Annette | Uchtenhagen Hannes | Vabret Nicolas | Ziglio Serena | Scarlatti Gabriella | Shattock Robin | Wahren Britta | Gotch Frances
The emergence of insecticide resistance in central Mozambique and potential threat to the successful indoor residual spraying malaria control programme

Author(s): Abilio Ana | Kleinschmidt Immo | Rehman Andrea | Cuamba Nelson | Ramdeen Varsha | Mthembu David | Coetzer Sarel | Maharaj Rajendra | Wilding Craig | Steven Andrew | Coleman Marlize | Hemingway Janet | Coleman Michael
Prevalence of HTLV-1/2 and HIV-1/2 in individuals attending Public Health Center in Mozambique. One HTLV-1 symptomatic case report

Author(s): Caterino-de-Araujo Adele | Magri Mariana | Costa Emanuela | Manuel Rolanda
Changing patterns of tobacco consumption in Mozambique: evidence from a migrant study

Author(s): Lunet Nuno | Araújo Carla | Silva-Matos Carla | Damasceno Albertino | Gouveia Lídia | Azevedo Ana
An assessment of routine primary care health information system data quality in Sofala Province, Mozambique

Author(s): Gimbel Sarah | Micek Mark | Lambdin Barrot | Lara Joseph | Karagianis Marina | Cuembelo Fatima | Gloyd Stephen | Pfeiffer James | Sherr Kenneth
Seroprevalence of transfusion-transmissible infections and evaluation of the pre-donation screening performance at the Provincial Hospital of Tete, Mozambique

Author(s): Stokx Jocelijn | Gillet Philippe | De Weggheleire Anja | Casas Esther | Maendaenda Rosa | Beulane Adelino | Jani Ilhes | Kidane Solon | Mosse Carla | Jacobs Jan | Bottieau Emmanuel
Prozone in malaria rapid diagnostics tests: how many cases are missed?

Author(s): Gillet Philippe | Scheirlinck Annelies | Stokx Jocelijn | De Weggheleire Anja | Chaúque Hélder | Canhanga Oreana | Tadeu Benvindo | Mosse Carla | Tiago Armindo | Mabunda Samuel | Bruggeman Cathrien | Bottieau Emmanuel | Jacobs Jan
Inherent illnesses and attacks: an ethnographic study of interpretations of childhood Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) in Manhiça, southern Mozambique

Author(s): Straus Lianne | Munguambe Khátia | Bassat Quique | Machevo Sonia | Pell Christopher | Roca Anna | Pool Robert
Three Woman Poets from Mozambique

Author(s): Lu s Rafael
Participatory Approach for Integrated Basin Planning with Focus on Disaster Risk Reduction: The Case of the Limpopo River

Author(s): Mathias Spaliviero | Morgan De Dapper | Chris M.Mannaerts | Antonio Yachan
Treatment, Services and Follow-up for Victims of Family Violence in Health Clinics in Maputo, Mozambique

Author(s): Jetha, Eunice Abdul Remane | Lynch, Catherine | Houry, Debra | Rodrigues, Maria Alexandra | Keyes, Christine | Chilundo, Baltazar
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