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Author(s): Pingping Lu | Chaomei Lian | Yulin Zhu
DABCO as an efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 3-cyano-2(1H)-pyridinones and their 2-imino analogues

Author(s): Yahia Shirazi Beheshtia | Maliheh Khorshidi | Majid Momahed Heravi | Bita Baghernejad
Morphological study of Sr2CeO4 blue phosphor with fine particles

Author(s): Gomes Janaína | Pires Ana Maria | Serra Osvaldo Antonio
Sulfated Zirconia-Catalyzed Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones (DHPMs) Under Solventless Conditions: Competitive Multicomponent Biginelli vs. Hantzsch Reactions

Author(s): Deyanira Angeles-Beltrán | Leticia Lomas-Romero | Victor H. Lara-Corona | Eduardo González-Zamora | Guillermo Negrón-Silva
On bond graph modelling of thermo-chemical processes

Author(s): Monica Roman | Eugen Bobasu | Eugen Iancu | Dorin Sendrescu
Effects of the Acrylic Polyol Structure and the Selectivity of the Employed Catalyst on the Performance of Two-component Aqueous Polyurethane Coatings

Author(s): Suzana Cakic | Caslav Lacnjevac | Jakov Stamenkovic | Nikola Ristic | Ljiljana Takic | Miroljub Barac | Miladin Gligoric
Multiplexed measurements of gene signatures in different analytes using the Nanostring nCounter™ Assay System

Author(s): Malkov Vladislav | Serikawa Kyle | Balantac Noel | Watters James | Geiss Gary | Mashadi-Hossein Afshin | Fare Thomas
Pulmonary rehabilitation in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (TB MDR): a case report

Author(s): Esther Cecilia Wilches | Julián Andrés Rivera | Ricardo Mosquera | Liliana Loaiza | Lucely Obando
Ozone Flux Measurement and Modelling on Leaf/Shoot and Canopy Scale

Author(s): Ludger Grünhage | Giacomo Gerosa
Ozone Flux Measurement and Modelling on Leaf/Shoot and Canopy Scale

Author(s): Ludger Grünhage | Giacomo Gerosa
Eddy covariance flux measurements of biogenic VOCs during ECHO 2003 using proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry

Author(s): C. Spirig | A. Neftel | C. Ammann | J. Dommen | W. Grabmer | A. Thielmann | A. Schaub | J. Beauchamp | A. Wisthaler | A. Hansel
The isotopic and chemical compositions of the CO2-rich waters in Korea

Author(s): Yongkwon Koh | Chunsoo Kim | Daeseok Bae | Kyeongwon Han
Multicomponent Synthesis of 3,6-Dihydro-2H-1,3-thiazine-2-thiones

Author(s): Art Kruithof | Marten L. Ploeger | Elwin Janssen | Madeleine Helliwell | Frans J. J. de Kanter | Eelco Ruijter | Romano V. A. Orru
Combinatorial synthesis of phosphors using arc-imaging furnace

Author(s): Tadashi Ishigaki, Kenji Toda, Masahiro Yoshimura, Kazuyoshi Uematsu and Mineo Sato
Commercializing Biorefinery Technology: A Case for the Multi-Product Pathway to a Viable Biorefinery

Author(s): Thomas E. Amidon | Biljana Bujanovic | Shijie Liu | Joel R. Howard
Consecutive Three-Component Synthesis of 3-(Hetero)Aryl-1H-pyrazoles with Propynal Diethylacetal as a Three-Carbon Building Block

Author(s): Lucilla Levi | Christina Boersch | Charlotte F. Gers | Eugen Merkul | Thomas J. J. Müller
Target Profile Prediction and Practical Evaluation of a Biginelli-Type Dihydropyrimidine Compound Library

Author(s): Petra Schneider | Katharina Stutz | Ladina Kasper | Sarah Haller | Michael Reutlinger | Felix Reisen | Tim Geppert | Gisbert Schneider
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