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A Practical Approach to Implementation an Autonomous Soccer Robot

Author(s): AliReza Mohades Kasaei | HamidReza Mohadeskasaei | MohamadReza Mohadeskasaei | Najmeh Ahmadi
Knowledge Management System and User Modeling

Author(s): Cornelia NOVAC UDUDEC | Vasile MAZILESCU
The Reuse Policy in Developing Multi-Agent System

Author(s): Xue Xiao | Yao Lina | Luo Junwei
SMA and Mobile Agents Actors for Distributed Testing

Author(s): Salma Azzouzi | Mohammed Benattou | My El Hassan Charaf | Jaafar Abouchabaka
Multi-Agent Modeling in Managing Six Sigma Projects

Author(s): K. Y. Chau | S. B. Liu | C. Y. Lam
Adaptive Team-Based Multi-Agent Organizational Model: A Case in Rescue Systems

Author(s): Afsaneh Fatemi | Kamran Zamanifar | Naser Nematbakhsh
iFrimousse : Educational webportals augmented with mobile devices

Author(s): Florent Carlier | Valérie Renault
Multi-agent Architecture Model for Driving Mobile Manipulator Robots

Author(s): A. Hentout | B. Bouzouia | Z. Toukal
A Hybrid Three Layer Architecture for Fire Agent Management in Rescue Simulation Environment

Author(s): Alborz Geramifard | Peyman Nayeri | Reza Zamani-Nasab | Jafar Habibi
Ian-Based Cooperative Control Model for Multi-agent System

Author(s): Jinchao Guo | Gang Hu | Hongying Wang
A Crisis Management Approach to Mission Survivability in Computational Multi-Agent Systems

Author(s): Aleksander Byrski | Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki | Marco Carvalho
Hierarchical Fault Diagnosis Using Sensor Data Fusion for Robotic System

Author(s): Mohammad A. Nekoui | Amir R. Kashanipour | Karim Salahshoor
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent

Author(s): Chuan-Jun Su | Stephen Chingyu Shih
Negotiation in Multi-Agent System using Partial-Order Schedule

Author(s): Ritu Sindhu | Abdul Wahid | G. N. Purohit
A Multi Agent Based Model for Airport Service Planning

Author(s): W.H. Ip | Vincent Cho | Nick Chung | George Ho
Building Distributed E-Healthcare for Elderly Using RFID and Multi-Agent

Author(s): Chuan-Jun Su | Stephen Chingyu Shih
Design and Implementation of a General Decision-making Model in RoboCup Simulation

Author(s): Changda Wang | Xianyi Chen | Xibin Zhao | Shiguang Ju
A Dynamical Training and Design Simulator for Active Catheters

Author(s): Georges Dumont | Christofer Kuehl

Author(s): Sougata Khatua
Multiagent Architecture Design for Supply Chain Logistics

Author(s): Pankaj Rani | Dr. S. Srinivasan

Author(s): Benkhedda Samira | Bendella Fatima
Intelligent Farm Expert Multi Agent System

Author(s): Mrs. Anita Gutta | Dr. Priti Srinivas Sajja
Quantitative Analysis of Programming Efficiency in Mixed Programming

Author(s): Wen Lin-Tao | Zhi Feng-Hu | Chang Xiong-Zhou
A Petri Net Based Multi-Agent System Behavioral Testing

Author(s): Belkacem Athamena | Zina Houhamdi
Multi Agent Knowledge Management Architecture

Author(s): Prerna Agarwal | Pankaj Singh Bisht | Sheikh Amanur Rahman | Dipti Yadav
Autonomic Management for Multi-agent Systems

Author(s): Nadir kamal Salih | G. K. Viju | Abdelmotalib A.Mohamed
Dynamic Reputation Based Trust Management Using Neural Network Approach

Author(s): Reza Azmi | Mahdieh Hakimi | Zahra Bahmani
Genotyping analysis of Helicobacter pylori using multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeats analysis in five regions of China and Japan

Author(s): Guo Chunliang | Liao Yaling | Li Yan | Duan Jun | Guo Ying | Wu Yuqian | Cui Yujun | Sun Hongwu | Zhang Jinyong | Chen Bing | Zou Quanming | Guo Gang
Relational grounding facilitates development of scientifically useful multiscale models

Author(s): Hunt C Anthony | Ropella Glen | Lam Tai | Gewitz Andrew

Author(s): C. Marino | A. Nucara | G. Peri | M. Pietrafesa | A. Pudano | G. Rizzo
An Argumentation-Based Negotiation Approach in Electronic Marketplace based on Semantic Web

Author(s): Said Bachir | Kazar Okba | Benharkat Aicha-Nabila
A Flexible Multi-agent System Model in System Simulation

Author(s): Qingshan Li | Guangchang Wu | Baoye Xue | Hua Chu
Qualitative phase space reconstruction analysis of supply-chain inventor time series

Author(s): Chenxi Shao | Lizhong Wang | Lipeng Xiao | Jinliang Wu
Network resources management in a multi-agent system: A simulative approach

Author(s): Emmanuel A. Olajubu | Ganiyu A. Aderounmu | Emmanuel R. Adagunodo
Multi Agents System and Pareto Optimal Auctions

Author(s): Khalid Ghoul | Abdallah Khababa
A Behavior-based Approach for Multi-agent Q-Learning for Autonomous Exploration

Author(s): Dip Narayan Ray, Somajyoti Majumder, | Sumit Mukhopadhyay
Research on Mobile Agent System for Agile Supply Chain Management

Author(s): Wenjuan Wang | Weihui Dai | Weidong Zhao | Tong Li | Guangxue Yue | Chen Xu
Advertisement Data Management and Application Design in WBCs

Author(s): Zhanlin Ji | Ivan Ganchev | Mairtin O’Droma
Adaptive Multi-agent System: cooperation and structures emergence

Author(s): Imane Boussebough | Ramdane Maamri | Zaïdi Sahnoun
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Modeling and Simulation on Dynamic Allocation and Scheduling of Multi-resource problem

Author(s): Wenbin Hu | Zhengbing Hu | Yuheng Cheng | Hai Zhang | Wei Song
Foreword of Special Issue on “E-Service and Applications”

Author(s): Jason C. Hung | Hsing-I Wang
Semantic web application for the taking of decisions for WBE systems

Author(s): Ruben Peredo Valderrama, Alejandro Canales Cruz
Formulation and Evaluation of Multi Particulate Drug Delivery System of Glipizide by Using Crossed Linked Chitosan

Author(s): Abhijit Gaikwad*, Parag Pathade 1 and Late Sanjay Bidkar ,Amol Pawar
Multi Agent System Based Scheme for Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program

Author(s): Shibakali Gupta | Sesa Singha Roy | Indrasish Bannerjee
Multi Agent System based TCP for Wireless Networks

Author(s): B. Sasikumar | V. Vasudevan
MAS-SCM for Auto Sector-The Framework

Author(s): Ritu Sindhu | Abdul Wahid | G. N. Purohit
An Intelligent Mediating Model for Collaborative e-Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Akanbi Caleb Olufisoye | Adagunodo E Rotimi
Enhancement of QoS in Mobile Network through Channel Allocation using Software Agents

Author(s): Nitin Muchhal | Swapnil Jain | Yogesh Sharma
Incorporating Agent Technology for Enhancing the Effectiveness of E-learning System

Author(s): N Sivakumar | K Vivekanandan | B Arthi | S Sandhya | Veenas Katta
Usability of Context-Aware Mobile Educational Game

Author(s): Chris Lu | Maiga Chang | Kinshuk | Echo Huang | Ching-Wen Chen
Platinum Agent-Induced Hypersensitivity Reactions: Data Mining of the Public Version of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, AERS

Author(s): Toshiyuki Sakaeda, Kaori Kadoyama, Hiroaki Yabuuchi, Satoshi Niijima, Kyoko Seki, Yukinari Shiraishi, Yasushi Okuno
Canine leishmaniosis and its relationship to human visceral leishmaniasis in Eastern Uzbekistan

Author(s): Kovalenko Dmitriy | Razakov Shavkat | Ponirovsky Evgeny | Warburg Alon | Nasyrova Rokhat | Ponomareva Valentina | Fatullaeva Aziza | Nasereddin Abdelmajeed | Klement Eyal | Alam Mohammad | Schnur Lionel | Jaffe Charles | Schönian Gabriele | Baneth Gad
Interest Based Recommendations with Argumentation

Author(s): Punam Bedi | Pooja Vashisth
The Holonic Production System: A Multi Agent Simulation Approach

Author(s): Gandolfo Dominici | Pierluigi Argoneto | Paolo Renna | Luigi Cuccia
A Study of Multi-Agent Based Supply Chain Modeling and Management

Author(s): WanSup Um | Huitian Lu | Teresa J. K. Hall
Multi-agent Collaboration Engine for Supply Chain Management

Author(s): Sandeep Garg, | Dr. S.Srinivasan, | Vivek Jaglan

Author(s): Sameh A. Ibrahim | Noha A. Mostaf
Coordination for Networks of Dynamic Agents with Time-Varying Delays

Author(s): Hongwang Yu | Baoshan Zhang | Yufan Zheng
Generic Framework for Context-Aware Communication Services in Visitor’s Guides

Author(s): Tsvi Kuflik | Pnina Soffer | Iris Reinhartz-Berger | Sadek Jbara | Oliviero Stock
An Extension to Pi-Calculus for Performance Evaluation

Author(s): Shahram Rahimi | Elham S. Khorasani | Yung-Chuan Lee | Bidyut Gupta
Intelligent Supply Chain Management

Author(s): Mohammad Zubair Khan | Omar Al-Mushayt | Jahangir Alam | Jorair Ahmad
A Reputation-Based Multi-Agent Model for Network Resource Selection

Author(s): Junfeng TIAN | Juan LI | Lidan YANG
A Network Intrusion Detection Model Based on Immune Multi-Agent

Author(s): Nian LIU | Sunjun LIU | Rui LI | Yong LIU
Multi-Agent System Testing: A Survey

Author(s): Zina Houhamdi
An Agent-Based Simulation Model for Urban Traffic System

Author(s): Ali Bazghandi | Ali A. Pouyan
A Novel Method for Controlling Multi-agent Robot

Author(s): Shadi Montazer Rahmati | Farshad Farhadnia
Reducing False Alerts Using Intelligent Hybrid Systems

Author(s): Sravan Kumar Jonnalagadda | Subha Sree Mallela
Agent-based System for Emotion Generation

Author(s): Alexandra Ciortan | Mihaela Alexandra Puica
Design and Implementation of a General Decision-making Model in RoboCup Simulation

Author(s): Changda Wang | Xianyi Chen | Xibin Zhao | Shiguang Ju
A Multi Agent Based Model for Airport Service Planning

Author(s): W.H. Ip | Vincent Cho | Nick Chung | George Ho
Multi-Agent Modeling in Managing Six Sigma Projects

Author(s): K. Y. Chau | S. B. Liu | C. Y. Lam

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