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Hindcast experiments of tropospheric composition during the summer 2010 fires over Western Russia

Author(s): V. Huijnen | J. Flemming | J. W. Kaiser | A. Inness | J. Leitão | A. Heil | H. J. Eskes | M. G. Schultz | A. Benedetti | G. Dufour | M. Eremenko
Detecting ultra-high energy cosmic rays from space with unprecedented acceptance: objectives and design of the JEM-EUSO mission

Author(s): M. Casolino | J. H. Adams | M. E. Bertaina | M. J. Christl | T. Ebisuzaki | P. Gorodetzky | Y. Hachisu | F. Kajino | Y. Kawasaki | G. Medina-Tanco | H. Miyamoto | H. Ohomori | E. Parizot | I. Park | P. Picozza | N. Sakaki | A. Santangelo | K. Shinozaki | Y. Takizawa | K. Tsuno | JEM-EUSO collaboration
On the corrosion and soiling effects on materials by air pollution in Athens, Greece

Author(s): C. Tzanis | C. Varotsos | J. Christodoulakis | J. Tidblad | M. Ferm | A. Ionescu | R.-A. Lefevre | K. Theodorakopoulou | K. Kreislova
Determination of tropospheric vertical columns of NO2 and aerosol optical properties in a rural setting using MAX-DOAS

Author(s): J. D. Halla | T. Wagner | S. Beirle | J. R. Brook | K. L. Hayden | J. M. O'Brien | A. Ng | D. Majonis | M. O. Wenig | R. McLaren
Multi-Layer 2 Mil Line Technology

Author(s): Tamio Saito | Yoshikatsu Fukumoto

Author(s): Pawar Pruthviraj | Bikkad Suchita | Kurhade Shital | Kadbane Shilpa
Short Term Load Forecasting using Multi-layer Perception and Fuzzy Inference Systems for Islamic Countries

Author(s): R. Barzamini | F. Hajati | S. Gheisari | M.B. Motamadinejad
An Evaluation of Modeled Plume Injection Height with Satellite-Derived Observed Plume Height

Author(s): Sean M. Raffuse | Kenneth J. Craig | Narasimhan K. Larkin | Tara T. Strand | Dana Coe Sullivan | Neil J. M. Wheeler | Robert Solomon
Complexity Science: New Emerging Approach for Health Professionals

Author(s): N Keshavarz | I Huges | F Khavarpour
Detection and Reduction of EMC Problems in Microwave Antenna Feed Elements

Author(s): Kaloyan I. Zlatkov | Plamen I. Dankov
How relevant is the deposition of mercury onto snowpacks? – Part 2: A modeling study

Author(s): D. Durnford | A. Dastoor | A. Ryzhkov | L. Poissant | M. Pilote | D. Figueras-Nieto
Extended Mixture of MLP Experts by Hybrid of Conjugate Gradient Method and Modified Cuckoo Search

Author(s): Hamid Salimi | Davar Giveki | Mohammad Ali Soltanshahi | Javad Hatami

Author(s): Virendra Yadav
Multi-Input Multi-Output Integrated Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite for Energy Controls

Author(s): Gou Nishida | Motonobu Sugiura | Masaki Yamakita | Bernhard Maschke | Ryojun Ikeura
Evaluation of cloud fraction and its radiative effect simulated by IPCC AR4 global models against ARM surface observations

Author(s): Y. Qian | C. N. Long | H. Wang | J. M. Comstock | S. A. McFarlane | S. Xie
Multi-wavelength Raman lidar observations of the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic cloud over Potenza, southern Italy

Author(s): L. Mona | A. Amodeo | G. D'Amico | A. Giunta | F. Madonna | G. Pappalardo
Robust Region Tracking for Swarms via a Novel Utilization of Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): Rudy Cepeda-Gomez | Nejat Olgac | Mark Bacon
Robust Region Tracking for Swarms via a Novel Utilization of Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): Rudy Cepeda-Gomez | Nejat Olgac | Mark Bacon
Simulating melt, runoff and refreezing on Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, using a coupled snow and energy balance model

Author(s): W. J. J. van Pelt | J. Oerlemans | C. H. Reijmer | V. A. Pohjola | R. Pettersson | J. H. van Angelen
Modelling borehole temperatures in Southern Norway – insights into permafrost dynamics during the 20th and 21st century

Author(s): T. Hipp | B. Etzelmüller | H. Farbrot | T. V. Schuler | S. Westermann
DOAS measurements of formaldehyde and glyoxal above a South-East Asian tropical rainforest

Author(s): S. M. MacDonald | H. Oetjen | A. S. Mahajan | L. K. Whalley | P. M. Edwards | D. E. Heard | C. E. Jones | J. M. C. Plane
H2S Micro Gas Sensor Based on a SnO2-CuO Multi-layer Thin Film

Author(s): Woo-Chang Choi | Sung-Eun Kim
Virtual Mie particle model of laser damage to optical elements

Author(s): Kazuya Hirata | Koshi Haraguchi
Artificial Neural Network for Transfer Function Placental Development: DCT and DWT Approach

Author(s): Mohammad Ayache | Mohamad Khalil | Francois Tranquart
Using Probabilistic Neural Networks for Handwritten Digit Recognition

Author(s): Abdelhadi Lotfi | Abdelkader Benyettou
Forecasting Energy Consumption Using Fuzzy Transform and Local Linear Neuro Fuzzy Models

Author(s): Hossein Iranmanesh | Majid Abdollahzade | Arash Miranian
Implementation of Multilayer AHB Busmatrix for ARM

Author(s): E. Raja | K.V. Ramana

Design and Implementation for Multi-Level Cell Flash Memory Storage Systems

Author(s): Amarnath Gaini | K Vijayalaxmi | Sathish Mothe
A Multi-sensor Upper Tropospheric Ozone Product (MUTOP) based on TES ozone and GOES water vapor: validation with ozonesondes

Author(s): J. L. Moody | S. R. Felker | A. J. Wimmers | G. Osterman | K. Bowman | A. M. Thompson | D. W. Tarasick
Detailed comparisons of airborne formaldehyde measurements with box models during the 2006 INTEX-B and MILAGRO campaigns: potential evidence for significant impacts of unmeasured and multi-generation volatile organic carbon compounds

Author(s): A. Fried | C. Cantrell | J. Olson | J. H. Crawford | P. Weibring | J. Walega | D. Richter | W. Junkermann | R. Volkamer | R. Sinreich | B. G. Heikes | D. O'Sullivan | D. R. Blake | N. Blake | S. Meinardi | E. Apel | A. Weinheimer | D. Knapp | A. Perring | R. C. Cohen | H. Fuelberg | R. E. Shetter | S. R. Hall | K. Ullmann | W. H. Brune | J. Mao | X. Ren | L. G. Huey | H. B. Singh | J. W. Hair | D. Riemer | G. Diskin | G. Sachse
Design of a new multi-phase experimental simulation chamber for atmospheric photosmog, aerosol and cloud chemistry research

Author(s): J. Wang | J. F. Doussin | S. Perrier | E. Perraudin | Y. Katrib | E. Pangui | B. Picquet-Varrault
Modified Differential Transform Method (DTM) Simulation of Hydromagnetic Multi-Physical Flow Phenomena from a Rotating Disk

Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi | Esmael Erfani | Osman Anwar Bég | Swapan Kumar Ghosh
A Effective Method for Properties Access in MAC Layer of ZigBee

Author(s): Qi-Yong Pan | Jin Wu | Yi-Huai Wang | Jingfei Ni
Tuning the electronic transport properties of graphene through functionalisation with fluorine

Author(s): Withers Freddie | Russo Saverio | Dubois Marc | Craciun Monica
Physical layer metrics for vertical handover toward OFDM-based networks

Author(s): Oularbi Mohamed | Socheleau Francois-Xavier | Houcke Sebastien | Aïssa-El-Bey Abdeldjalil
Audio Classification in Speech and Music: A Comparison between a Statistical and a Neural Approach

Author(s): Bugatti Alessandro | Flammini Alessandra | Migliorati Pierangelo
Scene Segmentation with Low-Dimensional Semantic Representations and Conditional Random Fields

Author(s): Yang Wen | Triggs Bill | Dai Dengxin | Xia Gui-Song
OFDM versus Single Carrier: A Realistic Multi-Antenna Comparison

Author(s): Tubbax Jan | Van der Perre Liesbet | Engels Marc | De Man Hugo | Moonen Marc
A Framework for Adaptive Scalable Video Coding Using Wyner-Ziv Techniques

Author(s): Wang Huisheng | Cheung Ngai-Man | Ortega Antonio
The Canadian Bandaging Trial: Evidence-informed leg ulcer care and the effectiveness of two compression technologies

Author(s): Harrison Margaret | VanDenKerkhof Elizabeth | Hopman Wilma | Graham Ian | Carley Meg | Nelson E
Composition Kernel: A Software Solution for Constructing a Multi-OS Embedded System

Author(s): Kinebuchi Yuki | Makijima Kazuo | Morita Takushi | Courbot Alexandre | Nakajima Tatsuo
Miracle: The Multi-Interface Cross-Layer Extension of ns2

Author(s): Baldo Nicola | Miozzo Marco | Guerra Federico | Rossi Michele | Zorzi Michele
Investigation and Addressing Unfairness in Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): M. I. Gumel | N Faruk | A.A Ayeni

Author(s): V. Alarcon-Aquino | E. S. Garcia-Treviño | R. Rosas-Romero | J. F. Ramirez-Cruz | L. G. Guerrero-Ojeda | J. Rodriguez-Asomoza
Multi-Layer Bayesian Based Intrusion Detection System

Author(s): Hesham Altwaijry | Saeed Algarny
Forecasting Natural Gas Consumption Using Pso Optimized Least SquaresSupport Vector Machines

Author(s): Hossein Iranmanesh | Majid Abdollahzade | Arash Miranian
Iodine monoxide in the north subtropical free troposphere

Author(s): O. Puentedura | M. Gil | A. Saiz-Lopez | T. Hay | M. Navarro-Comas | A. Gómez-Pelaez | E. Cuevas | J. Iglesias
Aerosol climatology over Nile Delta based on MODIS, MISR and OMI satellite data

Author(s): H. S. Marey | J. C. Gille | H. M. El-Askary | E. A. Shalaby | M. E. El-Raey
In situ observations of new particle formation in the tropical upper troposphere: the role of clouds and the nucleation mechanism

Author(s): R. Weigel | S. Borrmann | J. Kazil | A. Minikin | A. Stohl | J. C. Wilson | J. M. Reeves | D. Kunkel | M. de Reus | W. Frey | E. R. Lovejoy | C. M. Volk | S. Viciani | F. D'Amato | C. Schiller | T. Peter | H. Schlager | F. Cairo | K. S. Law | G. N. Shur | G. V. Belyaev | J. Curtius
The multi-seasonal NOy budget in coastal Antarctica and its link with surface snow and ice core nitrate: results from the CHABLIS campaign

Author(s): A. E. Jones | E. W. Wolff | D. Ames | S. J.-B. Bauguitte | K. C. Clemitshaw | Z. Fleming | G. P. Mills | A. Saiz-Lopez | R. A. Salmon | W. T. Sturges | D. R. Worton
Snow optical properties at Dome C (Concordia), Antarctica; implications for snow emissions and snow chemistry of reactive nitrogen

Author(s): J. L. France | M. D. King | M. M. Frey | J. Erbland | G. Picard | S. Preunkert | A. MacArthur | J. Savarino
Modeling the thermal dynamics of the active layer at two contrasting permafrost sites on Svalbard and on the Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): J. Weismüller | U. Wollschläger | J. Boike | X. Pan | Q. Yu | K. Roth
The Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), model description – Part 2: Carbon fluxes and vegetation dynamics

Author(s): D. B. Clark | L. M. Mercado | S. Sitch | C. D. Jones | N. Gedney | M. J. Best | M. Pryor | G. G. Rooney | R. L. H. Essery | E. Blyth | O. Boucher | R. J. Harding | C. Huntingford | P. M. Cox
Large area scintillation muon hodoscope for monitoring of atmospheric and heliospheric processes

Author(s): N. V. Ampilogov | I. I. Astapov | N. S. Barbashina | V. V. Borog | D. V. Chernov | A. N. Dmitrieva | K. G. Kompaniets | A. A. Petrukhin | V. V. Shutenko | A. I. Teregulov | I. I. Yashin
Neural Network on Photodegradation of Octylphenol using Natural and Artificial UV Radiation

Author(s): Dana - Melania POPA | Letiţia OPREAN | Lorentz JÄNTSCHI

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Kheirandish Fard | Sasan Karamizadeh | Mohammad Aflaki
Advertisement Data Management and Application Design in WBCs

Author(s): Zhanlin Ji | Ivan Ganchev | Mairtin O’Droma
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
A Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Algorithm with Dynamic Buffer Allocation Mechanism

Author(s): Gang Chen | Xinrong Wu | Wenqiang Zhang | Xiang Zheng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Deployment and Validation of GMPLS-Controlled Multi-layer Integrated Routing over the ASON/GMPLS CARISMA Test-bed

Author(s): Fernando Agraz | Luis Velasco | Jordi Perelló | Marc Ruiz | Salvatore Spadaro | Gabriel Junyent | Jaume Comellas
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
A Fast Multi-reference Frame Selection Algorithm for Multiview Video Coding

Author(s): Yuehou Si | Mei Yu | Zongju Peng | Gangyi Jiang
A Reversible Data Hiding Scheme using Center Pixel Difference

Author(s): Xianting Zeng | Lingdi Ping | Zhuo Li
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
Coverage Analysis for Multiuser MIMO Broadcast Systems

Author(s): Li-Chun Wang | Chu-Jung Yeh
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
A New Group Key Agreement Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Li-Ping Zhang | Yi Wang
Applying Multi-Connection Video Streaming to WiMAX Broadband Wireless

Author(s): Salah S. Al-Majeed | Martin Fleury
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Subir Das | Jing Deng | Mario Gerla | Nada Gomie | Jason H. Li | Jiang (Linda) Xie
An Integrated Multi-layer Approach for Seamless Soft Handoff in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Hui Zeng | Jason H. Li | Subir Das | Anthony McAuley | John Lee | Thomas Stuhrmann | Mario Gerla
Guiding Light in Electro-Optic Polymers

Author(s): Anna L. Pyayt
Urban Sprawl Analysis and Modeling in Asmara, Eritrea

Author(s): Mussie G. Tewolde | Pedro Cabral
Interfacial Reactions between the Sn-9Zn Solder and Au/Ni/SUS304 Multi-layer Substrate

Author(s): Yee-Wen Yen | Chien-Chung Jao | Kuo-Sing Chao | Shu-Mei Fu
¿Sostenible? Crónica de un encuentro

Author(s): Iñaki Ábalos
An Quadrant-XYZ routing algorithm for 3-D Asymmetric Torus Network-on-Chip

Author(s): Mohammad Ayoub Khan | Abdul Quaiyum Ansari Ansari
Multi-scale validation of a new soil freezing scheme for a land-surface model with physically-based hydrology

Author(s): I. Gouttevin | G. Krinner | P. Ciais | J. Polcher | C. Legout
Dynamic versus static neural network model for rainfall forecasting at Klang River Basin, Malaysia

Author(s): A. El-Shafie | A. Noureldin | M. R. Taha | A. Hussain
A new multi-gas constrained model of trace gas non-homogeneous transport in firn: evaluation and behavior at eleven polar sites

Author(s): E. Witrant | P. Martinerie | C. Hogan | J. C. Laube | K. Kawamura | E. Capron | S. A. Montzka | E. J. Dlugokencky | D. Etheridge | T. Blunier | W. T. Sturges
Nano-embossing technology on ferroelectric thin film Pb(Zr0.3,Ti0.7)O3 for multi-bit storage application

Author(s): Shen Zhenkui | Chen Zhihui | Lu Qian | Qiu Zhijun | Jiang Anquan | Qu Xinping | Chen Yifang | Liu Ran
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