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An Approach to the Measurement of Intangible Assets in dot com

Author(s): Carlos Serrano Cinca | Yolanda Fuertes Callén | Cecilio Mar Molinero
INCANT: a transnational randomized trial of Multidimensional Family Therapy versus treatment as usual for adolescents with cannabis use disorder

Author(s): Rigter Henk | Pelc Isidore | Tossmann Peter | Phan Olivier | Grichting Esther | Hendriks Vincent | Rowe Cindy
A Genetic Algorithms Based Approach for Identification of Escherichia coli Fed-batch Fermentation

Author(s): Olympia Roeva | Tania Pencheva | Bernd Hitzmann | Stoyan Tzonkov
Stable Aspects in Robot Software Development

Author(s): Davide Brugali | Paolo Salvaneschi
QVT transformation by modelling - From UML Model to MD Model

Author(s): I.Arrassen | A.Meziane | R.Sbai | M.Erramdani
Dispersal and migration

Author(s): Schwarz, C. J. | Bairlein, F.
A novel Bayesian approach to quantify clinical variables and to determine their spectroscopic counterparts in 1H NMR metabonomic data

Author(s): Vehtari Aki | Mäkinen Ville-Petteri | Soininen Pasi | Ingman Petri | Mäkelä Sanna | Savolainen Markku | Hannuksela Minna | Kaski Kimmo | Ala-Korpela Mika
On Solving Lq-Penalized Regressions

Author(s): Tracy Zhou Wu | Yingyi Chu | Yan Yu
Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines

Author(s): Jovanovic Zoran S. | Basara Branislav S. | Tomić Miroljub V. | Petrović Velimir S.
The effect of bowl-in-piston geometry layout on fluid flow pattern

Author(s): Jovanovic Zoran S. | Živanović Zlatomir M. | Šakota Željko B. | Tomić Miroljub V. | Petrović Velimir S.
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