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Conductive-probe atomic force microscopy characterization of silicon nanowire

Author(s): Alvarez José | Ngo Irène | Gueunier-Farret Marie-Estelle | Kleider Jean-Paul | Yu Linwei | Cabarrocas Pere | Perraud Simon | Rouvière Emmanuelle | Celle Caroline | Mouchet Céline | Simonato Jean-Pierre
Influence of kavain on hepatic ultrastructure

Author(s): Shuang Fu, Emine Korkmaz, Filip Braet, Quan Ngo, Iqbal Ramzan
Stability of Betalain Pigment from Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus)

Author(s): K.K. Woo | F.H. Ngou | L.S. Ngo | W.K. Soong | P.Y. Tang
An adaptive fuzzy logic controller for robot-manipulator

Author(s): Ho Dac Loc | Tran Thu Ha | Ngo Cao Cuong
Prospective of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Mašić Alma
Atrocities in Vojvodina

Author(s): Perušić Nikola
Atypical squamous cells, cannot exclude high grade squamous intraepithelial (ASC-H) in HIV-positive women

Author(s): Michelow Pam | Hartman Ingrid | Schulze Doreen | Lamla-Hillie Stella | Williams Sophie | Levin Simon | Firnhaber Cynthia
Antidepressant, Myorelaxant and Anti-Anxiety-Like Effects of Nauclea latifolia Smith (Rubiaceae) Roots Extract in Murine Models

Author(s): G.S. Taiwe | E. Ngo Bum | T. Dimo | E. Talla | N. Weiss | A. Dawe | F.C.O. Moto | N. Sidiki | P.D. Dzeufiet | M. De Waard
Cell-Penetrating Penta-Peptides (CPP5s): Measurement of Cell Entry and Protein-Transduction Activity

Author(s): Jose A. Gomez | Joseph Chen | Justine Ngo | Dagmar Hajkova | I-Ju Yeh | Vivian Gama | Masaru Miyagi | Shigemi Matsuyama
Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Nepal—An Overview

Author(s): Jay Krishna Thakur | Rinku Kumari Thakur | AL Ramanathan | Manish Kumar | Sudhir Kumar Singh
Determining the poverty level of bee farmers involved in non-governmental organization's activities in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Author(s): Charles O. Ebojei | Sukura A. Sanni | Ejor N. Tiku | Ayoola O. Oladele
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
The antimicrobial resistance patterns and associated determinants in Streptococcus suis isolated from humans in southern Vietnam, 1997-2008

Author(s): Hoa Ngo | Chieu Tran | Nghia Ho | Mai Nguyen | Anh Pham | Wolbers Marcel | Baker Stephen | Campbell James | Chau Nguyen | Hien Tran | Farrar Jeremy | Schultsz Constance
Social capital and self-rated health among adolescents in Brazil: an exploratory study

Author(s): Borges Carolina | Campos Ana Cristina | Vargas Andrea | Ferreira Efigênia | Kawachi Ichiro
Opioid substitution therapy in manipur and nagaland, north-east india: operational research in action

Author(s): Armstrong Gregory | Kermode Michelle | Sharma Charan | Langkham Biangtung | Crofts Nick
Does school attendance reduce the risk of youth homelessness in Tanzania?

Author(s): Henley Robert | McAlpine Kate | Mueller Mario | Vetter Stefan
Telecenter serumpun Malaysia-Indonesia: Mencari metod pembangunan telecenter pelbagai fungsi (MCT)

Author(s): Jalaluddin Abdul Malek | Norizan Abdul Razak | Jamaluddin Aziz
Present knowledge on the distribution of the Lynx (Lynx lynx) in Austria

Author(s): Thomas Huber | Jens Laass | Thomas Engleder
Applicability and variability of liver stiffness measurements according to probe position

Author(s): Patrick Ingiliz, Kim Pav Chhay, Mona Munteanu, Pascal Lebray, Yen Ngo, Dominique Roulot, Yves Benhamou, Dominique Thabut, Vlad Ratziu, Thierry Poynard
Control of two Wheeled Welding Mobile Manipulator

Author(s): M. D. Ngo | N. T. Phuong | V. H. Duy | H. K. Kim | S. B. Kim
Sociable Robots through Self-maintained Energy

Author(s): Trung Dung Ngo | Henrik Schioler
Robust Control of Welding Robot for Tracking a Rectangular Welding Line

Author(s): Manh Dung Ngo | Vo Hoang Duy | Nguyen Thanh Phuong | Sang Bong Kim
The effectiveness of peer health coaching in improving glycemic control among low-income patients with diabetes: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Ghorob Amireh | Vivas Maria | De Vore Diana | Ngo Victoria | Bodenheimer Thomas | Chen Ellen | Thom David
Comparing estimates of child mortality reduction modelled in LiST with pregnancy history survey data for a community-based NGO project in Mozambique

Author(s): Ricca Jim | Prosnitz Debra | Perry Henry | Edward Anbrasi | Morrow Melanie | Ernst Pieter | Ryan Leo
Access to artesunate-amodiaquine, quinine and other anti-malarials: policy and markets in Burundi

Author(s): Amuasi John | Diap Graciela | Blay-Nguah Samuel | Boakye Isaac | Karikari Patrick | Dismas Baza | Karenzo Jeanne | Nsabiyumva Lievin | Louie Karly | Kiechel Jean-René
Development of ‘Power within’ among the Women: A Road to Empowerment

Author(s): Hedayat Allah Nikkhah | Marof Redzuan | Asnarulkhadi Abu-Samah
Brazil: A Portrait of Diparities

Author(s): Claudio Weber Abramo
Impact of HIV/Aids on Child Mortality before the Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Era: A Study in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

Author(s): Camille Lallemant | Gaston Halembokaka | Gaelle Baty | Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong | Francis Barin | Sophie Le Coeur
Preparing future teachers for inclusive education in Serbia: Current situation and needs

Author(s): Macura-Milovanović Sunčica | Gera Iboja | Kovačević Mirjana
Non-governmental organizations and KM: A human centric approach

Author(s): Iftikhar Hussain | Waheed Akhtar | Shahid Hussain
Agency Perspectives on Ngo Governance

Author(s): Douglas K Peterson
How should INGOs allocate resources?

Author(s): Scott Wisor
Sedative and Anticonvulsant Properties of the Decoction of Balanites aegyptiaca (Balanitaceae)

Author(s): Elisabeth Ngo Bum | Neteydji Sidiki | Taiwe | Paul Fasutin Seke Etet | Frededic Maidawa | Silvere Vincent Rakotonirina | Alice Rakotonirina
Simulation Vacuum Preloading Method by Tri-Axial Apparatus

Author(s): Hiroyuki Tanaka | Wanchai Teparaksa | Ngo Trung Duong
Simulation Vacuum Preloading Method by Tri-Axial Apparatus

Author(s): Hiroyuki Tanaka | Wanchai Teparaksa | Ngo Trung Duong
Cadaver Transplantation in Balkans: Mission Possible?

Author(s): Vladimir Chadikovski | Aco Dimov | Mile Petrovski | Risto Simeonov | Branka Petrovska
Domestic Violence against Women: A Case Study of District Jacobabad, Sindh Pakistan

Author(s): Nadeem Bhatti | Muhammad Bachal Jamali | Najma Noor Phulpoto | Tariq Mehmood | Faiz. M. Shaikh
Self-Structured Organizing Single-Input CMAC Control for De-icing Robot Manipulator

Author(s): Thanhquyen Ngo | Yaonan Wang | Youhui Chen | Zan Xiao
Socially-marketed rapid diagnostic tests and ACT in the private sector: ten years of experience in Cambodia

Author(s): Yeung Shunmay | Patouillard Edith | Allen Henrietta | Socheat Duong
Comparing an FPGA to a Cell for an Image Processing Application

Author(s): Rakvic RyanN | Ngo Hau | Broussard RandyP | Ives RobertW
Reasons for non- use of condoms and self- efficacy among female sex workers: a qualitative study in Nepal

Author(s): Ghimire Laxmi | Smith W Cairns | van Teijlingen Edwin | Dahal Rashmi | Luitel Nagendra
Evaluating a streamlined clinical tool and educational outreach intervention for health care workers in Malawi: the PALM PLUS case study

Author(s): Sodhi Sumeet | Banda Hastings | Kathyola Damson | Burciul Barry | Thompson Sandy | Joshua Martias | Bateman Eric | Fairall Lara | Martiniuk Alexandra | Cornick Ruth | Faris Gill | Draper Beverley | Mondiwa Martha | Katengeza Egnat | Sanudi Lifah | Zwarenstein Merrick | Schull Michael
Challenges of scaling up and of knowledge transfer in an action research project in Burkina Faso to exempt the worst-off from health care user fees

Author(s): Ridde Valéry | Yaogo Maurice | Kafando Yamba | Kadio Kadidiatou | Ouedraogo Moctar | Sanfo Marou | Coulibaly Norbert | Bicaba Abel | Haddad Slim
¡Dejémoslos leer!

Author(s): Eduardo Báez Cruz

Author(s): Ciprian UNGUREANU | Nicoleta IONESCU FLOREA | Gabriela NEGRU
The volunteering in the social responsibility actions: a study of case of the TRW Automotive O voluntariado nas ações de responsabilidade social: um estudo de caso da TRW Automotive

Author(s): Elisabete Stradiotto Siqueira | Valéria Rueda Elias Spers | Claudio Antônio Pinheiro Machado | Antonio Carlos Giuliani
Fair Trade Practices in the Northwest Brazilian Amazon

Author(s): Rafael D’Almeida Martins
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Syed Mahfuzul Aziz | Vijayan K. Asari | M. Alamgir Hossain | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mariofanna Milanova
Politics of Ethnic Participation During Khatami’s Presidency in Iran (1997- 2004)

Author(s): Majid khorshidi | Vahid Amani Zoeram | Lee Yok Fee | Jayum A. Jawan
Five cases focused on telehealth and telecare

Author(s): Ben Teeuwen | Thuy Ngo
Canadian Initiatives to Prevent Hypertension by Reducing Dietary Sodium

Author(s): Norm R. C. Campbell | Kevin J. Willis | Mary L’Abbe | Robert Strang | Eric Young
Relationship Between Rewards and Employee's Motivation in the Non-Profit Organizations of Pakistan

Author(s): Khalid Zaman | Nadia Sajjad Hafiza | Syed Sohaib Shah | Humera Jamsheed
Applicability and precautions of use of liver injury biomarker FibroTest. A reappraisal at 7 years of age

Author(s): Poynard Thierry | Munteanu Mona | Deckmyn Olivier | Ngo Yen | Drane Fabienne | Messous Djamila | Castille Jean | Housset Chantal | Ratziu Vlad | Imbert-Bismut Françoise
Evaluation and pharmacovigilance of projects promoting cultivation and local use of Artemisia annua for malaria

Author(s): Willcox Merlin | Burton Shelly | Oyweka Rosalia | Namyalo Rehema | Challand Simon | Lindsey Keith
Effects of a parental program for preventing underage drinking - The NGO program strong and clear

Author(s): Pettersson Camilla | Özdemir Metin | Eriksson Charli
Investigation of Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Waveguide Electroabsorption Modulator

Author(s): Ngo CY | Yoon SF | Loke WK | Cao Q | Lim DR | Wong Vincent | Sim YK | Chua SJ
One stop crisis centres: A policy analysis of the Malaysian response to intimate partner violence

Author(s): Colombini Manuela | Ali Siti | Watts Charlotte | Mayhew Susannah
Structure of catalytic domain of Matriptase in complex with Sunflower trypsin inhibitor-1

Author(s): Yuan Cai | Chen Liqing | Meehan Edward | Daly Norelle | Craik David | Huang Mingdong | Ngo Jacky
Surface Morphology Evolution of GaAs by Low Energy Ion Sputtering

Author(s): Wang Y | Yoon SF | Ngo CY | Ahn J
Cloud Computing-Future Framework for e-management of NGO's

Author(s): Harjit Singh Lamba | Gurdev Singh
Birth delivery assisted by nurse-midwife: perspectives and controversies

Author(s): Selma Aparecida Lagrosa Garcia | Umberto Gazi Lippi | Sidney Antonio Lagrosa Garcia
Relationship Between Rewards and Employee's Motivation in the Non-Profit Organizations of Pakistan

Author(s): Khalid Zaman | Nadia Sajjad Hafiza | Syed Sohaib Shah | Humera Jamsheed
Dynamique institutionnelle des transferts de gestion dans le corridor Fandriana-Vondrozo

Author(s): Thierry Ganomanana | Dominique Hervé | Solo Randriamahaleo
Accessibility to Urban Facilities among Rural Older Malaysians

Author(s): Benjamin Chan Yin Fah | Yeoh Sok Foon | Mohamad Fadzillah Bagat
An adaptive fuzzy logic controller for robot-manipulator

Author(s): Ho Dac Loc | Tran Thu Ha | Ngo Cao Cuong
Accidents at the Construction site in Northern Area: Malaysian Experienced

Author(s): Zaherawati Zakaria | Zaliha Hj Hussin | Nazni Noordin | Zuriawati Zakaria

Author(s): Kakumani Lavanya Latha | Kotte Prabhakar
Microcredit Impact Assessment: The Brazilian and Chilean Cases

Author(s): Patricio Aroca | Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

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