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Differentiation of neurons from neural precursors generated in floating spheres from embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Li Huawei | Liu Hong | Corrales C Eduardo | Risner Jessica | Forrester Jeff | Holt Jeffrey | Heller Stefan | Edge Albert
Fishing Pluripotency Mechanisms In Vivo

Author(s): Ana V. Sánchez-Sánchez, Esther Camp, José L. Mullor
Ovarian dysgerminomas are characterised by frequent KIT mutations and abundant expression of pluripotency markers

Author(s): Hoei-Hansen Christina | Kraggerud Sigrid | Abeler Vera | Kærn Janne | Rajpert-De Meyts Ewa | Lothe Ragnhild
A Quest for Initiating Cells of Head and Neck Cancer and Their Treatment

Author(s): Chao Chen | Beate Köberle | Andreas M. Kaufmann | Andreas E. Albers
A unique population of mobile very small embryonic/epiblast like (VSEL) stem cells resides in adult tissues: physiological and pathological consequences

Author(s): Mariusz Z Ratajczak | Magda Kucia | Dong-Myung Shin | Liu Rui | Justyna Drukala | Wojtek Marlicz | Janina Ratajczak | Ewa K Zuba-Surma
GeneChaser: Identifying all biological and clinical conditions in which genes of interest are differentially expressed

Author(s): Chen Rong | Mallelwar Rohan | Thosar Ajit | Venkatasubrahmanyam Shivkumar | Butte Atul
RBM19 is essential for preimplantation development in the mouse

Author(s): Zhang Jian | Tomasini Amber | Mayer Alan
Three LIF-dependent signatures and gene clusters with atypical expression profiles, identified by transcriptome studies in mouse ES cells and early derivatives

Author(s): Trouillas Marina | Saucourt Claire | Guillotin Bertrand | Gauthereau Xavier | Ding Li | Buchholz Frank | Doss Michael | Sachinidis Agapios | Hescheler Jurgen | Hummel Oliver | Huebner Norbert | Kolde Raivo | Vilo Jaak | Schulz Herbert | Bœuf Hélène
Self-renewal and differentiation capabilities are variable between human embryonic stem cell lines I3, I6 and BG01V

Author(s): Tavakoli Tahereh | Xu Xiangru | Derby Eric | Serebryakova Yevgeniya | Reid Yvonne | Rao Mahendra | Mattson Mark | Ma Wu
In silico identification of a core regulatory network of OCT4 in human embryonic stem cells using an integrated approach

Author(s): Chavez Lukas | Bais Abha | Vingron Martin | Lehrach Hans | Adjaye James | Herwig Ralf
Novel sequential ChIP and simplified basic ChIP protocols for promoter co-occupancy and target gene identification in human embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Medeiros Ricardo | Papenfuss Kate | Hoium Brian | Coley Kristen | Jadrich Joy | Goh Saik-Kia | Elayaperumal Anuratha | Herrera Julio | Resnik Ernesto | Ni Hsiao-Tzu
Pediatric primary central nervous system germ cell tumors of different prognosis groups show characteristic miRNome traits and chromosome copy number variations

Author(s): Wang Hsei-Wei | Wu Yu-Hsuan | Hsieh Jui-Yu | Liang Muh-Lii | Chao Meng-En | Liu Da-Jung | Hsu Ming-Ta | Wong Tai-Tong
Donor-host mitochondrial compatibility improves efficiency of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer

Author(s): Yan Zhong-hai | Zhou Yi-ye | Fu Jing | Jiao Fei | Zhao Lei-wen | Guan Peng-fei | Huang Shu-zhen | Zeng Yi-tao | Zeng Fanyi
Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells by simple transient transfection of plasmid DNA encoding reprogramming factors

Author(s): Si-Tayeb Karim | Noto Fallon | Sepac Ana | Sedlic Filip | Bosnjak Zeljko | Lough John | Duncan Stephen
New-generation taxoid SB-T-1214 inhibits stem cell-related gene expression in 3D cancer spheroids induced by purified colon tumor-initiating cells

Author(s): Botchkina Galina | Zuniga Edison | Das Manisha | Wang Yuan | Wang Hichao | Zhu Shu | Savitt Anne | Rowehl Rebecca | Leyfman Yan | Ju Jingfang | Shroyer Kenneth | Ojima Iwao
Kinetics of Gene Expression During Exposure of Mouse Stem Cells to Activin A

Author(s): Mahmoud Hashemi-Tabar | Mahmoud Orazizadeh | Ali Ghanbari | Fereshteh Negad Dehbashi
Evaluation of Pluripotency Gene Expression in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Cultured on the Human Feeder Layer

Author(s): Saeed Heidari -Keshel | Masoud Soleimani | Ahad khoshzaban | Maryam Ebrahimi | Mohammad Hossein Heidari
Epigenetic regulation of CpG promoter methylation in invasive prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Mathews Lesley | Hurt Elaine | Zhang Xiaohu | Farrar William
Elimination of head and neck cancer initiating cells through targeting glucose regulated protein78 signaling

Author(s): Wu Meng-Ju | Jan Chia-Ing | Tsay Yeou-Guang | Yu Yau-Hua | Huang Chih-Yang | Lin Shu-Chun | Liu Chung-Ji | Chen Yu-Syuan | Lo Jeng-Fan | Yu Cheng-Chia

Precisely delivered nanomechanical forces induce blebbing in undifferentiated mouse embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Alexandra L Hemsley | Diana Hernandez | Christopher Mason | et al
Identification and Regulation of c-Myb Target Genes in MCF-7 Cells

Author(s): Quintana Anita | Liu Fan | O'Rourke John | Ness Scott
Expression of the embryonic stem cell marker SOX2 in early-stage breast carcinoma

Author(s): Lengerke Claudia | Fehm Tanja | Kurth Ralf | Neubauer Hans | Scheble Veit | Müller Friederike | Schneider Friederike | Petersen Karen | Wallwiener Diethelm | Kanz Lothar | Fend Falko | Perner Sven | Bareiss Petra | Staebler Annette
Content-based microarray search using differential expression profiles

Author(s): Engreitz Jesse | Morgan Alexander | Dudley Joel | Chen Rong | Thathoo Rahul | Altman Russ | Butte Atul
Human neural crest-derived postnatal cells exhibit remarkable embryonic attributes either in vitro or in vivo

Author(s): R d'Aquino | V Tirino | V Desiderio | M Studer | GC De Angelis | L Laino | A De Rosa | D Di Nucci | S Martino | F Paino | M Sampaolesi | G Papaccio
Identification of Pluripotency Genes in the Fish Medaka

Author(s): Danke Wang, Dwarakanath Manali, Tiansu Wang, Narayani Bhat, Ni Hong, Zhendong Li, Li Wang, Yan Yan, Rong Liu, Yunhan Hong
Expression of early transcription factors Oct-4, Sox-2 and Nanog by porcine umbilical cord (PUC) matrix cells

Author(s): Carlin Ryan | Davis Duane | Weiss Mark | Schultz Bruce | Troyer Deryl
Nuclear Receptors in Regulation of Mouse ES Cell Pluripotency and Differentiation

Author(s): Eimear M. Mullen | Peili Gu | Austin J. Cooney
Postnatal stem/progenitor cells derived from the dental pulp of adult chimpanzee

Author(s): Cheng Pei-Hsun | Snyder Brooke | Fillos Dimitri | Ibegbu Chris | Huang Anderson | Chan Anthony
Identification of Pou5f1, Sox2, and Nanog downstream target genes with statistical confidence by applying a novel algorithm to time course microarray and genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation data

Author(s): Sharov Alexei | Masui Shinji | Sharova Lioudmila | Piao Yulan | Aiba Kazuhiro | Matoba Ryo | Xin Li | Niwa Hitoshi | Ko Minoru
Expression profiling in transgenic FVB/N embryonic stem cells overexpressing STAT3

Author(s): Cinelli Paolo | Casanova Elisa | Uhlig Syndi | Lochmatter Priska | Matsuda Takahiko | Yokota Takashi | Rülicke Thomas | Ledermann Birgit | Bürki Kurt
An efficient two-step method to purify very small embryonic-like (VSEL) stem cells from umbilical cord blood (UCB).

Author(s): Maciej Halasa | Magdalena Baskiewicz-Masiuk | Elzbieta Dabkowska | Bogusław Machalinski
Differential kinetics of plasma procalcitonin levels in cerebral malaria in urban Senegalese patients according to disease outcome

Author(s): Babacar Mbengue | Bacary Diatta | Birahim Niang | Ngor Diagne | Mamadou Ndiaye | Laurence Marrama | Ronald Perraut | Alioune Dieye
Comprehensive analysis of clinical significance of stem-cell related factors in renal cell cancer

Author(s): Liu Yongchao | Zhang Changcun | Fan Jie | Xiao Lei | Yin Bingde | Zhou Libin | Xia Shujie
NANOG priming before full reprogramming may generate germ cell tumours

Author(s): I Grad | Y Hibaoui | M Jaconi | L Chicha | R Bergström-Tengzelius | MR Sailani | MF Pelte | S Dahoun | TA Mitsiadis | V Töhönen | S Bouillaguet | SE Antonarakis | J Kere | M Zucchelli | O Hovatta | A Feki
Stem cells within established cancer cell lines: an impact on in vitro experiments

Author(s): Tomasz Drewa | Mateusz Czerwiński | Joanna Olkowska
Nanog overexpression allows human mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into neural cells——Nanog transdifferentiates mesenchymal stem cells

Author(s): Angel Alvarez | Monowar Hossain | Elise Dantuma | Stephanie Merchant | Kiminobu Sugaya
CD133+ gallbladder carcinoma cells exhibit self-renewal ability and tumorigenicity

Author(s): Cheng-Jian Shi | Jun Gao | Min Wang | Xin Wang | Rui Tian | Feng Zhu | Ming Shen | Ren-Yi Qin

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