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Trackable and Targeted Phage as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Agent for Cancer Imaging

Author(s): Zibo Li, Qiaoling Jin, Chiunwei Huang, Siva Dasa, Liaohai Chen, Li-peng Yap, Shuanglong Liu, Hancheng Cai, Ryan Park, Peter S Conti
Effects of Au Nanoparticle Addition to Hole Transfer Layer in Organic Photovoltaic Cells Based on Phthalocyanines and Fullerene

Author(s): Akihiko Nagata | Takeo Oku | Tsuyoshi Akiyama | Atsushi Suzuki | Yasuhiro Yamasaki | Tomohiro Mori
Nanoparticles (nanobacteria) responsible from calcification

Author(s): Tuba Dal | Mehmet Sinan Dal
A novel synthesis of perovskite bismuth ferrite nanoparticles

Author(s): Glenda Biasotto | Alexandre Z. Simões | César R. Foschini | Selma G. Antônio | Maria A. Zaghete | Jose A. Varela
Comparison of two innovative precipitation systems for ZnO and Al-doped ZnO nanoparticle synthesis

Author(s): Anne Aimable | Tomasz Strachowski | Ewelina Wolska | Witold Lojkowski | Paul Bowen
Quantum Dot- Conjugated Anti-GRP78 scFv Inhibits Cancer Growth in Mice

Author(s): Weiming Xu | Lizhi Liu | Nicola J. Brown | Sven Christian | David Hornby
Light and Surface Plasma Wave Induced Force on Nanoparticles and Nanotubes

Author(s): Santosh Jain | J. Parashar | Rajnish Kurchania
Cost-Effective Filter Materials Coated with Silver Nanoparticles for the Removal of Pathogenic Bacteria in Groundwater

Author(s): Lizzy Mpenyana-Monyatsi | Nomcebo H. Mthombeni | Maurice S. Onyango | Maggy N. B. Momba
Plasmonic Molecular Nanohybrids—Spectral Dependence of Fluorescence Quenching

Author(s): Maria Olejnik | Łukasz Bujak | Sebastian Mackowski
Silver/poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) nanocomposites obtained by the electrochemical synthesis

Author(s): Jovanović Željka | Radosavljević Aleksandra | Kačarević-Popović Zorica | Mišković-Stanković Vesna
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a New Polymeric Conjugate and Nanocarrier with Osteotropic Properties

Author(s): Rosario Pignatello | Maria Grazia Sarpietro | Francesco Castelli
Preparation and Comparison of Chitosan Nanoparticles with Different Degrees of Glutathione Thiolation

Author(s): P Yousefpour | F Atyabi | R Dinarvand | E Vasheghani-Farahani
Fractionated photothermal antitumor therapy with multidye nanoparticles

Author(s): Gutwein LG | Singh AK | Hahn MA | Rule MC | Knapik JA | Moudgil BM | Brown SC | Grobmyer SR
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of ordered mesoporous silica as a novel adsorbent in liquisolid formulation

Author(s): Chen B | Wang Z | Quan G | Peng X | Pan X | Wang R | Xu Y | Li G | Wu C
Bypassing multidrug resistance in human breast cancer cells with lipid/polymer particle assemblies

Author(s): Li B | Xu H | Li Z | Yao M | Xie M | Shen H | Shen S | Wang X | Jin Y
Improved drug loading and antibacterial activity of minocycline-loaded PLGA nanoparticles prepared by solid/oil/water ion pairing method

Author(s): Jafarzadeh Kashi TS | Eskandarion S | Esfandyari-Manesh M | Amin Marashi SM | Samadi N | Fatemi SM | Atyabi F | Eshraghi S | Dinarv | R
The use of quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) for studying nanoparticle-induced platelet aggregation

Author(s): Santos-Martinez MJ | Inkielewicz-Stepniak I | Medina C | Rahme K | D'Arcy DM | Fox D | Holmes JD | Zhang H | Radomski MW
Gold nanoparticle trapping and delivery for therapeutic applications

Author(s): Aziz MS | Suwanpayak N | Jalil MA | Jomtarak R | Saktioto T | Ali J | Yupapin PP

Author(s): Manivannan Rangasamy | Kugalur Ganesan Parthiban
Nanoparticle-Liquid Crystalline Elastomer Composites

Author(s): Yan Ji | Jean E. Marshall | Eugene M. Terentjev
In vitro placental model optimization for nanoparticle transport studies

Author(s): Cartwright L | Poulsen MS | Nielsen HM | Pojana G | Knudsen LE | Saunders M | Rytting E
Amorphous silica nanoparticles aggregate human platelets: potential implications for vascular homeostasis

Author(s): Corbalan JJ | Medina C | Jacoby A | Malinski T | Radomski MW
Plasmon-enhanced second harmonic generation in semiconductor quantum dots close to metal nanoparticles

Author(s): Pablo M. Jais | Catalina von Bilderling | Andrea V. Bragas
A Novel Vaccine Using Nanoparticle Platform to Present Immunogenic M2e against Avian Influenza Infection

Author(s): Sankhiros Babapoor | Tobias Neef | Christian Mittelholzer | Theodore Girshick | Antonio Garmendia | Hongwei Shang | Mazhar I. Khan | Peter Burkhard
Synthesis and Characterization of Se35Te65-xGex Nanoparticle Films and Their Optical Properties

Author(s): Numan Salah | Sami S. Habib | Zishan H. Khan | Esam Alarfaj | Shamshad A. Khan
TiC Nanoparticle Addition to Enhance the Mechanical Response of Hybrid Magnesium Alloy

Author(s): Muralidharan Paramsothy | Jimmy Chan | Richard Kwok | Manoj Gupta
Enhancement of anticancer efficacy using modified lipophilic nanoparticle drug encapsulation

Author(s): Lee P | Zhang R | Li V | Liu X | Sun RWY | Che CM | Wong KKY
Size- and charge-dependent non-specific uptake of PEGylated nanoparticles by macrophages

Author(s): Yu SS | Lau CM | Thomas SN | Jerome WG | Maron DJ | Dickerson JH | Hubbell JA | Giorgio TD
In vitro release and in vitro–in vivo correlation for silybin meglumine incorporated into hollow-type mesoporous silica nanoparticles

Author(s): Cao X | Deng WW, Fu M | Wang L | Tong SS | Wei YW | Xu Y | Su WY | Xu XM | Yu JN
Enhanced cellular uptake of aminosilane-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in mammalian cell lines

Author(s): Zhu XM | Wang YX | Leung KCF | Lee SF | Zhao F | Wang DW | Lai JMY | Wan C | Cheng CHK | Ahuja AT
Therapeutic Potentials of Silver Nanoparticle Complex of α-Lipoic Acid

Author(s): Lakshmy Ramachandran | Cherupally Krishnan Krishnan Nair
CdSxSey/TiO2 Solar Cell Prepared with Sintered

Author(s): Karl Kleinermanns | Thorsten Wilke | Daniel Ogermann
Impedance Spectroscopy of Concentrated Zirconia Nanopowder Dispersed Systems Experimental Technique

Author(s): I. A. Danilenko | T. E. Konstantinova | L. A. Ahkozov | O. S. Doroshkevych | A. V. Shylo | O. V. Saprukina
CdSxSey/TiO2 Solar Cell Prepared with Sintered

Author(s): Karl Kleinermanns | Thorsten Wilke | Daniel Ogermann
Impedance Spectroscopy of Concentrated Zirconia Nanopowder Dispersed Systems Experimental Technique

Author(s): I. A. Danilenko | T. E. Konstantinova | L. A. Ahkozov | O. S. Doroshkevych | A. V. Shylo | O. V. Saprukina
Eff ects of ball-milling on PLGA polymer and its implication on lansoprazole-loaded nanoparticles

Author(s): Anjumn Shabir | Farhan Alhusban | Afzal R. Mohammed | Yvonne Perrie
Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of nano coated silver-titania metallic plates against selective pathogens

Author(s): Mohamad, S.M. | Karunakaran, R. | Masrom, A.K. | Abdullah, M.Z. | Nelson, J.
Collective plasmon modes in a compositionally asymmetric nanoparticle dimer

Author(s): Fuyi Chen | Negash Alemu | Roy L. Johnston
Symmetric and anti-symmetric magnetic resonances in double-triangle nanoparticle arrays fabricated via angle-resolved nanosphere lithography

Author(s): Jian Pan | Zhuo Chen | Zhen-Dong Yan | Zhi-Shen Cao | Peng Zhan | Nai-Ben Ming | Zhen-Lin Wang
Metal nanoparticles in a photovoltaic cell: Effect of metallic loss

Author(s): Ryosuke Watanabe | Kenjiro Miyano
Protective effect of dendrosomal curcumin combination on colon cancer in rat

Author(s): Sarbolouki MN | Alizadeh AM | Khaniki M | Azizian S | Mohaghgheghi MA

Author(s): Mandal Surjyanarayan | Shah Pratik | Shah Gunjan | Khatri Doli | K. S. Rajesh
Homeopathy emerging as nanomedicine

Author(s): Rajendra Prakash Upadhyay | Chaturbhuja Nayak

Author(s): Rajiv Jaithlia | Chetan Chouhan | Suresh K. Dev | Nishima Agarwal
Gold nanoparticles delivery in mammalian live cells: a critical review

Author(s): Raphaël Lévy | Umbreen Shaheen | Yann Cesbron | Violaine Sée
Evaluation of the magnetic field requirements for nanomagnetic gene transfection

Author(s): A. Fouriki | N. Farrow | M.A. Clements | J. Dobson
Cytotoxicity Effect of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles on Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Author(s): Roghayeh Abbasalipourkabir | Aref Salehzadeh | Rasedee Abdullah
Enhanced Immunomodulatory Activity of Gelatin-Encapsulated Rubus coreanus Miquel Nanoparticles

Author(s): Yong Chang Seo | Woon Yong Choi | Choon Geun Lee | Seon Woo Cha | Young Ock Kim | Jin-Chul Kim | Gregor P. C. Drummen | Hyeon Yong Lee
Nanoparticles of carbon allotropes inhibit glioblastoma multiforme angiogenesis in ovo

Author(s): Grodzik M | Sawosz E | Wierzbicki M | Orlowski P | Hotowy A | Niemiec T | Szmidt M | Mitura K | Chwalibog A
The Influence of Synthesis Parameters on Particle Size and Photoluminescence Characteristics of Ligand Capped Tb3+:LaF3

Author(s): Kyle Gipson | Courtney Kucera | Derek Stadther | Kathryn Stevens | John Ballato | Phil Brown
Avrami behavior of magnetite nanoparticles formation in co-precipitation process

Author(s): Ahmadi R. | Hosseini Madaah H.R. | Masoudi A.
Rapid and Facile Purification of Apolipoprotein A-I from Human Plasma Using Thermoresponsive Nanoparticles

Author(s): Martin Lundqvist | Tord Berggård | Erik Hellstrand | Iseult Lynch | Kenneth A. Dawson | Sara Linse | Tommy Cedervall
A Top-Down Approach of Making Sn-3.5Ag Nanosolder Alloy by Swirl Method

Author(s): Hsin Jen Pan | Chao Yang Lin | Jung Hua Chou | Udit Surya Mohanty | Yuan Gee Lee
Controlled Growth of CdS Nanocrystals: Core/Shell viz Matrix

Author(s): Prinsa. verma | Avinash C Pandey
Evaluating the effects of crystallinity in new biocompatible polyester nanocarriers on drug release behavior

Author(s): Karavelidis V | Karavas E | Giliopoulos D | Papadimitriou S | Bikiaris D
Novel redox nanomedicine improves gene expression of polyion complex vector

Author(s): Kazuko Toh, Toru Yoshitomi, Yutaka Ikeda and Yukio Nagasaki
Biocompatible micro-sized cell culture chamber for the detection of nanoparticle-induced IL8 promoter activity on a small cell population

Author(s): Kohl Yvonne | Oostingh Gertie | Sossalla Adam | Duschl Albert | von Briesen Hagen | Thielecke Hagen
Atomic force microscopy analysis of nanoparticles in non-ideal conditions

Author(s): Klapetek Petr | Valtr Miroslav | Nečas David | Salyk Ota | Dzik Petr
Effect of iron oxide and gold nanoparticles on bacterial growth leading towards biological application

Author(s): Chatterjee Saptarshi | Bandyopadhyay Arghya | Sarkar Keka
Nanoparticle-based delivery of siDCAMKL-1 increases microRNA-144 and inhibits colorectal cancer tumor growth via a Notch-1 dependent mechanism

Author(s): Sureban Sripathi | May Randal | Mondalek Fadee | Qu Dongfeng | Ponnurangam Sivapriya | Pantazis Panayotis | Anant Shrikant | Ramanujam Rama | Houchen Courtney
Effects of copper nanoparticle exposure on host defense in a murine pulmonary infection model

Author(s): Kim Jong Sung | Adamcakova-Dodd Andrea | O'Shaughnessy Patrick | Grassian Vicki | Thorne Peter
Carbon-nanoparticle-triggered acute lung inflammation and its resolution are not altered in PPARγ-defective (P465L) mice

Author(s): Götz Alexander | Vidal-Puig Antonio | Rödel Heiko | de Angelis Martin | Stoeger Tobias
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle attachment on array of micro test tubes and microbeakers formed on p-type silicon substrate for biosensor applications

Author(s): Ghoshal Sarmishtha | Ansar Abul | Raja Sufi | Jana Arpita | Bandyopadhyay Nil | Dasgupta Anjan | Ray Mallar
Direct-writing of PbS nanoparticles inside transparent porous silica monoliths using pulsed femtosecond laser irradiation

Author(s): Chahadih Abdallah | El Hamzaoui Hicham | Bernard Rémy | Boussekey Luc | Bois Laurence | Cristini Odile | Le Parquier Marc | Capoen Bruno | Bouazaoui Mohamed
A novel gas ionization sensor using Pd nanoparticle-capped ZnO

Author(s): Wang Hongjun | Zou Changwei | Tian Canxin | Zhou Lin | Wang Zesong | Fu Dejun
Comparison of nanoparticle-mediated transfection methods for DNA expression plasmids: efficiency and cytotoxicity

Author(s): Durán María Carolina | Willenbrock Saskia | Barchanski Annette | Müller Jessika-M | Maiolini Arianna | Soller Jan | Barcikowski Stephan | Nolte Ingo | Feige Karsten | Murua Escobar Hugo
Nanorod Self-Assembly in High Jc YBa2Cu3O7−x Films with Ru-Based Double Perovskites

Author(s): Terry G. Holesinger | Matthew D. Feldmann | Boris Maiorov | Leonardo Civale | John A. Kennison | Yates J. Coulter | Paul D. Dowden | Javier F. Baca | Paul H. Tobash | Eric D. Bauer | Kenneth R. Marken
A Nanostructured Piezoelectric Immunosensor for Detection of Human Cardiac Troponin T

Author(s): Rosana A. S. Fonseca | Joilson Ramos-Jesus | Lauro T. Kubota | Rosa F. Dutra
Antimicrobial activity and the mechanism of silver nanoparticle thermosensitive gel

Author(s): Chen M | Yang Z | Wu H | Pan X | Xie X | Wu C
Translocation of PEGylated quantum dots across rat alveolar epithelial cell monolayers

Author(s): Fazlollahi F | Sipos A | Kim YH | Hamm-Alvarez SF | Borok Z | Kim K-J | Crandall ED
Optimization of anodized aluminum oxide pore morphology for GaAs nanowire growth

Author(s): Regine A. Loberternos | Oliver D. Semblante | Rogelio G. Dizon | Claude R. Ceniza | Jasher John A. Ibanes | Arnel A. Salvador | Armando S. Somintac
Interaction of curcumin nanoformulations with human plasma proteins and erythrocytes

Author(s): Yallapu MM | Ebeling MC | Chauhan N | Jaggi M | Chauhan SC
Nanoparticles isolated from blood: a reflection of vesiculability of blood cells during the isolation process

Author(s): Šuštar V | Bedina-Zavec A | Štukelj R | Frank M | Bobojević G | Janša R | Ogorevc E | Kruljc P | Mam K | Šimunič B | Manček-Keber M | Jerala R | Rozman B | Veranič P | Hägerstr | H | Kralj-Iglič V
A Conjugated Aptamer-Gold Nanoparticle Fluorescent Probe for Highly Sensitive Detection of rHuEPO-α

Author(s): Jiefang Sun | Aitao Guo | Zhaoyang Zhang | Lei Guo | Jianwei Xie
Preparation of TiO2 Nanoparticle/Nanotube Composites via a Vapor Hydrolysis Method and Their Photocatalytic Activities

Author(s): Weiwei Yu | Sujun Yuan | Yaogang Li | Qinghong Zhang | Hongzhi Wang
Kenaf Bast Fibers—Part II: Inorganic Nanoparticle Impregnation for Polymer Composites

Author(s): Jinshu Shi | Sheldon Q. Shi | H. Michael Barnes | Mark F. Horstemeyer | Ge Wang
Bimetallic Pt-Ru Nanoparticle Catalyst for Hydrogen Peroxide Detection

Author(s): Metini Janyasupab | Yuan Zhang | Po-Yuan Lin | Brandon Bartling | Jiaqiang Xu | Chung-Chiun Liu
Novel docetaxel-loaded nanoparticles based on PCL-Tween 80 copolymer for cancer treatment

Author(s): Ma Y | Zheng Y | Zeng X | Jiang L | Cheng H | Liu R | Huang L | Mei L
Past, Present and Future of Lymphangiography

Author(s): Aliakbar Ameri | Jalal Jalalshokouhi
A new method for activity estimation in dosimetry of radiopharmaceuticals based on MRI imaging and magnetic nano particles

Author(s): Samira Rasaneh | Hossein Rajabi | Mohammad Hossein Babaei | Fariba Johari | Shahab Sheybani
Linear Polystyrene-Stabilized PdO Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Mizoroki-Heck Reactions in Water

Author(s): Atsushi Ohtaka | Tomohiro Yamaguchi | Takuto Teratani | Osamu Shimomura | Ryôki Nomura
Physicochemical properties and biocompatibility of a polymer-paclitaxel conjugate for cancer treatment

Author(s): Yang D | Van S | Liu J | Wang J | Jiang X | Wang Y | Yu L
Influence of surface charge on the potential toxicity of PLGA nanoparticles towards Calu-3 cells

Author(s): Mura S | Hillaireau H | Nicolas J | Le Droumaguet B | Gueutin C | Zanna S | Tsapis N | Fattal E
Nanoparticle Delivery of Natural Products in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers: Current Status and Future Prospects

Author(s): Dhruba J. Bharali | Imtiaz A. Siddiqui | Vaqar M. Adhami | Jean Christopher Chamcheu | Abdullah M. Aldahmash | Hasan Mukhtar | Shaker A. Mousa
Preparation and in-vitro evaluation of indomethacin nanoparticles

Author(s): A Rezaei Mokarram | A Kebriaee zadeh | M Keshavarz | A Ahmadi | B Mohtat
Preparation and Electrocatalytic Performance of Thin―shell Ni/Pt Core―shell Nanoparticles

Author(s): LIU Shi-Bin, YANG Chun-Ying, ZHANG Zhong-Lin, DUAN Dong-Hong, HAO Xiao-Gang, LI Yi-Bing
Exploring geometric properties of gold nanoparticles using TEM images to explain their chaperone like activity for citrate synthase

Author(s): Vikas Kaushik | Tapobrata Lahiri* | Shantiswaroop Singha | Anjan Kumar Dasgupta | Hrishikesh Mishra | Upendra Kumar | Rajeev Kumar

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