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Restoration of Oak Forests in Soils Compacted by Human and Livestock

Author(s): Masoud Tabari | Gholam Ali Jalali | Ali Reza Ali-Arab | Mohaddeseh Ghanbari
The most frequent powdery mildews on forest woody species and their impact

Author(s): Karadžić Dragan | Milijašević Tanja
Chitosan-Based Hyaluronic Acid Hybrid Polymer Fibers as a Scaffold Biomaterial for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Norimasa Iwasaki | Yasuhiko Kasahara | Shintarou Yamane | Tatsuya Igarashi | Akio Minami | Shin-ichiro Nisimura
Structural aspect on the Slano blato landslide (Slovenia)

Author(s): Ladislav Placer | Jernej Jež | Jure Atanackov
Hydrogels for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Zhenqing Li | Jianjun Guan
A Novel Nanocomposite Particle of Hydroxyapatite and Silk Fibroin: Biomimetic Synthesis and Its Biocompatibility

Author(s): Lin Niu | Rui Zou | Qida Liu | Quanli Li | Xinmin Chen | Zhiqing Chen
Influence of partial serotiny of Aleppo pine, Italian, and Arizona cypress on seed germination

Author(s): Grbić Mihailo | Kaličanin Dragana | Đukić Matilda | Đunisijević Danijela
Dermal benefits of topical D-ribose

Author(s): Linda M Shecterle | John A St. Cyr
Hyaluronic acid: A promising mediator for periodontal regeneration

Author(s): Bansal Jyoti | Kedige Suresh | Anand Samir
Effect of Sowing Depth on Performance of Quercus castaneifolia Seedling at Different Levels of Canopy Cover

Author(s): M. Tabari | Jalali | Gh. A | A.R. Ali-Arab | M. Akbarinia | S.M. Hosseini
The Regeneration Structure and Biodiversity of Trees and Shrub Species in Understory of Pure Plantations of Oak and Mixed with Hornbeam in the Hyrcanian Forests of Iran

Author(s): Einollah Rouhi-Moghaddam | Seyed Mohsen Hosseini | Ezzatollah Ebrahimi | Ahmad Rahmani | Masoud Tabari
In vitro Regeneration of Irvingia gabonensis by Somatic Embryogenesis

Author(s): Fotso | Oumar | Niemenak Nicolas | Donfagsiteli Tchinda Nehemie | Omokolo Ndoumou Denis
Demographic Study of Juniperus communis L. on Mishu-Dagh Altitudes in North West of Iran

Author(s): Aiyoub Shahi | Ali Movafeghi | Hasan Hekmat-Shoar | Asghar Neishabouri | Shahzad Iranipour
In vitro Rapid Regeneration of Plantlets from Leaf Explant of Native-olive (Elaeocarpus robustus Roxb.)

Author(s): M.M. Rahman | M.N. Amin | M.A.K. Azad | F. Begum | M.Z. Karim
In vitro Plantlet Regeneration from Internode Explant of Native-olive (Elaeocarpus robustus roxb.)

Author(s): M.M. Rahman | M.N. Amin | R. Ahmed | M.A.K. Azad | F. Begum
In vitro screening for salt tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa)

Author(s): P .Shanthi, S. Jebaraj and S. Geetha
The influence of nanoscale topographical cues on initial osteoblast morphology and migration

Author(s): E Lamers | R van Horssen | J te Riet | FCMJM van Delft | R Luttge | XF Walboomers | JA Jansen
Root system and the decline of Norway spruce (Picea abies /L./ Karst.)

Author(s): Prof. Ing. Oldřich Mauer, DrSc. | Doc. RNDr. Ing. Eva Palátová, Ph.D.
In vitro propagation of critically endangered species Scilla autumnalis L. – biochemical analyses of the regenerants

Author(s): Cristian BANCIU | Monica MITOI | Florenta HELEPCIUC | Florentina ALDEA
Phenolics and Plant Allelopathy

Author(s): Zhao-Hui Li | Qiang Wang | Xiao Ruan | Cun-De Pan | De-An Jiang
Dissolution of Bamboo (Gigantochloa scortechinii) Using Ionic Liquids

Author(s): N. Muhammad | Z. Man | M.A.B. Khalil | Y.A. Elsheikh
Variability of nutritive macroelements in pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) leaves in Serbia

Author(s): Batos Branislava | Miletić Zoran | Orlović Saša | Miljković Danijela
Articular cartilage repair and the evolving role of regenerative medicine

Author(s): Pieter K Bos | Marloes L van Melle | Gerjo JVM van Osch
Measuring the effect of fuel treatments on forest carbon using landscape risk analysis

Author(s): A. A. Ager | M. A. Finney | A. McMahan | J. Cathcart
Different Molecular Weight Chitosan-Based Membranes for Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): Rubens M. Freitas | Rubens Spin-Neto | Luiz Carlos Spolidório | Sergio Paulo Campana-Filho | Rosemary Adriana C. Marcantonio | Elcio Marcantonio, Jr.
Fault geometry and earthquake mechanics

Author(s): D. J. Andrews
Finite Element Method (FEM), Mechanobiology and Biomimetic Scaffolds in Bone Tissue Engineering

Author(s): A. Boccaccio, A. Ballini, C. Pappalettere, D. Tullo, S. Cantore, A. Desiate
Recent advances in periodontal drug delivery systems.

Author(s): Pragati S | Ashok S | Kuldeep S
Vegetation and Structural Features of Norway Spruce Stands (Picea abies Karst.) in the Virgin Forest of Smrčeve Doline in Northen Velebit

Author(s): Joso Vukelić | Stjepan Mikac | Dario Baričević | Irena Šapić | Darko Bakšić
Impact of Stand, Site and Structural Characteristics on Stand Regeneration Planning in Pedunculate Oak Forests

Author(s): Juro Čavlović | Krunoslav Teslak | Anamarija Jazbec | Mislav Vedriš
Dynamics of Establishing the Selection Structure in Beech-Fir Stands on Papuk

Author(s): Mario Božić | Juro Čavlović | Ernest Goršić | Krunoslav Teslak
Features of Spatial Snag Distribution in a Beech-Fir Forest

Author(s): Renata Pernar | Ante Seletković | Mario Ančić | Jelena Sučić
Structure and dynamics of a beech forest in a fully protected area in the northern Apennines (Sasso Fratino, Italy)

Author(s): Bianchi L | Bottacci A | Calamini G | Maltoni A | Mariotti B | Quilghini G | Salbitano F | Tani A | Zoccola A | Paci M
Regeneração natural em clareiras de origem antrópica na Serra da Cantareira, SP. Natural regeneration in man-made clearings in the Serra da Cantareira, SP.

Author(s): Frederico Alexandre Roccia Dal Pozzo ARZOLLA | Francisco Eduardo Silva Pinto VILELA | Gláucia Cortez Ramos de PAULA | George John SHEPHERD

Author(s): Maria Pătroescu | Şerban Dragomirescu | Cristian Iojă | Mihai Niţa

Author(s): Pandey Govind | Sahni Y.P.
Factors promoting larch dominance in Eastern Siberia: fire versus growth performance and implications for carbon dynamics

Author(s): E.-D. Schulze | C. Wirth | D. Mollicone | N. von Lüpke | W. Ziegler | F. Achard | M. Mund | A. Prokushkin | S. Scherbina
Similarity between seed bank and herb layer in a natural deciduous temperate lowland forest

Author(s): Maciej Wódkiewicz | Anna Justyna Kwiatkowska-Falińska
Litter production in different successional stages of a subtropical secondary rain forest, in Antonina, PR

Author(s): Kauana Melissa Cunha Dickow | Renato Marques | Carolina Benghi Pinto | Hubert Höfer
Basic knowledge for forest restoration: the Pomieri forest case study (Madonie regional park, Sicily)

Author(s): Bagnato S | Merlino A | Mercurio R | Solano F | Scarfò F | Spampinato G
The stand development of "forest of age classes" in TANAP after the wind disturbance

Author(s): Milan Saniga | Stanislav Kucbel | Peter Jaloviar | Miroslav Balanda
Chemodiversity of a Scots pine stand and implications for terpene air concentrations

Author(s): J. Bäck | J. Aalto | M. Henriksson | H. Hakola | Q. He | M. Boy
Regeneration of Nardus stricta subalpine grasslands in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše)

Author(s): Michal Hejcman | Pavla Nežerková | Vilém Pavlů | Jan Gaisler | Theodor Lokvenc | Lenka Pavlů
Dynamics of natural tree regeneration after strip-mining in the Amazon

Author(s): Rafael Paiva Salomão | Nélson Araújo Rosa | Kácio Andrey Câmara Morais
Natural regeneration dynamics of secondary forests in Bragança, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Breno Pinto Rayol | Manoela Ferreira Fernandes da Silva | Fabrizia de Oliveira AlvinoIII

Author(s): Marijana Pećarević | Ana Bratoš Cetinić
Enjeux fonciers, exploitation des ressources naturelles et Forêts des Communautés Locales en périphérie de Kinshasa, RDC

Author(s): Vermeulen, C. | Dubiez, E. | Proces, P. | Mukumary, SD. | Yamba, TY. | Mutambwe, S. | Peltier, R. | Marien, JN. | Doucet, JL.
First Otoliths/Collagen/Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposites as a Potential Scaffold for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Author(s): G.M Olyveira | Daisy Pereira Valido | L.M.M. Costa | Plácia Barreto Prata Gois | Lauro Xavier Filho | Pierre Basmaji
A New Candidate for Guided Tissue Regeneration: Biomimetic Eggshell Membrane

Author(s): Jun Jia | Zhaoxia Guo | Jian Yu | Yuanyuan Duan
Chemodiversity in terpene emissions at a boreal Scots pine stand

Author(s): J. Bäck | J. Aalto | M. Henriksson | H. Hakola | Q. He | M. Boy
Coarse woody debris mass dynamics in temperate natural forests of Mt. Jumbong, Korea

Author(s): Tae Kyung Yoon | Haegeun Chung | Rae-Hyun Kim | Nam Jin Noh | Kyung Won Seo | Sue Kyoung Lee | Wooyong Jo | Yowhan Son
Gap characteristics and natural regeneration in Mt. Makiling rainforest, the Philippines

Author(s): Hyun-Ji Kim | Tae-Geun Kim | Eun-Hee Kim | Manuel L. Castillo | Do-Soon Cho
Seedling regeneration of Quercus liaotungensis in Liupan Mountains, China

Author(s): YAN Xing-Fu | DU Qian | SHI Chun | ZHOU Li-Biao | ZHANG Kao-Wen

Author(s): María de la Paz Montañez-Armenta | Esteban Valtierra-Pacheco | Salvador Martín Medina-Torres
Species composition and community structure of four deciduous broadleaved secondary forest in Dongling Mountain

Author(s): Liang Li | Haifeng Liu | Fan Bai | Yan Zhu | Guangqi Li | Wenchao Li | Weiguo Sang
CO2 Separation using Modified MCM-41 in PSA

Author(s): Alias N.H. | Kamaruddin K. S. N. | Bhatti I.
Forest Structure Assessment of a Rehabilitated Forest

Author(s): Roland K.J. Heng | Nik M.A. Majid | Seca Gandaseca | Osumanu H. Ahmed | Silvester Jemat | Melvin K.K. Kin
Experimental Results of the Fibrin Clot Use to Accelerate the Regeneration of Damaged Bone in the Rat Lower Jaw

Author(s): Igor Maiborodin | Andrey Shevela | Tatyana Perrin | Ivan Kolesnikov | Vera Matveeva | Alexander Shevela | Boris Sheplev | Irina Kolmakova
Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich.) in the protected area Veliko ratno ostrvo

Author(s): Šijačić-Nikolić Mirjana | Vilotić Dragica | Veselinović Milorad | Mitrović Suzana | Jokanović Dušan
Species-environment interactions in the colonization of a gully in Itumirim, Minas Gerais

Author(s): Ricardo Ayres Loschi | José Aldo Alves Pereira | Evandro Luiz Mendonça Machado | Leandro Carlos | João José Granate de Sá e Melo Marques
Floristic and structural variations of a gully at Itumirim, Minas Gerais

Author(s): Ricardo Ayres Loschi | José Aldo Alves Pereira | Evandro Luiz Mendonça Machado | Leandro Carlos | Rubens Manoel dos Santos

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