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Solar wind Alfvén waves: a source of pulsed ionospheric convection and atmospheric gravity waves

Author(s): P. Prikryl | D. B. Muldrew | G. J. Sofko | J. M. Ruohoniemi
Left atrial longitudinal strain by speckle tracking echocardiography correlates well with left ventricular filling pressures in patients with heart failure

Author(s): Cameli Matteo | Lisi Matteo | Mondillo Sergio | Padeletti Margherita | Ballo Piercarlo | Tsioulpas Charilaos | Bernazzali Sonia | Maccherini Massimo
Subclinical cerebrovascular cognitive function, and mood changes in patients with systemic  lupus erythematosus

Author(s): Ghaydaa A Shehata | Mohamed I Abdel-Kareem | Abd ellah N Yassin | et al
Echocardiographic Assessment of the Pulmonary Venous Flow: An Indicator of Increased Pulmonary Flow in Congenital Cardiac Malformations

Author(s): Rivera Ivan Romero | Moisés Valdir Ambrósio | Paola Angelo Amato V. de | Carvalho Antonio Carlos
Tai Chi and vestibular rehabilitation improve vestibulopathic gait via different neuromuscular mechanisms: Preliminary report

Author(s): McGibbon Chris | Krebs David | Parker Stephen | Scarborough Donna | Wayne Peter | Wolf Steven
Lack of association between Chlamydia Pneumoniae serology and endothelial dysfunction of coronary arteries

Author(s): Ferrari Markus | Werner Gerald | Richartz Barbara | Oehme Albrecht | Straube Eberhard | Figulla Hans
Diagnostic role of new Doppler index in assessment of renal artery stenosis

Author(s): Chain Sergio | Luciardi Hector | Feldman Gabriela | Berman Sofia | Herrera Ramón | Ochoa Javier | Muntaner Juan | Escudero Eduardo | Ronderos Ricardo
Aortic distensibility measured by pulse-wave velocity is not modified in patients with Chagas' disease

Author(s): Villacorta Humberto | Bortolotto Luiz | Arteaga Edmundo | Mady Charles
Acute effects of caffeine and cigarette smoking on ventricular long-axis function in healthy subjects

Author(s): Giacomin Elisa | Palmerini Elisabetta | Ballo Piercarlo | Zacà Valerio | Bova Giovanni | Mondillo Sergio
Some aspects of ion-acoustic whistlers in the ionosphere in the presence of negative ions

Author(s): A. K. Sur | G. C. Das | B. Chakraborty | S. N. Paul | L. Debnath
Simulation of Waves Processes in Dusty Emission of Volcano

Author(s): V.V. Grimalsky | M.A. Cruz Chavez | S.V. Koshevaya | A. Kotsarenko | M. Hayakawa | R. Pérez Enriquez
Home nutrition support in pediatric patients

Author(s): Karagiozoglou-Lampoudi Thomai | Panagopoulou Panayota | Toya Eleni | Toptsidou Nektaria
Pressure shift mediated anoikis of endothelial cells in the flow field in vitro

Author(s): Jia Hu | Er-Yong Zhang | Jiang Wu | Wei-Lin Xu | Huai-Qinq Chen | Ying-Kang Shi | Ying-Qiang Guo
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