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Negative Refraction Using Frequency-Tuned Oxide Multilayer Structure

Author(s): Yalin Lu | Gail J. Brown | Kitt Reinhardt
Fabrication of Large Area Fishnet Optical Metamaterial Structures Operational at Near-IR Wavelengths

Author(s): Neilanjan Dutta | Iftekhar O. Mirza | Shouyuan Shi | Dennis W. Prather
Conformal Symmetry and Cosmological Entropy Production

Author(s): Winfried Zimdahl | Alexander B. Balakin
Nonlinear characterization of Mercurochrome dye for potential application in optical limiting

Author(s): Rekha Rathnagiri Krishnamurthy | Ramalingam Alkondan
Metamaterials: Beyond of Refraction

Author(s): Nguyen Thanh Tung | Dao Thuy Duong
Relationships between central corneal thickness and optic disc topography in eyes with glaucoma, suspicion of glaucoma, or ocular hypertension

Author(s): Pinakin Gunvant | Lucia Porsia | Russell J Watkins | Henrietta Bayliss-Brown | David C Broadway
Bootstrap inversion for Pn wave velocity in North-Western Italy

Author(s): S. Parolai | D. Spallarossa | C. Eva
Nanofabrication of planar split ring resonators for negative refractive index metamaterials in the infrared range

Far-Field Focus and Dispersionless Anticrossing Bands in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals

Author(s): Xiaoshuang Chen | Renlong Zhou | Yong Zeng | Hongbo Chen | Wei Lu
Negative Refraction Using Frequency-Tuned Oxide Multilayer Structure

Author(s): Yalin Lu | Gail J. Brown | Kitt Reinhardt
Focusing of acoustic waves by flat lenses made from negatively refracting two-dimensional phononic crystals

Author(s): P.A. Deymier | B. Merheb | J.O. Vasseur | A. Sukhovich | J.H. Page
Negative refraction of elastic waves in 2D phononic crystals: Contribution of resonant transmissions to the construction of the image of a point source

Author(s): Anne-Christine Hladky-Hennion | Charles Croënne | Bertrand Dubus | Jérôme Vasseur | Lionel Haumesser | Dimitri Manga | Bruno Morvan
Cytotoxicity evaluation of Pro Root MTA, Root MTA and Portland Cement (PC) on L929 mouse fibroblasts

Author(s): Sharifian MR | Zarrabian M | Razmi H | Ghobadi M | Kharrazifard MJ | Hemmatzadeh F | Afzalifar R
Low-Loss, Broadband and Tunable Negative Refractive Index Metamaterial

Author(s): Y.J. Huang | G.J. Wen | T.Q. Li | K. Xie
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