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On-board Unit and its Possibilities of Communications on Safety and Security Principles

Author(s): Martin Vaculik | Maria Franekova | Peter Vestenicky | Martin Vestenicky
TshwaneLex, una aplicación lexicográfica singular

Author(s): Ignacio Navascués Benlloch
Building Social Capital for Internationalization

Author(s): Suzana Braga Rodrigues | John Child
Ubiquitous Sensor Networking for Development (USN4D): An Application to Pollution Monitoring

Author(s): Antoine Bagula | Marco Zennaro | Gordon Inggs | Simon Scott | David Gascon
Mechanisms for Security and Authentication of WiFi devices

Author(s): Gajraj Singh | Dr. P.K. Yadav
Routing based on Fuzzy Rule base System and KMeans Clustering in Ad Hoc Wireless Network

Author(s): P. S. Banerjee | J. Pal Choudhury | S. R. Bhadrachaudhuri
On Demand Local Link Repair Algorithm for AODV Protocol

Author(s): Jyoti Jain | Roopam Gupta | T.K. Bandhopadhyay
Online Professional Experiences in Teacher Preparation Program: A Preservice Teacher Study

Author(s): Prasart Nuangchalerm | Veena Prachagool | Patcharee Sriputta
A brief report on an action learning group exploration of how older people adapt to change in later life

Author(s): Francis C. Biley | Wendy Hilton | Jill Phillips | Michele Board
Who learns from whom? Supporting users and developers of a major biodiversity e-infrastructure

Author(s): Irina Brake | Daphne Duin | Isabella Van de Velde | Vincent Smith | Simon Rycroft
Underwater Sensor Networks: A New Energy Efficient and Robust Architecture

Author(s): Salvador Climent | Juan Vicente Capella | Nirvana Meratnia | Juan José Serrano
HIC@RE … and its relevance for a company like RIEMSER

Author(s): Müller, Berno | Becker, Jürgen
The Reasons social media contributed to 2011 Egyptian Revolution

Author(s): Rabia Minatullah Sohail, Nadine Chebib
State of The Art, Channel Assignment Multi-Radio Multi-Channel in Wireless Mesh Network

Author(s): Ashraf Alzubir | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar | Adil Yousif | Albarraa Abuobieda
A Conceptual Design Model for High Performance Hotspot Network Infrastructure (GRID WLAN).

Author(s): Udeze Chidiebele. C | Okafor Kennedy .C | Prof. H. C Inyiama | Dr C. C. Okezie
Effective Security Architecture for Virtualized Data Center Networks

Author(s): Udeze Chidiebele. C | Prof. H. C Inyiama | Okafor Kennedy .C | Dr C. C. Okezie

Author(s): Chawada BL, Choksi RP, Choksi SB, Dari UT, Pawar AB, Bansal RK

Author(s): Chawada BL, Choksi RP, Choksi SB, Dari UT, Pawar AB, Bansal RK
On-board Unit and its Possibilities of Communications on Safety and Security Principles

Author(s): Martin Vaculik | Maria Franekova | Peter Vestenicky | Martin Vestenicky
Design of DAODV MANET Routing Protocol

Author(s): G. Ilanchezhiapandian | Dr.P.Sheik Abdul Khader

Author(s): Chawada BL, Choksi RP, Choksi SB, Dari UT, Pawar AB, Bansal RK

Author(s): Chawada BL, Choksi RP, Choksi SB, Dari UT, Pawar AB, Bansal RK
A Web Service-Based Framework Model for People-Centric Sensing Applications Applied to Social Networking

Author(s): David Nunes | Thanh-Dien Tran | Duarte Raposo | André Pinto | André Gomes | Jorge Sá Silva

Author(s): Shih-Chih Chen | Huei-Huang Chen | Mei-Tzu Lin | Yu-Bei Chen
Glucose-Modulated Mitochondria Adaptation in Tumor Cells: A Focus on ATP Synthase and Inhibitor Factor 1

Author(s): Rossana Domenis | Elena Bisetto | Davide Rossi | Marina Comelli | Irene Mavelli
A Learning Success Story Using Facebook

Author(s): Lara Promnitz-Hayashi
Cyber Threats In Social Networking Websites

Author(s): Wajeb Ghari | Maha Shaabi
Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi comparison with WiMAX Networks

Author(s): M.Sreerama Murty | D.Veeraiah | A.Srinivas Rao
Digital Jealousy: The Downside of Social Networking Services. An Empirical Study.

Author(s): Aretz, W. | Becher, L. | Casalino, A. L. | Bonorden, C.
An Overview of MANET: History, Challenges and Applications

Author(s): Mohit Kumar | Rashmi Mishra

Energy Efficient Management for mobile AD Hod Networks AD HOC NETWORKS

Author(s): Abhishek Agrawal | Rajendra Lambodari
System Communication based On Wi-Fi Technology Using 802.11x

Author(s): N. P. Giradkar | C. D. Raut
802.11 MAC Protocol Improvement Technique

Author(s): Vipin Shankarrao Bhure
Wireless Networking

Author(s): Dhiraj Thote | Harsha Tembhekar | Nitin Chakole | Kalpana Pandey
IEEE 802.15.4 Makes Ubitiquitous Networking a Reality

Author(s): Nikhil. N. Kant | V. N. Bhonge | Niraj. N. Kant
InfiniBand: A New Era in Networking

Author(s): Vivek D. Deshmukh
New generatition of Networking with OSPF

Author(s): Pratik N. Katolkar | Sneha R. Burnase
Efficient Single Rate based Multicast Congestion Control

Author(s): Sunil Kumar | Karan Singh
Antiphishing Model with URL & Image based Webpage Matching

Author(s): Madhuri S. Arade | P.C. Bhaskar | R.K.Kamat
IntellectCloud cloud application's mÉnage

Author(s): Deepti Ghuge | Girish Tere
Desing and Implementation of Distributed Security using Onion Routing

Author(s): Ashish T. Bhole | Savita H. Lambole
Antiphishing Model with URL & Image based Webpage Matching

Author(s): Madhuri S. Arade | P.C. Bhaskar | R.K.Kamat
Undergraduate Program in Network Engineering and Security – A Feasibility Study

Author(s): Fahed Awad | Omar Banimelhem | Eyad Taqieddin | Raed Bani-Hani
Survey of MAC Layer Protocols for vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Vimal Bibhu | Dhirendra Kumar Singh
Social Impact of Internet Access: A Survey

Author(s): Poonam Dhaka | Sandeep Upadhyay | Drashti Dave
Analysis and Simulation of UDP-based application for Wireless Network

Author(s): Lal Chand Bishnoi | Dharm Singh | Shailendra Mishra
A Study of Wireless Environment by means of Multiple Wireless Nodes

Author(s): Amit Kumar Sanghi | Dharm Singh | Henna Rathore
Survey on Architecture of Peer-to-Peer Network

Author(s): Kaushik Adhikary | Amit Bindal | Gurmanjeet Kaur
Learning and Teaching as Communicative Actions: A Mixed-Methods Twitter Study

Author(s): Jenny S. Wakefield | Scott J. Warren | Metta Alsobrook
Six Years of Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Evaluating Online Discussion Forums

Author(s): Megan Avila | Kavitha Nallathambi | Catherine Richey | Lisa Mwaikambo
Relacionamentos interorganizacionais horizontais e formação de valor em redes de agronegócios: o caso de uma rede de floriculturas

Author(s): Heron Sergio Moreira Begnis | Rejane Maria Alievi | Vania de Fátima Barros Estivalete
Comunicação nas redes sociais: um estudo com usuários das comunidades do Orkut

Author(s): Santos Júnior, Durval Lucas dos | Mantovani, Daielly Melina Nassif
Securing IEEE 802.11g WLAN Using Open VPN and its Impact Analysis

Author(s): Praveen Likhar | Ravi Shankar Yadav | Keshava Rao M
IEEE 802.11x, and WEP, EAP,WPA / WPA2

Author(s): A.S.Rumale | Dr. D. N. Chaudhari
Network Security Scanner

Author(s): G. Murali | M.Pranavi | Y.Navateja | K.Bhargavi
Performance improvement of TCP over wireless network

Author(s): Raja singh | Brajesh patel
Improving Business Type Classification from Twitter Posts Based on Topic Model

Author(s): Chanattha Thongsuk | Choochart Haruechaiyasak | Somkid Saelee
A Survey of Application Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Kuorilehto Mauri | Hännikäinen Marko | Hämäläinen Timo D
A Reconfigurable Spiral Antenna for Adaptive MIMO Systems

Author(s): Cetiner Bedri A | Qian JY | Li GP | De Flaviis F
Lower Bound of Energy-Latency Tradeoff of Opportunistic Routing in Multihop Networks

Author(s): Zhang Ruifeng | Gorce Jean-Marie | Berder Olivier | Sentieys Olivier
Emulating Opportunistic Networks with KauNet Triggers

Author(s): Pérennou Tanguy | Brunstrom Anna | Hall Tomas | Garcia Johan | Hurtig Per
HOP: Achieving Efficient Anonymity in MANETs by Combining HIP, OLSR, and Pseudonyms

Author(s): Campos Javier | Calafate CarlosT | Nácher Marga | Manzoni Pietro | Cano Juan-Carlos
Evaluating IEEE 802.15.4 for Cyber-Physical Systems

Author(s): Xia Feng | Vinel Alexey | Gao Ruixia | Wang Linqiang | Qiu Tie
Opportunistic P2P Communications in Delay-Tolerant Rural Scenarios

Author(s): Castro MarcelC | Galluccio Laura | Kassler Andreas | Rametta Corrado
A Spontaneous Ad Hoc Network to Share WWW Access

Author(s): Lacuesta Raquel | Lloret Jaime | Garcia Miguel | Peñalver Lourdes
A High-Accuracy Nonintrusive Networking Testbed for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Huangfu Wei | Sun Limin | Liu Jiangchuan
Green Networking for Major Components of Information Communication Technology Systems

Author(s): Chilamkurti Naveen | Zeadally Sherali | Mentiplay Frank
Converged Wireless Networking and Optimization for Next Generation Services

Author(s): Rodriguez J | Monteiro V | Gomes A | Di Renzo Marco | Alonso-Zárate Jesús | Verikoukis Christos | Gonzalez Ainara | Lázaro Oscar | Akan Ahmet | Pérez Vila Julian | Kormentzas George | Boixade David | de la Maza Silvia
Techniques for Improving the Accuracy of 802.11 WLAN-Based Networking Experimentation

Author(s): Portoles-Comeras Marc | Mangues-Bafalluy Josep | Requena-Esteso Manuel
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