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Temporal profiles of age-dependent changes in cytokine mRNA expression and glial cell activation after status epilepticus in postnatal rat hippocampus

Author(s): Järvelä Juha | Lopez-Picon Francisco | Plysjuk Anna | Ruohonen Saku | Holopainen Irma
Intracerebral infection with dengue-3 virus induces meningoencephalitis and behavioral changes that precede lethality in mice

Author(s): Amaral Debora | Rachid Milene | Vilela Marcia | Campos Roberta | Ferreira Gustavo | Rodrigues David | Lacerda-Queiroz Norinne | Miranda Aline | Costa Vivian | Campos Marco | Kroon Erna | Teixeira Mauro | Teixeira Antonio
Expression of mannose binding lectin in HIV-1-infected brain: implications for HIV-related neuronal damage and neuroAIDS

Author(s): Singh KK | Nathamu S | Adame A | Alire TU | Dumaop W | Gouaux B | Moore DJ | Masliah E | HNRC Group
Spatiotemporal Pattern of Neuroinflammation After Impact-Acceleration Closed Head Injury in the Rat

Author(s): Servan Rooker | Sebastian Jander | Jos Van Reempts | Guido Stoll | Philippe G. Jorens | Marcel Borgers | Jan Verlooy
PPARs in Neuroinflammation

Author(s): Michael K. Racke | Paul D. Drew
Neuroimmune endocrine effects of antidepressants

Author(s): Antonioli M | Rybka J | Carvalho LA
Diverse inflammatory responses in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and the effect of immunotherapy on these responses

Author(s): Donna M Wilcock | Qun Zhao | Dave Morgan | Marcia N Gordon | Angela Everhart | Joan G Wilson | Jennifer E Lee | Carol A Colton
Reduction of neutrophil activity decreases early microvascular injury after subarachnoid haemorrhage

Author(s): Friedrich Victor | Flores Rowena | Muller Artur | Bi Weina | Peerschke Ellinor | Sehba Fatima
Anandamide inhibits Theiler's virus induced VCAM-1 in brain endothelial cells and reduces leukocyte transmigration in a model of blood brain barrier by activation of CB1 receptors

Author(s): Mestre Leyre | Iñigo Paula | Mecha Miriam | Correa Fernando | Hernangómez-Herrero Miriam | Loría Frida | Docagne Fabian | Borrell José | Guaza Carmen
Increased neuroinflammatory and arachidonic acid cascade markers, and reduced synaptic proteins, in brain of HIV-1 transgenic rats

Author(s): Rao Jagadeesh | Kim Hyung-Wook | Kellom Matthew | Greenstein Dede | Chen Mei | Kraft Andrew | Harry Gaylia | Rapoport Stanley | Basselin Mireille
Nogo receptor is involved in the adhesion of dendritic cells to myelin

Author(s): McDonald Claire | Steinbach Karin | Kern Florian | Schweigreiter Rüdiger | Martin Roland | Bandtlow Christine | Reindl Markus
Severe depression is associated with increased microglial quinolinic acid in subregions of the anterior cingulate gyrus: Evidence for an immune-modulated glutamatergic neurotransmission?

Author(s): Steiner Johann | Walter Martin | Gos Tomasz | Guillemin Gilles | Bernstein Hans-Gert | Sarnyai Zoltán | Mawrin Christian | Brisch Ralf | Bielau Hendrik | zu Schwabedissen Louise | Bogerts Bernhard | Myint Aye-Mu
Osteoarthritis accelerates and exacerbates Alzheimer's disease pathology in mice

Author(s): Kyrkanides Stephanos | Tallents Ross | Miller Jen-nie | Olschowka Mallory | Johnson Renee | Yang Meixiang | Olschowka John | Brouxhon Sabine | O'Banion M Kerry
Circulating CD133+CD34+ progenitor cells inversely correlate with soluble ICAM-1 in early ischemic stroke patients

Author(s): Bogoslovsky Tanya | Spatz Maria | Chaudhry Aneeka | Maric Dragan | Luby Marie | Frank Joseph | Warach Steven
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 mediates the death of immature oligodendrocytes via TNF-α/TACE in focal cerebral ischemia in mice

Author(s): Yang Yi | Jalal Fakhreya | Thompson Jeffrey | Walker Espen | Candelario-Jalil Eduardo | Li Lu | Reichard Ross | Ben Chi | Sang Qing-Xiang | Cunningham Lee Anna | Rosenberg Gary
Brain pericytes among cells constituting the blood-brain barrier are highly sensitive to tumor necrosis factor-α, releasing matrix metalloproteinase-9 and migrating in vitro

Author(s): Takata Fuyuko | Dohgu Shinya | Matsumoto Junichi | Takahashi Hiroyuki | Machida Takashi | Wakigawa Tomoya | Harada Eriko | Miyaji Haruki | Koga Mitsuhisa | Nishioku Tsuyoshi | Yamauchi Atsushi | Kataoka Yasufumi
Low plasma progranulin levels in children with autism

Author(s): AL-Ayadhi Laila | Mostafa Gehan
Activation of matrix metalloproteinases following anti-Aβ immunotherapy; implications for microhemorrhage occurrence

Author(s): Wilcock Donna | Morgan Dave | Gordon Marcia | Taylor Tiffany | Ridnour Lisa | Wink David | Colton Carol
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy-related inflammation presenting with steroid-responsive higher brain dysfunction: case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Sakaguchi Hideya | Ueda Akihiko | Kosaka Takayuki | Yamashita Satoshi | Kimura En | Yamashita Taro | Maeda Yasushi | Hirano Teruyuki | Uchino Makoto
Treatment with gelsolin reduces brain inflammation and apoptotic signaling in mice following thermal injury

Author(s): Zhang Qing-Hong | Chen Qi | Kang Jia-Rui | Liu Chen | Dong Ning | Zhu Xiao-Mei | Sheng Zhi-Yong | Yao Yong-Ming
Curcumin is a potent modulator of microglial gene expression and migration

Author(s): Karlstetter Marcus | Lippe Elena | Walczak Yana | Moehle Christoph | Aslanidis Alexander | Mirza Myriam | Langmann Thomas
Lipocalin 2 in the central nervous system host response to systemic lipopolysaccharide administration

Author(s): Ip Jacque | Noçon Aline | Hofer Markus | Lim Sue | Müller Marcus | Campbell Iain
Lipopolysaccharide modulates astrocytic S100B secretion: a study in cerebrospinal fluid and astrocyte cultures from rats

Author(s): Guerra Maria | Tortorelli Lucas | Galland Fabiana | Da Ré Carollina | Negri Elisa | Engelke Douglas | Rodrigues Letícia | Leite Marina | Gonçalves Carlos-Alberto
Generation of reactive oxygen species in 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+) treated dopaminergic neurons occurs as an NADPH oxidase-dependent two-wave cascade

Author(s): Zawada W Michael | Banninger Gregg | Thornton Jennifer | Marriott Beth | Cantu David | Rachubinski Angela | Das Mita | Griffin W Sue | Jones Susan
Delayed inflammatory mRNA and protein expression after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Byrnes Kimberly | Washington Patricia | Knoblach Susan | Hoffman Eric | Faden Alan
Toll-like receptors in cerebral ischemic inflammatory injury

Author(s): Wang Yan-Chun | Lin Sen | Yang Qing-Wu
The role of the MYD88-dependent pathway in MPTP-induced brain dopaminergic degeneration

Author(s): Drouin-Ouellet Janelle | Gibrat Claire | Bousquet Mélanie | Calon Frédéric | Kriz Jasna | Cicchetti Francesca
Pro-inflammatory cytokines and lipopolysaccharide induce changes in cell morphology, and upregulation of ERK1/2, iNOS and sPLA2-IIA expression in astrocytes and microglia

Author(s): Sheng Wenwen | Zong Yijia | Mohammad Arwa | Ajit Deepa | Cui Jiankun | Han Dongdong | Hamilton Jennifer | Simonyi Agnes | Sun Albert | Gu Zezong | Hong Jau-Shyong | Weisman Gary | Sun Grace
In vivo imaging of lymphocytes in the CNS reveals different behaviour of naïve T cells in health and autoimmunity

Author(s): Herz Josephine | Paterka Magdalena | Niesner Raluca | Brandt Alexander | Siffrin Volker | Leuenberger Tina | Birkenstock Jerome | Mossakowski Agata | Glumm Robert | Zipp Frauke | Radbruch Helena
Overexpression of serine racemase in retina and overproduction of D-serine in eyes of streptozotocin-induced diabetic retinopathy

Author(s): Jiang Haiyan | Fang Junxu | Wu Bo | Yin Guibin | Sun Lin | Qu Jia | Barger Steven | Wu Shengzhou
Cautionary notes on the use of NF-κB p65 and p50 antibodies for CNS studies

Author(s): Herkenham Miles | Rathore Priyanka | Brown Pierre | Listwak Samuel
Anti-Neuroinflammatory effects of the extract of Achillea fragrantissima

Author(s): Elmann Anat | Mordechay Sharon | Erlank Hilla | Telerman Alona | Rindner Miriam | Ofir Rivka
Anti-CD20 B-cell depletion enhances monocyte reactivity in neuroimmunological disorders

Author(s): Lehmann-Horn Klaus | Schleich Eva | Hertzenberg Deetje | Hapfelmeier Alexander | Kümpfel Tania | von Bubnoff Nikolas | Hohlfeld Reinhard | Berthele Achim | Hemmer Bernhard | Weber Martin
Post-traumatic hypoxia exacerbates neurological deficit, neuroinflammation and cerebral metabolism in rats with diffuse traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Yan Edwin | Hellewell Sarah | Bellander Bo-Michael | Agyapomaa Doreen | Morganti-Kossmann M Cristina
Oral administration of the KATP channel opener diazoxide ameliorates disease progression in a murine model of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Virgili Noemí | Espinosa-Parrilla Juan | Mancera Pilar | Pastén-Zamorano Andrea | Gimeno-Bayon Javier | Rodríguez Manuel | Mahy Nicole | Pugliese Marco
Concurrent hippocampal induction of MHC II pathway components and glial activation with advanced aging is not correlated with cognitive impairment

Author(s): VanGuilder Heather | Bixler Georgina | Brucklacher Robert | Farley Julie | Yan Han | Warrington Junie | Sonntag William | Freeman Willard
LPS preconditioning redirects TLR signaling following stroke: TRIF-IRF3 plays a seminal role in mediating tolerance to ischemic injury

Author(s): Vartanian Keri | Stevens Susan | Marsh Brenda | Williams-Karnesky Rebecca | Lessov Nikola | Stenzel-Poore Mary
Origin and consequences of brain Toll-like receptor 4 pathway stimulation in an experimental model of depression

Author(s): Gárate Iciar | García-Bueno Borja | Madrigal José | Bravo Lidia | Berrocoso Esther | Caso Javier | Micó Juan | Leza Juan
Differential aquaporin 4 expression during edema build-up and resolution phases of brain inflammation

Author(s): Tourdias Thomas | Mori Nobuyuki | Dragonu Iulus | Cassagno Nadège | Boiziau Claudine | Aussudre Justine | Brochet Bruno | Moonen Chrit | Petry Klaus | Dousset Vincent
Nanoparticles and Neurotoxicity

Author(s): Tin-Tin Win-Shwe | Hidekazu Fujimaki
Fingolimod modulates microglial activation to augment markers of remyelination

Author(s): Jackson Samuel | Giovannoni Gavin | Baker David
S-Nitrosoglutathione reduces oxidative injury and promotes mechanisms of neurorepair following traumatic brain injury in rats

Author(s): Khan Mushfiquddin | Sakakima Harutoshi | Dhammu Tajinder | Shunmugavel Anandakumar | Im Yeong-Bin | Gilg Anne | Singh Avtar | Singh Inderjit
Lymph node-derived donor encephalitogenic CD4+ T cells in C57BL/6 mice adoptive transfer experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis highly express GM-CSF and T-bet

Author(s): Cravens Petra | Hussain Rehana | Zacharias Tresa | Ben Li-Hong | Herndon Emily | Vinnakota Ramya | Lambracht-Washington Doris | Nessler Stefan | Zamvil Scott | Eagar Todd | Stüve Olaf
Heteroarylketones inhibit astroglial interleukin-6 expression via a STAT3/NF-κB signaling pathway

Author(s): Schulz Ingo | Engel Claudia | Niestroj André | Zeitschel Ulrike | Menge Katja | Kehlen Astrid | Meyer Antje | Roßner Steffen | Demuth Hans-Ulrich
Estrogens regulate neuroinflammatory genes via estrogen receptors α and β in the frontal cortex of middle-aged female rats

Author(s): Sárvári Miklós | Hrabovszky Erik | Kalló Imre | Solymosi Norbert | Tóth Kinga | Likó István | Széles János | Mahó Sándor | Molnár Béla | Liposits Zsolt
Aspirin-triggered lipoxin A4 attenuates LPS-induced pro-inflammatory responses by inhibiting activation of NF-κB and MAPKs in BV-2 microglial cells

Author(s): Wang Yan-Ping | Wu Yan | Li Long-Yan | Zheng Jin | Liu Ren-Gang | Zhou Jie-Ping | Yuan Shi-Ying | Shang You | Yao Shang-Long
Transcriptional analysis of rat piriform cortex following exposure to the organophosphonate anticholinesterase sarin and induction of seizures

Author(s): Spradling Kimberly | Lumley Lucille | Robison Christopher | Meyerhoff James | Dillman James
The Involvement of Neuroinflammation and Kynurenine Pathway in Parkinson's Disease

Author(s): Anna Zinger | Carlos Barcia | Maria Trinidad Herrero | Gilles J. Guillemin
Expression of tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1β genes in the cochlea and inferior colliculus in salicylate-induced tinnitus

Author(s): Hwang Juen-Haur | Chen Jin-Cherng | Yang Shan-Ying | Wang Ming-Fu | Chan Yin-Ching
SDF1 in the dorsal corticospinal tract promotes CXCR4+ cell migration after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Tysseling Vicki | Mithal Divakar | Sahni Vibhu | Birch Derin | Jung Hosung | Belmadani Abdelhak | Miller Richard | Kessler John
Overweight worsens apoptosis, neuroinflammation and blood-brain barrier damage after hypoxic ischemia in neonatal brain through JNK hyperactivation

Author(s): Tu Yi-Fang | Tsai Yau-Sheng | Wang Lan-Wan | Wu Hsin-Chieh | Huang Chao-Ching | Ho Chien-Jung
Enhanced neuroinflammation and pain hypersensitivity after peripheral nerve injury in rats expressing mutated superoxide dismutase 1

Author(s): Berger Julie | Deumens Ronald | Goursaud Stéphanie | Schäfer Sabrina | Lavand'homme Patricia | Joosten Elbert | Hermans Emmanuel
The CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP) δ is differently regulated by fibrillar and oligomeric forms of the Alzheimer amyloid-β peptide

Author(s): Ramberg Veronica | Tracy Linda | Samuelsson Malin | Nilsson Lars | Iverfeldt Kerstin
Selective adenosine A2A receptor agonists and antagonists protect against spinal cord injury through peripheral and central effects

Author(s): Paterniti Irene | Melani Alessia | Cipriani Sara | Corti Francesca | Mello Tommaso | Mazzon Emanuela | Esposito Emanuela | Bramanti Placido | Cuzzocrea Salvatore | Pedata Felicita
Pro-inflammatory gene expression in solid glioblastoma microenvironment and in hypoxic stem cells from human glioblastoma

Author(s): Tafani Marco | Di Vito Maura | Frati Alessandro | Pellegrini Laura | De Santis Elena | Sette Giovanni | Eramo Adriana | Sale Patrizio | Mari Emanuela | Santoro Antonio | Raco Antonino | Salvati Maurizio | De Maria Ruggero | Russo Matteo
Genomic profile of Toll-like receptor pathways in traumatically brain-injured mice: effect of exogenous progesterone

Author(s): Hua Fang | Wang Jun | Ishrat Tauheed | Wei Wenjing | Atif Fahim | Sayeed Iqbal | Stein Donald
Regulation of Toll-like receptor 1 and -2 in neonatal mice brains after hypoxia-ischemia

Author(s): Stridh Linnea | Smith Peter | Naylor Andrew | Wang Xiaoyang | Mallard Carina
Expression of mutant alpha-synuclein modulates microglial phenotype in vitro

Author(s): Rojanathammanee Lalida | Murphy Eric | Combs Colin
Indications of Th1 and Th17 responses in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with Lyme neuroborreliosis: a large retrospective study

Author(s): Henningsson Anna | Tjernberg Ivar | Malmvall Bo-Eric | Forsberg Pia | Ernerudh Jan
Update in the methodology of the chronic stress paradigm: internal control matters

Author(s): Strekalova Tatyana | Couch Yvonne | Kholod Natalia | Boyks Marco | Malin Dmitry | Leprince Pierre | Steinbusch Harry
Changes in interleukin-1 signal modulators induced by 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA): regulation by CB2 receptors and implications for neurotoxicity

Author(s): Torres Elisa | Gutierrez-Lopez Maria | Mayado Andrea | Rubio Ana | O'Shea Esther | Colado Maria
Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected human monocytes down-regulate microglial MMP-2 secretion in CNS tuberculosis via TNFα, NFκB, p38 and caspase 8 dependent pathways

Author(s): Green Justin | Dholakia Shruti | Janczar Karolina | Ong Catherine | Moores Rachel | Fry Julie | Elkington Paul | Roncaroli Federico | Friedland Jon
IL-6 is increased in the cerebellum of autistic brain and alters neural cell adhesion, migration and synaptic formation

Author(s): Wei Hongen | Zou Hua | Sheikh Ashfaq | Malik Mazhar | Dobkin Carl | Brown W Ted | Li Xiaohong
Increased expression of cystine/glutamate antiporter in multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Pampliega Olatz | Domercq María | Soria Federico | Villoslada Pablo | Rodríguez-Antigüedad Alfredo | Matute Carlos
Lentiviral vector-mediated stable expression of sTNFR-Fc in human macrophage and neuronal cells as a potential therapy for neuroAIDS

Author(s): Cao Shengbo | Wu Chengxiang | Yang Yongbo | Sniderhan Lynn | Maggirwar Sanjay | Dewhurst Stephen | Lu Yuanan
Exogenous nitric oxide decreases brain vascular inflammation, leakage and venular resistance during Plasmodium berghei ANKA infection in mice

Author(s): Zanini Graziela | Cabrales Pedro | Barkho Wisam | Frangos John | Carvalho Leonardo
Predominance of Th2 polarization by Vitamin D through a STAT6-dependent mechanism

Author(s): Sloka Scott | Silva Claudia | Wang Jianxiong | Yong V
Transcellular migration of neutrophil granulocytes through the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier after infection with Streptococcus suis

Author(s): Wewer Corinna | Seibt Annette | Wolburg Hartwig | Greune Lilo | Schmidt M Alexander | Berger Jürgen | Galla Hans-Joachim | Quitsch Ulrike | Schwerk Christian | Schroten Horst | Tenenbaum Tobias
The effects of high dose interferon-β1a on plasma microparticles: Correlation with MRI parameters

Author(s): Lowery-Nordberg Mary | Eaton Erin | Gonzalez-Toledo Eduardo | Harris Meghan | Chalamidas Kathrine | McGee-Brown Jeanie | Ganta Chaitanya | Minagar Alireza | Cousineau David | Alexander J Steven
Loss of the receptor tyrosine kinase Axl leads to enhanced inflammation in the CNS and delayed removal of myelin debris during Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Author(s): Weinger Jason | Brosnan Celia | Loudig Olivier | Goldberg Michael | Macian Fernando | Arnett Heather | Prieto Anne | Tsiperson Vladislav | Shafit-Zagardo Bridget
Classically and alternatively activated bone marrow derived macrophages differ in cytoskeletal functions and migration towards specific CNS cell types

Author(s): Vereyken Elly | Heijnen Priscilla | Baron Wia | de Vries Elga | Dijkstra Christine | Teunissen Charlotte
Alteration of T cell cytokine production in PLPp-139-151-induced EAE in SJL mice by an immunostimulatory CpG Oligonucleotide

Author(s): Smolianov Vsevolod | Dehmel Thomas | Vollmar Patrick | Mausberg Anne | Kieseier Bernd | Hemmer Bernhard | Hartung Hans | Hofstetter Harald
Mild hypothermia causes differential, time-dependent changes in cytokine expression and gliosis following endothelin-1-induced transient focal cerebral ischemia

Author(s): Ceulemans An-Gaëlle | Zgavc Tine | Kooijman Ron | Hachimi-Idrissi Said | Sarre Sophie | Michotte Yvette
Sesamin ameliorates oxidative stress and mortality in kainic acid-induced status epilepticus by inhibition of MAPK and COX-2 activation

Author(s): Hsieh Peiyuan | Hou Chien-Wei | Yao Pei-Wun | Wu Szu-Pei | Peng Yu-Fen | Shen Mei-Lin | Lin Ching-Huei | Chao Ya-Yun | Chang Ming-Hong | Jeng Kee-Ching
Momordica charantia (bitter melon) attenuates high-fat diet-associated oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Author(s): Nerurkar Pratibha | Johns Lisa | Buesa Lance | Kipyakwai Gideon | Volper Esther | Sato Ryuei | Shah Pranjal | Feher Domonkos | Williams Philip | Nerurkar Vivek
Temporal and sequential changes of glial cells and cytokine expression during neuronal degeneration after transient global ischemia in rats

Author(s): Yasuda Y | Shimoda T | Uno K | Tateishi N | Furuya S | Tsuchihashi Y | Kawai Y | Naruse S | Fujita S
Increased cerebral (R)-[11C]PK11195 uptake and glutamate release in a rat model of traumatic brain injury: a longitudinal pilot study

Author(s): Folkersma Hedy | Foster Dingley Jessica | van Berckel Bart | Rozemuller Annemieke | Boellaard Ronald | Huisman Marc | Lammertsma Adriaan | Vandertop W Peter | Molthoff Carla
Loss of function mutations in the progranulin gene are related to pro-inflammatory cytokine dysregulation in frontotemporal lobar degeneration patients

Author(s): Bossù Paola | Salani Francesca | Alberici Antonella | Archetti Silvana | Bellelli Giuseppe | Galimberti Daniela | Scarpini Elio | Spalletta Gianfranco | Caltagirone Carlo | Padovani Alessandro | Borroni Barbara
Increased local concentration of complement C5a contributes to incisional pain in mice

Author(s): Jang Jun | Liang Deyong | Kido Kanta | Sun Yuan | Clark David | Brennan Timothy
Melittin restores proteasome function in an animal model of ALS

Author(s): Yang Eun Jin | Kim Seon Hwy | Yang Sun Choel | Lee Sang Min | Choi Sun-Mi
Microglial p38α MAPK is a key regulator of proinflammatory cytokine up-regulation induced by toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands or beta-amyloid (Aβ)

Author(s): Bachstetter Adam | Xing Bin | de Almeida Lucia | Dimayuga Edgardo | Watterson D Martin | Van Eldik Linda
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor attenuates inflammation in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Author(s): Pollari Eveliina | Savchenko Ekaterina | Jaronen Merja | Kanninen Katja | Malm Tarja | Wojciechowski Sara | Ahtoniemi Toni | Goldsteins Gundars | Giniatullina Raisa | Giniatullin Rashid | Koistinaho Jari | Magga Johanna
CCL2/MCP-1 modulation of microglial activation and proliferation

Author(s): Hinojosa Ara | Garcia-Bueno Borja | Leza Juan | Madrigal Jose
Myelin-phagocytosing macrophages modulate autoreactive T cell proliferation

Author(s): Bogie Jeroen | Stinissen Piet | Hellings Niels | Hendriks Jerome
Psychostimulant Drugs and Neuroplasticity

Author(s): Emilio Fernandez-Espejo | Nieves Rodriguez-Espinosa
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