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Is the repair of articular cartilage lesion by costal chondrocyte transplantation donor age-dependent? An experimental study in rabbits.

Author(s): Paweł Szeparowicz | Janusz Popko | Bogusław Sawicki | Sławomir Wołczyński
Macrophage-specific RAM11 monoclonal antibody cross-reacts with basal cells of stratified squamous epithelia.

Author(s): Grzegorz J Lis | Jan A Litwin | Alicja Furgal-Borzych | Joanna Zarzecka | Tadeusz Cichocki
Improvements to the PhytoDOAS method for identification of major phytoplankton groups using hyper-spectral satellite data

Author(s): A. Sadeghi | T. Dinter | M. Vountas | B. Taylor | I. Peeken | A. Bracher
Paleointensities on 8 ka obsidian from Mayor Island, New Zealand

Author(s): A. Ferk | R. Leonhardt | K.-U. Hess | D. B. Dingwell
Using synoptic type analysis to understand New Zealand climate during the Mid-Holocene

Author(s): D. Ackerley | A. Lorrey | J. A. Renwick | S. J. Phipps | S. Wagner | S. Dean | J. Singarayer | P. Valdes | A. Abe-Ouchi | R. Ohgaito | J. M. Jones
Implications of albedo changes following afforestation on the benefits of forests as carbon sinks

Author(s): M. U. F. Kirschbaum | D. Whitehead | S. M. Dean | P. N. Beets | J. D. Shepherd | A.-G. E. Ausseil
Paleointensities on 8 ka obsidian from Mayor Island, New Zealand

Author(s): A. Ferk | R. Leonhardt | K.-U. Hess | D. B. Dingwell
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Author(s): H Javidi | M Yadollahie
Elevated C-met in Thymic Dendritic Cells of New Zealand Black Mice

Author(s): Tomoyuki Okada | Zhe-Xiong Lian | Tom Hsu | Mitsuru Naiki | Aftab A. Ansari | Dan Robinson | Hsing-Jien Kung | Richard Boyd | M. Eric Gershwin
Increased Frequency of Pre–Pro B Cells in the Bone Marrow of New Zealand Black (NZB) Mice: Implications for aDevelopmental Block in B Cell Differentiation

Author(s): Zhe-Xiong Lian | Hiroto Kita | Tomoyuki Okada | Tom Hsu | Leonard D. Shultz | Kenneth Dorshkind | Aftab A. Ansari | Susumu Ikehara | Mitsuru Naiki | M. Eric Gershwin

Author(s): Michael Verhaart
Reasoning about the value of cultural awareness in international collaboration

Author(s): Helena Bernáld | Åsa Cajander | Mats Daniels | Cary Laxer
Evidential recovery from GPS devices

Author(s): Brian Cusack | Mark Simms
Frullania knightbridgei, a new liverwort (Frullaniaceae, Marchantiophyta) species from the deep south of Aotearoa-New Zealand based on an integrated evidence-based approach

Author(s): Matt von Konrat | Peter de Lange | Matthew Greif | Lynika Strozier | Jörn Hentschel | Jochen Heinrichs
Effects of selected epigenetic factors on the rabbit ejaculate quality

Author(s): Chrenek P. | Schneidgenová Monika | Vasicek J. | Martiniaková Monika | Vondráková Mária
The Luminous Organ of the New Zealand Glow-worm

Author(s): W. M. Wheeler | F. X. Williams
Some Parasitic Hymenoptera From New Zealand

Author(s): Charles T. Brues
Antioxidant Activity of Some Carduus Species Growing in Bulgaria

Author(s): Dimitrina Zheleva-Dimitrova | Iliya Zhelev | Ivanka Dimitrova-Dyulgerova
Tetrodotoxin Concentrations in Pleurobranchaea maculata: Temporal, Spatial and Individual Variability from New Zealand Populations

Author(s): Susanna A. Wood | David I. Taylor | Paul McNabb | Jarrod Walker | Janet Adamson | Stephen Craig Cary
Integrated Care in New Zealand

Author(s): Jacqueline Margaret Cumming
The effect of intravitreal anti-VEGF agents on peripheral wound healing in a rabbit model

Author(s): Christoforidis J | Ricketts R | Pratt C | Pierce J | Bean S | Wells M | Zhang X | La Perle K
Co-movements of and Linkages between Asian Stock Markets

Author(s): Ilhan Meric, | Joe H. Kim, | Linguo Gong, | Gulser Meric
Attitude and Perception Differences among International Students and Local Students: A Case Study of Australia and New Zealand

Author(s): Abdul Latif | Nadeem Bhatti | Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo | Muhammad Suhail Nazar | Faiz. M. Shaikh
An Analysis of the Qualitative Characteristics of Management Commentary Reporting by New Zealand Companies

Author(s): Bikram Chatterjee | Stuart Tooley | Vic Fatseas | Alistair Brown
Calibration of column-averaged CH4 over European TCCON FTS sites with airborne in-situ measurements

Author(s): M. C. Geibel | J. Messerschmidt | C. Gerbig | T. Blumenstock | F. Hase | O. Kolle | J. V. Lavrič | J. Notholt | M. Palm | M. Rettinger | M. Schmidt | R. Sussmann | T. Warneke | D. G. Feist
Chemotherapeutic Agent-induced Nephrotoxicity in Rabbits: Protective Role of Grape Seed Extract

Author(s): Fulya Benzer | Fatih Mehmet Kandemir | Songul Ceribasi | Mustafa Ozkaraca | Nuran Cikcikoglu Yildirim | Sema Temizer Ozan
The Lau Basin Float Experiment (LAUB-FLEX)

Author(s): Kevin Speer | Andreas M. Thurnherr
Study of Noise Effects on Rabbit's Hearing Status Using Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Seyyed Ali Moussavi-Najarkola | Ali Khavanin | Ramezan Mirzaee | Mojdeh Salehnia | Mehdi Akbari | Hassan Asilian
Molecular Mechanisms of (R,R)ZX-5 on NO Synthesis and Its Anti-Angiogenic Effect

Author(s): Li Pan | Jia-Liang Hu | Wen-Jing Wang | Xiao-Juan Zhang | Jin Wei | Zhen-Dong Liu | Yi-Hua Zhang | Han-Mei Xu
Performance, digestibility and morphometry of ileal villi of rabbits fed with levels of inclusion of “Lithothamnium” Desempenho, digestibilidade e morfometria da vilosidade ileal de coelhos alimentados com diferentes níveis de inclusão de “Lithothamnium”

Author(s): Ana Carolina Castro Euler | Walter Motta Ferreira | Edgar de Alencar Teixeira | Ângela Maria Quintão Lana | Roberto Maurício Carvalho Guedes | Artur Canella Avelar
A comparison of biogenic iron quotas during a diatom spring bloom using multiple approaches

Author(s): A. L. King | S. A. Sañudo-Wilhelmy | P. W. Boyd | B. S. Twining | S. W. Wilhelm | C. Breene | M. J. Ellwood | D. A. Hutchins
Change in dust variability in the Atlantic sector of Antarctica at the end of the last deglaciation

Author(s): A. Wegner | P. Gabrielli | D. Wilhelms-Dick | U. Ruth | M. Kriews | P. De Deckker | C. Barbante | G. Cozzi | B. Delmonte | H. Fischer
Evaluation of Anadara granosa Shell Post Muscle Implantation in Animal Model: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): A.B.Z. Zuki | D. Saudi | A. Jalila | R. Mustaffa | Y. Norimah
Pathological Influences of Twelve Months Vasectomy on the Reproductive Tissues in Rabbits

Author(s): Zonglin Chen | Xunbin Huang | Xinggang Wang | Yuanfeng Zhang
The Higher Order Structure of Environmental Attitudes: A Cross-Cultural Examination

Author(s): Taciano L. Milfont | John Duckitt | Claire Wagner
Haematological and serum biochemical indices of growing rabbits fed camel blood-rumen content mixture

Author(s): Mohammed Gambo, | Igwebuike Joseph Uchechi, | Alade Nurudeen Kehinde, | Adamu Shaibu Bala | Raji Abdulrazaq Onimisi
Profile of serum alkaline phosphatase after inoculation of mononuclear cells and bone morphogenetic protein in the repair of osteochondral defects in rabbits

Author(s): Luiz Augusto de Souza | Benito Juarez Nunes Alves de Oliveira | Duvaldo Eurides | Ednaldo Carvalho Guimarães | Luiz Antônio Franco da Silva | Lorena Borges Alves | Ana Flávia Delben Pereira Arruda | Taís Andrade Dias

Author(s): Lenka Maršálková | Ľubomír Belej | Pavol Bajzík | Jaroslav Pokorádi
Price Effects of Monetary Policy: The Case of a Small Open Economy of New Zealand

Author(s): Shahnawaz Karim | Minsoo Lee | Christopher Gan
Evaluation of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Combination with Deproteinized Bovine Bone Mineral in the Rabbit Cranium; A Pilot Study

Author(s): Y. Soleymani Shayesteh | A. Khorsand | P. Motahhary | M. Dehghan | MA. Shafiee Ardestani
Understandings and social practices of medications for Zimbabwean households in New Zealand

Author(s): Stanley Kamutingondo | Shiloh Groot | Darrin Hodgetts | Linda Waimarie Nikora
Poems by Doug Poole

Author(s): Doug Poole
Effect of GBR in Combination with Deproteinized Bovine Bone Mineral on the Healing of Calvarial Defects in Rabbits

Author(s): AA. Khoshkhoonejad | A. Miremadi | AR. Rokn | B. Eslami | M. Dehghan | H. Kalbassi
Response of Growing Rabbits to Diets Containing Different Levels of Protein and Mustard Seeds (Sinapisalba Linn)

Author(s): Sh. A. M. Ibrahim | H. A. A. Omer | A. A. Abedo | F. A. F. Ali
Book Reviews

Author(s): M.A. van Bakel | A. Appadurai | C. Baks | Ákos Östör | W.E.A. van Beek | B. Bernardi | H.W. Bodewitz | J.-M Péterfalvi | Paul Doornbos | Raymond C. Kelly | Henk Driessen | Paul Spencer | D. Gerrets | Daniel Miller | Peter Kloos | Jacques Lizot | Peter Kloos | Jacques Lizot | Peter Kloos | H. Zevenbergen | Piet Konings | Freek Schiphorst | S. Kooijman | E. Schlesier | H.M. Leyten | Bernhard Gardi | J. Miedema | Bruce M. Knauft | David S. Moyer | David H. Turner | B. van Norren | Peter Kloos | Jérôme Rousseau | Victor T. King | Jérôme Rousseau | Alain Testart | Arie de Ruijter | David Pace | B.J. Terwiel | Roland Mischung | B.J. Terwiel | Niels Mulder | R.S. Wassing | Sidney M. Mead | Harriet T. Zurndorfer | Maarten van der Wee | M.A. van Bakel | J. Terrell | J. van Goor
Book Reviews

Author(s): L.O. Schuman | C. Hooykaas | Hans Nevermann | A. Teeuw | ? Slametmuljana | P. van Emst | J.D. Freeman | H.J. de Graaf | J.P. Cortemünde | A. Teeuw | Miroslav Oplt
Cholesterol-enriched diet causes age-related macular degeneration-like pathology in rabbit retina

Author(s): Dasari Bhanu | Prasanthi Jaya | Marwarha Gurdeep | Singh Brij | Ghribi Othman
A randomised controlled trial to prevent hospital readmissions and loss of functional ability in high risk older adults: a study protocol

Author(s): Courtney Mary | Edwards Helen | Chang Anne | Parker Anthony | Finlayson Kathleen | Hamilton Kyra
A school-based intervention to promote physical activity among adolescent girls: Rationale, design, and baseline data from the Girls in Sport group randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Okely Anthony | Cotton Wayne | Lubans David | Morgan Philip | Puglisi Lauren | Miller Judy | Wright Jan | Batterham Marijka | Peralta Louisa | Perry Janine
Predictors of adherence to a multifaceted podiatry intervention for the prevention of falls in older people

Author(s): Spink Martin | Fotoohabadi Mohammad | Wee Elin | Landorf Karl | Hill Keith | Lord Stephen | Menz Hylton
The sydney playground project: popping the bubblewrap - unleashing the power of play: a cluster randomized controlled trial of a primary school playground-based intervention aiming to increase children's physical activity and social skills

Author(s): Bundy Anita | Naughton Geraldine | Tranter Paul | Wyver Shirley | Baur Louise | Schiller Wendy | Bauman Adrian | Engelen Lina | Ragen Jo | Luckett Tim | Niehues Anita | Stewart Gabrielle | Jessup Glenda | Brentnall Jennie
The effect of a periodontal intervention on cardiovascular risk markers in Indigenous Australians with periodontal disease: the PerioCardio study

Author(s): Skilton Michael | Maple-Brown Louise | Kapellas Kostas | Celermajer David | Bartold Mark | Brown Alex | O'Dea Kerin | Slade Gary | Jamieson Lisa
Moxibustion for cephalic version: a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Do Carole | Smith Caroline | Dahlen Hannah | Bisits Andrew | Schmied Virginia
Polyclonal antibody cocktails generated using DNA vaccine technology protect in murine models of orthopoxvirus disease

Author(s): Golden Joseph | Zaitseva Marina | Kapnick Senta | Fisher Robert | Mikolajczyk Malgorzata | Ballantyne John | Golding Hana | Hooper Jay
Cardiovascular risk among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal smoking male prisoners: inequalities compared to the wider community

Author(s): Richmond Robyn | Wilhelm Kay | Indig Devon | Butler Tony | Archer Vicki | Wodak Alex
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Tualang honey in alkali injury on the eyes of rabbits: Experimental animal study

Author(s): Bashkaran Karuppannan | Zunaina Embong | Bakiah Shaharuddin | Sulaiman Siti | Sirajudeen KNS | Naik Venkatesh
QUALICOPC, a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary care

Author(s): Schäfer Willemijn | Boerma Wienke | Kringos Dionne | De Maeseneer Jan | Greß Stefan | Heinemann Stephanie | Rotar-Pavlic Danica | Seghieri Chiara | Švab Igor | Van den Berg Michael | Vainieri Milena | Westert Gert | Willems Sara | Groenewegen Peter
Effects of edible bird's nest (EBN) on cultured rabbit corneal keratocytes

Author(s): Zainal Abidin Fadhilah | Hui Chua | Luan Ng | Mohd Ramli Elvy Suhana | Hun Lee | Abd Ghafar Norzana
Pharmacokinetic and technical comparison of Sandostatin® LAR® and other formulations of long-acting octreotide

Author(s): Petersen Holger | Bizec Jean-Claude | Schuetz Helmut | Delporte Marie-Laure
Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

Author(s): Sheridan Nicolette | Kenealy Timothy | Connolly Martin | Mahony Faith | Barber P Alan | Boyd Mary Anne | Carswell Peter | Clinton Janet | Devlin Gerard | Doughty Robert | Dyall Lorna | Kerse Ngaire | Kolbe John | Lawrenson Ross | Moffitt Allan
Limiting weight gain in overweight and obese women during pregnancy to improve health outcomes: the LIMIT randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Dodd Jodie | Turnbull Deborah | McPhee Andrew | Wittert Gary | Crowther Caroline | Robinson Jeffrey
A comparison of biogenic iron quotas during a diatom spring bloom using multiple approaches

Author(s): A. L. King | S. A. Sañudo-Wilhelmy | P. W. Boyd | B. S. Twining | S. W. Wilhelm | C. Breene | M. J. Ellwood | D. A. Hutchins
The effects of growth hormone administration on bone density in healthy adult rabbits

Author(s): Ahrari Khafi MS | Soroori S | Nakhjavani M | Mortazavi P | Vajhi AR | Bahonar AR
Hydatid Cyst in the Cardiac Papillary Muscle of the Tricuspid Valve

Author(s): Ahmad Takrity | Jamal Hossin | Morteza Joorabian
IODP Expedition 317: Exploring the Record of Sea-Level Change off New Zealand

Author(s): Craig S. Fulthorpe | Koichi Hoyanagi | Peter Blum | the IODP Expedition 317 Scien
Radiopharmaceutical regulation world wide - the resemblances and the differences

Author(s): Reza Dowlatabadi Bazaz | Davood Beiki | Ali Khalaj
Effect of pomegranate pretreatment on the oral bioavailability of buspirone in male albino rabbits

Author(s): Y Shravan Kumar | D Adukondalu | A Bhargavi Latha | Y Vamshi Vishnu | G Ramesh | R Shiva Kumar | Y Madhusudan Rao | M Sarangapani
Light environment and pigment composition of Megaceros pellucidus

Author(s): Roger L. S. Watkins | Heather A. Outred | R. E. Rowland | Simon Brown
Developing a Rabbit Model of Neointimal Stenosis and Atherosclerotic Fibrous Plaque Rupture

Author(s): Hossein Mehrad | Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji | Hossein Ghanaati | Amir-Ali Shahbazfar
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