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The Effects of Extended Release Niacin in Combination with Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements in the Treatment of Elevated Lipoprotein (a)

Author(s): Alan F. Helmbold | Jennifer N. Slim | Jennifer Morgan | Laudino M. Castillo-Rojas | Eric A. Shry | Ahmad M. Slim

Author(s): Carlos Roberto VICTORIA | Ulysses Garzela MENEGHELLI
Nutritional value of edible wild mushrooms collected from the Black Sea region of Turkey

Author(s): Caglarlrmak , Necla | Otles , Semih | Unal , Kemal
Hartnup disease

Author(s): Patel A | Prabhu A
A Case of Refractory Type III Hyperlypoproteinemia Successfully Treated with Plasmapheresis

Author(s): Alpaslan Tuzcu | Mithat Bahceci | Deniz Gökalp | Orhan Ayyıldiz | Yekta Tüzün
Pellagra In An Alcoholic

Author(s): Thappa Devinder Mohan | Karthikeyan Kaliaperumal
Treatment of dyslipidemia in patients with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Vijayaraghavan Krishnaswami
Acute effects of a thermogenic nutritional supplement on cycling time to exhaustion and muscular strength in college-aged men

Author(s): Walter Ashley | Herda Trent | Ryan Eric | Costa Pablo | Hoge Katherine | Beck Travis | Stout Jeffery | Cramer Joel
The Vitamin Nicotinamide: Translating Nutrition into Clinical Care

Author(s): Kenneth Maiese | Zhao Zhong Chong | Jinling Hou | Yan Chen Shang
Design and evaluation of niacin microspheres

Author(s): Maravajhala Vidyavathi | Dasari Nirmala | Sepuri Asha | Joginapalli S

Author(s): Elena Diaz | Fatima Ruiz | Itziar Hoyos | Jaime Zubero | Leyre Gravina | Javier Gil | Jon Irazusta | Susana Maria Gil
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Susceptibility Testing Against Eight Anti-tuberculosis Drugs in Lahore (Pakistan)

Author(s): Muhammad Idrees | Aftab H. Bhatti | Sheikh Riazuddin | F.M. Khan
Effect of Geminated Rough Rice Media on Growth of Selected Probiotic Bacteria

Author(s): Nathanon Trachoo | Chantelle Boudreaux | Anuchita Moongngarm | Supachai Samappito | Rumpai Gaensakoo
Dietary Patterns among Pregnant Women in the West-North of Iran

Author(s): Ahmad Esmaillzadeh | Saeid Samareh | Leila Azadbakht
Effects of Niacin on Milk Production and Blood Parameters in Early Lactation of Dairy Cows

Author(s): Behnam Ghorbani | Narges Vahdani | Saeed Zerehdaran
Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Prospects of Two Wild Macro-Fungi Found in Nigeria

Author(s): Okwulehie | Ikechukwuka Cyriacus | Nwosu | C. Princewill | Okoroafor Chukwuma Johnpaul
Effect of Dietary Zinc and Niacin on Laying Hens Performance and Egg Quality

Author(s): O.M. El-Husseiny | M.O. Abd-Elsamee | I.I. Omara | A.M. Fouad
Inadequacy of nutrients intake among pregnant women in the Deep South of Thailand

Author(s): Sukchan Phnom | Liabsuetrakul Tippawan | Chongsuvivatwong Virasakdi | Songwathana Praneed | Sornsrivichai Vosasit | Kuning Metta
Low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol: current status and future strategies for management

Author(s): Vibhuti Singh | Rakesh Sharma | Ajoy Kumar | et al
Prolonged-release nicotinic acid for the management of dyslipidemia: an update including results from the NAUTILUS study

Author(s): Anja Vogt | Ursula Kassner | Ulrike Hostalek | Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen
Targeting mulitple dyslipidemias with fixed combinations – focus on extended release niacin and simvastatin

Author(s): Anbu Pandian | Anjali Arora | Laurence S Sperling | Bobby V Khan
Raising HDL cholesterol in women

Author(s): Danny J Eapen | Girish L Kalra | Luay Rifai | et al
Effect of Fermentation on the Composition of Centella asiatica Teas

Author(s): Chew Shio Heong | Kaur | Bhupinder | Nurul Huda | Alias A. Karim | Ariffin Fazilah
Pharmacological effects of lipid-lowering drugs on circulating adipokines

Author(s): Desiree Wanders | Eric P Plaisance | Robert L Judd
Chronic niacin overload may be involved in the increased prevalence of obesity in US children

Author(s): Da Li, Wu-Ping Sun, Yi-Ming Zhou, Qi-Gui Liu, Shi-Sheng Zhou, Ning Luo, Fu-Ning Bian, Zhi-Gang Zhao, Ming Guo
Do statins reduce hepatitis C RNA titers during routine clinical use?

Author(s): Kimberly A Forde, Connie Law, Rose O’Flynn, David E Kaplan
A factorial randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of micronutrients supplementation and regular aerobic exercise on maternal endothelium-dependent vasodilatation and oxidative stress of the newborn

Author(s): Ramírez-Vélez Robinson | Romero Miryam | Echeverri Isabella | Ortega José | Mosquera Mildrey | Salazar Blanca | Girón Sandra | Saldarriaga Wilmar | Aguilar de Plata Ana | Mateus Julio
Molecular and cellular pathways associated with chromosome 1p deletions during colon carcinogenesis

Author(s): Payne CM | Crowley-Skillicorn C | Bernstein C | Holubec H | Bernstein H
Etofibrate but not controlled-release niacin decreases LDL cholesterol and lipoprotein (a) in type IIb dyslipidemic subjects

Author(s): Sposito A.C. | Mansur A.P. | Maranhão R.C. | Rodrigues-Sobrinho C.R.M. | Coelho O.R. | Ramires J.A.F.
BCG lymphadenopathy detected in a BCG-vaccinated infant

Author(s): Barouni A.S. | Augusto C. | Queiroz M.V.N.P. | Lopes M.T.P. | Zanini M.S. | Salas C.E.
The relationship between dental status, food selection, nutrient intake, nutritional status, and body mass index in older people

Author(s): Marcenes Wagner | Steele Jimmy George | Sheiham Aubrey | Walls Angus Willian Gilmour
Food intakes and preferences of hospitalised geriatric patients

Author(s): Shahar Suzana | Chee Kan | Wan Chik Wan Chak
The safety of over-the-counter niacin. A randomized placebo-controlled trial [ISRCTN18054903]

Author(s): Mills Edward | Prousky Jonathan | Raskin Gannady | Gagnier Joel | Rachlis Beth | Montori Victor | Juurlink David
Sirt1 Regulates Insulin Secretion by Repressing UCP2 in Pancreatic beta Cells.

Author(s): Bordone | Motta | Picard | Robinson | Jhala | Apfeld | McDonagh | Lemieux | McBurney | Szilvasi | Easlon | Lin | Guarente
Vitamin status and cognitive function in a long-term care population

Author(s): Paulionis Lina | Kane Sheri-Lynn | Meckling Kelly
Atherogenic dyslipidemia in metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes: therapeutic options beyond statins

Author(s): Tenenbaum Alexander | Fisman Enrique | Motro Michael | Adler Yehuda
Oxidative Hemolysis of Erythrocytes Induced by Various Vitamins

Author(s): I.H.Ibrahim | S.M.Sallam2 | H.Omar | M.Rizk
A comparative study on the effects of niacin plus atorvastatin with that of fenofibrate plus atorvastatin in dyslipidemia

Author(s): Salim Ahmed | A.K.M. Mosharrof Hossain | Sudhangshu Ranjan Dey | A.K.M. Akhtaruzzaman | Musammath Moriom Siddika
Nutritional status assessment of patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Anna Prescha | Joanna Pieczyńska | Katarzyna Biernat | Katarzyna Neubauer | Adam Smereka | Rafał Ilow | Halina Grajeta | Jadwiga Biernat | Leszek Paradowski
Nutrient composition of five varieties of commonly consumed Nigerian groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Author(s): Shokunbi, O. S. | Fayomi, E. T. | Sonuga, O. S. | Tayo, G. O.
Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori in female Vietnamese immigrants to Korea

Author(s): Su Jung Baik | Sun Young Yi | Hye Sook Park | Bo Hyun Park
Content of Genome-Protective Micronutrients in Selected Fresh and Processed Foods in the Australian State of Victoria

Author(s): Peter Roupas | Michael Fenech | Chakra Wijesundera | Christine Margetts
Content of Genome-Protective Micronutrients in Selected Fresh and Processed Foods in the Australian State of Victoria

Author(s): Peter Roupas | Michael Fenech | Chakra Wijesundera | Christine Margetts
Dietary Intakes of Adolescent Girls in Relation to Weight Status

Author(s): K Bidad | Sh Anari | S Tavasoli | L Nazemi | N Gholami | S Zadhush | H Moayeri
Efficacy and safety of IHN ( Inositol hexanicotinate) in healthy volunteers with isolated low HDL: A pilot study

Author(s): Dr. Harsha K. P.1 , Dr. Gurudutt Nayak 2 , Dr.Vasudeva Murthy.C.R .3 And Mrs.Vani.G.V.4
Hyperlipidemia medication management in patients admitted for a myocardial infarction

Author(s): Shuster JE | Jeffres MN | Barclay SM | Bhakta R

Amino Acid Profile and Micronutrient Composition of the African Pear (Dacryodes edulis) Pulp

Author(s): N.C. Onuegbu | I.I. Adedokun | N.O. Kabuo | J.N. Nwosu
Acute hepatitis in a woman following excessive ingestion of an energy drink: a case report

Author(s): Vivekanandarajah Abhirami | Ni Shirley | Waked Alain
Molecular differences in genotroph forms of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and their initial cultivars

Author(s): Nataliya A. Vinichenko | Elizaveta D. Bogdanova | Karina Kh. Makhmudova | Svetlana S. Kirikovich | Evgenii V. Levites
High-density lipoproteins: a novel therapeutic target for cardiovascular disease

Author(s): TS Mohamed Saleem | PV Sandhya Rani | K Gauthaman
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