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Anesthesia for cardiac transplantation: A practical overview of current management strategies

Author(s): A. Koster | C. Diehl | A. Dongas | T. Meyer-Jark | I. U. Lüth
Anesthesia for cardiac transplantation: A practical overview of current management strategies

Author(s): A. Koster | C. Diehl | A. Dongas | T. Meyer-Jark | I. U. Lüth
Gender and kidney diseases: the clinical importance and mechanisms of modifying effects

Author(s): Katarzyna Grzegorczyk | Magdalena Krajewska | Wacław Weyde | Katarzyna Jakuszko | Andrzej Gniewek | Marian Klinger
Inhibition of Sevoflurane Postconditioning Against Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion-Induced Oxidative Injury in Rats

Author(s): Yan Zhang | Fu-Geng Zhang | Chun Meng | Shou-Yuan Tian | Ya-Xin Wang | Wei Zhao | Jun Chen | Xiu-Shan Zhang | Yu Liang | Shi-Dong Zhang | Yan-Jie Xing
Neuroprotective Effects of Exogenous Activin A on Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation in PC12 Cells

Author(s): Jin-Ting He | Jing Mang | Chun-Li Mei | Le Yang | Jiao-Qi Wang | Ying Xing | Hong Yang | Zhong-Xin Xu
In Vitro Study of Nitric Oxide Metabolites Effects on Human Hydatid of Echinococcus granulosus

Author(s): Razika Zeghir-Bouteldja | Manel Amri | Saliha Aitaissa | Samia Bouaziz | Dalila Mezioug | Chafia Touil-Boukoffa
Prenatal Brain Damage in Preeclamptic Animal Model Induced by Gestational Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition

Author(s): Begoña Pellicer | Sonia Herraiz | Antonio Leal | Carlos Simón | Antonio Pellicer
Oxidized Lipoproteins Suppress Nitric Oxide Synthase in Macrophages:Study of Glucocorticoid Receptor Involvement

Author(s): K. E. Matthys | P. G. Jorens | B. Marescau | M. Rosseneu | H. Bult | A. G. Herman
Inhaled Nitric Oxide Reverses Vascular and Respiratory Effects of ET-1 and PAF in Pigs

Author(s): Mariangela Albertini | Maria Giovanna Clement | Milena Dimori
Inducible nitric oxide synthase and guinea-pig ileitis induced by adjuvant

Author(s): N. D. Seago | J. H. Thompson | X.-J. Zhang | S. Eloby-Childress | H. Sadowska-Krowicka | J. L. Rossi | M. G. Currie | P. T. Manning | D. A. Clark | M. J. S. Miller
Modulation of nitric oxide synthase activity in macrophages

Author(s): P. G. Jorens | K. E. Matthys | H. Bult
Nitric oxide mediates interleukin-1 induced inhibition of glycosaminoglycan synthesis in rat articular cartilage

Author(s): T. A. H. Järvinen | T. Moilanen | T. L. N. Järvinen | E. Moilanen
Sequential release of cytokines, lipid mediators and nitric oxide in experimental colitis

Author(s): A. P. M. van Dijk | Z. J. Keuskamp | J. H. P. Wilson | F. J. Zijlstra
An increase in nitric oxide produced by rat peritoneal neutrophils is not involved in cell apoptosis

Author(s): I. M. Fierro | C. Barja-Fidalgo | R. M. Canedo | F. Q. Cunha | S. H. Ferreira
Nitric oxide induces apoptosis in a human colonic epithelial cell line, T84

Author(s): M. Sandoval | X. Liu | P. D. Oliver | X.-J. Zhang | D. A. Clark | M. J. S. Miller
Nitric oxide as a mediator of inflammation?—You had better believe it

Author(s): Mark J. S. Miller | Matthew B. Grisham
Nitric oxide synthase inhibition decreases tolerance to hyperoxia in newborn rats

Author(s): M. R. Pierce | C. A. Voelker | I. R. S. Sosenko | S. Bustamante | S. M. Olister | X.-J. Zhang | D. A. Clark | M. J. S. Miller
Nitric oxide modulates interleukin-2-induced proliferation in CTLL-2 cells

Author(s): J. Padrón | L. Glaría | O. Martinez | M. Torres | E. Lopez | R. Delgado | L. Caveda | A. Rojas
Nitric oxide function in atherosclerosis

Author(s): K. E. Matthys | H. Bult
Role of the epithelial layer in the generation of superoxide anion by the guinea-pig isolated trachea

Author(s): G. Sadeghi-Hashjin | P. A. J. Henricks | G. Folkerts | T. Muis | J. Garssen | F. P. Nijkamp
Reduction of nitric oxide release from alveolar macrophages by a lipocortin peptide

Author(s): A. M. Kamal | T. D. Tetley | I. R. Witherden | S. F. Smith
Production, regulation and role of nitric oxide in glial cells

Author(s): V. A. M. Vincent | F. J. H. Tilders | A-M. van Dam
Diminished nitroprusside-induced relaxation of inflamed colonic smooth muscle in mice

Author(s): J. D. van Bergeijk | H. van Westreenen | P. Adhien | F. J. Zijlstra
Effect of mast cell granules on the gene expression of nitric oxide synthase and tumour necrosis factor-α in macrophages

Author(s): Y. Li | T. D. Nguyen | A. C. Stechschulte | D. J. Stechschulte | K. N. Dileepan
Transient degradation of NF-κB proteins in macrophages after interactionwith mast cell granules

Author(s): Noriko Ito | Yuai Li | Tsuneo Suzuki | Daniel J. Stechschulte | Kottarappat N. Dileepan
Epithelium-dependent regulation of airways smooth musclefunction. A histamine-nitric oxide pathway

Author(s): Konstantinos Gourgoulianis | Zoe Iliodromitis | Apostolia Hatziefthimiou | Paschalis-Adam Molyvdas
The Destructive Action of IL-1α and IL-1β in IDDM is a Multistage Process: Evidence and Confirmation by Apoptotic Studies, Induction of Intermediates and Electron Microscopy

Author(s): S. Vassiliadis | V. Dragiotis | E. Protopapadakis | I. Athanassakis | P. Mitlianga | K. Konidaris | G. K. Papadopoulos
Interrelationship of the Kinin System, Nitric Oxide and Eicosanoids in theAntigen-Induced Arthritis in Rabbits

Author(s): Fernando Alfonso Salamea Palácios | Gilberto Santos Novaes | Maria Luiza Guzzo | Ieda Maria Magalhães Laurindo | Suzana Beatriz Verissimo de Mello
Sera from patients with sepsis induce nitric oxide production in vascular smooth muscle cells

Author(s): Hiroshi Fujita | Junji Tomiyama | Hideki Kudo | Ikuo Morita | Sei-itsu Murota
Increased urinary nitrite, a marker of nitric oxide, in active inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Michael G. Goggins | Syed A. Shah | Jason Goh | Anil Cherukuri | Donal G. Weir | Dermot Kelleher | Nasir Mahmud
Exhaled nitric oxide in mylar balloons: influence of storage time, humidity and temperature

Author(s): Alessandro Bodini | Mariëlle W. H. Pijnenburg | Atillio L. Boner | Johan C. de Jongste
Anti-inflammatory actions of acupuncture

Author(s): Freek J. Zijlstra | Ineke van den Berg-de Lange | Frank J. P. M. Huygen | Jan Klein
Poloxamer 407-induced atherosclerosis in mice appears to be due to lipid derangements and not due to its direct effects on endothelial cells and macrophages

Author(s): Thomas P. Johnston | Yuai Li | Ahmed S. Jamal | Daniel J. Stechschulte | Kottarappat N. Dileepan
Suppressive activity of macrolide antibiotics on nitric oxide production by lipopolysaccharide stimulation in mice

Author(s): Hajime Terao | Kazuhito Asano | Ken-ichi Kanai | Yoshiyuki Kyo | So Watanabe | Tadashi Hisamitsu | Harumi Suzaki
The pathophysiological significance of red blood cell nitric oxide concentrations in inflammatory Behçet's disease

Author(s): Cem Evereklioglu | Mustafa Çekmen | Abdullah Özkiriş | Levent Karabaş | Mustafa Çaliş
Involvement of steroids in anti-inflammatory effects of PK11195 in a murine model of pleurisy

Author(s): Marcelo Barreto Spillere da Silva | Roseli Coimbra Farges | Tânia Silvia Fröde
Expression of nitric oxide synthase and transforming growth factor-beta in crush-injured tendon and synovium

Author(s): Homa Darmani | James Crossan | Sarah D. Mclellan | Dominic Meek | Adam Curtis
Flow Cytometric Evaluation of Human Neutrophil Apoptosis During Nitric Oxide Generation In Vitro: The Role of Exogenous Antioxidants

Author(s): Zofia Sulowska | Ewa Majewska | Magdalena Klink | Malgorzata Banasik | Henryk Tchórzewski
Testicular Nitric Oxide and Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances Levels in Obstructive Azoospermia: A Possible Role in Pathophysiology of Infertility

Author(s): M. Murad Başar | Üçler Kisa | Devrim Tuğlu | Erdal Yilmaz | Halil Başar | Osman Çağlayan | Ertan Batislam
Nitric Oxide Levels in Patients with Psoriasis Treated with Methotrexate

Author(s): Nilgun Solak Tekin | Nilsel Ilter | Banu Sancak | Muge Guler Ozden | Mehmet Ali Gurer
Flunisolide Decreases Exhaled Nitric Oxide and Nitrotyrosine Levels in Asthmatic Children

Author(s): A. Bodini | D. G. Peroni | F. Zardini | M. Corradi | R. Alinovi | A. L. Boner | G. L. Piacentini
Exhaled Nitric Oxide is Decreased by Exposure to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Environment

Author(s): Zudin A. Puthucheary | Jia Liu | Michael Bennett | Barbara Trytko | Sharron Chow | Paul S. Thomas
Inhibitory Effect of Inflexinol on Nitric Oxide Generation and iNOS Expression via Inhibition of NF-κB Activation

Author(s): Jae Woong Lee | Moon Soon Lee | Tae Hun Kim | Hwa Jeong Lee | Seong Su Hong | Young Hee Noh | Bang Yeon Hwang | Jai Seup Ro | Jin Tae Hong
Expression of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase and Endothelin-1 in Skin Tissue from Amputated Limbs of Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Author(s): J. George Groeneweg | Claudia Heijmans Antonissen | Frank J. P. M. Huygen | Freek J. Zijlstra
Different Effects of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors on Endothelin-1 and Nitric Oxide Balance in Human Vascular Endothelial Cells: Evidence of an Oxidant-Sensitive Pathway

Author(s): Giovambattista Desideri | Davide Grassi | Giuseppe Croce | Raffaella Bocale | Sergio Tiberti | Stefano Evangelista | Stefano Necozione | Ferdinando Di Orio | Claudio Ferri
Production of Nitric Oxide and Expression of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in Ovarian Cystic Tumors

Author(s): Rosekeila Simões Nomelini | Lívia Carolina de Abreu Ribeiro | Beatriz Martins Tavares-Murta | Sheila Jorge Adad | Eddie Fernando Candido Murta
Constitutive Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex of Rats as an Index of Emotional State Before Death

Author(s): Roman Hauser | Tomasz Gos | Jadwiga Hartwich | Maciej Krzyżanowski | Aldona Dembińska-Kieć
Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression Is Progressively Increased in Primary Cerebral Microvascular Endothelial Cells During Hyperbaric Oxygen Exposure

Author(s): Xiongfei Xu | Zhongzhuang Wang | Quan Li | Xiang Xiao | Qinglin Lian | Weigang Xu | Xuejun Sun | Hengyi Tao | Runping Li
Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Polymorphism (G894T) and Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) among South Indians

Author(s): T. Angeline | H. R. Krithiga | W. Isabel | A. J. Asirvatham | A. Poornima

Author(s): K.Sujith | C. Ronald Darwin | V.Suba

Author(s): Quazi Majaz | Molvi Khurshid | Sayyed Nazim | Khan Rahil | Shikh Siraj
Stężenie asymetrycznej dimetyloargininy (ADMA) w surowicy krwi czynnych palaczy papierosów

Author(s): Rafał Poręba | Paweł Gać | Małgorzata Poręba | Angelika Chachaj | Arkadiusz Derkacz | Ryszard Andrzejak | Andrzej Szuba
Phytochemical Analysis and in vitro Antioxidant Activity of Zingiber officinale

Author(s): Mohd Amir | Ahsanullah Khan | Mohd Mujeeb | Ajaz Ahmad | Sheeba Usmani | Mohd Akhtar
8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine: Not mere biomarker for oxidative stress, but remedy for oxidative stress-implicated gastrointestinal diseases

Author(s): Chan-Young Ock | Eun-Hee Kim | Duck Joo Choi | Ho Jae Lee | Ki-Baik Hahm | Myung Hee Chung
Liver cold preservation induce lung surfactant changes and acute lung injury in rat liver transplantation

Author(s): An Jiang | Chang Liu | Feng Liu | Yu-Long Song | Quan-Yuan Li | Liang Yu | Yi Lv
Nitroglycerine effects on portal vein mechanics and oxidative stress in portal hypertension

Author(s): Andreja Vujanac | Vladimir Jakovljevic | Dusica Djordjevic | Vladimir Zivkovic | Mirjana Stojkovic | Dragan Celikovic | Nebojsa Andjelkovic | Aleksandra Jurisic Skevin | Dragan Djuric
Nitric oxide and cardiovascular risk factors

Author(s): Riccardo Raddino | Giorgio Carretta | Melissa Teli | Ivano Bonadei | Debora Robba | Gregoriana Zanini | Alberto Madureri | Savina Nodari | Livio Dai Cas
Exhaled Nitric Oxide, Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness and Spirometric Parameters in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis During Pollen Season

Author(s): Michael P. Makris | Christina Gratziou | Xenophon S. Aggelides | Sokratis P. Koulouris | Ioanna Koti
Free Radicals and Cardiovascular Diseases: An Update

Author(s): Sanjib Bhattacharya | KK Mueen Ahmed | Subhankar Chakraborty
In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Cucurbita Maxima Aerial Parts

Author(s): Prerona Saha | U. K. Mazumder | P. K. Haldar
Antioxidant Properties of Extracts from Leaves of Evolvulus alsinoides Linn.

Author(s): N. Vijayalakshmi | K. Preethi | J. M. Sasikumar
Writing manuscripts for the Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Author(s): Subhankar Chakraborty | Mueen Ahmed K K
In vitro antioxidant studies of Sitopaladi Churna, a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation

Author(s): Inder Kumar Makhija | H. N. Aswatha Ram | C. S. Shreedhara | Vijay Kumar S | Raviraj Devkar
Evaluation of in vitro Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenolic Content of Methanol Bark Extract of Mimusops elengi

Author(s): K. Srinivasa Rao | Prameela Rani Munjuluri | B.V.V. Ravi Kumar | Nargesh K. Keshar
Phytochemical Screening and In-vitro Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity and Antimicrobial Activity of the Leaves of Sesbania sesban (L) Merr.

Author(s): Mani RP | Pandey Awanish | Goswami Shambaditya | Tripathi Poonam | Kumudhavalli V | Singh Ajay Pratap

Author(s): B. Baburao | P.Raja Sridhar Rao | A. Rama Narsimha Reddy | K. Narasimha | B. Raja Narender

Author(s): Bhattacharjee Prasenjit | Hullatti K.K. | Vijay Kumar M.L.

Author(s): Sodde Vijay | Dashora Nipun | Prabhu Kirti | Lobo Richard
Phenolic Compounds Characterization and Biological Activities of Citrus aurantium Bloom

Author(s): Ehsan Karimi | Ehsan Oskoueian | Rudi Hendra | Armin Oskoueian | Hawa Z. E. Jaafar
Amorphous silica nanoparticles aggregate human platelets: potential implications for vascular homeostasis

Author(s): Corbalan JJ | Medina C | Jacoby A | Malinski T | Radomski MW
NADPH-d activity in rat thymus after the application of retinoid acid

Author(s): F. Dorko | T. Špakovská | K. Lovasová | P. Patlevič | D. Kluchová
Nitric Oxide is Protective Against Mercury Induced Depression

Author(s): Arezo Nahavandi | Ali Shahbaz
Evaluation of nitric oxide involvement in effect of lead on dependency to morphine in mice

Author(s): Mohammad-Reza Zarrindast | Bita Hamidi | Mohammad Sharifzadeh | Mousa Sahebgharani | Soheila Fazli-Tabaei
The effect of L-Arginine on the brain tissue of stressed rats

Author(s): Batoul Ebadi | Mehdi Mehdizadeh | Arezoo Nahavandi | Tabandeh Shariati | Hamdollah Delaviz
Antioxidant Levels of Acute Leukaemia Patients in Nigeria

Author(s): Olaniyi JA | Anifowose A | Akinloye O | Awosika EO | Rahamon SK | Arinola GO
Plasma Interferon-gamma and IL-4, Immunoglobulin Classes and Nitric Oxide in Nigerians with Acute Leukaemia

Author(s): Akinloye O | Adegbenro M | Olaniyi JA | Rahamon SK | Anifowose AI | Awosika EO | Arinola GO
Novel Marine Phenazines as Potential Cancer Chemopreventive and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Author(s): Tamara P. Kondratyuk | Eun-Jung Park | Rui Yu | Richard B. van Breemen | Ratnakar N. Asolkar | Brian T. Murphy | William Fenical | John M. Pezzuto
(Z)-5-(4-methoxybenzylidene)thiazolidine-2,4-dione protects rats from carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury and fibrogenesis

Author(s): Zhi-Zhi Chen | Zheng-Lin Wang | Chong-Yang Deng | Hao Zheng | Xian-Huo Wang | Liang Ma | Xia Ye | Ying-Hua Ma | Cai-Feng Xie | Li-Juan Chen | Yu-Quan Wei
Fu Zi Prevent Extreme Cold Stress in Broilers Through Anti-Oxidative Activity

Author(s): X.Y. Chen | S.H. Jing | R.S. Jiang | Z.Y. Geng
Thrombospondin-1 and VEGF in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Canan Alkim | Damlanur Sakiz | Huseyin Alkim | Ayten Livaoglu | Tulin Kendir | Huseyin Demirsoy | Levent Erdem | Nihat Akbayir | Mehmet Sokmen
Role of Genetic Changes in the Progression of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): S. A. Sheweita | H. Baghdadi | A. R. Allam
Nitric oxide synthase mediates the apelin-induced improvement of myocardial postischemic metabolic and functional recovery

Author(s): Valentin S. Shulzhenko | Irina M. Studneva | Oleg I. Pisarenko | Yulia A. Pelogeykina
Regulation of Nitric Oxide by Cigarette Smoke in Airway Cells

Author(s): Deborah H. Yates | Sharron Chow | Paul S. Thomas | Xingli Wang | Jun Wang | Jia Liu | Nitin Mohan | Ah Siew Sim
Nitric oxide synthase mediates the apelin-induced improvement of myocardial postischemic metabolic and functional recovery

Author(s): Valentin S. Shulzhenko | Irina M. Studneva | Oleg I. Pisarenko | Yulia A. Pelogeykina
Regulation of Nitric Oxide by Cigarette Smoke in Airway Cells

Author(s): Deborah H. Yates | Sharron Chow | Paul S. Thomas | Xingli Wang | Jun Wang | Jia Liu | Nitin Mohan | Ah Siew Sim
BDMC33, A Curcumin Derivative Suppresses Inflammatory Responses in Macrophage-Like Cellular System: Role of Inhibition in NF-κB and MAPK Signaling Pathways

Author(s): Ka-Heng Lee | Yuh-Lit Chow | Vidyadaran Sharmili | Faridah Abas | Noorjahan Banu Mohamed Alitheen | Khozirah Shaari | Daud Ahmad Israf | Nordin Haji Lajis | Ahmad Syahida
A mechanistic model of global soil nitric oxide emissions: implementation and space based-constraints

Author(s): R. C. Hudman | N. E. Moore | R. V. Martin | A. R. Russell | A. K. Mebust | L. C. Valin | R. C. Cohen
Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Aerial parts of Piper trioicum Roxb.

Author(s): Aparna Lakshmi I*1, Gobinath M1, Madhusudan T 1, Praveen kumar D 1, Suresh kumar Reddy A 1, Saraswathi L 1, Geetha C 1, Chandana I 1
In vitro anti oxidant activity of leaves extracts of Clerodendrum innerme (L.) GAERTN.

Author(s): Hamid Y. Sayyed 2*, Mukesh R.Patel1, Javesh. K. Patil2, Hemant. P. Suryawanshi2 and Rajesh. A. Ahirrao2
In vitro antioxidant activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus

Author(s): Sujeet Singh* , Bhagirath Pohriyal, Yadunath M. Joshi, V. J. Kadam.
In vitro antioxidant activity of Bauhinia variegata Linn. leaves

Author(s): A.Saraswathy 1,*Gayathri Gunalan1, and Vijayalakshmi Krishnamurthy2
Reducing creatine kinase-MB levels following oxytocin administration during ischemia-reperfusion periods in isolated rat heart

Author(s): Khansari M | Imani A | Faghihi M | Aali Anvari M | Moghimian M | Sadeghipour Roodsari HR

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