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A Highly Sensitive CMOS Digital Hall Sensor for Low Magnetic Field Applications

Author(s): Yue Xu | Hong-Bin Pan | Shu-Zhuan He | Li Li
Pollution As a Consequence of Public Transport: A Case Study of Kolkata, India

Author(s): Asit Bandyopadhayay | Ashim Banerjee | Partha P. Sengupta

Survey of noise exposure and permanent hearing loss among Shadris spinning factory workers of Yazd using Task Base Method (TBM)

Author(s): M. Ghotbi | M. Monazzam | N. Khanjani | Gh. Halvani | M. Salmani Nodoushan | R. Jafari Nodoushan
Review of Impulse Noise Reduction Techniques

Author(s): Manohar Annappa Koli
The Impact of Low Frequency Noise on Mental Performance during Math Calculations

Author(s): M. Kazempour | MJ. Jafari | Y. Mehrabi | I. Alimohammadi | J. Hatami
Assessment of sick building syndrome among office workers in Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences in 2008

Author(s): G. Kholasezadeh | SJ Mirmohammadi Meybodi | AH Mehrparvar | Fallah Tafti | M. Abedinzadeh | F. Nourani Yazdi
Study of role extroversion of caused by traffic noise on mental function of the students

Author(s): I. Alimohamadi | R. Soltani | M. Azkhosh | M.R. Gohari | B. .Moosavi
Effects of magnetic field on mental health staff employed in gas power plant, Shiraz, 2008

Author(s): Z. Zamanian | F. khajenasirie | S. Gharepoor | M. Dehghany
Occupational Noise

Author(s): I. Alimohamadi
Robust Algorithm for Impulse Noise Detection

Author(s): Manohar Annappa Koli
Level Changes of Traffic Noise in Kerman City, Southeast Iran

Author(s): M Malakootian | M Ahmadian | K Yaghmaeian | Sh Dowlatshahi | MR Ghotbi Ravandi
Cosine-Based Clustering Algorithm Approach

Author(s): Mohammed A. H. Lubbad | Wesam M. Ashour
Comparison of Gap in Noise Test Results Between Congenital Blind and Sighted Subjects With Normal Hearing

Author(s): Mahsa Sepehrnejad | Ghassem Mohammadkhani | Saeed Farahani | Soghrat Faghihzadeh | Mohammad Hossein Nilforoush Khoshk
The Effects of Auditory Selective Attention on Contralateral Suppression of Stimulus-Frequency Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Soheila Rostami | Akram Pourbakht | Mohammad Kamali | Bahram Jalaee
Study of Noise Effects on Rabbit's Hearing Status Using Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Seyyed Ali Moussavi-Najarkola | Ali Khavanin | Ramezan Mirzaee | Mojdeh Salehnia | Mehdi Akbari | Hassan Asilian
City Residence Prepare Towards Implementation Local Lane of Non Motorized

Author(s): Muhamad Razuhanafi Mat Yazid | Rozmi Ismail | Riza Atiq O.K. Rahmat | Muhamad Nazri
Analysis and Evaluation of Using a Tuning Inductance on the Performance of Gilbert Cell-Based CMOS Sub-Harmonic Mixer

Author(s): Alireza Saberkari | Shahriar B. Shokouhi | Eduard Alarcón | Gholamreza Baghersalimi
Listening levels of teenage iPod users: does measurement approach matter?

Author(s): Nicole C. Haines | William E. Hodgetts | Amberley V. Ostevik | Jana M. Rieger
Notched-noise embedded frequency specific chirps for objective audiometry using auditory brainstem responses

Author(s): Farah I. Corona-Strauss | Bernhard Schick | Wolfgang Delb | Daniel J. Strauss
Fabrication and Packaging of Flexible Polymeric Microantennae for in Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Magdalèna Couty | Marion Woytasik | Jean-Christophe Ginefri | Anne Rubin | Emile Martincic | Marie Poirier-Quinot | Luc Darrasse | Fawzi Boumezbeur | Franck Lethimonnier | Michael Tatoulian | Elisabeth Dufour-Gergam

Author(s): Krisztina TARALIK
Iterated Viterbi detection methods for a 2-D bit patterned mediastorage

Author(s): Lin M. M. Myint | Pornchai Supnithi | Prinya Tantaswadi
“Noise Detection and Noise Removal Techniques in Medical Images”

Author(s): Bhausaheb Shinde | Dnyandeo Mhaske | Machindra Patare | A.R. Dani
Fuzzy Expert System For Noise Induced Sleep Disturbance And Health Effects

Author(s): Devendra K. Tayal | Amita Jain | Vinita Gupta
A Study to Predict the Effects of Tyres Vibration to Sound Quality in Passenger Car Cabin

Author(s): Ahmad Kadri Junoh | Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah | Abdull Halim Abdul | Mohd. Jailani Mohd Nor | Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd. Ihsan | Mohammad Hosseini Fouladi
Improving Morphology Operation for 2D Hole Filling Algorithm

Author(s): Mokhtar M. Hasan | Pramod K. Mishra

Author(s): Emanuele Scivittaro | Anna Gina Perri
Otoacoustic emissions as an instrument of epidemiological surveillance in the health of the workers

Author(s): Oliveira, Priscila Feliciano de | Raposo, Oscar Felipe Falcão | Santos, Any Caroline Aragão dos | Santos, Luana Araujo dos
A fast and precise chemiluminescence ozone detector for eddy flux and airborne application

Author(s): A. Zahn | J. Weppner | H. Widmann | K. Schlote-Holubek | B. Burger | T. Kühner | H. Franke
Content-Based Image Unequal Error Protection Strategies for an Open Loop MIMO System

Author(s): Rodolphe Vauzelle | Tudor Palade | Jean-Pierre Cances | Rebeca Colda | Clency Perrine
Thermodynamical Phase Noise in Oscillators Based on L-C Resonators

Author(s): Jose-Ignacio Izpura | Javier Malo
Development of laser-based heart sound detection system

Author(s): Stanley Burns | Lorentz Wittmers | Glenn Nordehn | Jing Bai | Girum Sileshi
QoS Based and Energy Aware Multi-Path Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in WSNs

Author(s): Sayyed Majid Mazinani | Behzad Homayounfar | Mohammad Reza Mazaheri
Complex Object Shapes Recognition. Automatic Aid Photointerpretation in a Satellite Image

Author(s): Sara Lebid | Mohammed Benyahia | Macho Anani | Kada Mouedden | Youcef Amar
A Hybrid De-Noising Method on LASCA Images of Blood Vessels

Author(s): Koichi Harada | Pengcheng Li | Cong Wu | Nengyun Feng
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
QoS Based and Energy Aware Multi-Path Hierarchical Routing Algorithm in WSNs

Author(s): Sayyed Majid Mazinani | Behzad Homayounfar | Mohammad Reza Mazaheri
Complex Object Shapes Recognition. Automatic Aid Photointerpretation in a Satellite Image

Author(s): Sara Lebid | Mohammed Benyahia | Macho Anani | Kada Mouedden | Youcef Amar
A Hybrid De-Noising Method on LASCA Images of Blood Vessels

Author(s): Koichi Harada | Pengcheng Li | Cong Wu | Nengyun Feng
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
Experimental methodology for obtaining sound absorption coefficients

Author(s): Hernán D. Sepúlveda D | Carlos A. Macía M
The importance of parameter resampling for soil moisture data assimilation into hydrologic models using the particle filter

Author(s): D. A. Plaza | R. De Keyser | G. J. M. De Lannoy | L. Giustarini | P. Matgen | V. R. N. Pauwels
Gottwald Melborune (0–1) test for chaos in a plasma

Author(s): D. R. Chowdhury | A. N. S. Iyengar | S. Lahiri
PHOCUS radiometer

Author(s): O. Nyström | D. Murtagh | V. Belitsky
Retrieving aerosol in a cloudy environment: aerosol availability as a function of spatial and temporal resolution

Author(s): L. A. Remer | S. Mattoo | R. C. Levy | A. Heidinger | R. B. Pierce | M. Chin
First intercalibration of column-averaged methane from the Total Carbon Column Observing Network and the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change

Author(s): F. Forster | R. Sussmann | M. Rettinger | N. M. Deutscher | D. W. T. Griffith | N. Jones | P. K. Patra
MIPAS detection of cloud and aerosol particle occurrence in the UTLS with comparison to HIRDLS and CALIOP

Author(s): H. Sembhi | J. Remedios | T. Trent | D. P. Moore | R. Spang | S. Massie | J.-P. Vernier
Ground-based millimeter-wave observation of stratospheric ClO over Atacama, Chile in the midlatitude Southern Hemisphere

Author(s): T. Kuwahara | T. Nagahama | H. Maezawa | Y. Kojima | H. Yamamoto | T. Okuda | N. Mizuno | H. Nakane | Y. Fukui | A. Mizuno
Validation of six years of SCIAMACHY carbon monoxide observations using MOZAIC CO profile measurements

Author(s): A. T. J. de Laat | R. Dijkstra | H. Schrijver | P. Nédélec | I. Aben

Author(s): Martin Rosipal | Miroslav Neslušan | Vladislav Ochodek | Michal Šípek
Spatial Hedonic Pricing Models for Testing the Adequacy of Acoustic Areas in Madrid, Spain

Author(s): José-María Montero | Gema Fernández-Avilés | Román Mínguez
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
Development and Performance Evaluation Of A Lan-Based EDGE-Detection Tool

Author(s): Ghassan F. Issa | Hussein Al-Bahadili | Shakir M. Hussain
Image Deblocking in Wavelet Domain Based on Local Laplace Prior

Author(s): Vijay Kumar Nath | Deepika Hazarika
A Comparative Evaluation of Two Algorithms of Detection of Masses on Mammograms

Author(s): Guillaume Kom | Alain Tiedeu | Martin Kom | John Ngundam
Improved Performance by Parametrizing Wavelet Filters for Digital Image Watermarking

Author(s): Mangaiyarkarasi Palanivel | Arulselvi Shanmugam
High Performance VCO for Low Power RF Transmitter-A Review

Author(s): Mrunalini Nandanwar | Deepak Dandekar
Devlopment of Fuzzy Based Image Filtering Techniques to Enhance Lung lobe Images

Author(s): Aparna D. Desmukh | Sapna S. Khapre | Pooja B. Aher
Analysis of Iris Images for Iris Recognition System

Author(s): Anuradha Shrivas | Preeti Tuli
FPGA Implementation of Viterbi Decoder

Noise deduction using Quantum check Bits

Author(s): T.Godhavari | N.R.Alamelu
Nondiagonal Estimation Techniques for Noise Reduction in Audio Signal

Author(s): A.B.Deshmukh | C.S.Khandelwal | M. T. Kolate
Voice activity detection Algorithm for Speech Recognition Applications

Author(s): Nitin N Lokhande | Dr.Navnath S Nehe | Pratap S Vikhe
ECG Signal Processing: A Survey

Author(s): Smita Kasar | Madhuri Joshi
Modeling of Optically Tailored Noise Parameters of MOSFET

Author(s): Gaytri M Phade | B. K. Mishra | Prerna Jain
Image Stenography Skin Tone Detection

Effective Eye Localization using Local Binary Patterns

Author(s): Shylaja S S | K N B Murthy | S Natarajan | Nitin Kumar | Ruby Agarwal
Score Level Fusion of Face and Finger Traits in Multimodal Biometric Authentication System

Author(s): Utkarsh Gupta | Jasraj Fukane | Varshini Ramanan | Rohit Thakur
Performance Analysis of an OFDM system using Channel Coding Techniques

Author(s): Rupa Sonagi | Shubhangi Chaudhary | A.J.Patil
Low Bit Rate Video Coding Implementation Using Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Swapna D. Pahade | Ajay .D. Jadhav | Poorva Waingankar
Stereoscopic full aperture imaging in nuclear medicine

Author(s): Sergio G. Strocovsky | Dino Otero
Differential ultra low noise amplifier for low frequency noise measurements

Author(s): Graziella Scandurra | Gianluca Cannatà | Carmine Ciofi
Antenna-coupled terahertz radiation from joule-heated single-wall carbon nanotubes

Author(s): M. Muthee | E. Carrion | J. Nicholson | S. K. Yngvesson
Study of Noise Detection and Noise Removal Techniques in Medical Images

Author(s): Bhausaheb Shinde | Dnyandeo Mhaske | A.R. Dani
Noise Reduction of an Image by using Function Approximation Techniques.

An Empirical Evaluation of Density-Based Clustering Techniques

Author(s): Glory H. Shah | C. K. Bhensdadia | Amit P. Ganatra
Antioxidant status and oxidative DNA damage of Bangladeshi dockyard laborers

Author(s): Muhammad Shahdaat Bin Sayeed1, Sayema Khanum2, Khadija Tul-Kubra3, Md. Ashik Ullah2, Jakir Ahmed Chowdhury4, Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad4, Md. Israt Rayhan5, Mohammad Arif6, Farida Begum2, Abul Hasnat2*

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