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Laser reflection spot as a pattern in a diamond coating – a microscopic study

Brucella spp noncanonical LPS: structure, biosynthesis, and interaction with host immune system

Author(s): Cardoso Patrícia | Macedo Gilson | Azevedo Vasco | Oliveira Sergio
3. Design and evaluation of sustained release microcapsules containing diclofenac sodium

Author(s): B. AppaRao | M.R. Shivalingam | Y.V. Kishore Reddy | N. Sunitha | T. Jyothibasu | T. Shyam
Development and characterization of polymeric microspheres for controlled release protein loaded drug delivery system

Author(s): Ravi S | Peh K | Darwis Yusrida | Murthy B | Singh T | Mallikarjun C
Immunohistochemistry using an antibody to unphosphorylated connexin 43 to identify human myometrial interstitial cells

Author(s): Hutchings Graham | Gevaert Thomas | Deprest Jan | Roskams Tania | Van Lommel Alfons | Nilius Bernd | De Ridder Dirk
The dynamics of cultivation and floods in arable lands of Central Argentina

Author(s): E. F. Viglizzo | E. G. Jobbágy | L. Carreño | F. C. Frank | R. Aragón | L. De Oro | V. Salvador
The dynamics of cultivation and floods in arable lands of central Argentina

Author(s): E. F. Viglizzo | E. G. Jobbagy | L. V. Carreño | F. C. Frank | R. Aragón | L. De Oro | V. S. Salvador
Inflammatory myoglandular polyp of the cecum: case report and review of literature

Author(s): Meniconi Roberto | Caronna Roberto | Benedetti Michele | Fanello Gianfranco | Ciardi Antonio | Schiratti Monica | Papini Federica | Farelli Francesco | Dinatale Giuseppe | Chirletti Piero
Engaging diverse communities participating in clinical trials: case examples from across Africa

Author(s): Nyika Aceme | Chilengi Roma | Ishengoma Deus | Mtenga Sally | Thera Mahamadou | Sissoko Mahamadou | Lusingu John | Tiono Alfred | Doumbo Ogobara | Sirima Sodiomon | Lemnge Martha | Kilama Wen
Surface Structures and Dielectric Properties of Yttrium-doped Barium Strontium Titanate Films by Improved Sol-Gel method

Author(s): LIAO Jia-Xuan,WANG Hong-Quan,PAN Xiao-Feng,FU Xiang-Jun,ZHANG Jia,TIAN Zhong
Modeling of a Five-Link Biped Robot Dynamics Using Neural Networks

Author(s): N. Bigdeli | K. Afshar | B.I. Lame | A. Zohrabi
Study of Dielectric Properties of BST Films Preheated Alternately

Author(s): LIAO Jia-Xuan,WEI Xiong-Bang,PAN Xiao-Feng,ZHANG Jia,FU Xiang-Jun,WANG Hong-Quan
Ambrisentan for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): Brian Casserly | James R Klinger
Microstructural analysis of demineralized primary enamel after in vitro toothbrushing

Author(s): Neves Aline de Almeida | Castro Rodolfo de Almeida | Coutinho Eduardo Tavares | Primo Laura Guimarães
Water dispersible microbicidal cellulose acetate phthalate film

Author(s): Neurath A | Strick Nathan | Li Yun-Yao
Mechanical Character of Typica1 Plant Leaf Surfaces

Author(s): Shu-jie WANG | Lu-quan REN | Yan LIU | Yue YANG
Study on Drag Reduction Characteristic Around Bodies of Revolution with Bionic Non-smooth Surface

Author(s): L. M. TIAN | L.Q. REN | X. JIANG | J.N. ZHAO | S.C. ZHANG | S.W. YU
Endothelial dysfunction: a comprehensive appraisal

Author(s): Esper Ricardo | Nordaby Roberto | Vilariño Jorge | Paragano Antonio | Cacharrón José | Machado Rogelio
Geología de la margen activa del Perú entre los 3° y 12° de latitud sur

Author(s): Bourgois, Jacques | Huchon, Philippe | Pautot, Guy
Increased proinflammatory responses from asthmatic human airway smooth muscle cells in response to rhinovirus infection

Author(s): Oliver Brian | Johnston Sebastian | Baraket Melissa | Burgess Janette | King Nicholas | Roth Michael | Lim Sam | Black Judith
Effects of Microabrasion on non Active White Spots in Primary Teeth

Author(s): Carolina Júdica RAMOS | Silvio Issáo MYAKI | Luciana Keiko SHINTOME | Victor Elias ARANA-CHAVEZ
Effects of gastrointestinal tissue structure on computed dipole vectors

Author(s): Austin Travis | Li Liren | Pullan Andrew | Cheng Leo
Adaptive Road Crack Detection System by Pavement Classification

Author(s): Miguel Gavilán | David Balcones | Oscar Marcos | David F. Llorca | Miguel A. Sotelo | Ignacio Parra | Manuel Ocaña | Pedro Aliseda | Pedro Yarza | Alejandro Amírola

Author(s): Haiming Huang | Xiaoliang Xu
The Study of Owl's Silent Flight and Noise Reduction on Fan Vane with Bionic Structure

Author(s): Gui-qiang LIANG | Jing-chun WANG | Yu CHEN | Chang-hai ZHOU | Jie LIANG | Lu-quan REN
The Research of Biology Coupling Characteristics on the Shells of Haliotis discus hannai Ino

Author(s): Xiu-juan LI | LIANG Yun-hong | Xi-mei TIAN | Lu-quan REN | Guang-lin LU
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