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Epidural morphine in the treatment of chronic pain.

Author(s): Bapat A | Kshirsagar N | Bapat R
Cellphones A Modern Stayhouse For Bacterial Pathogens

Author(s): Usha Arora | Pushpa Devi | Aarti Chadha | Sita Malhotra
Improvement in peripheral perfusion in peripheral vascular disease cases with epidural morphine.

Author(s): Bapat A | Kshirsagar N | Padmashree R | Bhagtand K | Bapat R | Parulkar G
Serum calcium and gastric acid-pepsin secretion.

Author(s): Pimparkar B | Gandhi U | Bodas P
Consumptive coagulopathy and fibrinolysis in experimental acute pancreatitis.

Author(s): Agarwal M | Kamdar M | Bapat R | Mehta B | Rao S | Rao P
Intravenous glucose tolerance test following oral tolbutamide administration. A possible model for the evaluation of a new hypoglycaemic agent.

Author(s): Gadgil S | Vaidya A | Rajagopalan T | Talwalkar P | Desai N | Gupta S | Paul T | Satoskar R | Bhandarkar S
Plasma lipids and lipoproteins in treated diabetics.

Author(s): Retnam V | Nerurkar S | Gupte M | Bhandarkar S | Taskar S
Lipid composition of plasma lipoproteins in treated diabetics.

Author(s): Nerurkar S | Retnam V | Taskar S | Bhandarkar S
Prognostic value of plasma fibrinogen in myocardial infarction.

Author(s): Gopal R | Saxena K | Gupta B | Srivastava S | Srivastava R | Prasad D
Incidence of gonorrhoea in leucorrhoea cases.

Author(s): Deshmukh M | Mehta A | Dabholkar K | Bojari M | Talwalkar J
Preliminary report on the use of magnesium sulfate in cases of severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

Author(s): Deshmukh M | Rajwade A | Walke D | Kutty V | Kudtarkar R
Study of Coxsackie B viral infections in chronic pancreatitis patients from Kerala.

Author(s): Shanmugam J | Balakrishnan V | George M | Shenoy K
Effect of food on doxycycline absorption.

Author(s): Kshirsagar N | Ankalesaria P
Sulphadimidine acetylation status in Gujarati and Marathi population.

Author(s): Kshirsagar N | Pohujani S | Takle M | Acharya V | Satoskar R
Protective effects of Indian medical plants against cyclophosphamide neutropenia.

Author(s): Thatte U | Chhabria S | Karandikar S | Dahanukar S
Clinical and bacteriological aspects of pyoderma.

Author(s): Parikh D | Fernandez R | Wagle U
Direct immunofluorescence studies on skin biopsies in lupus erythematosus.

Author(s): Joshi R | Mittal B | Gupte P | Fernandez R
Chronic bronchitis. II--Study of serum immunoglobulins in acute exacerbations.

Author(s): Bhave G | Pathare A | Dalvi S | Wagle N | Bhatt A
Centbutindole vs trifluoperazine : a double-blind controlled clinical study in acute schizophrenia.

Author(s): Doongaji D | Satoskar R | Sheth A | Apte J | Desai A | Shah B
A new peridural needle-the ′LOLO′ needle.

Author(s): Delima L | Delima D
Diagnosis of aortic occlusive diseases using impedance plethysmography.

Author(s): Deshpande A | Jindal G | Babu I | Nerurkar S | Kelkar M | Parulkar G
Rosoxacin in the treatment of uncomplicated acute gonococcal urethritis.

Author(s): Vagaskar S | Fernandez R | Wagle U | Rajani N
Pulmonary complications of upper abdominal surgery.

Author(s): Deodhar S | Mohite J | Shirahatti R | Joshi S
Patient-led partner referral in a district hospital based STD clinic.

Author(s): Sahasrabuddhe V | Gholap T | Jethava Y | Joglekar N | Brahme R | Gaikwad B | Wankhede A | Mehendale S
A knowledge-management model for clinical practice.

Author(s): de Lusignan S | Pritchard K | Chan T
Pregnancy in women with epilepsy : preliminary results of Kerala registry of epilepsy and pregnancy.

Author(s): Thomas S | Indrani L | Devi G | Jacob S | Beegum J | Jacob P | Kesavadas K | Radhakrishnan K | Sarma P
Follow up of 318 cases of diabetes mellitus.

Author(s): Patel J | Lingan V | Deshpande P
Doxycycline in early syphilis : a long term follow up.

Author(s): Harshan V | Jayakumar W
Efficacy of Magnesium Sulphate Versus Phenytoin in Seizure Control and Prophylaxsis in Patients of Eclampsia and Severe Pre-eclampsia

Author(s): Ritu Sharma, Shahida Mir, Masuma Rizvi, Saleem Akthar | Ritu Sharma, Shahida Mir, Masuma Rizvi, Saleem Akthar | Ritu Sharma, Shahida Mir, Masuma Rizvi, Saleem Akthar | Ritu Sharma, Shahida Mir, Masuma Rizvi, Saleem Akthar
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and human papilloma virus infection.

Author(s): Seshadri L | Oomman M | Hemalatha K | Jairaj P
Immunisation Status Of Pregnant Women In Bihar

Author(s): Yadav R. J | Singh Padam
A Study of Effect Of Maternal Nutrition On Incidence Of Low Birth Weight

Author(s): Sharma R.K | Cooner P.P.S | Sekhon A.S | Dhaliwal D.S | Singh Kamaljit
A Comparative Study On Perceptions And Practices Among Parents Of Thalassemic Children Attending Two Different Institutions

Author(s): Bandyopadhyay Bhaswati | Nandi Saswati | Mitra Kaninika | Mandal Pankaj Kumar | Mukhopadhyay Sujishnu | Biswas Akhil Bandhu
Model Based Threat and Vulnerability Analysis of E-Governance Systems

Author(s): Shilpi Saha | Debnath Bhattacharyya | Tai-hoon Kim | Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Diagnosis of peripheral arterial occlusive diseases using impedance plethysmography.

Author(s): Jindal G | Nerurkar S | Pedhnekar S | Babu J | Kelkar M | Deshpande A | Parulkar G
Diagnosis of venous disorders using impedance plethysmography.

Author(s): Jindal G | Pedhnekar S | Nerurkar S | Masand K | Gupta D | Deshmukh H | Bapu J | Parulkar G
Colloidal bismuth subcitrate in non-ulcer dyspepsia.

Author(s): Khanna M | Abraham P | Nair N | Mistry F | Vora I
Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in male infertility.

Author(s): Dandekar S | Nadkarni G | Kulkarni V | Punekar S
Evaluation of cysticercus fasciolaris antigen for the immunodiagnosis of neurocysticercosis.

Author(s): Husain N | Jyotsna | Bagchi M | Husain M | Mishra M | Gupta S
Neuronavigation : concept, techniques and applications.

Author(s): Ganslandt O | Behari S | Gralla J | Fahlbusch R | Nimsky C
Evaluation of children in six blind schools of Andhra Pradesh

Author(s): Hornby Stella | Adolph Shajan | Gothwal Vijaya | Gilbert Clare | Dandona Lalit | Foster Allen
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