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Comparative Effects of Scopoletin and Menadione on Aldehyde Oxidase Activity of Guinea Pig Liver

Author(s): Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Omar | Mohammed Nasir Al-Arifi
Anandamide uptake by synaptosomes from human, mouse and rat brain: inhibition by glutamine and glutamate

Author(s): Battista Natalia | Bari Monica | Finazzi-Agrò Alessandro | Maccarrone Mauro
Paraoxonase Inhibition by Propranolol

Author(s): Alireza Jahangiri | Masoud Mahmoudian | Hassan Jalalizadeh | Abbas Shafiee

Author(s): Enz PA | Musso CG | Fato C | Torre A | Galimberti R | Algranati L
Tyrosinase Inhibitor Activity of Coumarin-Resveratrol Hybrids

Author(s): Antonella Fais | Marcella Corda | Benedetta Era | M. Benedetta Fadda | Maria Joao Matos | Elias Quezada q | Lourdes Santana | Carmen Picciau | Gianni Podda | Giovanna Delogu
Quasi-Drugs Developed in Japan for the Prevention or Treatment of Hyperpigmentary Disorders

Author(s): Hideya Ando | Mary S. Matsui | Masamitsu Ichihashi
In Vitro Inhibitory Effects of Cyandin-3-rutinoside on Pancreatic α-Amylase and Its Combined Effect with Acarbose

Author(s): Sarinya Akkarachiyasit | Sirintorn Yibchok-Anun | Sumrit Wacharasindhu | Sirichai Adisakwattana
Post-Intoxication Inhibition of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A within Neurons by Small-Molecule, Non-Peptidic Inhibitors

Author(s): Gordon Ruthel | James C. Burnett | Jonathan E. Nuss | Laura M. Wanner | Lyal E. Tressler | Edna Torres-Melendez | Sarah J. Sandwick | Cary J. Retterer | Sina Bavari
Mathematical Differentiation to Reveal the Fermentative Characteristics of Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 15009

Author(s): Chiung-Chi Peng | Ming-Hua Yang | Chao-Ming Chuang | Chiu-Lan Hsieh | Hui-Er Wang | Chun-Hung Chiu | Charng-Cherng Chyau | Kuan-Chou Chen | Robert Y. Peng
Anti-metastatic effects of viral and non-viral mediated Nk4 delivery to tumours

Author(s): Buhles Alexandra | Collins Sara | van Pijkeren Jan | Rajendran Simon | Miles Michelle | O'Sullivan Gerald | O'Hanlon Deirdre | Tangney Mark
A Kinetic Comparison on the Inhibition of Adenosine Deaminase

Author(s): Ghasem Ataiea | Soghra Bagheri | Adeleh Divsalar | Ali Akbar Saboury | Shahrokh Safarian | Saeed Namaki | Ali Akbar Moosavi- Movahedi
Identification of hematein as a novel inhibitor of protein kinase CK2 from a natural product library

Author(s): Hung Ming-Szu | Xu Zhidong | Lin Yu-Ching | Mao Jian-Hua | Yang Cheng-Ta | Chang Pey-Jium | Jablons David | You Liang
The regulation and catalytic mechanism of the NADP-malic enzyme from tobacco leaves

Comparative functional analysis of Jembrana disease virus Tat protein on lentivirus long terminal repeat promoters: evidence for flexibility at its N-terminus

Author(s): Su Yang | Deng Gang | Gai Yuanming | Li Yue | Gao Yang | Du Jiansen | Geng Yunqi | Chen Qimin | Qiao Wentao
Inhibitory Effect of Koji Aspergillus terreus on α-Glucosidase Activity and Postprandial Hyperglycemia

Author(s): Rizna T. Dewi | Yetty M. Iskandar | M. Hanafi | L.B.S. Kardono | Marisa Angelina | Indah D. Dewijanti | Sofna D.S. Banjarnahor
A Possible Modulatory Role of Nitric Oxide in Paraquat-induced Lung Injury in Mice

Author(s): Ayman M. Gamal el-Din | Abdulhakeem A. Al-Majed | Abdulaziz A. Al-Yahya | Abdullah M. Al-Bekairi | Adel M. Mostafa
Alpha Mannosidase Inhibitory Effect of Some Iranian Plant Extracts

Author(s): A. Gholamhoseinian | H. Fallah | F. Sharifi-Far | M. Mirtajaddini
Vasorelaxant Properties of Loranthus ferrugineus Roxb. Methanolic Extract

Author(s): O.Z. Ameer | I.M. Salman | M.F. Yam | H.H. Abd Allah | M.H. Abdulla | A.M. Shah | A. Sadikun | M.Z. Asmawi
Inhibitory Effect of Some Plant Extracts on Pancreatic Lipase

Author(s): A. Gholamhoseinian | B. Shahouzehi | F. Sharifi-far
Effect of a Defined Competitive Exclusion Culture for Prophylaxis and Reduction of Horizontal Transmission of Salmonella enteritidis in Broiler Chickens

Author(s): A.D. Wolfenden | J.L. Vicente | L.R. Bielke | C.M. Pixley | S.E. Higgins | D.J. Donoghue | A.M. Donoghue | B.M. Hargis | G. Tellez
Effect of Guiera senegalensis Leaf Extract on Some Echis carinatus Venom Enzymes

Author(s): A.B. Sallau | G.C. Njoku | A.R. Olabisi | A.U. Wurochekke | A.A. Abdulkadir | Shehu Isah | M.S. Abubakar | S. Ibrahim
Obtention of Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Product from Cactus (Opuntia boldinghii Britton and Rose) Cladodes Whole Flour

Author(s): C.A. Padron Pereira | M.J. Moreno Alvarez | C.A. Medina Martinez | D.M. Garcia Pantaleon
Multiple Routes to Oestrogen Antagonism

Author(s): Hilary R. Glover | Stewart Barker | Sylvanie D. M. Malouitre | John R. Puddefoot | Gavin P. Vinson
SUMO-1 regulates the conformational dynamics of Thymine-DNA Glycosylase regulatory domain and competes with its DNA binding activity

Author(s): Smet-Nocca Caroline | Wieruszeski Jean-Michel | Léger Hélène | Eilebrecht Sebastian | Benecke Arndt
Retinoblastoma-independent antiproliferative activity of novel intracellular antibodies against the E7 oncoprotein in HPV 16-positive cells

Author(s): Accardi Luisa | Donà Maria | Mileo Anna | Paggi Marco | Federico Antonio | Torreri Paola | Petrucci Tamara | Accardi Rosita | Pim David | Tommasino Massimo | Banks Lawrence | Chirullo Barbara | Giorgi Colomba
Influence of the reaction products in the inversion of sucrose by invertase

Author(s): FILHO U. C. | HORI C. E. | RIBEIRO E. J.
Interactions between xenoestrogens and ketoconazole on hepatic CYP1A and CYP3A, in juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Author(s): Hasselberg Linda | Grøsvik Bjørn | Goksøyr Anders | Celander Malin
L-histidine inhibits production of lysophosphatidic acid by the tumor-associated cytokine, autotaxin

Author(s): Clair Timothy | Koh Eunjin | Ptaszynska Malgorzata | Bandle Russell | Liotta Lance | Schiffmann Elliott | Stracke Mary
Chemical aspect of the influence of cobalt ions on ATPase activity

Effect of polyamines and synthetic polyamine-analogues on the expression of antizyme (AtoC) and its regulatory genes

Author(s): Filippou Panagiota | Lioliou Efthimia | Panagiotidis Christos | Athanassopoulos Constantinos | Garnelis Thomas | Papaioannou Dionyssios | Kyriakidis Dimitrios
In silico panning for a non-competitive peptide inhibitor

Author(s): Yagi Yukiko | Terada Kotaro | Noma Takahisa | Ikebukuro Kazunori | Sode Koji
Improvement of a low pH antigen-antibody dissociation procedure for ELISA measurement of circulating anti-Aβ antibodies

Author(s): Li Qingyou | Gordon Marcia | Cao Chuanhai | Ugen Kenneth | Morgan Dave
Genetic incorporation of the protein transduction domain of Tat into Ad5 fiber enhances gene transfer efficacy

Author(s): Han Tie | Tang Yizhe | Ugai Hideyo | Perry Leslie | Siegal Gene | Contreras Juan | Wu Hongju
Kinetic and binding equilibrium studies of dihydroflavonol 4-reductase from Vitis vinifera and its unusually strong substrate inhibition

Author(s): Nadia Trabelsi | Béatrice Langlois d'Estaintot | Gilles Sigaud | Bernard Gallois | Jean Chaudière
Statins: Newer Roles Including Lipid Lowering Therapy

Author(s): Anurekha Jain | Shayam Sunder Pancholi | Avijeet Jain | Ashish Saxena | Lokesh Deb
Evaluation of the Effects of Mitragyna speciosa Alkaloid Extract on Cytochrome P450 Enzymes Using a High Throughput Assay

Author(s): Wai Mun Kong | Zamri Chik | Murali Ramachandra | Umarani Subramaniam | Raja Elina Raja Aziddin | Zahurin Mohamed
The Relationship between Serum Cotinine Levels and Periodontal Status

Author(s): Fouad H. AL-Bayaty | Noor A. Baharuddin | Mahmood A. Abdulla
Potassium channels opener pinacidil have multiple effects on KCl-elicited contractions of isolated non-pregnant rat uterus

Author(s): Novaković Radmila | Milovanović S. | Ćupić V. | Gojković-Bukarica Ljiljana
Role of Metabolites and Significance of SH Groups in the Action of NADP+-Linked Isocitrate Dehydrogenase of Urdbean Seeds (Phaseolus mungo L.)

Author(s): Pramod Kumar Srivastava | Govind Kant Srivastava | Indra Mani | Sharawan Yadav | Asha Anand

Author(s): Kamran J. Naquvi | Javed Ahamad | Showkat R. Mir | Mohd. Ali | Mohd. Shuaib
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