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Solution of a Class of Minimal Surface Problem with Obstacle

Author(s): Kefei Liu | Shangwei Zhao | Meizhu Liu
Multiplication Operation on Fuzzy Numbers

Author(s): Shang Gao | Zaiyue Zhang | Cungen Cao
An optimal lot sizing and pricing in two echelon supply chain

Author(s): Jafar Naeij | Hasan Shavandi
Improved Evolving Kernel of Fisher’s Discriminant Analysis for Classification Problem

Author(s): Hanaa E. Sayed | Hossam A. Gabbar | Shigeji Miyazaki
Model Penjadwalan Batch Multi Item dengan Dependent Processing Time

Author(s): Sukoyo Sukoyo | TMA Ari Samadhi | Bermawi P. Iskandar | Abdul Hakim Halim
An Optimised Method-Based an Improved Neural Network Classifier

Author(s): Mengxin Li | Chengdong Wu | Hui Lin
Particle Swarm Optimization for Nonlinear Integer Programming Problems

Author(s): Takeshi Matsui | Kosuke Kato | Masatoshi Sakawa | Takeshi Uno | Koichi Matsumoto
Web-based Application Programming Interface to Solve Nonlinear Optimization Problems

Author(s): Joao Matias | Aldina Correia | Pedro Mestre | Carlos Fraga | Carlos Serodio
Fuzzy programming technique to solve bi-objective transportation problem

Author(s): Bodkhe S.G. | Bajaj V.H. | Dhaigude R.M.
Model-Based Optimizing Control and Estimation Using Modelica Model

Author(s): L. Imsland | P. Kittilsen | T.S. Schei

Author(s): Jie-Xian Zeng | Fei Yu | Limin Sun | Mingwen Wang | Guangxue Yue

Author(s): Singh Abhimanyu U. | Ray Proneet P. | Chauhan Geetesh P.
Evolutionary Strategy for Feeding Trajectory Optimization of Fed-batch Reactors

Author(s): Tamás Varga | Ferenc Szeifert | János Abonyi
Use of genetic algorithms as auxiliary tool for operational and economic decision making process of agro-industry activities

Author(s): Celso Correia de Souza | José Francisco dos Reis Neto | Edison Rubens Arrabal Arias | Wesley Osvaldo Pradella Rodrigues
Optimizing Multi-Product Multi-Constraint Inventory Control Systems with Stochastic Replenishments

Author(s): Ata Allah Taleizadeh | Mir-Bahador Aryanezhad | Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki
Newsboy Problem with Two Objectives, Fuzzy Costs and Total Discount Strategy

Author(s): S.V. Hosseini | H. Moghadasi | A.H. Noori | M.B. Royani
On a second-order step-size algorithm

Author(s): Đuranović-Miličić Nada I.
Duality for multiobjective fractional programming problems involving d -type-I n-set functions

Author(s): Stancu-Minasian I.M. | Dogaru Gheorghe | Stancu Mădălina Andreea
An integrated multi−period planning of the production and transportation of multiple petroleum products in a single pipeline system

Author(s): Alberto Herrán | Fantahun M. Defersha | Mingyuan Chen | Jesús M. de la Cruz
Power Flow Study Including FACTS Devices

Author(s): A.K. Sahoo | S.S. Dash | T. Thyagarajan
Multi products single machine economic production quantity model with multiple batch size

Author(s): Ata Allah Taleizadeh | Gede Agus Widyadana | Hui Ming Wee | Jahangir Biabanid
A Portfolio Selection Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Case Study of Iranian pharmaceutical industry

Author(s): Solmaz Ghazanfar Ahari | Nader Ghaffari-Nasab | Ahmad Makui | Seyed Hassan Ghods
A joint lot-sizing and marketing model with reworks, scraps and imperfect products

Author(s): Mohsen Fathollah Bayati | Morteza Rasti Barzoki | Seyed Reza Hejazi
Tree of fuzzy shortest paths with the highest quality

Author(s): Esmaile Keshavarz | Esmaile Khorram
Task Characterisation and Cross-Platform Programming Through System Identification

Author(s): Theocharis Kyriacou | Urlich Nehmzow | Roberto Iglesias | Steve Billings
A new approach for cell formation and scheduling with assembly operations and product structure

Author(s): Mir Bahador Aryanezhad | Jamal Aliabadi | Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam
An Optimization Model and DPSO-EDA for Document Summarization

Author(s): Rasim M. Alguliev | Ramiz M. Aliguliyev | Chingiz A. Mehdiyev
Optimization Generation Expansion Planning by HBMO

Author(s): Zakariya hejrati | Ebrahim Hejrati | Atefeh Taheri.moghadam
Applications of the General Nonlinear Neural Networks in Solving the Inverse Optimal Value Problem with Linear Constraints

Author(s): Huaiqin Wu | Kewang Wang | Ning Li | Chongyang Wu | Qiangqiang Guo | Guohua Xu
Instantaneous Water Demand Parameter Estimation from Accumulated Readings

Author(s): V.H. Alcocer–Yamanaka | V. Tzatchkov
A Parametric Linearization Approach for Solving Zero-One Nonlinear Programming Problems

Author(s): Asadollah Mahmoodzadeh Vaziri | A. V. Kamyad | S. Efatti
The Capacitated Location-Allocation Problem in the Presence of k Connections

Author(s): Saber Shiripour | Mehdi Amiri-Aref | Iraj Mahdavi
An Exact Penalty Approach for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems

Author(s): Roohollah Aliakbari Shandiz | Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
Identifying a Global Optimizer with Filled Function for Nonlinear Integer Programming

Author(s): Wei-Xiang Wang | You-Lin Shang | Lian-Sheng Zhang
On Calculation of Adomian Polynomials by MATLAB

Author(s): Hooman FATOOREHCHI | Hossein ABOLGHASEMI
Legendre Approximation for Solving a Class of Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems

Author(s): Emran Tohidi | Omid Reza Navid Samadi | Mohammad Hadi Farahi
Decrease of the Penalty Parameter in Differentiable Penalty Function Methods

Author(s): Roohollah Aliakbari Shandiz | Emran Tohidi
Optimization of Truss Height Santvarų aukščio optimizavimas

Author(s): Tomas Ulitinas | Stanislovas Kalanta
Constrained Optimal Controller Design of Aerial Robotics Based on Invariant Sets

Author(s): Jianqiang Li | Yahui Lu | Zhen Ji | Hailong Pei
Mine Ventilation Optimization Analysis and Airflow Control Based on Harmony Annealing Search

Author(s): Jinxue Sui | Li Yang | Zhilin Zhu | Hui Fang | Hua Zhen
Automatic Identification used in Audio-Visual indexing and Analysis

Author(s): A. Satish Chowdary | N.Tirupathi | K. Nageswara Rao | K. Nagamani

Author(s): Y.-T. Chang | C.-Y. Lo
PAPR reduction in SFBC MIMO MC-CDMA systems via user reservation

Author(s): García-Otero Mariano | Paredes-Hernández Luis
A MPCC-NLP Approach for an Electric Power Market Problem

Author(s): Helena Sofia Rodrigues | Maria Teresa Torres Monteiro | António Ismael Freitas Vaz
Bandwidth allocation and pricing problem for a duopoly market

Author(s): You Peng-Sheng | Lee Chun-Chieh | Hsieh Yi-Chih
Joint Power Control and Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio with QoS Constraint

Author(s): Zhijin Zhao | Zhen Peng | Zhidong Zhao | Shilian Zheng
A Measure Theoretical Approach for Path Planning Problem of Nonlinear Control Systems

Author(s): Amin Jajarmi | Hamidreza Ramezanpour | Mohammad Dehghan Nayyeri | Ali Vahidian Kamyad
A hybrid approach based on EP and PSO for proficient solving of Unit Commitment Problem

The center location problem with equal weights in the presence of a probabilistic line barrier

Author(s): M. Amiri-Aref | N. Javadian | R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | M.B. Aryanezhad
A mathematical model for optimization of an integrated network logistic design

Author(s): Lida Tafaghodi | Seyed Mohammad Seyed-Hosseni | Ahmad Makui
A New Approach for a Class of Optimal Control Problems of Volterra Integral Equations

Author(s): Mohammad Hadi Noori Skandari | Hamid Reza Erfanian | Ali Vahidian Kamyad

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