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Noonan Syndrome

Author(s): Sanjeev K. Digra, Deep Aman Singh, Vikram Gupta, Ghanshyam Saini
Noonan syndrome: a clinical and genetic study of 31 patients

Author(s): Bertola Débora Romeo | Sugayama Sofia M. M. | Albano Lilian Maria José | Chong Ae Kim | Gonzalez Claudette Hajaj
Neurofibromatosis-Noonan syndrome or LEOPARD Syndrome? A clinical dilemma.

Author(s): Tullu M | Muranjan M | Kantharia V | Parmar R | Sahu D | Bavdekar S | Bharucha B
A Case of Noonan Syndrome Associated with Atrial Septal Defect

Author(s): Guner Emel YOLSAL | Naci ONER | Coskun CELTIK | Nukhet ALADAG
Noonan syndrome: A case report

Author(s): Asokan S | Muthu M | Rathna Prabhu V
A case of Noonan syndrome and Whipples disease in the same patient

Author(s): Sundip S Karsan, Hetal A Karsan, Anand S Karsan and James Ian McMillen
Jacobsen syndrome

Author(s): Mattina Teresa | Perrotta Concetta | Grossfeld Paul
Mitral valve prolapse in children: clinical characteristics of 113 patients

Author(s): Kadir Babaoğlu | Nihal Karaçayır | Köksal Binnetoğlu
Top-down or bottom-up: Contrasting perspectives on psychiatric diagnoses

Author(s): Willem MA Verhoeven | Siegfried Tuinier | Ineke van der Burgt
Hematological findings in Noonan syndrome

Author(s): Bertola Débora R. | Carneiro Jorge David A. | D'Amico Élbio Antônio | Kim Chong A. | Albano Lilian Maria José | Sugayama Sofia M.M. | Gonzalez Claudette H.
Cardiac findings in 31 patients with Noonan's syndrome

Author(s): Bertola Débora Romeo | Chong Ae Kim | Sugayama Sofia M. M. | Albano Lilian Maria José | Wagenführ Jaqueline | Moysés Regina Lúcia | Gonzalez Claudette Hajaj
Noonan syndrome

Author(s): van der Burgt Ineke
Rare causes of scoliosis and spine deformity: experience and particular features

Author(s): Soultanis Konstantinos | Payatakes Alexandros | Chouliaras Vasilios | Mandellos Georgios | Pyrovolou Nikolaos | Pliarchopoulou Fani | Soucacos Panayotis
Leopard syndrome

Author(s): Sarkozy Anna | Digilio Maria | Dallapiccola Bruno
First Report of New Oral Findings in a Case with Noonan Syndrome

Author(s): M Sahebjamee | NG Ameri | DD Farhud
Atrioventricular canal defect and associated genetic disorders: new insights into polydactyly syndromes

Author(s): M. Cristina Digilio | Paolo Versacci | Francesca Lepri | Anwar Baban | Bruno Dallapiccola | Bruno Marino
Noonan syndrome: An anesthesiologist′s perspective

Author(s): Aggarwal Vikram | Malik Vishwas | Malhotra Kapoor Poonam | Kiran Usha

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