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Rotating Stars in Relativity

Author(s): Nikolaos Stergioulas

Author(s): J. M. Stone | M. N. Lemaster
Computation of the third, fourth and fifth stability regions in a Paul trap

Author(s): H. Noshad | G. H. Janipour-Shahroud-Kolaee
On the dispersion of two coexisting nongyrotropic ion species

Author(s): A. L. Brinca | U. Motschmann | F. J. Romeiras
Combined optical, EISCAT and magnetic observations of the omega bands/Ps6 pulsations and an auroral torch in the late morning hours: a case study

Author(s): V. Safargaleev | T. Sergienko | H. Nilsson | A. Kozlovsky | S. Massetti | S. Osipenko | A. Kotikov
Chromosome 17 Aberration of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Malaysia

Author(s): Goot Heah Khor | Chong Huat Siar | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
A Novel Unit Commitment Technique Considering Prohibited Operating Zones

Author(s): M. Pourakbari-Kasmaei | M. Rashidi-Nejad | A. Abdollahi
Dynamic behavior of the weld pool in stationary GMAW

Author(s): Chapuis J. | Romero E. | Bordreuil C. | Soulié F. | Fras G.
Hybrid Calculus of Wrapped Compartments

Author(s): Mario Coppo | Ferruccio Damiani | Maurizio Drocco | Elena Grassi | Eva Sciacca | Salvatore Spinella | Angelo Troina
Tidal instability in exoplanetary systems evolution

Author(s): Cébron D. | Moutou C. | Le Bars M. | Le Gal P. | Farès R.
Diagnosis and numerical simulations of a heavy rain event in the Western Mediterranean Basin

Author(s): D. Santos-Muñoz | M. L. Martín | M. Y. Luna | A. Morata
Two-Dimensional Rotating Stall Analysis in a Wide Vaneless Diffuser

Author(s): S. Ljevar | H. C. de Lange | A. A. van Steenhoven
Numerical modelling of large landslides stability and runout

Author(s): G. B. Crosta | S. Imposimato | D. G. Roddeman
Stagnation knots in precessing Jets

Author(s): Andrew J. Lim
Magnetic holes in plasmas close to the mirror instability

Author(s): D. Borgogno | T. Passot | P. L. Sulem
Terahertz Wave Generation and Detection Analysis of Silicon Nanowire MOS Field-Effect Transistor

Author(s): Chen Yu | He Jin | Wang Yinglei | Lin Xinnan | Zhang Lining | Chan Mansun
ELF plasma waves in hot and cold plasma fluxes observed by Prognoz-8 in the magnetospheric tail

Author(s): J. Blecki | B. Nikutowski | P. Koperski | B. Popielawska | K. Kossacki | S. A. Romanov | S. P. Savin
Modeling of nonstationary electron precipitation by the whistler cyclotron instability

Author(s): A. G. Demekhov | A. A. Lyubchich | V. Y. Trakhtengerts | E. E. Titova | J. Manninen | T. Turunen
Quasi-periodic ELF/VLF wave emissions in the Earth's magnetosphere: comparison of satellite observations and modeling

Author(s): D. L. Pasmanik | E. E. Titova | A. G. Demekhov | V. Y. Trakhtengerts | O. Santolik | F. Jiricek | K. Kudela | M. Parrot
Atomization of Shear Coaxial Liquid Jets

Author(s): Essam A Ibrahim | R. Jeremy Kenny | Nathan B. Walker
Nonlinear Mirror and Weibel modes: peculiarities of quasi-linear dynamics

Author(s): O. A. Pokhotelov | R. Z. Sagdeev | M. A. Balikhin | V. N. Fedun | G. I. Dudnikova
Human ESCs predisposition to karyotypic instability: Is a matter of culture adaptation or differential vulnerability among hESC lines due to inherent properties?

Author(s): Catalina Puri | Montes Rosa | Ligero Gertru | Sanchez Laura | de la Cueva Teresa | Bueno Clara | Leone Paola | Menendez Pablo
Key aspects of stratospheric tracer modeling

Author(s): B. Bregman | E. Meijer | R. Scheele
Electrodynamics Sensor for the Image Reconstruction Process in an Electrical Charge Tomography System

Author(s): Mohd Fua’ad Rahmat | Mohd Daud Isa | Ruzairi Abdul Rahim | Tengku Ahmad Raja Hussin
A simple algorithm for formability analysis

Author(s): J. Majak | M. Pohlak | R. Küttner
Injection and acceleration of H+ and He2+ at Earth's bow shock

Author(s): M. Scholer | H. Kucharek | K.-H. Trattner
High- and mid-latitude quasi-2-day waves observed simultaneouslyby four meteor radars during summer 2000

Author(s): E. Merzlyakov | D. Pancheva | N. Mitchell | J. M. Forbes | Yu. I. Portnyagin | S. Palo | N. Makarov | H. G. Muller
Modeling whistler wave generation regimes in magnetospheric cyclotron maser

Author(s): D. L. Pasmanik | A. G. Demekhov | V. Y. Trakhtengerts | M. Parrot
On the probability distribution function of small-scale interplanetary magnetic field fluctuations

Author(s): R. Bruno | V. Carbone | L. Primavera | F. Malara | L. Sorriso-Valvo | B. Bavassano | P. Veltri
Dispersion equations for field-aligned cyclotron waves in axisymmetric magnetospheric plasmas

Author(s): N. I. Grishanov | M. A. Raupp | A. F. D. Loula | J. Pereira Neto
Proton temperature anisotropy in the magnetosheath: comparison of 3-D MHD modelling with Cluster data

Author(s): A. A. Samsonov | O. Alexandrova | C. Lacombe | M. Maksimovic | S. P. Gary
Mirror structures above and below the linear instability threshold: Cluster observations, fluid model and hybrid simulations

Author(s): V. Génot | E. Budnik | P. Hellinger | T. Passot | G. Belmont | P. M. Trávníček | P.-L. Sulem | E. Lucek | I. Dandouras
Numerical solution techniques for structural instability problems

Author(s): E. Armentani | C. Calí | G. Cricrí | F. Caputo | R. Esposito
Validation Process for Electrical Charge Tomography System Using Digital Imaging Technique

Author(s): Mohd Daud Isa | Mohd Fua’ad Rahmat | Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Tengku Ahmad Raja Hussin
Dynamic instability of the hard turning process

Author(s): J. Kopač | A. Stoić | M. Lucić
Application of element deletion method for numerical analyses of cracking

Author(s): H.C. Lee | J.S. Choi | K.H. Jung | Y.T. Im
Robust Integrity Design for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems

Author(s): Zhihong Huo | Yuan Zheng | Da Huang | Huajing Fang
A novel role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) in centrosome amplification - implications for chemoprevention

Author(s): Korzeniewski Nina | Wheeler Sarah | Chatterjee Payel | Duensing Anette | Duensing Stefan
Analysis of Different Freezing/Thawing Parameterizations using the UTOPIA Model

Author(s): Riccardo Bonanno | Nicola Loglisci | Silvia Cavalletto | Claudio Cassardo
State-of-the-art and needs for jet instability and direct contact condensation model improvements

Author(s): Bousbia-Salah Anis | Moretti Fabio | D’auria Francesco
Laboratory modelling of atmospheric dynamical processes

Author(s): Sommeria J. | Didelle H.
Nuclear envelope structural defects cause chromosomal numerical instability and aneuploidy in ovarian cancer

Author(s): Capo-chichi Callinice | Cai Kathy | Simpkins Fiona | Ganjei-Azar Parvin | Godwin Andrew | Xu Xiang-Xi
Seismic triggering of landslides. Part B: Simulation of dynamic failure processes

Author(s): H.-B. Havenith | A. Strom | F. Calvetti | D. Jongmans
Site investigation and modelling at 'La Maina' landslide (Carnian Alps, Italy)

Author(s): G. Marcato | M. Mantovani | A. Pasuto | S. Silvano | F. Tagliavini | L. Zabuski | A. Zannoni
Key aspects of stratospheric tracer modeling using assimilated winds

Author(s): B. Bregman | E. Meijer | R. Scheele
The Collisions of HVCs with a Magnetized Gaseous Galactic Disk

Author(s): Alfredo Santillu00E1n | Josu00E9 Franco | Marco Martos | Jongsoo Kim
A nonlinear macrodynamic model with fixed exchange rates: Its dynamics and noise effects

Author(s): Toichiro Asada | Toichio Inaba | Tetsuya Misawa
Simulation of Waves Processes in Dusty Emission of Volcano

Author(s): V.V. Grimalsky | M.A. Cruz Chavez | S.V. Koshevaya | A. Kotsarenko | M. Hayakawa | R. Pérez Enriquez
Liquid rocket combustion chamber acoustic characterization

Author(s): Rogério Pirk | Carlos d’Andrade Souto | Dimas Donizeti da Silveira | Cândido Magno de Souza | Luiz Carlos Sandoval Góes
Ketidakstabilan Gaya dan Interaksi Fluida-Struktur pada Turbin Sumbu Vertikal untuk Pembangkit Energi Arus Laut

Author(s): Ridho Hantoro | I.K.A.P. Utama | Erwandi Erwandi | Aries Sulisetyono
Reverse flood routing with the inverted Muskingum storage routing scheme

Author(s): A. D. Koussis | K. Mazi | S. Lykoudis | A. A. Argiriou
Instability indices and forecasting thunderstorms: the case of 30 April 2009

Author(s): S. Tajbakhsh | P. Ghafarian | F. Sahraian
Particle-in-wavelets scheme for the 1D Vlasov-Poisson equations ⋆ ⋆⋆

Author(s): Nguyen van yen Romain | Sonnendrücker Éric | Schneider Kai | Farge Marie
Experimental and numerical study of cemented bone-implant interface behaviour

Author(s): D. Kytyr | T. Doktor | O. Jirousek | P. Zlamal | D. Pokorny
A note on the rationale for estimating genealogical coancestry from molecular markers

Author(s): Toro Miguel | García-Cortés Luis | Legarra Andrés

Author(s): M. Siva Satyanarayana | D. Subba Rayudu | T. Brahmananda Reddy
Solidification and Structuresation of Instability Zones

Author(s): Evgeniy Alexseevich Lukashov | Evgeniy Vladimirovich Radkevich
Computation of Hahn Moments for Large Size Images

Author(s): A. Venkataramana | P. A. Raj,
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