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Coherent Optical DFT-Spread OFDM

Author(s): Fanggang Wang | Xiaodong Wang
A New-Trend Model-Based to Solve the Peak Power Problems in OFDM Systems

Author(s): Ashraf A. Eltholth | Adel R. Mekhail | A. Elshirbini | M. I. Dessouki | A. I. Abdelfattah
BER Analysis of MIMO OFDM System for AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channel

Author(s): Mitalee Agrawal | Yudhishthir Raut
Adaptive Coding and Modulation for OFDM Systems using Product Codes and Fuzzy Rule Base System

Author(s): Atta-ur-Rahman | Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi | M. Zeeshan Muzaffar
Analysis of PeaktoAverage Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for OFDM using a NewPhase Sequence

Author(s): Madhusmita Mishra | Sarat Kumar Patra | Ashok Kumar Turuk

Author(s): Abdelhakim Khlifi | Ridha Bouallegue
Performance Analysis of STBC- OFDM System Under Multipath Fading Channel

Author(s): Gunjan Manik | Alka Kalra | Sanjeev Kalra
Non Linearity Analysis of High Power Amplifier in OFDM System

Author(s): Amanjot Singh | Hardeep Kaur
OFDM Based High Capacity Information Hiding in Grey Scale Image

Author(s): Somnath Maiti | Abhik Roy | Tirtha Sankar Das | Subir Kumar Sarkar
The Multiplexing Of OFDM Signals On The Downlink In UTRAN-FDD

Author(s): Ouesse Mohamed El - Amine | Ngom Agnes | Bouallegue Ridha | FARSSI Sidi Mohamed | Ouya Samuel
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Hamidreza Bakhshi | Maryam Imani
Training Based Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Hamidreza Bakhshi | Maryam Imani
PAPR Reduction for OFDM System Using Companding Technique

Author(s): Bahubali K. Shiragapur | Uday Wali
MIMO OFDM System using Iterative Turbo Receiver

Author(s): Aparna Telgote | Shilpa Shende
Performance Analysis of an OFDM system using Channel Coding Techniques

Author(s): Rupa Sonagi | Shubhangi Chaudhary | A.J.Patil
Study of Performance of the combined MIM0 MMSE VBLAST-OFDM for Wi-Fi (802.11n)

Author(s): Souhila Ferouani | G. Abdellaoui | F. Debbat | F. T. Bendimerad
Performance of MIMO VBLAST-OFDM in Ka-Band

Author(s): Souhila Ferouani | G. Abdellaoui | F. Debbat | F. T. Bendimerad
OFDMA- PON: High Speed PON Access System

Author(s): Soumen Biswas | Sarosij Adak
PAPR Performance Analysis of DFT-spread OFDM for LTE Uplink Transmission

Author(s): Bader Hamad Alhasson | Mohammad A. Matin
Noise Reduction in Fast Fading Channel Using OFDM/TDM

Author(s): A. Sagaya selvaraj | R.S.D. Wahidabanu
MAC Sub-Layer Analysis with Channel Estimation in Broadband Power Line Communication

Author(s): Mohammad Khaled Andari | Seyed Ali Asghar Beheshti
Peak-to-Average-Power-Ratio (PAPR) reduction in WiMAX and OFDM/A systems

Author(s): Khademi Seyran | Svantesson Thomas | Viberg Mats | Eriksson Thomas
Power allocation, bit loading and sub-carrier bandwidth sizing for OFDM-based cognitive radio

Author(s): Thumar Vinay | Nadkar Taskeen | Gopavajhula Tej | Desai Uday | Merchant Shabbir
VLSI Design of a Variable-Length FFT/IFFT Processor for OFDM-Based Communication Systems

Author(s): Kuo Jen-Chih | Wen Ching-Hua | Lin Chih-Hsiu | Wu An-Yeu (Andy)
Modeling Nonlinear Power Amplifiers in OFDM Systems from Subsampled Data: A Comparative Study Using Real Measurements

Author(s): Santamaría Ignacio | Ibáñez Jesús | Lázaro Marcelino | Pantaleón Carlos | Vielva Luis
A Low-Complexity KL Expansion-Based Channel Estimator for OFDM Systems

Author(s): Şenol Habib | Çırpan Hakan A | Panayırcı Erdal
Characteristics of MIMO-OFDM Channels in Indoor Environments

Author(s): Suzuki Hajime | Tran ThiVanAnh | Collings Iain B
Channel Impulse Response Length and Noise Variance Estimation for OFDM Systems with Adaptive Guard Interval

Author(s): Nguyen VanDuc | Kuchenbecker Hans-Peter | Haas Harald | Kyamakya Kyandoghere | Gelle Guillaume
Robust Adaptive OFDM with Diversity for Time-Varying Channels

Author(s): Bala Erdem | Cimini Leonard J
Efficient Feedforward Linearization Technique Using Genetic Algorithms for OFDM Systems

Author(s): García Paloma | Mingo Jesúsde | Carro PedroLuis | Valdovinos Antonio
The Alamouti Scheme with CDMA-OFDM/OQAM

Author(s): Lélé Chrislin | Siohan Pierre | Legouable Rodolphe
Multifrequency OFDM SAR in Presence of Deception Jamming

Author(s): Schuerger Jonathan | Garmatyuk Dmitriy
An Underwater Acoustic Implementation of DFT-Spread OFDM

Author(s): Zhang Yonghuai | Sun Haixin | Cheng En | Shen Weijie
Spectral Efficiency Comparison of OFDM/FBMC for Uplink Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): Zhang H | Le Ruyet D | Roviras D | Medjahdi Y | Sun H
Joint Symbol Timing and CFO Estimation for OFDM/OQAM Systems in Multipath Channels

Author(s): Fusco Tilde | Petrella Angelo | Tanda Mario
Bit Error Rate Analysis for an OFDM System with Channel Estimation in a Nonlinear and Frequency-Selective Fading Channel

Author(s): Ligata Amir | Gacanin Haris | Adachi Fumiyuki | Smolnikar Miha | Mohorcic Mihael
PAPR reduction of OFDM signals using PTS: a real-valued genetic approach

Author(s): Lain Jenn-Kaie | Wu Shi-Yi | Yang Po-Hui
Amplitude PDF Analysis of OFDM Signal Using Probabilistic PAPR Reduction Method

Author(s): Yoo Hyunseuk | Guilloud Frédéric | Pyndiah Ramesh
Blind CP-OFDM and ZP-OFDM Parameter Estimation in Frequency Selective Channels

Author(s): Le Nir Vincent | van Waterschoot Toon | Moonen Marc | Duplicy Jonathan
Blind Coarse Timing Offset Estimation for CP-OFDM and ZP-OFDM Transmission over Frequency Selective Channels

Author(s): Le Nir Vincent | van Waterschoot Toon | Duplicy Jonathan | Moonen Marc
Multiple CFOs in OFDM-SDMA Uplink: Interference Analysis and Compensation

Author(s): Schellmann Malte | Jungnickel Volker
On the Evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB Interference Effects on a WiMAX Receiver

Author(s): Cano Eduardo | Rabbachin Alberto | Fuehrer Detlef | Fortuny Joaquim
Time-Frequency Spectrum Sharing Scheme for Next Generation OFDM Systems

Author(s): Khalil Ayman | Crussière Matthieu | Hélard Jean-françois
A MIMO-OFDM Testbed, Channel Measurements, and System Considerations for Outdoor-Indoor WiMAX

Author(s): Gil Jiménez VíctorP | Fernández-Getino García MJulia | García Armada Ana | Torres | García Fernández JuanJosé | Sánchez-Fernández MatildeP | Domingo Marta | Fernández Oscar
OFDM versus Single Carrier: A Realistic Multi-Antenna Comparison

Author(s): Tubbax Jan | Van der Perre Liesbet | Engels Marc | De Man Hugo | Moonen Marc
PSD-Constrained PAR Reduction for DMT/OFDM

Author(s): Andgart Niklas | Krongold Brian S | Ödling Per | Johansson Albin | Börjesson Per Ola
Layered Video Transmission on Adaptive OFDM Wireless Systems

Author(s): Dardari D | Martini MG | Mazzotti M | Chiani M
EM-Based Channel Estimation Algorithms for OFDM

Author(s): Ma Xiaoqiang | Kobayashi Hisashi | Schwartz Stuart C
D-BLAST OFDM with Channel Estimation

Author(s): Du Jianxuan | Li Ye (Geoffrey)
Comparison of Antenna Array Systems Using OFDM for Software Radio via the SIBIC Model

Author(s): Le Khoi D | Hoffman Michael W | Palmer Robert D
MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Carrier Frequency Offset

Author(s): Li Jun | Liao Guisheng | Guo Qinghua
A Low-Complexity Time-Domain MMSE Channel Estimator for Space-Time/Frequency Block-Coded OFDM Systems

Author(s): Şenol Habib | Çırpan HakanAli | Panayırcı Erdal | Çevik Mesut
A High-Speed Four-Transmitter Four-Receiver MIMO OFDM Testbed: Experimental Results and Analyses

Author(s): Xiang Weidong | Richardson Paul | Walkenhorst Brett | Wang Xudong | Pratt Thomas
Space-Time Coded OFDM with Low PAPR

Author(s): Venkataraman Anand | Reddy Harish | Duman Tolga M
Efficient Closed-Loop Schemes for MIMO-OFDM-Based WLANs

Author(s): Zheng Xiayu | Jiang Yi | Li Jian
OFDM Link Performance Analysis under Various Receiver Impairments

Author(s): Krondorf Marco | Fettweis Gerhard
CDMA Transmission with Complex OFDM/OQAM

Author(s): Lélé Chrislin | Siohan Pierre | Legouable Rodolphe | Bellanger Maurice
An ML-Based Estimate and the Cramer-Rao Bound for Data-Aided Channel Estimation in KSP-OFDM

Author(s): Steendam Heidi | Moeneclaey Marc | Bruneel Herwig
Opportunistic Scheduling for OFDM Systems with Fairness Constraints

Author(s): Zhang Zhi | He Ying | Chong EdwinKP
Optimization of Linear Precoded OFDM for High-Data-Rate UWB Systems

Author(s): Stephan Antoine | Guéguen Emeric | Crussière Matthieu | Baudais Jean-Yves | Hélard Jean-François
Turbo Decision Aided Receivers for Clipping Noise Mitigation in Coded OFDM

Author(s): Colas Maxime | Gelle Guillaume | Declercq David
Cyclostationarity-Inducing Transmission Methods for Recognition among OFDM-Based Systems

Author(s): Maeda Koji | Benjebbour Anass | Asai Takahiro | Furuno Tatsuo | Ohya Tomoyuki
On MIMO-OFDM with Coding and Loading

Author(s): Chen HarryZB | Lampe Lutz | Schober Robert
A Next Generation Wireless Simulator Based on MIMO-OFDM: LTE Case Study

Author(s): Gómez Gerardo | Morales-Jiménez David | Sánchez-Sánchez JuanJ | Entrambasaguas JTomás
Capacity of MIMO-OFDM with Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation

Author(s): Cosovic Ivan | Auer Gunther
Bandwidth Efficient OFDM Transmitter Diversity Techniques

Author(s): Lee King F | Williams Douglas B

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