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An intercalated BSc degree is associated with higher marks in subsequent medical school examinations

Author(s): Cleland Jennifer | Milne Andrew | Sinclair Hazel | Lee Amanda
Exporting EU Liberalism Eastwards

Author(s): Lynn M. Tesser
Croatia and NATO

Author(s): Tatalović Siniša
Standardized Patients to Teaching Medical Students about Intimate Partner Violence

Author(s): Heron, Sheryl L | Ander, Douglas S | Houry, Debra | Hassani, Dahlia M | Quest, Tammie
Determining Component Weights in a Communications Assessment Using Judgmental Policy Capturing

Author(s): Leo M. Harvill, PhD | Forrest Lang, MD | Ronald S. McCord, MD
Towards a Formative Assessment of Classroom Competencies (FACCs) for postgraduate medical trainees

Author(s): Gray Christopher | Hildreth Anthony | Fisher Catherine | Brown Andrew | Jones Anita | Turner Ruth | Boobis Leslie
A Rule of Law Agenda for Central Asia

Author(s): Gerald Staberock
Undergraduate medical education in emergency medical care: A nationwide survey at German medical schools

Author(s): Beckers Stefan | Timmermann Arnd | Müller Michael | Angstwurm Matthias | Walcher Felix
Developing counseling skills through pre-recorded videos and role play: a pre- and post-intervention study in a Pakistani medical school

Author(s): Ahsen Noor | Batul Syeda | Ahmed Ahsen | Imam Sardar | Iqbal Humaira | Shamshair Khayyam | Ali Hammad
Objective structured clinical examination in radiology

Author(s): Agarwal Anurag | Batra Bipin | Sood A | Ramakantan Ravi | Bhargava Satish | Chidambaranathan N | Indrajit I
Effective didactic training for medical teachers

Author(s): Hofer, Matthias | Jansen, Martin | Soboll, Sibylle
"Basic Medical Skills" - Evaluation of a primary care oriented course concept within the new medical curriculum in Germany

Author(s): Fischer, Thomas | Chenot, Jean-François | Kleiber, Christina | Kochen, Michael M. | Simmenroth-Nayda, Anne | Staats, Hermann | Herrmann-Lingen, Christoph
Challenges facing NATO in the 21st century

Author(s): Simić Jasminka
Standardized patient outcomes trial (SPOT) in neurology

Author(s): Joseph E. Safdieh | Andrew L. Lin | Juliet Aizer | Peter M. Marzuk | Bernice Grafstein | Carol Storey-Johnson | Yoon Kang
Análise do desempenho dos formandos em relação a objetivos educacionais da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, em duas estruturas curriculares distintas

Author(s): Piccinato Carlos Eli | Figueiredo José Fernando de Castro | Troncon Luiz Ernesto de Almeida | Peres Luiz César | Cianflone Ana Raquel Lucato | Colares Maria de Fátima Aveiro | Rodrigues Maria de Lourdes Veronese
How well do second-year students learn physical diagnosis? Observational study of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

Author(s): Hamann Claus | Volkan Kevin | Fishman Mary | Silvestri Ronald | Simon Steven | Fletcher Suzanne
Student evaluation of an OSCE in paediatrics at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Author(s): Pierre Russell | Wierenga Andrea | Barton Michelle | Branday J Michael | Christie Celia
An evaluation of a communication skills seminar for students in a Japanese medical school: Non-randomized controlled study

Author(s): Mukohara Kei | Kitamura Kazuya | Wakabayashi Hideki | Abe Keiko | Sato Juichi | Ban Nobutaro
Can standardized patients replace physicians as OSCE examiners?

Author(s): McLaughlin Kevin | Gregor Laura | Jones Allan | Coderre Sylvain
Competency-based evaluation tools for integrative medicine training in family medicine residency: a pilot study

Author(s): Kligler Benjamin | Koithan Mary | Maizes Victoria | Hayes Meg | Schneider Craig | Lebensohn Patricia | Hadley Susan
Running the First Psychiatry OSCE in Iran and Satisfaction of Consultants, Residents, and Standardized Patients

Author(s): Jafar Bolhari | Arsia Taghva | Maryam Rasoulian | Mehrdad Mohammadian | Leili Panaghi | Homayoun Amini
Qualitative Assessment of the First Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Psychiatry in Iran.

Author(s): Maryam Rasoulian | Arsia Taghva | Leili Panaghi | Alireza Zahiroddin | Mansour Salehi | Mirfarhad Ghalebandi
Validity and Reliability of the First Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Psychiatry in Iran

Author(s): Arsia Taghva | Maryam Rasoulian | Leili Panaghi | Jafar Bolhari | Mehran Zarghami | Mehdi Nasr-esfahani | Brian Hodges
Are Standardized Patients Able to Rate Performance of Psychiatric Residents in the Objective Structured Clinical Examination?

Author(s): Arsia Taghva | Gholam Reza Mir-sepassi | Majid Sadeghi | Leili Panaghi | Mirfarhad Ghalebandi
Attitude of Iranian Psychiatry Residents toward Psychiatric Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Author(s): Mehran Zarghami | Fatemeh Sheykh Mounesi | Arsia Taghva | Alireza Khalilian
Validity and Reliability of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Psychiatry: A Guided Survey

Author(s): Abbas Attari | Gholam Reza Mir-sepassi | Arsia Taghva | Jafar Bolhari | Mahin Aminoroaia | Akbar Hasanzadeh
An Online Management Information System for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

Author(s): Thomas JB Kropmans | Barry GG O’Donovan | David Cunningham | Andrew W Murphy | Gerard Flaherty | Debra Nestel | Fidelma P Dunne
In the light of bilateral relations of OSCE Minsk group member countries

Author(s): Jović-Lazić Ana | Jelisavac-Trošić Sanja | Jazić Aleksandar

Author(s): Cristian BENŢE
Effectiveness of Workshop on Evaluation Methodology for Medical Teachers

Author(s): Chinmay Shah | P. A. Gokhale | H.B. Mehta
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